Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cineleisure Costume

I was on parade at Cineleisure! It was just a normal day helping a friend, but i wasn't expecting to wear on the uniform. Later on, my friend told me to wear it as my other friend can't make it in time. So, there you see it! There are more coming. I will let you know soon!

Today's news paper said that Police Officer's will be having new uniform and motto. I say: Another illusion to to make people blur?

Remember the previous changes? End up like what? I dunno... The public will know better.

We just hope they DO change!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About Penang CM

Folks, You should read this page. It's on Penang CM being jailed during the Ops Lallang. I read it with my heart knowing that he is a GREAT MAN that penang had at this moment. Click the link below:
I am assure that many of you had been asked into boycotting our local MSM (Mainstream Media) like The star, Utusan, Chinese daily etc. I am one who had not buy more than 10 unit in a year. Why? Before election, i am so fed up with accident news. Every day, there are people dying and i just had had enough. Then, i read more of the news, i felt imbalance. Every day, the former monkey and ogre always feed you with what that they had done, and what that they will do to let you see their good point in their years of running the country. On March 8, 2008 election, the MSM suppported them so heavily that i do not read any opposition news at all.

Biased or what?
Boycott them for the better of our MSM. It doesn't hurt me either way. I don't like to waste paper. I am always toward the paparless effort. Do not buy newspaper to waste paper. GO ONLINE! You get environmetal friendly! HELP the world environment by doing so! You can save our country from pollution!
*Please take note that i had enable the comment restriction. Now, Anyone who would like to remain anonymous can do so. You're welcome to add your comment. Thank you.*

Monday, March 24, 2008

What's your problem?

I find it hard to digest on the Head lines appeared in The Malaysia Insider. Read below:

Khalid appoints 29-yr-old to exco - complete list here
This is the much-awaited Selangor exco list: nearly half the exco, four of the members, are women. One member, Ean Yong, is just 29 years old.

Mentri Besar -- Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Khalid bin Ibrahim
1. Teresa Kok Suh Sim
2. Dato’ Dr Hassan bin Mohamed Ali
3. Yaakob bin Sapari
4. Rodziah binti Ismail
5. Dr Xavier Jayakumar a/l Arulanandam
6. Dr Halimah binti Ali
7. Iskandar bin Abdul Samad
8. Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew
9. Elizabeth Wong
10. Ean Yong Hian Wah

Hey, what about woman? Women cannot do well ah? Why must you state how many women are in the list? Aren't you suppose to be fair to all gender? I tell you, Women can do much better job! And what's the commotion of having 29 y.old youngster inside the EXCO? We, the young generation need some VOICE up front! Using apek and ah mah some times get counter attack because their voice may not loud enough. Use a youth for sure they will shout LOUDER and let the BANANA MP hear our voice! So, if you still tell that a young fella like him can't do anything, may you please wait and see!
I find it humourus to read that there are 23 monkey boycotting the sultan for not choosing their choice of representatives. As we know, the sultan, which is also our KING, made the choice for the better of our country.
Previously, some monkey was shouting that there are injustice/insult to the KING when LKS was only planning (not acting) to have a boycott. They felt that there are a big BANANA that SMACK On them and they felt injured in their own rights or injustice to their own playground. Mind you monkey. You are not awake of what you have done. May i remind you to go back to the ZOO and learn how to bahave like a professional monkeys.
Oops. my time limit is up! We shall continue the monkey stories another day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Election again!!!

The wave did not stop 2 weeks ago when the election is done. Now Unisel is having their Election for MPP , a student representatives to stand & speak up for our rights. I am amused that we have such a thing. My question is: Will the higher authority listen to our hardship? Will they make the finance department smooth and let not the student wait like monkey and baboon shouting for their turn?
There are so many problems that affect the student. Mind you, we pay RM 250 each sem for nothing. We don't know where the money was being used. The facilities like library are not sufficient for our reference. The finance system like ah pek. The lecturer can't perform their job well because the system is changing all the time. Our exam time table will change some time to time. What the heck? People need to study for exam yet need to worry for our time table as well? Please be considerate! Don't change as you wish!

We want a change! We don't want all the nonsense! Please vote for MIE! hahaa!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

getting interesting

Malaysian Government are getting interesting. The coalition seems unstable to me. Perak MB has been appointed and it will be PAS member. I suppose the sultan will have his reason, but i think majority will find it unfair. PAS hold 6 areas while DAP 17. PKR took 7 and i believed that it should be either PKR or DAP. Why does it go to a PAS member? Perhaps some parties should sit down and discuss. My role is accomplished. I have cast my Vote. The rest leave it to the people who had been selected by the citizens.

PM warn Penang CM. HOHO! Man, I believed Penang CM has his fair share of experience that can lead a state. He has been jailed before, being challenges through out his life & he can handle things with maturity. He will be fair to all citizen. Why warn him? He is clever! :p

PS: I can't help but really need to divert my post into other topic. I 've been so into Politic. *hint* My previous 3-4 posting is on politic.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


8th of March 2008 will remain a historic moment for Most Malaysian. With a new government in hand, I believed they can perform better for the future generation. I am elated for the good news that kept on coming in while I was at Dap HQ. (I cast my vote & don't feel like going home. Then I wander around Dap Booth to busy body :p Later after election time, I went to the HQ to know the latest information. I know the TV will be the last to know. SMART?) It was really amazing to be at the HQ. The euphoric atmosphere really make you felt like you are celebrating some occasion; however, we know that it's about our future that we are concerning at that moment. The shout of joy from each members/press/candidate knowing our result really makes me felt that we are a happy family. A big FAMILIES!

What suprise me was the Selangor state being taken over by the Opposition. (I can't call them opposition, they are the new government beginning next week.) It's time to buck up for some people. It's time to realize what's going on in your own constituency.

There are so many thought that i wish i can put it all here. Just too much. I will leave it for the moment as i am under alot of assignment and test. Spending half an hour releasing my "burden" here! :p

PS: Some people are happy with the minister gone home to cucuk padi. Same with me. We need change! To the ex-minister, i wana say: Makkal Sakthi! Remember us well on this date!

Friday, March 07, 2008

If i am PM...

If i am a PM (Not pencuci mulut, but Prime Minister):

  1. Abolish the races.
    • There aren't a need for races. We are all Malaysian regardless of any color of your skin. 50 years already, still want it? I don't see the need!
  2. Abolish the quota for any races.
    • We want to improve Malaysia as one of the best country in providing education. Therefore, there shouldn't be any restriction for people who are good in their result to enter University. The quota are being unfair to those who are good in their studies. This will also allow our fellow Malaysian to stay in Malaysia and it will always be their home.
  3. Freedom to speak.
    • We should have the freedom speak. The Mp should listen to the citizen as they are the real boss. We have to practice Democracy.
  4. No discriminating.
    • No discriminating among all people. After all, the color of our blood are just the same.
  5. Equal.
    • Every people should be treated with equality.
  6. Transparency
    • All agreement must be reveal to the public in order that the Malaysian will know what the government has done. This will show a clean government official and gaining trust from the public.
  7. Providing education for all people.
  8. Abolishing the poor rate.
  9. Rebuild the economic and try to learn from Singapore. (Whether you like it or not, Singapore is a good comparison. After we match Singapore, we can go East to compare. :p)
  10. Cleanliness & Awareness.
    • Educate the public to make the country clean. Have awareness to take precautions on our environment. Make our surrounding environmental friendly.
That's all i guess. Will add more if i think of it. All of us are part of it. We need to make a change!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dap ceramah Damansara Jaya

Dear Reader,

Dap ceramah Damansara Jaya Atria 29 Feb 08. Speaker of the day: Dr.Cheah, Haris Ibrahim, Invited Guest (doctor), & Tony Pua!

Despite heavy rain, many people still come for it! This show that Malaysia are concern and want a change! I believed that there are many people who want to see Tony Pua make a change in the Parliament!

Blogger Mr. Haris Ibrahim greeting the crowd after his speech. He was there to lend his support to DAP!

Tony Pua want a change! Addressing his speech...

Below are the link for the speech for the DJ night. You may download it for your reference. (Tony Pua) (Haris Ibrahim)

For those who are not familiar with Rapidshare:
Please Click Free button. Wait for the process period to download. Then just do as instruted. You should be able to download it. For info, please leave a comment. I will follow up with you. (Tony Pua) (Haris Ibrahim) (Dap Guest-Doctor ?)

You can visit youtube for the uploaded clip. Short ones. The above is the entire speech for 3 of them. Its the same as uploaded in rapidshare. I am using different server as this server is much more easier to use.

1. Type / Verify the CAPTCHA image to the right box allocated.
2. Click "Request Ticket" button & ENJOY!

Please spread around!
Have a nice day!