Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 oooOh

Happy New Year !!!
Welcome 2006!

This is another year that we will have to go thru. I wish all of you the best and TRY your bEST! Let the old story behind and begin a new journey. May GOD bless everyones of you! Take Care : )
With regards from Jarod

Friday, December 30, 2005


I got invited 2 my former company annual dinner. It was all japanese food and quite ok. It was at 1 U. Meet up with my MADAM who has been taking care of me dearly last time. I really thank them for taking care of me when i work there. We chatted and i left around 9.40pm. It seems still early for me so i go walking around the mall. I saw a exhibition that show the aftermath of Tsunami. It touch my heart. There is one question that pop up my mind when i view the pic:
How are this people going to live their life with nothing in hand?
  1. Education- No formal education. Not comfortable for them. No proper place.
  2. Career- No job for them. No money. No choices of jobs.
  3. Family- No support. No love. No reunion.
  4. Future- No Where!

It seems heartening to see all this happen. While me? I got everything ready for me. Thank GOD for giving me a peaceful place to stay. I can't imagine all this happen to me. if it does happen, it would test me. Like the people say, Survivor! The people in Sri Lanka & Aceh are facing a tough time. Pray for them! God bless you who read this and May your heart be touched.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Jus wana blast out my self!
@#$%^% kanasai
Been trying to study but couldn't get into my minds. sorry for wasting ur bandwidth. Well, this few days really waste a lot of times. I just don't want to start practising my maths. My lazy worms r killing me softly , gently and may be manly way. YUCKS!
GOSH! Been thinking and growing in lots of ways. Well, nothing compare to the fun of knowing my new adventure that are coming soon.
Chinese New year r just months away. I don't feel anything at all. Christmas are just the same. Like nothing will come to me. I just feel abnormal. Not joyful enough.
raining now. My father pula act like SUPERMAN . Dont use umbrella. kek sei yan! My old man has HIGH BLOOD pressure yet he dun take good care of himself. When is he gonna "behave"? The pharase where it seems bad ! for children only..
nothing much
see u guys
grin :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

reflect a bit lo

On Christmas eve, i don't really celebrate much. Just have a dinner with my friend's and chat with them until the wee hours. We just talk and sips some wines. Oh well, i don't dare to drink so much. Health concerned ma!
I just realize that it is December now. Not that i don't realize whats going on earth, BUT; it seems to me like end of the 21st chapter of my life. Christmas isn't Christmas! I don't have much feeling anymore. It seems to me that it was more of a Celebration than knowing the real meaning of Christmas. No body seems to care about it...I remember a speaker talking about Christmas! It is a sad day. JESUS came down to earth and died for us. And we? Celebrate what?
Sometimes , we just lost our self. I come to realize certain things today. I am not going to mention it here. It is all about life. You gotta open your eyes and see the wide side of this world.
My thank list:-
  1. GOD - making me a good person i am today. You are beyond description.
  2. My parent's - For their constant encouragement and trying their best to be a good parent to me.
  3. My good friend ( You know who u r ) - For your constant encouragement and advices, your funny quotes, and all the things that happen around. Thanks for everything! :)
  4. My close relatives - For the love, joy and memories that you share with me.
  5. My self - For being so special that no ones can copy me!!!! hehehe!

ok, thats all i wana mumbles. Today newspaper. Check it out and see whether got me BIG face in it or not. HEHE! Take K. May GOD bless everyones of us!

Friday, December 23, 2005

F3 result out...

oh well..i am not talking about F4 , but Form 3 PMR results out d...
I still remember it well that when i take it, i am over joy when i got 2 Aces. Well, i am not a book worm. It is consider good for me...hehe! Well, the most nervous ones will surely be SPM.. Where it decides your future. I decline to tell how well i did. But it certainly allow me to study in college. What ever it is, the feeling is long gone. Now, my life is more than SPM cert. Is more harder i guess.
Little by little we grow
The history are full of laughter
Things that we treasure
Will always be in our memory

ho HO HO

HO HO HO....
Today i gone for Carolling ! YES! My first time... Well, generally it is fun! V have fun in the bus..singing along and practising a bit. Everyone got their throat mess up. No voice. Stop at any houses also need water to refresh after singing. Well, the best is O HOLY NIGHT where we test out our ochestra type of voices. I love it..haha. OLD is GOLD.
The next performance will be at:
Ikano Pet Shop, Damasara.
This saturday 24th December
Then the next ones after Ikano will be at:
Coronade Hotel, This sunday 8pm-9pm.
Do come and kacau us! hehe!
ok, i am pretty tired. Can't sleep cause i am too full. k, take k!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

have a merry day...

O little town of Bethlehem....
Joy to the world....
Silent night...o holy night..

Oh well, If you ever noticed, this is all the song sang at Major shopping complex...Oh...Phobia for me but nice! HAHA! I love singing it at this seasons!

Well, if u guys know about chinese culture, today (22) everyones will be older by one year old. MEans I am 22! What la ..make me feel so old! haih!
SO many people called me uncle~I wana erase this nick! This is my mission. hahaha~ or HO HO HO!
Well, i will be busy until Christmas over. Got carols and presentation in Klang Valley. DUH! first timer in carolling and i gota face all this big stuff. haih!
Oh well, i have been asking my self a lot of question about love. Lucky that i have friend to give me some guides. Previously some friend share an ariticles with me. I find the usefulness in it now. Well, life is just wonderful. And love is unexplainable. Well, Human? INTERESTING ! Btw, not that i in love only ask about it yea..just come to my mind.
Go figures about what you can do and it will amazes you as you compare with certain stuff. Robot can't do what man can do.... U go find out la!
Christmas is around the Corner. I am afraid i can't wish all of you at that time. SO , here i wish you from the bottom of my heart:
Merry Christmas!
May GOD bless you and keep you safe.
You will always be in my prayer.
From Jarod Kok

Friday, December 16, 2005

wat V gonna do?

I have no ideas what i wana do this few days. Been hectic and studies seem so much that i wana cover after i realize certain things that refresh me. Many stuff happen this year. Although is not d year end, i sum up everything and realize something. Every year challenge get harder. Thus, man n woman cannot always be kids. V got to grow up being a better person to face lots of hardship.
I might not be your typical 21 year old boy or young adult (some ones remind me of my status. I m NO longer YOUTH!). It seems that learning never stop for every ones. Agree? hehe
Of course, GOD has HIS role and make me a better person. Next year is another yr that V need to go thru...

Read in The Star N found this dumb thing belows!:
More single women in KL
  • A COLUMN in Kosmo! about the goings-on in the city says that women fear being called andartu (old maids).
  • Most of them said they were still single because they couldn't find the right men or that they were focusing on their careers. Others blamed fate.
Oh well..i guess, this is pretty true. PPL go for work, earn money , earn respect and stuff they hunger for. Just like Singapore nia.... FYI, Malaysian are getting kiasu! Don't believe? Please, i have Doubles eyes. Wear spec la i mean! but really i can see it.

U guys remember i work in Kiddy centre? The parents are really Kiasu that their children wont catch up with others. The race has just begun. You will see it. The 4 yr old kids parent's are planning for their primary level even before they finish up the kiddy time. N now a days, they don't look towards having a balanced lifestyle which consist of studies and activity. I do know some still balanced up their child's life.
I am not really a book worm. I am jus active. Normal guy i guess. HAHA!
Btw, don't make your self suffer by teaching your child/ kid until siao. This wont wont work. Your love work the most! Every child is special. Learn to accept who they are.
May God bless you, fren!

Monday, December 12, 2005


i m Sad for my father health... He checked his blood pressure and was accounted at 180-190. This is pretty high. Normal ones would rate at 110. Got to take medicine and stuff to reduced it. Oh well, need to learn something to reduce it for him. Guys/ girls, Take good care of your health. Don't make yourself unhealthy.
Meanwhile, Happy for somethings that go on now a days. Hard to describe. May GOD bless me and all of YOU!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

time run faster than i tot

Just came back frm Cherrie's party. I wont forget it not because of fun games that they had. But instead, Her house floor will make me remember HER n the party well. O well, my leg knock the Floor devider in between the kitchen and the corridor which has 2-inch high... oh man, not once but three times !!! Pain man! haha..have lots of fun. AT first tot dun wana go, but end up thinking that i will be bored at home as well. so GO n have my head refresh! Try to do some revision on Calculus but FED UP! SO i change to Algebra which is much better. Then, it was raining and i got some ideas...
I went n open up my windows, bring a chair outside and view the scenario. Although is not that nice, but some how the air refresh me as it rains. I read a part of it and relax...haha! nice man..
Time flew...n i miss some ones!
Is hard to understand why a man would loves a woman until so deep. There isn't any explanation for it. If anyone could answer that, please do write a book.
GOD creates woman for man. Why does man dont look for the woman? Now a days got so many Transexual around us. haih...y waste who u are by changing ur self? Really bulu naik when i see those people. Cant stand it. Not to talk bad la, but really not NORM in my eyes. You got your freedom to do what ever things, but u cant changes my view towards it. Not i don't like you, just not feeling good only.
My friend was complaining bout a guy who comes out frm LKW ins. Is good art college / UNi. Some how, this fella suppose to be a Graphic Designer but dunno anything about graphic designing. Need my friend who are IT grads to teach. I am laughing like solo... Not to criticise la, but comment on it. Where ever you are, you really need to learn a lot of others stuff than what u have to learn only. Not just for your course, but learn some other things that are relevant. This will help you alot. O please, like me... i am studyin IT, but only involved software la. Now, i am dealing with hardware. haha! Thats the point la! Must know everything. Learn everything that you can...
I was reading thru a news paper that write about man who get woman... It was on survey that they found out man who are artistics get woman more easily. You read a poem or describe the great romantic scene..n more...You will get a woman / girl more easily. GUYS, prepare your self. be more jovious. For love....
thats all i guess... miss U like Crazy even 1 min tak jumpa, tak dengar....gila saya!

Friday, December 09, 2005

a dedication for u...

Out of no where
I have know you
I might have ask GOD for you
But i am still unsure whether you are the one
I had know you for weeks
But my heart like have known you for years
My eyes are brighten when i receive your SMS
Everytimes i see it
A smile will come out of my lips
My heart has a blank space
And the blank need to be fills
I wish upon the sky
Hoping that it will be realize
Love is so wonderful
The cheers and the happiness
Nothing can compare to it
Out of no where
A love blossom ...

This is dedicated to SE.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Life is like a ...

Today got a conversation with DAN. Talk about how the CF in KJ has gone thru the hard times. I am from KJ as well. I am sad to see it in such a states. It needed to be revive and have a change in the way they think about CF. IT is not a lifestyles. It is a relationship that people build it together with GOD. CF is just a name. DAN & i agree on it. We never gone thru it together, but we know the important of it. Now a days i feel more happy and peace. GOD is wonderful! There has been remarkable changes in me. NOt in look of course, i dun trust plastic Surge. The inner self of me change. There are point where learning process never end! Is true! And YOU? Wana know more of GOD? Friend, I dedicates this song to you.

Light of the World
You stepped down into darkness
Opened my eyes
Let me see
Beauty that made
This heart adore You
Hope of a life
Spent with You

Here I am to worship
Here I am to bow down
Here I am to say that You're my God
You're altogether lovely
Altogether worthy
Altogether wonderful to me

King of all days
Oh, so highly exalted
Glorious in Heaven above
Humbly You came
To the earth You created
All for love's sake became poor


I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross
I'll never know how much it cost
To see my sin upon that cross

The song below was written and sung by Corrinne May. A singer from singapore.


It's a long long journey
Till I know where I'm supposed to be
It's a long long journey
I don't know if I can believe
When shadows fall and block my eyes
I am lost and know that I must hide
It's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you
Many days I've spent
Drifting on through empty shores
Wondering what's my purpose
Wondering how to make me strong
I know I will falter I know I will cry
I know you'll be standing by my side
It's a long long journey
And I need to be close to you
sometimes it feels no one understands
I don't even know why I do the things I do
When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul
Will you break down these walls and pull me through
Cause It's a long long journey
Till I feel that I am worth the price
You paid for me on calvary
Beneath those stormy skies
When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes
It feel like everything is out to make me lose control
Coze it's a long long journey
Till I find my way home to you

This life journey is long. We don't know what may happen tomorrow. But in everything, we do our best. If anything happen tomorrow, we can still stand proud and say: I did my best!

Friday, December 02, 2005


Hands On Two Computer! Thats what i will be busy for the coming weeks. Installing OS and SW. Also cant neglect my BOOK. Been giving excuses and reason to myself. DUH! Adios!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I know who ?

Oh well, this is another time where i refresh my self of whom i have know along my life journey...

I know...

Andrew Tan -of MI fame.
Andrew Tan - My church Pastor.

I know...
Daniel Lee -of MI 2 fame.
Daniel Koh -My X-school mates. N very kanaXXX BOY!

I know...
Kevin Lau-CF LEG.
Kevin Sim- Fren from secondary skol. Taiko!

I know...
James Ho- MYF LEG. Graphic designer play!
James Foo- MYF LEG Super lengchai!
James Wong-Myf LEG

I know...
Joyce Wong-MYF LEG {All joyce also lenglui...}
Joyce Chow- Myf LEG
Joyce (dunno sur name) - COll mate

I know...
Thomas Eddison- A creator of light bulb.
Thomas Lo-old skol fren. eh taiko, mana saya punya Dreamveaver CD?

I know...
Arthur Liew-old skol fren. Inspired to be a Director!
Arthur(dunno sur name as well)- Smk Bks4 Head Prefect @!very capable boy!

I know...
Melissa choo-CF leg
Melissa aka Submarine-net fren.

I know so many ppl some more... but i cant fit their first name.

I know everyone, but not everyones know me!

hahah! Sorry la, waste ur band width. Guess which one are Fake! That HE/SHE doesn't know me!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I was a bit sien. Not many ppl online. A friend of mine was right. People write blog to express their sien-ness. Haha! Gotta agree with it. Read a friend blog which say about The One we waiting for. There are one for every soul in this world. Thats why we have to find it by our self. We might not know who. When 2 meets, it will become one. Oh well, can't wait for that moment to appear...
Eventually, i discover that i have pride in my attitude. It seems that the events that happen today open up my eyes. I have a lot more to learn for the Counselling part. I am not good enough. I still need to train my patience. the way i speak are rough. Man, being polite is hard. Haha! But nothing is impossible!
Thats all...oh well, who i hang out with now a days?
BC (finish exam d)
Slicker tak tau mana d !
A group of CF "LEG" from puchong...
N not forgetting the second oldest "DAN" among the group!
haha! [mention me the oldest in his blog, balas balik! grin!]
GOD bless Everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


WOW! It was a busy week for me. Still, i managed to spend my time wisely. Was having a Music Workshop ON tuesday n wed. All went well and great. I think there are some missing part needed to be corrected. Will work on it soon! Friday was the Drama workshop. It's seems that i am KO in the bed for the whole morning and afternoon. I was having fever, cough, and flu. But, now i am getting better and still can't fall into sleep. Why the medicine wont work ?
The Praise and Worship went well. It was awesome! I should put them together as a band and get out of Puchong to reach out to the other's. I am considering for a BIG waves to happen in future thru music... Plus I love music!
Oh, how wonderful it will be. Somehow, all this must plan accordingly. Nothing much i can add. Brain block. Just that today the Drama Presentation by The Convenant Player stuck me a bit. "The quality that count!" Deep meaning !
The struggle that we walk will shape us into one great man or woman.
The other quote that remind me continuously were this sentence.
"You either Reject or Accept! If you reject, things come back to normal like what you use to be. If you Accept, Things will change 100% from what you are now." Reflect about it! GOD bless You!

Friday, November 18, 2005

News R not what it suppose2B

Let's flip to todays newspaper...
Description- 20 January 2020, 55 dead in KANA-sai Land which were attacks by suicide bomber. Many were injured and treated in a nearby WHITE HOUSE. The suspect is a banana man which anti - the banana country Leader.
Now tell me, is this what you wana see?
GOSH, i feel like useless reading all this nonsense. Now a days news paper seems like no educational purposes but just TON OF CRAP. They all report the same thing. Y don't they change it more educating. Like when the above incident happen, they can change it to:
The country has been HIT by suicide bomber. This act is really not a good ones.(of course!) It does not only spoiled so many family lifes, but also making people lifes miserable. Now, to those who have this way of thinking, please do considerate other people. Life is more important or your unselfish acts? [asking question make people think!]
OK, thats something i can think of... Please la, put something that remind people of their acts and not just report the Stupid crap. I really get bored of this. Sometimes their accuracy is being question by me. Some say this and some say that. Totally not true at all. I have not read much of the dailies dues to the "full of nonsense news"...If the media would change the way they report, it would be good. Now, of all i know, i do know 2 of Malaysia newspaper that has this style under them. The rest is CRAP. Useless..The media has the power to change people yet they wasted it just like that.
Imagine the media reports all this and it continue to influnce people to the bad sides, I don't know how the world would turn into.
MEDIA, start making a change in the way you report.
Else, i am going to screw u up!

Nose Tall Gear

If u can ever know what i am telling from my nick...

The air was clear and sound so quiet around me. I just look up the sky and it looks so dim. Today was my last day at KIDDY. Was having loads of fun. At the end of the day before the kids left the centre, everyones gives their teacher a hug. I was not left out as well. It was emotional for me. Wana sweat my eyes but couldn't. Some of them hug me more than 5 times. I just couldn't take so many in one short. All of them just running to me. My hand stretch as far as it could to hug them all. BOYs n GIRLS, sensei will miss you during this period. Oh man, hope i could get over it soon. I need to focus on my studies. Been giving so many reason to my self.
The kids are 4 years old. In 10 years time, they will be 14 and i wil be 31 OLD! Don't wana think about it. ahaha!
Take care, GOD blessing upon you who read.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I wonder Y n HOW

I went back to my college to have my resit paper registered. It was tiring for me as it's been sometimes i have not taken Public Transpot, namely Putra LRT. [Too much comfort under my CAR seat.] As i walk and see the people around me, something that struck my mind.
To be honest here, i haven't pass my resit paper since last 3 sem ago where i pass my Principle of Accounting 2. It was heartening to know the facts. SO, right now, i am actually thinking of my own future without a cert like DIP or DEG. It's not easy to survive without anything in hand. As my father had mention to me before; What ever useless a cert also has it's own usefulness. I find it true to the bottom of my heart. If i had a cert, i might be working and not worrying much now. XUEY la!
The media were analyzing the reason behind JOBLESS grads now a days. Imagine that GRADS had no job, How about me who HAD nothing? How to fight with them? PARANG? : ) [no la, i prefer to use LASER. SHoot from far away. No body will know! haha]
The people who had abilities and talents has been targeted by major company CEO. Only left over all this people who are not able to fit in the company. XIA XUEY! Y? Not good in language, no skills, bo bian lo...SORRY, we do not hire ppl who don't know this and that...Story end!
Along the way, i am thinking where should i belong? Education? I love it dearly. In the meantime, i am afraid of it too. Don't ask Y, it's just come to me like that!
And if you were asking how am i doing right now, all i can say is that i am still alive and well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bo bian, fUNNy~!

A friend was requesting me to check out a blog. It was . I tell another friend of mine that i had much much fun enough that i wont want much fun added to my life. weird ah! Anyway, u guys can check it out.
Perhaps everyone would like to be famous. What famous BLOG, what siao or GOOD u r...They r so many title that people would like. For me, jus ME! I am not going to change how my blog are right now... I too wont trade my NAKED PIC jus for the sake of famous.
I dont remember which day this bunch of CF ppl and DAN was KEK-sei-ing-ME. I draw a map which is for DAN viewing purpose and he was circulating like mad. To everyone that on9. I don;t get that! What's so BIG about it?
Current updates on me !
  • I am finishing my Kiddy work this friday.
  • Working on music workshop, next tues n wed. wana attend, mail me.
  • This sunday worship lead.(youth)
  • Study next month for january exam.

NO idea what i wana mention... alot of things. but no time for me...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shake The Planet

Planet Shaker Conference was a HIT! I was quite reluctant to go as i am quite tired after working full day. But as a bunch of student from BKS4 went there, i just go n be with them. It was such a coincidence that i met up with people from church as well. Later when i wana go home, saw friends from Wangsa Maju as well. Well, this tell me that, where ever i go, there will be people from my circle around there! GOD BLESSING UPON mE!

I didn't prepare much for this concert as i think it might be ordinary ones as well. I was blast until my heart pains, my leg pain, everywhere pain...GOD PRESENCE are among us! This concert too proved that i am too old for all this. But hey! I am young at heart! The speaker really Spark a fire in us! A youth that will arise and SAVE MALAYSIA! WOW! He too say that we will be able to build a BIG church IN our OWN country! WOW ! CAnt imagine that! This is what i really want to see as well.

The devil must have in PAIN! Cause we open up GOD's word and show them the LIGHT! We shout for GOD! YEAH! The song that we sung repeatedly really spark me up! We will stand up for GOD! We will stand up for this nations! CHINA too is our target when there are 2 billion children that need our help!


Friends. Christ is among us. It is HE who show me my life. He who had asked will be given. I asked for it and i get the life i want it. GOD is great!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

in n out

HI, i am back to the busy city. Just some thought on what happen when i gone back IPOH. It was still slow movement and busy inside restaurant. Nothing has changed much. I was bored to dead over there. Nothing that i do besides eat, sleep & pang sai. Which is really true for the first few days. Later on, i discover many things that i can do. (I discover alot of thing's.) Sometimes, the timing don't seems right for me. Alot of things don't go right at the time. Things that i desire so much don't come at the right time. May be is a test of patient!

I read "The Prayer of Jabez" when i was in Ipoh. I seen it before, now i have my hands on it. It was fulfilling for my sprtitual life. ON how a small prayer will changed so many people life. God has a way.
Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request." 1Cronicles 4:10
OH ya, for those who watched SEPET before, you will noticed there is this market where Jason sells VCD, & where Orked meet him... This market open only on SUNDAY. Its a flea market near Cathay cinema, close to Ex-Super kinta, in d middle of Ipoh Town. It open from 6 am until 12pm. It sell all kind of stuff from old junk stuf and new discoveries that you can't find it sold in KL. I went there once & i will be back again. This time i didn't visit it cause my vacation don't fall on sunday. I will make sure that during chinese new year it will fall on sunday. : )
I visited a few place in ipoh; namely gua tempurung (outside, haha), Sam Poh cave, and Perak Caves. I also go pass kampar when i come back. I wana try taking d old road. Not really challenging. Saw some old mining pond and building which interest me. Take some photo! Njoy!

The picture below is a pre-war building i took

in the town of Ipoh. Have u ever watched Kungfu

movies ? Shaolin movies? Look at the door..

Noticed something different?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Balik Kampung!!!

Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going ipoh today. Will be back this saturday. Happy holiday every one!
Happy Deeppavali & Happy Hari Raya
to everyone who are celebrating it.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Cutie Kids

We have our Kindergarden awards and graduation today(sunday)[Monday off!]. It was fun having all the kids surround me and see them dance. Their dance were superb and i really njoy it. As everything finished, i got a opportunity to talk to some of the parent's.
There was this twin brother that i teached, they were cute and lovely. It was really shocked of me when this twin boy's mom told me that every morning, her twin would only want ME to carry them down from her car. WHAT! Yea, perhaps they like me alot. I mixed alot with them.
I don't know in 1 or 2 year's, will i still be able to have energy or interest to mix with them(kids)? For now, it might seems that i love to be with them. Kids are cute. *I m emotional over here*

emm, seems like where ever i go, i wil have kaki that will follow me?

I wonder when i wasn't there next time, will they cry? WONT la! so BIG boy D.

Funny stuff that happen today:

  • I ask a parent: How old is Your smallest child? [haha! What a english. Say it out in a sudden! Shame on me! YOungest la!]
  • I ask how old is this parent child; HIS reply: erm, I ask my WIFE first!{You dunno your child age? MAN! crazy la}
  • We, the teacher take Chinese Tea, put some ice in, Then RAise the cup together and all say: YAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNGGGGG !!!!!!!
  • Children formation run out of PHASED! and there were 2 performance that have the problem. Coincidentally, 2 group make a great dance.

What i gained today?

  1. Get to know new friends.
  2. Get close to some of the teacher.
  3. Know some teacher's children! (They come to help mah.)

OK, thats all from me. I wil be back next sunday. Journey there on tuesday 5am! BALIK KAMPUNG!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On a bright shining day, you can listen to the bird's noice surround you. The sky are blue and the wind blow pass you. There is nothing on the streets outside the double storey house near puchong. I stand in the middle of the road, feel refreshing as it rain just before the sun rise. As i walk to the gate, open up the locker and walk slowly to the main door. I put down my bag and washed my face as i am very sleepy.

As i have finish, i go back to the front gates, taking a chair out of nowhere and sit there. I start to admire the wonderful art god had design for this earth. Is just so nice having bird flying around me. Is just so nice to have cold wind blow pass me. Everything seems so good.

The time shows 7.48am. The first children arrived with his mom. I get up and open the door for him. A morning greeting from me to him and vice versa. The cheerful look in this child tell me today is going to be a great day. I bring him in to have his shoe taken off. I ask how he was doin. His simple reply was "fine". Some may cry when i try to ask them to come out. I haven't got the skill to bring them out when they are crying. Perhaps i am too soft hearted.

Then there was this 4 school van that fetch the student stay surrounding here arrived. The voice of kids fill the parking area which were meant to have their shoes taken off. They were running like kids should do in their age. Can't blame that huh! As their voice taken over the whole places, a teacher seems unbearable and start shouting to make them quiet up. But of course not in anger, but fierce mode. Kids are cute and naughty as well. Don't be deceived by their cuteness. I got use to it now. Never let the kids rule over you.
It seems that there are nothing that the teacher can learn besides how to control over kids. Actually, there are more to learn. It just see how you view them. Parent's hold a big roles in their grow up. You can't neglect them totally. Is just same with your investment of money. The more you invest, the more you gain when you have profit. The time you spend with your kids is not much. Then how much you want to ask of? I don't understand why there are certain people who want kids but end up hitting their own beloved child? Aren't a child are born to be love by you? Think about it.
As question flow me by, is time for their class to start. I am a chinese subject assistant teacher cum computing teacher. I guide the children together with the subject teacher.
Today the lesson were on writing the chinese word "du" which stand for tummy. I find it easy as i have known how to write it. The children listen carefully to their teacher as she guide the children into writing the perfect chinese word. Mandarin were hard but once you learn it well, you will love it. The stroke were not easy and the small little ones having hard time to write nicely. Some are just too good! I can't say how we teach but there is a way for each person. Different people have different way of accepting the lesson. Is up to the teacher to be wise in teaching them. High blood pressure is always there for the teacher. (No wonder there is a legendary that said most of the mental illness people are teacher's.)
Later on the day, we have dancing practices. This was to prepare them to perform on their awards day. Later on, the time reach 11.17am and its time to go home. We have them sing a few song and say bye-bye to teacher. Off they go and wear their shoes while waiting for the van and their parents to fetch them. While waiting, i sense that this hour is their peak time as they talk non-stop. KIDS! I enjoy talking with them. I minggle with them and pulling their cheek. Some i just brush my hand over their head...for girl, i just tick my finger softly on their forehead or just smile :)

Little by little, kids start to go home. I bring the children to their parent car and hop them in. Close the car door and off they go again. The bye-bye waves seems so nice and peaceful. I just smile there. As the children all gone home, i stay inside to wait for the time to pass. As time struck 12.30pm, i too carry my big body out of this wonderful place. The day seems nice and bright for me. The cheerful look that i have.......
The simple smile that hang on my face tell it all........

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


why are people so stubborn huh? Don;t listen to advice...
I talk & tell for so many time until i am really fed up. Rather be quiet when things happen and let them learn the lesson. GOSH! feel so bad...

praying hard for healing on certain people. Never look into age. Sickness struck any one, any age. No matter young nor old. Njoy ya life fren. What a waste if you keep on wanted to end ur life while other's wanted to live their life longer! This is how funny people on earth "R? !

OK, wana sleep now! take K!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Darkness over Malaysian

I am sure that everyone know what happen today. It was sad and nothing can describe it. Malaysian has lost their loving first lady at 7.55 am this morning. It was really shocked when i first heard about it. She impacted Malaysian people with her loving personality. She is also a person that like artistic stuff. She bring alive BATIK which was lost for some time. Malaysia truly lucky to have her. Nothing can compare to this woman who battled breast cancer bravely. She did not wait for the days to pass but face it strongly. I really admire her fighting spirit. May god presence be with OUR Prime Minister as he go thru this difficult time.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Black Hole

Set in 5472 years, The universe seems to be in high tech world. No more car driving along the road using petroleum, But H20. (told u it was high tech when man can use water 2 drive their car.)
Nothing so special about this centuries. Most of you that are reading this should have gone to unknown planet or precisely known as GRAVE. It was more like star wars where you have seen in movies. But telling the truth that ROBOT will not conquere the universe. It's still human who
rule the country. After all, it was human who created computer. So, human can also make the ROBOT malfunction.
Little that you have known...

It was in d month of March, NASA(Nobody And Somebody Airspace) found out that the Black Holes are growing bigger than usual. Each day it increase for an inch according to the calculations done by PLumbing LEakage University Master, (PLUM). AFTER days of calculating the growing measure, they count out that the gravity is changing as well. It will eventually suck the whole earth in a few weeks time......Today date are March 17, the earth will end on April 1st. The people on earth still have 14 days left to survive.
TV news are spreading it like HOT items. However, there aren't anything that they can do. The news have to go on.

As it grow larger, it was beautiful beyond description. But, nevertheless, many life will be loss....
While it suck the earth, the earth its feeling its heat! Yesterday was 35 degree, today was 40 degree! Everyone are staying at home to have their last few moment with their family....Air con was a HOTItem for grabs as the heat rise everyday.

All country are in CurFew seems coming to an end.But amid all this, there are people that seek the last moment of LOVE. A lot of confession has been made. Nothing much that can defeat LOVE.

Some people are looking for peace....

There are nothing that can describe this fenomena...

Only this bunch of people will know how it felt..

Friday, October 14, 2005

*Sex Education*

yo! Whats up with now a days ppl with so many creation? HAH! Anyway, i come upon this sites! Its really cool and great. Good for the future ! Also for those bored couple who have out of ideas for their sexual life...take a look wont kill your desire for sex.
Oh man, did i just say the "word"? The most sensetive word that Typical Old Malaysian wont say? haha! Oh please, i would be more proud to talk to you more on it. And thats called : Sex Education. Malaysian really lack of it. Too GOOD, i am so open about it.
do ya know, for all the years, no body teach me anything. I learn all by my self. Books, net, and some open minded folks. Lucky that i am not old fashion. GOSH! The girl really cant talk openly about it. I only knew few who actually can be open about it. The rest just have boundaries. And those who are open, I give them credit for being that way it should be.

Talking about sex education, I once teach it to a bunch of student in the ex-school i work before. Its funny how i share with them. Weird but good info for them. Haahaa! Felt at crossroad on how to share with them since i usually talk about it openly with close friends. I need to be careful with what i said or else they would mistaken on the true facts of SEX.

Asian parents never talk about it. They don't know how to start it up. Mostly those who don't expose to sex education will be drifted away to the dark side of it. Without much understanding, how can the children understand it? Sex is actually being regarded as HOLY in bible. Eventually, bible did tell much about sex. Right now, some ppl take sex as something bad. DUH! SEX is actually bring 2 person together to become one. Thats what that make it perfect in human. As in physical & mentally, everything will become one. Human are so special hor?

I have lots to say for sex education. If you feel you wana know more, you can ask me more. Comment is much appreciated.
Old man......Who don't called that when he talk so much on this topic? : o

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a searching soul

I felt cheated by outlook. Not microsoft outlook, but human outlook. But nevetherless, it never hurt me much. Just a bit frustrated. Why do this person who look so innocent can be this terrible? Anyway. i am not good either. Just that when i think of this, it really make a fuss here.
Anyone can fall into this kind of innocent looking plus bad attitude person. GOSH@!
The other day i over heard my collegue chatting away bout where to get fresh vege. It gave me a feel like i am now at the olden days where mom will get into this kind of conversation. I get a lot of stolen info & it does benefit me. HAHA! Next time, work at a place where there are lot of mother & free time to hang out together. You will hear all of this....There was more, i couldn't list all...
Now a days mom is enough of 2 children. The expenses of raising kids are growing, NOT forgeting the DUMEX are increasing its publicity due to the faulty of DUREX of not protecing woman well. Olden days people use to have 6-10 children. Now, alot of things cant be compared. Is better you have your children at the young age. EASY PREGNANCY and good for all party. (why i say that? You wil know when u have children.)
Recently i have been trying my best to sleep early. But somehow, there are alot of things that flock my mind. Too many question. Where on earth will i go in future?
Sleep late, wake up early, turning my self like a zombie.

I have lost my track
I have lost my energy to go on
I need to hang on something
Some one gotta save me from the darkness
Nothing is just right for me
Nothing seems right
Where's my direction?
People always say i must believed
Now that i have nothing
where should i start
Who should i believe
GOD, Show me the path i should walk
Never let me drift away again!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

livin la life

Yesterday i went back to my old secondary school. The school changed a lot and certain places do bring back fond memories. I was there to check out the CF members. It was a small group compare to those days while i was still there. How ever, i believe that the spiritual part is more important than the amount of people that attend.

I was there around 1 pm. I go straight to the room we use to attend CF. I must say that i didn't attend much duing my secondary time. I was backslided then. I went in & saw no body. I am a bit worried that they have change the venue? So, i decided to see the EX- CF teacher in charge those days who is the school PK.HEM now. She just ask me to wait down stairs again. So i went back & wait.

As i am waiting, i reflect back on those time while i was studying. How much time i have wasted? For doing nonsense? Well, after 5 years & it was just the beginning of a new chapter. While in college, i was backslide as well. Not until second year when i joined the CF chinese COMM. That year i really learn a lot.

Now it seems that time do change a person. I was complaining to GOD. WHy this & why that certain things that happen & never happen. But then, i do believe there are reason behind it. I was reading a book entitled "In His Step" by charles m.sheldon. It was a christian novel that challenge our faith. A question post by the writer: [What Would Jesus Do?] What would jesus do in your situation that you are facing if it was HIM? Some time, we never put our self in HIS situation. We just couldn't because we are selfish human. All about money that we cares. Human that live beside us will be ignore. Is darn true! I don't know how much money you are going to look for. But if your concentrate is on money, you will forever stuck in the rat race looking for money until you doesn't know how to stop & live your lifes.

For me, i will have to be very careful not to fall into this trap. For i want to live this lifes.

As the time goes by & reach 1.40pm,i thought that there might not be any one that will come by. The PK.HEM had come before that & tell me little info about their current situation. Then she left to look for student that might have come early to school. As she left for a moment, this group of 4 student came in. I introduced my self & get to know them as well. All of them are in Form 1 this year. I told them that i graduated in 2001 & it shock them. Senior of so many years come by.WOW! They ask question & i tell them alot of stories. How this school has changed...& bla alot ! I too share with them my testimony. Why i come back to this school? Well, GOD called me to. I was so eager to come back. I would want to bring the current CF members closer to GOD. GOD might want to use this current batch of student to rebuild "their" school CF. (MIND YOU!I am no longer studying there, is just my ex-school. So it's theirs now.)

I share a lot about how i used to escape the current PKHEM. Is really funny when i think about it. Time changed a person, but all this will happen thru GOD. As you believe in HIM, Everything are possible. Time ups, & they have to go back to their class. It was quite late D. i TALK a lot & drag the time. haha..!

That night it self, i went to this Christian event that invited a lot of celebrities from HK, Malaysia & taiwan. It was great & touching. The part that touch me was the Gangster Head who surrender himself to JESUS. He Share about his lifes & how GOD changed him. I can't really get 100 % of what he said as his cantonese are totally different from ours. Well, i feel refresh & lucky that i am not a gangster. Else, my leg will be trippled like him.

Live your life like a good man should be
Never take the choice of un-wise
Know what you want & Never let it go

Friday, October 07, 2005


As i was teaching 4 yr old kids, what i find difficult was that they DON"T understand what the teacher are talking or they can't absorb it. Man! No matter how we scream or HIT or "squid" them up, they just don't get it. Is more harder than teaching those form 1 & 2 student. At least they know what i am talking about. No wonder the teacher feel down so easily. Somehow, i feel that teacher really need strength from GOD to overcome all this difficulty. I always ask for energy! haha! Really beh tahan ! But the cute face denied all the hardwork. One day, we will see the people we teach playing a big role for this country; And the teacher can proudly say: HEY, thats the boy/girl i have taught before. WOW!
This will really touch the teacher. Gambateh!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

new room, more work!

I have just settled down with my new room. I shifted from the current room to the room next to me. It's bigger & more spacious. I am trying to adapt to it. I found that i have so many BOOKS ! Unbelieveable as i am not a bookworm. Well, my sick are getting better. Hope i can finish packing up all my cupboard by this week. Adios!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

whats up next?

well, i just went for a interview today. It was at ampang point. NOT ampang park! I mistaken it. haha@! It goes well and i am hoping to work there. But it is quite far away! I wil have to check on when is my last date at kiddy centre before i can start at Ampang park. I will under-go training provide by them. When i went there, the area are full Korean people. It was like the street of Korean. The shop surround there are in korean. There have korean restaurant and so much more. I went in to one of the Korean shop & the stuff are totally from korea. WOW! & i don't know how to speak korean! haha...Thats all from me. Take Care!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

what am i doing now?

A friend ask me what am i doing currently...i was thinking..yeah, what am i doing now after my exam? GOOD question! : )

  • i am looking for job. Prefer in education field.
  • I am waiting for result which will see how effective that i have study previously.
  • I am reading a lot of books. More towards motivation.
  • Going back to GOD. Trying to strengthen my relationship with HIM.
  • Working in the morning. Afternoon come back & sleep like >>>>>>>>>>>.
  • Brushing up my chinese.
  • Beauty up my face, which is sleeping more.
  • Waiting for some one.
  • Equipping my self with more knowledge on counseling, child & youth development, human development & psychology.
  • Every Wednesday go for ALPHA COURSE at my church.
  • Every Friday help out at the CF in puchong.
  • If can, watch HOUSE every TUESDAY on AXN.
  • Listening to oldies.
  • ONline & chat like old man.
  • Figuring how old am i suppose to be since i am not old nor young. :]

Thats all , Hope i am not over bored to U.

Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

HOW malaysian spend their weekend!

Today was one of my wasted days. I tot i wil go home & have a good nap. But turn out, i had to Q for so long hours to claim some stupid gift. It was at Carrefour n my parents were buying stuff & they have this ticket where they can slot in and win d prize. MAIN prize has won by some one, left those mini like rice cooker, AAA rice, mug, umbrella, & mystery gift. All the nonsense. Well, i also found out how Malaysian waste their sunday. BY lining up the line waiting to win something! HAAHAH...The line was so long & so many ppl are having one big stack of card to be slot into a machine to see wat prize they can win. Mine was 32 card & i only got 3 Mystery prize....& u know what is it? 3 KIDS cartoon VCD. hahahah! I Q for so 3 hours & you give me this? I dun wana scold la... but anyway, i sing song to pass the time ..haha...adios prize ! I wont B tempted by U again next time. Unless is a house located in puchong that r up for GRAB! haha!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

love is all we need

Finish my exam & feel like nothing to update for the moment. Inspiration run dry due to exam & tiredness. Currently fighting with my mind. I am declaring mental war against THE EVIL one.
HE is knocking on the door of your heart
Waiting upon you to open it up
HE will wait until you are ready
HE know just who you are
But he will never let you go
You are the light that shine upon the darkness
You light up the darkness
No matter where you go
He will live in you
He will never let you drift away from HIM
The day will come when you will realise
If you had been touched
Then you should have know
The love that HE gave is everlasting
Come one day you may know the greatest treasure
-Unknow to you, the truth is yet to be found by everyone!-
To my friend out there, i hope that one day you will know the greatest treasure on earth.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

life & U

"Life is without meaning.
You bring the meaning to it.
The meaning of life is
whatever you ascribe it to be.
Being alive is the meaning."
(Joseph Campbell, 1904-87, American writer, anthropologist and philosopher.)

Click the below link for more inspirational notes

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Alpha* weekend has just over today. I feel refresh & eager to serve god more. Klang was scarry at nite but full of pub & night club. On the street also got alot of chicks. I went there for the 1st time. Got a lot of discussion going on & we got to know some people more closer. It was fun & cant wait to meet all of them again this wednesday. Just wana share some photo with u guys...


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

10 big years!

I did not intend to post up anything this few weeks as i am having exam & i wana totally concentrate in it. But some how, i jus want to share something over here. A neighbour friend of mine whom have shifted 10 years ago, come back last sunday to where he stay. GOSH! I never tot i will meet him again as is been so long D & i tot his family has solded the house when they shifted. Nevertheless, when i meet him again, he has changed a lot.
I know him when we were playing together in d same neighbourhood. We are the first batch of people who stay there first. There are a few of us who hang out together & play badminton & stuff kids use to play. But as years goes by, they shifted in 1995-96...i dun really remember when ! As we meet again, is like meeting old friend. He is my elder bro (of course, he is much elder than i am)... well, hope to meet with him again & see whats going on in the 10 years!
My exam start this thursday. Then rest for a week & start again on 19 & 20. WIsh me luck! Take care every1! GOD bless YOU!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Diary? no idea. sick la!

life is never ending learning new lesson each day!
TODAY. i learn to laugh with JOY ! With some one that i had not talk for some time due to some mis-understanding. I will remember today.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka! am i?

Today was Malaysia 48 years of independent. I don't give much thought about it. Just normal & find it nothing special to celebrates except that i need to thank GOD for giving us peace in this country.
I was having a serious talk with my parents. They have given me the "independence" to decide what i want to do for my future. I am still struggling with my studies and I do find it difficult to dealt with. I must admit that i don't really like touching book & study but i was thinking that i really need a cert to survive. What my parents reply is that i better not waste time if i ain't got any results. I am thinking deeply about it & find it hard to accept that i have to let go my dream of being a teacher. It's so painful. Why cant i be a teacher? I have no idea. I am thinking that what my parents said today could be a calling from GOD that i will have to work in other field. I am still not so sure about my future. There are so many alternative that i can take. Is just that i really need to make a decision right now. What other will say about me? No cert? Then you better get lost & don't appear in my face. YOU GOT NO CERT. GOSH! Honestly, i don't really care what people will think. As long as u get a decent living, that will be good. But after all, i still need to prepare my heart.
I will think about it after my exam. Now i just keep my head up & lives the best!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


hi guys, i am confirm not entering into teacher training college. I am over the age limits set by the ministry of education. Now i am planning to go for KPLI (a program to study for 1 yr after graduates in degree 2 teach in secondary.) if i can, it would be nice! chao!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

back to norm

sorry guys...didn't update for some time. Been busy doing some stuff. CF day camp @ Ulu Yam jus over yesterday. Feel relax & great for the student who went there. Hope they learn something there. I lost my Jeans & a T-shirt there. Dunno where it gone . haih....I like the jeans a lot. It was a gift. MAN... Tired & exhausted, but i will have to forget all this & study. Exam start on 8 sept. Well, thats all. Take Care.

Friday, August 12, 2005

facts of d world

Unfairness always appear in society. It doesn' matter who, but anyones. I think it was time that we have to lower down our expectation towards things that we hope for. Not to dampen our sipirit , but to make our self more relax & not putting too much pressure on our self. Isn't it more better? Everything that has happen has a reason. I believed it. You have to learn from it. Nothing is easy. If you think a baby start to walk after he/she is born, no way it can be. So, with pain, we get a gain. Right?
We often ask: How come this man has big house, so relax & stuff? But do you know how suffer he is before he got this lives? You know how much effort he put in his work? With determination & a lot of effort only he has this day. friend, lazy will not earn u much. So, work hard, think hard..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

teacher, possible?

Useless educatioin ministry who try to spoil my teaching spirit. I just got to know from my collegue that the teacher training college will only accept people from age 17-21 only. USELESS...i am not qualify next year! SO now i have to think of alternative. Adios.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

JH rowling on top of the world

Taiko James HO big day was spend sight seeing on top of the world. So here is a snap shot of him who love seeing building....Happy Bday!

Thinking back on how long we have know each other,
I couldn't count on my own finger.
Perhaps i need to borrow some one hands.
The days will always be joy because i have you who:

Crack the jokes until my stomach pain!!!


{on the left r Taiko JHO, on the right r Henry!!}

*FYI, The picture before this has been taken away & being replaced by this Supermodel look. How you like it now? : ) *

A day has gone,

I finally sit down & do the things i like,

Feel like isolated,

for i am all alone.

GOD give me a reminder,

Don't rush my son,

Keep it cool,

i will provide the things you need,

Ask & ye will receive.

I will ask from HIM tonight.

SO, GOD had told me to wait yah.OK, i will wait until the time comes.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Time flies

As i am typing this out, i figure out that i am real old man d. haha... not old as in physical, but mentally. Well, there was this bunch of student who even called me uncle & orang tua.... It really making me feel that way.. : )

this few days i have been feed with gossip about men n woman. My collegue was all married woman besides one who had a bf n expected to marry soon. Another 1 r expected her first baby 'gurl' due november - december (i was her assistant.). The rest have kids & r studying now. As they were chatting about how bad & spoiled their husband are, i find that man are like a lot of weakness. Nevertheless, i also think back about woman. Aren't they too had weakness? Well, i suppose they have to think about them selves as well. Dun blame everything to MAN... MAN r not perfect, woman too... Well, thats why both have weakness. GOD created both man & woman to be different so that they can be balanced in their marriage. Thats what it means by 2 become ones. Love is something that they can hold on together. GOD 1st created man... but man was all alone, so god created woman to accompany him in his life. Thats how woman come from...hehe.. well, as i states here, i do NOT hold against any SEXES , OK? is just come from my mind?
Another point that i come to was to handle children... How to handle your own children? Dun let you yourself teach ya children. Let other do so you wont have high blood pressure...hahaha. I find it a bit hard especially when its ur own children. You might wana pamper them...but then, this is not the right way. The more you let them have their say, You will lose your stands. I think "FIRM" is d right way to hold against ur children. Discpline not really d way. Love & patient will work it out. But above all, all this have to start from pre-school stage. If you start too late, perhaps it will be more hard to control over them.
What? a teacher? Well, some may give good respone, some just say ok, some say not so good, no money.... Well, i think i have decided that i will be a teacher. But just that i will have to wait until aged 28 only i can graduate & work as a teacher. Teacher Training college require so many years to study. a bit bored & long for me. But i will have to stand against it as it was my interest. I have passion in it. I really don't wana let go this opportunity. I had finally found something that i like doing. The passion, interest, satisfaction... all are in teaching. WOW.. sounds good ya
Being a good teacher was more than what people might have seen in a teacher daily life which was to educates student. It was to educates them about lives, about how they can overcome it rather than facing the books only. BOOK ARE DEAD, HUMAN ARE ALIVE. I bring on this philosophy to the next generation.
All for now. wore out!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

missing u

once in a blue moon, i will miss some ones

just wana dedicates this few verse to a fren:

Right in front of my computer
Looking at the list on MSN
I was looking for your usual nick to appear

When i see it, my heart is pumping real fast
nothin compare to knowing you are there
chatting away happily

sometimes, when i think about you
i feel so happy even i havent gotten my dinner
once in a blue moon,
i find my self remembering you
nothing compare to the smile that you gave me

smile, girl, for you cheer me up!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

SO near yet SO far

life was so challenging! I learn to appreciate it more thru events that will treasure in my heart for some time. I went to visit a centre @ Taman Megah for Down Syndrome people. It was really sad seeing those people there. Words can't really express it...

The picture above was taken inside the centre where this few kids lay down on the floor.

This people never really had a good day. Our visitation had give them joy. What a simple thing we do yet they are overjoyed to see us.

This kid had BIG head & small body. Guess what? He is just only 16 months old. Hydrocephalus is the sickness that caused him that way. It was water that stuck inside his head. Doctor also stated that he doesn't had brain. According to the worker there, they said that he had reaction towards people. MAN, how sad when i see this boy .... It really sadden me. Life has never been the same when i see them. I have everything that a normal human has. I am really fortunate for everything. Lives has never been the same....

Working with children really equip me with more knowledge in handling them. I also learn a lot about my self. Being a father like figure is not easy. The kids are taking you as their father in kindergarden & you really had to show good examples. Is never easy as i am not a good figure. I am taking it up step by step. GOD was good to me that he give me strength & wisdom to overcome all this obstacles. thank you!

oh ya, i got my self a digital camera. Canon s40 . Uncle gave it to me & i use it alot. haha.. YOU WILL SEE MORE picture in the future...

latest me?


bed d lor...sleepy liao!

Take care & god bless YOU!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

sensei is surely4me

MIA for some time...feel good sitting down & start my story telling. My uncle & aunt from Aussie came back. I was their driver for a few days & bring them to shop around PJ & KL. Beside them, my cousin also join them to have a holiday here. It was really good time to be with them. I was really tired & didn't have enough sleep for the past week. Always late for work & really feel that this isn't a good character of mine. I made the vows that i must leave home at certain time in order that i will reach working place in time. Well, breakfast might have to forgo it. I might have to sleep early man...
Well, teaching children is quite fun. But it didn't really satisfy my satisfaction in teaching them. I dun feel great... perhaps it's because of a one-way interaction in between us. NOT as in i am not happy. I feel happy teaching kids, just that the level isn't that suitable for me. But some how, looking at kids really enjoying for me as they r cute little boy & gal that laugh with joy without much thing bothering them.
Education link is surely for me.
If you wana be my student, is easy. If you ever call me a Teacher, You will always be my student.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pic & wish list

This are some of the picture taken in MAY. I have nvr upload it & now i just wana share with u guys. It was a wedding that held in my church. Of course not my wedding, but my MYF counselor wedding.
Like Initial D too much but not jay CHOU.

Upclose of me >>

wish & to do list on my 21 years old?

hehe... here it goes:

  1. Sit aeroplane- Nvr sit b4. Like tarzan staying in jungle only.. :)
  2. Go Genting to chill out!
  3. Be a beach boy @ any island that have nice beaches & clear blue sea.
  4. Have a life partner? Well, for this ones, i will let GOD arrange it. I can't do anything with it. May be the time hasn't come yet? GOD knows.
  5. Create a "Youth Development" system to caters for future children.
  6. Complete my Diploma cert & continue my 1 year plan to enter Teaching Training college.
  7. Learn Drumming.. on the process.
  8. More handsome... not by make up, but natural beauty & good health.
  9. MOre will come as i think of it.....2 b continue.

Up NEXT> Fatherhood.

see ya..

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

21, The KEY to unlock my self?

Well, now i am 21 years old. No longer the kids who run around daddy & mummy side but will have to fully dependent on my self. By GOD GRACE, i am 21 years old.

On Friday, i start off my nite with a movies. Watch Initial D the second time with a friend. It was a memorable nite for me.

On saturday, i woke up @ 1 pm. On9 for some time, clean up the house & my room. Then i took a bath & off i go to my friend house as promise.I was a bit nervous & scarry thinking of what they might have prepared for me. I was wearing short pants & a round-T. I nvr thought that they will celebrate much as they told me we will be going to Ming Tian. i suspect something is amiss when my friend keep on telling me to wear short pants. Well, i just thought that may be it would be such a normal events & they wont try to make things bigger than that. So , i just get my pants on & start my drive there. As i reached my friend house, i saw another friend of mine who will join us as they were wearing formal wear. MAN, what on earth ..... my goodness...only me who wear short pants & they wear formal wear. "fan guat chai" ...

well, thinking that they might bring me to some where high class {like high class hotel function room} freak me out. SHORT PANTS man...well, as we move out from my friend house, they told me in the car we are going to VICTORIA STATION near BANGSAR. *my goodness was my respone'caught on camera'* ..hahaah friend caught all my reaction in d camera. Camera usage are being fully utilize at d moment. Too bad not enough memory. Hehe.. As we were talking about what we gonna have there, it seems so delicious...then i ask that do they have wine to celebrate for me...They said neither of them think of that. hahaha..well, so we decided to GO metrojaya to get ones. It takes heck of a long time to choose ones as we dun have any experinces as well. We just simply look at the year it produced & the name & finally grab one code name "syrah" from french thinking that it might be great that if we combain it with our meal.

As my other friend was driving, he got lost in tot he wants 2 come to bangsar for my celebratioin..phew..luckily, when we reach the destination, it was further than bangsar. Out of those HIGH class places which i am not comfortable with short pants. ahaha...lucky for that. Well, it seems that we were in TTDI. very near to our place actually. Hehe..

As we get in & start ordering....i am feeling a little scarry thinking of what they might have prepared for me. They order those western dishes which i am not so good at holding those knife & fork & need some guide from my friend gf. shameful. When we have finish, i am almost full & cant get in anymore. As we chat for a while & my attention were not on them, i noticed they were giving hints for next action when i turn back my face on them. But i try to look away again. haha...I know that! NOT feeling good duh...ahahah... as i turn back on them again, suddenly there was this package of present under the table & i was shock to get it the way. Hhahaa....OK,,,now the games play....

they want me to guess whats inside. failed that , they want me to do the action that they requested. MAN, they want me to use my BUTT & show those MISSISIPPI characters out. DUDE...i wont do that in front of so many people. Its just too much. I ask for other challenge. Then Another friend was kind enough & say i have 3 chances to ask question regarding what's inside. I start off with wallet but then i disclose it as I think that it wont be that since the sound of it was rather a hard object. When i press it was quite soft. I should have guess it right if i didn't change my perception. last i was wrong & was penalise to sing a song {i make them change the penalty} to them. Man, sing song infront of so many people. Luckily i was smart to make way for the time so that i wont be embarass in front of so many people. One of my friend keep on saying That i am Next Year Malaysia Idol to the worker there. DUH...plz la, i know how bad my singing was. haha..well, i got a COLORIS "Royal Queen Polo Team" Leather Wallet from them. I need a new wallet and they grant my wish. haha..what a wonderful day.

as we finish here, we went back to my friend house & watch those clip that he had taken. MAN, we have a good laugh of watching me singing. Haha..later After that, another friend of mine came along as i have called him earlier to join us. They come to my house as my parents had bring back the cake which my aunt & uncle brought it for my birthday. Well, When i see the cake written 21, it really spark me up & said to me: I am OLD. ahhaha...

My friend sang me the famous birthday SONG & also perform a special song for me. A weird song lyrics for birthday boy.haha...Thanks a lot friend. We have a good time chatting & drinking some wines. GOSH, i din tell u that we didn't drink the wine we buy As they extra charge us for rm 20 jus for the wine we bring. Darn, so we decide to save it up & drink in my place. haha...we drink 2 bottle of wine & my father was taking out so many bottle of wine to show my friend & i think they had been scare off it. Well, we drink & watch football plus taking some memorable photo's for remembrance. GOta say that this is my happiest day. hehe...One of them really look dizzy & i really worried about him. & my other friend were pouring so much of wine to him that we wana have him stay over. But he resist. in d end , his gf have to drive his car. ;)

ON, sunday, i went to church like normal & seems like no body knows about it. haha..lucky me. Well, some friend of mine called it sad while i just reply that its normal la. Nothing much to spread about. Well, at night i have dinner with my parent,aunty & uncle from puchong to a dinner at a restaurant behind my house. It was fun time as we ate together. Later at nite, i spend my last hour of the BIG day with a friend & tell him about what i wana do for my 21st year old. Some sort of wish ....

MONDAY, again & i feel really tired. Feeling happy as well. During the break for the kids, i am chatting with asst. teacher Harjit & T.Yien about how we spend our weekends. ahha..then T. Yien ask her class student of 4 years old to sing me a birthday song. I was so touch by it as 20 over people sing it together. I thank them for the song. SOB many kids sing for me.

There are alot of wishes that pour in in many way. SMS, friendster, calls & by mouth. wHAHA.. I wana thank those who wish me from the bottom of my heart. You have brighthen up my days with your wish & greetings. I will never forget that. Whether is early, on that day or belated, i really appreciate it a lot.

There are more to come about. The next time, i will write more on my wish on my 21st yr as well as Father-hood. I am now working at the kindergarden & it really give me an idea of faherhood. Thats why i wana write about it. UNtil then, njoy the long post here.

PS: wana thanks Daron, Elaine, & Kevin for making my birthday special. I also wana thanks my dad & mom who were bringing out their best to raise me up. GOD as well, for giving me this life. Everyone who come across my life, thanks for being apart of it.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

7 days, what we can do?

Originally i was thinking of what we can do in 365 days. But i was without any ideas...anyway, 7 days is short, but can u do it all? Everyday, we can do it. But do we? :) ... & the reason of not doing it comes to your mind now...
  • Day 1: Say 'HI, how r u doin?' to a friend that u have not seen for ages. This will make them feel that they are still being concerned by their friends.
  • Day 2: Smile where ever you go to make people feel good for the day as it will brighthen up their days.
  • Day 3: Pat a person on the shoulder & say "You have done the best" for things he/she had done.
  • Day 4: 1 dollar might be a small amount to us but it was a huge sums to others who are poor. Give it to them & it will bring a smile on their face.
  • Day 5: Say thanks to people whom have help you so that people will know that their help is being appreciated.
  • Day 6: Say "Everything that has happen has a reason" to those who are sadden by the things that happen around their life. *This will let them learn that life is wonderful & they can learn from things that happen around them. Move forwards friend's. *Hard to understand? Think!
  • Day 7: Encouragement is a very powerful tools that keep a person keep on moving in their life. Call/Sms/Tell/Email/Send Greeting to a friend once a while to let them see that life is interesting because you have them as their friends.

life is interesting : )

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I was back to my college again. This time was to collect my development fees. I think i am getting older each days. The ear start to make me harder to listen, the eyes start to make my vision slower. "like d script from Initial D"..whahah... Well, watch I.D. on tuesday & i find it interesting. Minus Jay Chou as the main actor. Anyway, he is real good at pretending. I find something about HIM. He is like a back-hench [toh pui] fella. When he walk, it can't seems straight to me or may be the angle of the camera does the trick. Well, i would say that it contains a lot of funny scene & great drifting. But it was not what i had expected after following much of the anime series. Now i am collecting the stage 1 & 2 again as it is more interesting to know the beginning. Haha..
Well, what else do i do now a days? emmm... My big day is coming real soon. Find it hard 2 accept the facts that i am getting older. I was working temporary in a kindergarden. I find that kids really cute & had a lot of FUN compare to those working people out there. I had heck lots of FUN teaching Them & also had a lot of trouble making them listening to me. haha.. this is the learning point over here. anw, i also wana say that i am crazy this week. I got sore throat. How can sore throat be crazy? of course it doesn't seems crazy..The crazy part is how i got my self sore throat.
On Monday nite, i go mamak near my ex-secondary skol eat Tom Yam Sotong. Then on tuesday evening before the screening of I.D., i pula get hungry & go makan Prawn mee @ Special Of penang at 1U. After that, feeling not satisfied & hungry, me & my friend pula go try "Just Thai" @ 1U. haha...we try "Thick Tom Yam" ....... guess what? Thats how i got my sore throat la..he next day "beh tahan" then go buy a biji of coconut & drink it all. But still pain-la. I am over heated. DUH...
*Now a days i find my self full with inspiration to write something on. But when i sit infront of computer & wana start on it... it seems that the inspiration had fly away. hehe*

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just Praise~! Really Praise GOD

HEy..whats on in ya life?

Mine was pretty busy started last months. Now, i am abit busy working. I am a asst. Teacher in FunGates Kindergarden , Puchong. Well, everything seems smooth for me & i love those children alot. I didn't tell much about them . duno why ,may b i was too busy on living in my dream land.

Kids r not tat ez to handled. Love & patient is the most important thing u need in educating them. Well, I find it interesting about them. They r forever happy & nothing can stop them from laughing. I find that not many people like us can do it at the age above 12... we will be in sad mode or some kind of nerds.

Thats what i think ...

Just Praise Feat. Juwita Suwito was fun & hype .Yeah! I like the song that she sang. Its very meaningful. I bought her CD & got her autograph as well..yeah..another collection. hehe..

May god continue to use her to spread the gospel. well, what i think is that not many of the local singer has a good vocal like her. all the best to her..

i was inspired to write a song after listening to her song. It's all about life.......

I am now reading 2 books. "The purpose driven life" by Rick Warren & "My journey; an autobiography of Dr. Lula Baird".

My BIG day is coming real SOON.

bye all readers