Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting visits~

I was going through my Nuffnang statistic when i read the above sentence twice. Why? Please re-read it again. Do you get it? :)

I am not trying to be naughty or being immoral towards any gender or parties. But Last Months Visits? Sorry, I don't have one. Oops!

Well, talking about VISITS, women had it long ago and men always take it as a taboo subject. For me, I am just fine with it as long as the women are comfortable about it. Not many women are open minded about it. My mom are pretty cool about it. We talked about it like no body business.
There are so many terms or nick name that my mom personally put it on. SO do my aunt! Some friends i know are pretty ok about it.

I have a chat with a future female doctor about this topic and its effect. That would have to be in another post as it is more details. I have a female friend who thought that this monthly visit is very "mah fan" (troublesome) . What i believed is that this is a gift from GOD. This monthly issues was also being misused in Parliament Proceeding. (Of which i hated as i have a great mom!)

So, monthly visit is a healthy process. Girls, be open minded about it. GUY, same with you. Understand women and their hardship.

Monday, April 28, 2008

D-day 28 April

Tomorrow is the start of a fiery fights in between Banana Team & the PA Team. I'm looking forward to see some action. 10 AM start at RTM. (FYI, i hardly watch RTM channel. Not worth it. Perhaps if they plan to Screen the whole Parliament proceeding, i believe their rating will JUMP HIGH ! )

Had a game of table tennis with church mates. A few of us were chatting about one of the elder who was a former state Table Tennis player. Uncle PDV stated that we are STATE player as well, but we are known as ESTATE PLAYER! LOL!!! This is really enjoyable. Inspite of their busyness and hectic life, they still know how to make jokes. This is really great! Life is interesting.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Who say my YB never do his job?

This morning was truly a bright day. My father told me that there are a few cars that parked along the road of our street. So, being busy body as i am, we went to checked on what's going on. There was a tractor in work and they are removing the bridge of the illegal sites where some irresponsible people use it as a recycling centre. I was overjoyed with what i see. This problem has been with us for years and the previous Local Council aren't doing anything.

As i finished my drink, I proceed to see the officer over there. I ask for the person in charge to a problem which affect us. Next to my house is a lane which connect with Tmn Mayang. This stretch of road always cause accident and there was an accident that happened last few months ago. I wanted the person in charge to make it a one way street or at least do something with it.

I also highlight to him the problem that majority of the Tmn Megahmas Residents faced, especially the tunnel which lead to Lembah Subang. The officer told me that YB Tony Pua had a meeting with MBPJ last week and they will deal with it soon!

That's what i call a good YB!

You know, women afraid of getting a bad husband; so do men! Now, voters also afraid of the same, afraid that they had voted for the wrong person. I no longer afraid but be proud that he is working for US!

We need working MP, not a person who just being NATO and waste people monies. To all the PA MP and ADUN , you are working good! Keep it up!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Origin of "Haih"

The Origin of this word or expression is unknown. It is believed that olden days people already start using this expression. In drama series or movies, actor or actresses also started using it. Basically, this was the way Chinese (or Malaysian) express them selves when they faced certain obstacles or challenges.

Now, lets analyst who use it:

  • Worker- They face a lot of problem. Boss Screw them, no hike in payment, and etc.
  • Boss- Economic so slow, everything have to made payment and no negotiation.
  • Politician- The people who are under their constituency don't know how to perform work properly.
  • Martial Art Practitioner- To express their omph and POWER!
  • Me- Too many dissatisfactions. Very hard to express my self. Having difficulty to breath!
In conclusion, "Haih" is a mode of expression! Have a good use. Haih..... another day come, no money go pocket! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Accident that happened last year

I remember telling some of you that I met in an accident last year. I did not publish the picture in my blog. Look at the picture and tell me how bad was that?

I was reminded of how bad was mine when my friend showed me his damaged car. I'm not sure how I did it but I know that I was not focusing on the road. I think a lot at the time. End up putting a big hole on my purse.

It was also a bad week for me as I go to the police station twice. Thieves broken into my house and grab a few stuff. We have since secure up our house. Now look like a jail. I recalled the day when there was 2 fella who were trying to rob me behind my house. I was not able to fight them off as I freaked out. Can't even shout! Darn! Thank God I'm still alive! Just got a minor scar.

All this taught me to be more strong to face tomorrow, which i believed will be more tougher. Life is interesting~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello youngster, join politic!!!

I recalled a news on MSM TV stated by one of the ministry asking for the youths to be more aware of their country. He (the minister) also asked that youths must be aware about politic that are happening now. Correct me if i am wrong. I couldn't find it in the net.

After i heard it, my mind pop up this BIG question: Why you disallowed the university student to participate in the election process? You forbid them to join any political group. How are they suppose to learn anything if they don't join any political group to see it for them self? They won't learn anything by watching as an observer! Don't game with me by saying they will surely learn one or two stuff. Yes, may be they will learn something. When you talk about bringing awareness and impacting the youth, you need to bring them to the spot and let them explores. This old rules or laws will only instill the ignorance in them. If you encourage them, they may think about it and join to experience it.

The rules or what we called as University LAW set way back to decades where my parents have not produce me! I am curious on this particular barrier that forbid the university student to join any politics. Why is there a necessary to forbid students for such an exposure? Is not that they are in their primary school in which they are still not capable to make a clear decision. They are embarking on their future which i believed that can made a wise decision. I also strongly believed that they will not neglect their studies when they are involve in some activities. (Hello, we learned time management. We are not moron!)

Why can't you be more liberal! May be they think that university student are still 3 years old student. Readers, you give some thought on it.

Oh btw, i am a monkey since someone rated us (bloggers) as monkey. Those who stated this statement had actually joined in the rank of monkey as well. Welcome to the monkey world!!! :) Have a pleasant day!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am having my last paper on Monday. After which, i will be back home and savour on some nice food and my Internet for 24/7!!!! I have been missing a lot on Utube! Must have my precious time on it. Been reading a lot from Haris Ibrahim and Tony's Blogs. Not 2 forget 5xmom has becomes my daily feeds. Nevertheless, i also want to gain some $$$! Will see how it goes. Any idea? MSM had been reporting all sort of crap that i don't find the needs to check it out. Worthless K~That's it for the moment. CU!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Basic English Grammar is not so basic after all, for me. Had some difficulty dealing with it. But its over. My last paper will be on 14th April, which also mark the freedom for DS Anwar to return to politic. Nothing much for the moment. Except that i am going for vacation after my exam. :) I will also update my blog link and post some stuff up. Hope to get more hits. Adios!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Traffic congestions in housing area under which minister? Taman megahmas people had had enough of jams and sounding honk due to stupid traffic arrangement. Look at the underground tunnel towards the LRT Deport. Always jam and if heavy rain, worst than Federal Highway. I don't know this is under the MP issue or former Local council that r not doing their job. After work and facing all this jam really make a person under depression. So, this is what i want to rant after checking out tony pua blog asking for question to be forward to the Parliament. But i don't think its suitable. Hence, i just post it here for releasing my GAS.

PS:WTHWTM=What the heck with taman megahmas

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jumping Boat

Weird intro? Not at all.

What i meant was the current Government Mp to Jump over to People Alliances. Rumour stating MP who are not satisfied with the current management, has not made any moves at the moment. I can't wait any longer. My interest can't stay that long. I have exam to cover and i want a quick yes/no. Please, for our country sake, just resign and jump over to any parties that stand for justice, integrity and fairness. Not to forget democracy.

Life is a test. new government is also a test for them. If they provide s--t, we will return the same favour as well. So, please do it quick and fast. Don't be like people who resemble snail. You can be a respected leader. I am writing without any direction. This is called as free will writing with a disappointing/"can't wait that long" heart. :)

What had i learned from the previous election?

I learned the word Constituency, makkal Sakthi, Correct X 3, corruption (As the 10 yr old boy stated in Hannah yeoh blog.), Democracy, boycott, longkang, Jia Ka liao (Deceased X-Mp Klang M.Zakaria), and etc.

Life is a learning process. Like the Famous Chinese Quote: Live and learn till you get old.

BM got any quote? Kindly share with me. Any quote are welcome. I Love it!

PS: Is not that i have not learn those words. I am being spoon fed with these words recently. Thanks to politicians and my parents. I am proud of them. I also want to thanks all my fellow friends whom are so supporting of me. :p support my statement la of course, I am not a MP. May be in another 5 years, if i decided i should be in politics rather than educator. Adios!