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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Up n Alive!

Phew! Finally my sem exam is over. I don't have a good feeling over it. I guess it would be my strategy that are not working very well. I am now looking forward to change it all in my next sem. I have set a target to finish it all by next year february. K, thats all about my education.

About my life...i should say that there are big changes in it. I am not all alone in this world! eheh! Well, is just pretty busy that i have neglected my blog now a days. I plan to use up the holiday for blogging up those un-told stories. But first of all, i would like to express hatred for those people who just simply raped people along their life. MAN, i was pretty angry when i heard about those cases that appear in news. It was so un-human and my thought was that if i ever got that guy, i will CUT away their "hotdog" for human sake'. Is just too much of them for not respecting other people's in this world. U also got 'mother', they also got 'lao bu eh'! @#$%*
Another stuff was those young people & fool's fella. (i have to use fool instead of stupid because bible don't use stupid) Have you heard of the latest news that a 15 year old mother solded her child? I am so so angry with it. You see, if you are not able to raise a child, please, i say again, PLEASE do not go & have SEX and make your self suffer. Another thing is for the man out there, Please control your self. You are not working and yet your lil bro are so itchy for what! Please! Go get your self a life first before you go for marriage and have a family. All this will have to done according to your financial planning. Do not have child if you can't even fill your own stomach.

LISTEN 2 my advice!

There is this such cases that the mother flush away her child in toilet! This even worst! You are killing your own fresh blood! Are you insane? Do you know in this world there are so many people who want a kids of their own dearly yet they can't have one? Do you know that you are so so fortunate? OK, let's minus not letting your parent know. You can arrange on it & give it away. (Make sure you give to a good parent who will take good care of your baby.) There are alot of solution. You can ask for solution. Don't just kill the innocent lives! PLease, I beg YOu to think about it!
Is pretty bad when i think of all this. Well, i can't hold it inside of me. I need to expose it out....

Previously i was quite disturbed with Putra LRT train. Is not the train having any big delay or what. But is the advertising! Mac'D advs was totally too MUCH! Before every station that it gonna stop, it would have song,words that describe their good and stuff, man, it was too much eh!!! I can't bear with it! For that month, there was this particular week that i sat on it a few time & i start to hate MD! I have never been to any MD since that day! Luckily now a days i don't see one. Else, MD would have less customer! haha!

Now a days RTM also come out with a "toilet" song. MAN! That song is totally terrible! I don't know who would think of such ideas. When ever i hear it again, i will change channel or MUTE it up! TOTALLY disgusting and not educating enough! Please man! Is totally crazy and not creative. Clean toilet sing until wana spoil the image only. If there exist the competition for WORST ADVERTISEMENT, Malaysia will surely claim the 1st Prize! CONGRATS! :p

Thats all for this post! Take care! Thanks for being my reader that read all my 'fire'!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I wana say that this week has been a sad week. First, it was the retirement of Tennis pro Andre Agassi. Then it was the passing away of Steve Irwin of Croc Hunter famed. Both of them made a remark in the World with their own trademark.
Steve Irwin was a natural environmentalist. You can see him in every episode that he is such a motivated soul towards the environment & the animals that he loved. The world has lost a great person who take notice of what that are gonna gone in a century time. He takes in effort for everything that he does to preserved the nature. Who can be compare to him? Nah, i don't see anyone. But i guess in this world, there are people who really care about nature & try their best to deal with it. But often all this fell into deaf ears. The awareness that Steve Irwin does make an impact to the children & the adult about the importance of protecting their nature. Kudos to Steve Irwin. May You rest in peace & let your legacy be continue...
Andre Agassi was one of the last senior that retired. Joining d great like Michael Chang, Pete Sam, & others who made an impact. I miss d last game he played. But after all, Tennis aren't my fav games. But still for a man who had gone thru up & down like him, it's amazing. So long andre... We will miss U!