Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Sacrifice of LOVE

Once, there was this guy who where thruly in love with a girl name Jane. It was a love at first sight. He doesn't know why she is just so attractive & no other girls can be compare to her. She was his classmates for 2 years. This guys was just freaked out to talk to her. Is was like a mute love. He kept all in his heart without telling anyone.

Years pass, this guys are studyin at a local college. He has been getting his guts to call his beloved girl. Well, the girl did enjoyed the conversation with him & he thought that he have sucessfully court the girl. Some how, he is still struggle with conversation as he still freak out & can't speak even a words with her. This really makes Jane angry & often just slam the phone when this guys wasn't talking anything. They have never gone out for a date as the Jane always give reason like sleepy, watching tv, lazy & other reason as to avoid seeing this guys.

Later on, this guys really got frustrated & asking for a real situation about whether she loves him or not. The girl answer was that she never even have a feeling for him as it was just a flirt with him all this while. This guy really put much of his love in this girl yet she just never noticed. This guy was heart broken but he still loves Jane until a day where he can't give this girls love any more.This guy graduate & then go oversea to forget all this love that he has given.

1 year later, the guy return from australia after working with his uncle. He was a brand new person but still remember the loves that he have endures. Once in a while, he would remember back those days when he was in love with Jane.He try to look for Jane in her house after such a long time didn;t see her.Unknow to him, Jane has moved out of the house. He is so heart broken as he didn't have a chance to see her again. One day, there was a call from his old freinds.They went out for drink.While they chat , the suddenlt mention about Jane. This guys was then asking more question about Jane.He was so heart broken & pain when he know that Jane were now in drug rehabiliation centre. he can't understand & believe it.He then make the decision to see her at the centre.It was not a good idea as his friends advice him.But he still dun't wan to listen to them & go looking for Jane.When he reach the centre, he ask the manager there about Jane.Then the people working there show him the way & he got the shock of his life after seeing JAne.She is so white,thin,shaking her whole body.God , is just like there weren't any blood cells.He slowly approach her.Trying to talk to her..BUt she push him away without looking at him..................however, now i am cold. I can't continue. wait 4 Next issue.bye

By glory @ JKWY

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Do you feel the peace?
Do you feel the peace coming your way?

Where can i get the peace?
I wana feel it in my heart now!
What is going on with this world?
There's no hope & peace surround us.
Search for it now!

Do you feel it?
Do you see it?
Where has peace gone....................

By glory @ JKWY

The forces of life

I have think about it b4 ..& i hav see it b4..but now i can't think of anything to jus put d title & later post up d poem or some sort of song..

Saturday, February 21, 2004

A Song written after going to a camp.

HIS creation is awesome,
You can see it with your eyes.
You will know it,
When you feels it in your heart.
Nothing is better than his wonderful creation,
I will always thank HIM for what HE have gave us.

C:God is so good,
HE is so good,
HE is good to us.

By glory @ JKWY

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

mom who dun teach her child about recycle...

I HATE IT!! what d heck of now a days parents who never tech their children bout recycling paper, plastic? They juz ignore the needs to recycle for their son/ daughter future...what will d world become if the next generation people dun care about the recycling process? how will d world become? How can they juz being selfish? Dun they think about d future? Dun they think for othrs future? Wait till d days come & all will be burn by d sun. & dun regret it. You KILL urself. Not me who kill u. I have told u.

By glory@JKWY

Being educated is equal (=) s.t.u.p.i.d...why?

Look at the people who reads a lot of book..educated ya? They are not educated in their mind.. Well, let's make it easy. Some one read upon a article about the health awareness. Well, he/she know's that it is not good for health . OK, u may not having it. But can u imagine that the world is actually contaning more toxic than u have know (than u have taken d air). Who can care so much...all we hav to do now is less burning d rubbish, dun throw unnessary things, save up some stuff, dun too farcy about food, all food are toxic, dun crazy that gardenia is juz d best bread that are available, but others are gone in space.(I hate gardenia bread) You might know/ heard that this or that food is toxic..well, juz dun eat & u will end up dying too! Is this acceptable? Then you wanna tell me u wanna save ur life longer for pleasure ah? U dunno when u gonna die eh! Juz enjoy d toxic food while u still can. thats all....

By glory@JKWY

Why i hate gardenia bread?

that @$!@~#!!#!%%#~@ ...bread!!!!!!!! They juz "XXXX". Poeple eat d real bread but they never know how d stupid fella do d business. I am gonna expose how they deal with business. I have ppl who work in a shop & i personally see it with my eyes how this ppl do their dealing with the shop owner. This ppl was a crap..they doesn't wanna send to a particular shop & juz give reason as i don't know that this shop is located where. XXXX iT! Some1 from d shop purposely go to where they stop & ask them to exchange d bread. But they give a deaf ear. But soon after they were being told that they were complain by d shop owner, they came back to the shop & put more bread than usual. They purposely do it to let the owner suffer so that when they are doing survey, they will say that this particular owner never sell much & they can take the bread away from the owner shop. More ridiculous is that they also mention that the shop owner can stop selling their product if they like. What a bad attitude they have. GARDENIA head shuold read what i have written over here. If thy dun, they will lose a lot of businesss cost by those lumsy worker@msia. sorry for saying this bad real life incident..poor GARDENIA...

By glory@JKWY