Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

$ is not a factor to b alive~!

by glory

MONEY not enough~! how to earn ler? i got so many things that i want to buy...the list are written below:
1.Digital Camera

I think thats all gua? All IT gadgets..haha..

well, considering my situation, i don't think i can afford it... I am not working now, i have to pay stuff..what stuff?

  • House Phone Bills (MOM insist i pay it as most of the calls are made by me. Not a small amount but 100+ money all fly to TELEKOM ~! :< )
  • My HP usage..
  • College Fees (darn resit killing me HARD.)
  • CAR FUEL (big 'wife' comes with big burden...)

How can i manage it all? My father does not print credit notes. hehe..

Well, at least i have think out of a few solution to cut cost:

~Call less to HP as well as shorten up my internet usage.

~Save electricity by not staying up late at night.

~Use less of computer if nothing important.

~Don't go out on car too often. (if go out, those who sit in the car pay the fuel.[depending on who.])

~FINISH MY EXAM FAST! hefty bills are killing me gently..

~NO KFC, Mac'D, HIGH class food....but economic nice & mee.


~GO parents shop better than staying at home to waste electricity & phone calls. Also save a meal.

~Buy less CD,VCD,DVD.

Ok, thats cutting cost. How about adding income? NO income seems nice for me. Investment? NAH, no money ler..

well, i think of giving tuition in the morning for form 1 & 2 mathematics. But i dunno yet..should add in primary school as well. Well, thats an idea. Not planning further yet. hope i can manage both my studies & stuff i am dealing with.

thats all..any 1 wana add?

Thursday, October 28, 2004

last day of roller coaster~!

by glory

People surrounding us will come & go. Today is my last day & i gota go & continue my journey of life. Thou sad & can't let go the atmosphere, i gotta learn how to get back to my study mood. Working as a teacher is not easy. The challenges that we face everyday is tough. Is not any object problem, but human problem. We gotta tackle student which is a soul that some are flying nowhere. Teacher are not a educator that just produce good result in education, but to produce a good attitude, characteristic, & behaviour in his/her student. I found the teaching in my blood which suits me. I am still in-experience. I have to see much of it which i cant wait for it. But in this 2 months, i learn a lot, i see a lot. How can it be compare with the wages i receive? NO, nothing can be compare with a soul being touched. haha..i am talking big bout teacher..but thats the facts. I will miss them~! funny thing is that my mom say i will cry...& so do my student...haha..well, i am not. But to those student out there, there is nothing that deserve you to cry ( if ). GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. BACK TO NORMAL. thats what i say .

Missing those noisy class...1B, 1H, 2A, 2C, 2H, 2K.
Indirectly involved: 2G, 2D, 2B, 2I, 1I, 3C, 3B, 3H, 4A, 4C.

To the student that i have teach before, please forgive me if i have hurt you all. Human make mistakes. One day, i hope that you will know the GOD that has change my life totally. Take care, my friends.

PS: a student sms me, wana share with you guys:- Go n dielah! U go already hole school very happy! ha ha! can't speak a proper bm "teacher" ! N ur h/p so old only 3310 ! ha poor man!

well, regarding the sms, i just wana say: Keep life simple. I dun need a 6250 or I-pod. I am rich in knowledge of life. Thats enough for me even i still equip it now a days. i won't die so fast...haha..GOD is up there to protect me. Well, like i say, i can't make everyone happy. Oh ya, HUMAN change from time to time. Looks like i gotta improve my BM. been long time i have never speak BM. Please la...crazy .. haha..wait till you come out to this working world & buy ur self the stuff u like dun come easy. No$,who give U $......... :o
ah..funny fella, i am not using 3310..i am using 3350,,,what la.u need a better eyes sight..

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

ball~bring us together!

A ball, is nothing when you didn't play it. But when other play it, it does bring people together. 2 Human come from different soil, sit together to watch a football match. Now knowing each other at first, now they have become friends. Even thou both did not support the same team, but they share the same passion in football. This is what i see in them. friends can be made easily anywhere , anytime. GOD BLESS U~!

by glory

Monday, October 25, 2004

Season Friend

Today i saw you
i thought i need you to accompany me
well, i ask for your presence

Tomorrow may come
I thought that i don't need you any more
So i just put you out of my sight

OH...this is like a season friend's
On certain season i only need's you
how can i tell you much you mean to me
just that, some time...i feel like using the friendship that we had build

Life is just the same
We face challenge everyday
Lonely people on the earth
Tends to seek for more love

They want more attention
but prefer to choose on friends they feel proud to be with
True friends are not there
is just a replacement days

Season friends, they come & go..
They gota find their true friends

by glory

Sunday, October 24, 2004


exhausted, tired. BUT , i am gonna watch MU vs ARSENAL no matter what. I am going to see MU lose until all the pants are drop. hahaah..i dun with my father that MU will lose ..haha...arsenal gonna have 50 un-beaten run...i want them to WIN...GOnna make my old man lose cause he think that MU will WIN..but hope the score line please please dun draw...if not, gonna pay the meal my a meal will do,,anyway, what ever result it is,,dun worry. My father & i are just watching/betting it for the sake of fun. If we support the same team, useless la the game no opposition. haha..GOD BLESS U~! one hour to the match..
by glory

Saturday, October 23, 2004

weird days

i realise i am awake from sleep. I never open my eyes. I keep it close but i know the sun has rise. On the bed, i pray. I don't know what makes me start to pray, but i just prayed for the people surrounding me. As i finish, i open my eyes and look at my mobile phone. It shows 8.28 am...i do all the usual stuff...& out to LRT station proceed to Wangsa Maju to collect something. I don't feel normal. As the sense got true, i realize that the train did not behave like usual. The speed is double than normal & the way it stop freak me out. Again, i hope that my journey will be safe. It was like in a drama where you have to hold on tight to something hard that will not throw you out if it stop. I watch too much of action movies d..haha..well, i am safe at home now. GOT a weird days. But at least i am still the blog la.....what u think?

by glory

Thursday, October 21, 2004


darn tired. Today no posting will be made. Just a short announcement. I want to urge those christian friends out there to pray for my students. They are in need of prayer as in believe, faith & everydays life facing false statement told by some students. Is a darn big serious problem. Let us join hands together & pray for them. GOD bless you all as i continue to equip them for their futures.
PS: being fool by some ...... haha..

take care

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

love is?

Some time, when the elder say don't get your self involved in relationship when you study, they got their own reason. Perhaps, now a days the reason is not usable. Students doesn't think that when they involved in relationship. They think that their studies will not be affected much. Well, i should ask them: How about your emotional? May be they just never think about it. Well, some of them find that having a relationship let them study much better~! Some time ago if you ask me, i might agree, but overall, i don't. You gota realize that you can't handle 2 things at a time. Unless you are really really good organiser & good in those stuff. For That i cant say anything.

Love involved 2 person. Their sincere in the relationship and of course the understanding of each other. Some time ago, i was dumb in it. I just love a person my whole heartedly. But i never get the return of it. How can this be love? A love shud be loving each other. Remember that! If you are not suitable for the particular person, just stop the relationship. Don't spoil your future & other as well. Live your life ahead. You can call me a Playboy that i have a thinking for this stuff. I will say that: GO LOOK FOR OTHER PARTNER. THERE ARE PLENTY OF GOOD SOUL OUT THERE. But all this is still up to you. You think about it...GOD BLESS YOU~!

by glory

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Please try to understand
Stand at my path & look into my situation
I am stuck in between
How can i make you understand
Stressed to the bottom line
I want to neutralised it all
Feel the toughness now
Wana get it off me...
I never ask for anything
I just ask for a understanding in my hardship
This writing is dedicated to a friend of mine who were stuck in between friendship & relationship.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Through Me

Through Me
let there be kind words, a warm smile,
and a caring heart

Through Me
let there be a willingness to listen and a readiness to understand.

Through Me
let there be dependability, steadfastness, trust and loyalty.

Through Me
let there be compassion, forgiveness, mercy and love.

Through Me
let there be every quality I find, O Lord, in Thee.

ps: this is something inspirational that i read upon in my church bulletin. Just wana share with you. It also reflect of what i want to be. GOD bless U.

Friday, October 15, 2004

i hav decided~~!

Well, today i have a opportunity to share gospel with 2 students. Fearing of 'spirit' starts up the conversation. I also tell them that their life is very precious just like how i have live my life to the fullest. Telling them my experience & how i live my life is something i never did before. Of course, i will never forget introducing GOD to them. Anyway, thats a little bit bout them. I think i have decided that i would be a teacher for my life. I know is quite some time until i decide it today. My father even ask me to enquire more bout Teacher Training College. But first of all, i would like to get my DIPLOMA IN SCIENCE (COMPUTER SCIENCE COMBINATION C). Then i would proceed to teaching college. I find that teaching has got into my blood. I will forever be a teacher. No other job satisfaction is better than being a teacher that deal with the students. I just love it. Ask me why i like to be a teacher with the low pay? Cause i love to be a teacher & care for my students.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

so close

so close i believe, you're holding me now,
in your hands i belong ,
i'll never let you go......

#so close that i really wana hold you, i don't wana let you go. I hope that things wont be so hard.

another different days

I was quite angry in morning due to some problem created by the students yesterday. Teaching them a lesson & telling them the reason why we must be responsibility. I hate to do it...i was so angry that i afraid i will use extreme way to deal with them. But luckily i have my self cool down.

Some of the class in the school are having class parties. All their exam has already over & they are waiting for their results. Having party remind me of those days i have in primary school. Just that it was being held in secondary school right now. A few class invite me & spend some time with them. I have been offered a lot of food like cakes, jelly, sweets, drink, pizza & a lots more. It is nice & my stomach are very full. Wana thank them for their efforts to bring this parties to live. I enjoyed it & have fun in it. Well, i think they will have a good time. There was a student who come by to the class that i am looking after & give me a cans of drink. It was touching that i remember i never teach their class yet they still give me something. At least i know i am still consider 'OK' for the students..hahahaha..tired, running out of energy & want to have a nice sleep....zzZzzzZzzZZZ

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

loving you

by glory

looking out the window
thinking of you
i want to hold your hand
i want to feel you right now
but you are far away from me
i need your care
i know i am childish
but i cant help it
i try to be mature
i try to be the one you desire me to be
i know love is all i ever need
teach me to understand you
love run me wilds
love is something i can't describe
only those who have experience it will know what is love...
PS: for those people who are in love (or losing the love) right now, i know that it is not easy for you. Remembering him/her everyday. Is it hard to forget someones who have depart from you? Well, your life have to go on for those people that have left you. You can find a better ones in the futures. Those people who are in love right now, please remember that love is something that involved both of you. It does not consist only a person, but both parties. Let your self be mature to handle it. Let it be something that you will enjoy but not suffering...take care.

how could i depart from you?

by glory
Falling in love was so easy,
Staying together was like cat & mouse,
Blue blue sky with the flying winds,
Thunder storm comes with the rainy days.
How could i, live without your presence
How could i, understand you better
They said men don't cries
But i would cry for you, My Dear....

Monday, October 11, 2004

reflecting my memories...

After marking the paper for the Form 2 classes, i feel sad. They didn't do well. I am it me who are not good at teaching them or they are not studying for this subjects? Feel like there was a knife stab on me..well, analysist must be done .. seems like i am one of those students that didn't do well in exam too. Teaching at this school was like a mirror for me. I think it was like reflection for everything that i have done in the past few years at secondary school. How true it was...regret that now i hope to change those student not to be like me when they grow up. Hope they will listen to what i say...

OFF duty

Today i am off due to an event that organize by the school to raise money. The food is not good & i am so hungry at night after the dinner. But i am happy with the performance. Just now i am marking one of the form 1 class i teach. I am just worried that one of them get quite low for the subject. Wonder the other 30% will help them or not. They have 70% on the paper & 30% for practical. Hope that it does help them to pass. I am quite tired this few days. Been low on inspiration. No idea why..

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Each Days

Each day is a brand new day
I will always be there for you
Live your life in the light of days
Never give up on the way

Everyday is a brand new day
Journey of life will never end
Lovely life is ever change
Uncertainty runs over me.

wow wow uh-oh wow wow (x2)

I am fortunate
Having you by my side
Knowing you is my greatest joy
I'll never forget it.

Friends, if there are someone who ask me
Who are your greatest friend...
oh uh...i will say that is you...
A lovely life you gave me.
How can i forget the friendship we had!

by glory @ jkwy

PS: This song was written when i was in the school compound started singing this song to refresh my self. All of a sudden, more stuff come out of my mind. i think i will edit part of it or add something on later. Can't think of it yet..just wana share it with u guys the front 2 nice! Enjoy~!

Friday, October 08, 2004


Merdeka comes late for the FORM 1,2 & 3 students with the PMR & final year exam coming to an end today. They are happy & start to enjoy their holidays. Well, school term is still on & they still need to come back to school to collect their results. I pity the form 4 student's as they still have 2-3 more days to go for their exam. This school is still new & so it doesn't have a form 5 classes. I hope that my student's did well in their exam. Teacher are going to start busy right now with marking papers on the way & preparing report for the education ministry. All the teacher & student are waiting for the actual date of holiday so they would not have to go for school & stay rooting at home. But for me, i would not be doing so. I should be looking for something to do to earn extra income. I am Preparing for next year occasions which include my birthday (21 st), chinese new year, & some of my friends bday as well. I also need to save up for camp & stuff that come along the way.

Well, life is fun. Teaching is fun. It refresh my self up. Today after school, a bunch of students was having a water bash. I look at them & think of those happy secondary moment of mine. I love it. It makes me look young & i want to join them too. But i must also remind my self that i am no longer a student. I am a teacher to them. Looking back, i must admit i am old. haha..who cares..i am still young inside my heart. Let them see the older version of me.

PS: haha...who don't like playing water? Student's are just like kids. We the older generation are like that too. Just that some time the people don't have the time & occasions.
by glory @ jkwy

Thursday, October 07, 2004

why? life is so restless...

I am thinking of writing something title 'why?'. It would consist of question often ask by students, young adult, old man, & other level of people. This came into my mind when i was thinking about question we human alway's ask. Student always ask question like 'why we have to study & sit for exam?' I have the philosophy in mind & understand who ever that has gone thru those examination days will know what it means to have a good education. But some other seems stuck in an illusion world. I would write it out so that those who have opportunity to read it would understand & see clearly of this life's. I don't know how long it would takes, but i will do it for long term. Believe it or not, i believe that everyone's of you has a question for your life. Let's make it easy for the future generation. I would agree for this term.
by glory @ jkwy


A nick name was a symbol given to people who has special remembrance or ability by others . I was not suprise when i get to know that i too had nick name at the school i am teaching. Well, last time i use to give nick name to those teacher i hates,,Now is my payback..anyway, i dun keep it in mind...haha...use to it..i got plenty of nick name..if i wana say it all, i dun know how long would it be...

Main Poster~!

part of the movies about brotherhood..

This movies is nice. U guys shud go & see it..cruel, brotherhood, war, funny, action,..& a lot of touching moments. My rate : 9/10

by glory @ jkwy

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

GOOD LUCK vS All the best ~!

I usually say 'All THE BEST' to my student during exam. But then, another teacher was wishing them 'GOOD LUCK'. I start to think of it... when has exam become a betting ground? Student GET good luck because they are betting with their answer instead of knowing it as a knowledge? weird as it's sound, but that was the facts. They either study well for it & try their best in their exam or just betting with their answer if they never study. Problem could also occur like memory lost, too nervous until forget everything that they had studies. SO in short, GOOD LUCK in YOUR exam + all the best ~!

ps: should created something better that combine this 2 short greeting. : )

by glory @ jkwy

Monday, October 04, 2004

live a day at a time...

~ We went thru the same activities everyday. But it was up to you to make a difference the day you live. ~
Today i made the day difference for my self. I screw my self up. I am thinking that i may be a lousy teacher with a soft hearted attitude. Helping the student in exam was something i can't imagine my self doing.(if the school know it, screw me up infront of the media. At least, i got publicity.haha...) Of course i don't give them answer directly, i just give them the idea to start the exam. It was the weaker class which almost all of them are not so good.(FYI, it was an essay.) So i start to do action...MAN IN ACTION~! ha ah..Some of them DARE to pass up a blank paper without writing anything. I encouraged them to write something so that their teacher have something to look at their papers. At the end of the papers, i collected it & feel regret at what i do. I have no idea...but being this terible is something i can't imagine. I know the consequence but i still want to help them. Let me be safe until end of this months# as the original teacher i replaced will be back on 28 of OCT. #(29 is my last day if everything goes smoothly. if not, i should be rooting at home earlier than expected.)# Anyway, since teaching at this school, i have created a lot of misunderstanding & hatred among the student's & teacher. I even troubled a teacher who is always at my side supporting me. I feel that there are a lot of things for me to learn before i actually step into this 'making a difference' profession. Life is not that easy. A friend say to me: NATO; No Action, Talk Only. I will make sure that i will not be a NATO.

ps: i hope that who ever that read upon this articles is a short term memory person & also a person who are clever to know how to be blind at this moment. Even when i write this stuff, i am thinking about ISA [Internal Security Acts], Headmaster, the school teacher, the student. Then i also think about GTO, my inspirational drama. Anyway, i will prepare a resignation letter if things goes wrong. I prefer to die as a hero than to be sacked ~! ha ha...
by glory @ jkwy

little thought i wana share~
As i was walking to a near by mamak to have my dinner, a police car stop by my side & ask me the direction to a address. I show them & off they go. I start to think that the police officer should be well know about this area since they need to patrol around here if things goes wrong. Why they are never trained to be familiarize in the area they are taking care off? I was quite mad but it was not this incidents that refresh my madness. This year my house was being ransacked. It was on a saturday morning around 11 am. It was the second time on the same day but nothing much have loss because most of the presious stuff has been stolen in the previous break ins. When i heard that my neighboor staying behind me call the police, I thought that they might be reaching as soon as possible. But to my horror, they couldn't find my house according to the address given. They only found it later on which all the thief have left the house. This was what i am frustrated. They are not familiar with the place & thus making their movement more slower. How can they manage to catch them? They really need to find a solution for this. I have no comment fot this. Let the HEAD OFFICER deal with it.
by glory @ jkwy

Sunday, October 03, 2004


lonely on the streets
alone in the room
feeling loneliness all this while
yet i have something to hold on
but i want to feel the reality
something that get me going
so that i wont get bore
is this life i am searching for...
how can i tell you
how i feel
i just want to share my passion;
my interest with you
longing for you was my deepest desire
i just hope that one day when you come into my life
i will be there to cherish you
when you are down
i just want to show you how much i care for you
if you say that you are not pretty
i would say that i am not arnold
but i would try to put some sponge to my shoulder
to make you happy
if love was all about looks
where should soul be?
my soul touch me to know you more
is there a way to get close for us
i would try & make it happen
let us not forget
GOD created MAN
but MAN was all alone
he felt lonely
so GOD created WOMAN
in order that both of them can bring cheer to each other
~ by glory @ jkwy ~

PS: this poem was started because i sense something in a friend of mine. So i start with it & the rest was my thought.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


running for my life
running for this life
running for the love
running for the future
I will run
nothing will interupt me
i will always be there for you
i will always run for the highest spot
i believe there are things that are waiting for me..
finish em'up & leave to others to continue the work..
i am a starter
i am firing up the world
like a true fighter,
i will fight till the ends of my life,
even i am down with no strength,
i will not give up for thy people,
they needs the spirit to keep on moving.
by glory @ jkwy
PS: still needs to edit for it was my raw post-up. have something in mind but havent spill it out..take care

New Police Story ~! ichiban~!

I think is been long time i haven't went to cinema. Today i went to MID VALLEY watching 'New Police Story' with my friends. Jackie Chan has not making much chinese movies for the years as he is concentrating on hollywood market. I thought that "N.P.S." will be another junk movie that jackie or well known as 'taiko' remake it. But to my suprise, the movie has a lot of new ideas coming out of it. It does not include action; it also has romantic, family relationship, young generation games & others factor that you have to see it for your self. 'Taiko' JC was one of my fav. actor along the year i grew up. Almost all his movies i have seen. I also wanted to recommend you guys 'JOHN Q'. It was one of the touching movies. Included in the list is 'RADIO'. Prepared tissues if you were to watch this 2 movies. Is very touching for me. Other movies that produce this year wasn't that attractive. I prefer MATRIX & LOTR. It will be a long time fav. LASTLY, watch movie to relax your self after a hard day work. Njoy your week end ~!
by glory @ jkwy

Friday, October 01, 2004

iF i ~ ~ ~

I wonder who created or founded the word "iF". It has been regularly use by people around the world. For the chinese, it was pronounced as 'ru guo'. "IF" was a question always pop up by people who regret, feel they have miss something in their life, found that they have no direction in life after so many years, recalling the things that they should have done & not done, recalling the yester-year, the memorable & the pains. All this involved in love, life, relationship, family, brotherhood, friendship, & many more. I wonder how can human actually not making a mistake & enjoy every moment that they have now. They must also awake of their surrounding so that they will not miss it. But it was not that simple. We often miss it with ease. When you encounter stuff that had over, please try not to use "if". Instead, try to put it in history. Use a sentence called "MOVING FORWARDS!". I find that quite a number of people still carried their burden along their life. Put it down & move forwards. I my self are putting things down & move forwards with my life. Challenge come along with our life. We gotta erase some stuff off & refill with new stuff. Thats part of life. It is also part of game. Are you ready for the challenge?
by glory @ jkwy