Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Greeting season!

Christmas Season IS around the corner! YUP, i am assure that it would be fun time again! This time around, my relatives from Sydney came back to join us! yEA! MISS both my niece. I watch them since their birth till now.

This year carolling was special. Not that last year wasn't. I usually don't blog about whats on in church. But i definitely wana blog about this one. Last sat N sun, we went carolling around KL & PJ. Around 30+ people join us and we had fun going houses to houses to sing carol. One special moment that i still remember is Derrick Wee remark; a 5 yr old kid who love to join the youth. As we were at the Nursing Home, we were praying for them after our caroller had finished singing. As when his father finished praying, he said loudly:
Daddy, you hit my ku-ku bird!

hahaha! Everyones who knows about it try to maintain their laugh~ actually while his father was putting him down, his hand accidently hit on the little bird. Kids are just so cute!

This christmas, i am going to make it special. I wana make up my time for those gang that i have not seen for ages. Those in KL wesley, after i went to PPP, i lost touch with them. I treasure my friend very much. Cause it's the roots of all relationship. They will open your eyes. Let you see the real world. GOD is indeed great for putting me with this bunch of people. Not forgetting the PPP youth, who use to tease and called me Uncle Jarod. Now before christmas, they gonna promote me: Grandpa Jarod~ haha! Also not forgetting my old pals that have been with me since our secondary school days. Kudos to you who had make this journey with me till now.

The Christmas season is not without the bad side. The weather are changing all the time. The media are blamming on thyphoon that blow to us. Well, what i wana say is: "STOP BLAMMING THE WEATHER! Why are you so un-responsible! Keep on burning forest, make GOD so un-happy with it!" Now with the SOUTHEN Malaysia is flooded, the other states got heavy rain every day. (I save on electricity when the days are chilling!) haha! Just pray that GOD will clear the day on the 25th.

Every year has a different stories. This year i was joined by a special person in my heart. Nevetherless, knowing that some one will accompany you is great! I just wana say that the room of my heart has been filled and there's only one place! And for the person who are reading this, I just wana say:

Love is patient and kind;
It is not jealous or conceited or proud;
Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;
Love does not keep a record of wrongs;
Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up;
& its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Well, to all of you there, may this season be a great season for you. Christmas is a time to be with your family. A reunion, a celebration and also a birthday for our Savious, Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 15, 2006

fight club

The below conversation may NOT be applicable to anyone that i know. Is just an imagination conversation that i created! It may be anyone, because as human being, we are KIND HEARTED and good to our pals.

A:HEY, How are you?
ME: FINE! :P (honestly, i am not!)

A: How things going for you?
ME: So far so moderate.. .(I cant say good nor bad. SO in between this two, it must be moderate...)

A: How come?
ME: (by this period i start to mumbles.. You want to take over of me? Well, i certainly be happy if u wana take over my identity...) life got up and down lah ....

A: what happen....
ME: how can i ever explain the technical part?

A: You know how i worry about you?
ME: why u worry... (no nd to worry...)

A: I care for u know [like singaporean kiasu-ism way of telling]...
ME: yaya...(you better care for your self la...)


You know, this life is making me insane with the people that pour out question rather than solution that they could provide. Yet there are some who does so...question and question...but some how, there are people who provide me with solution. I thank them for their effort.

Its getting way out of my hand now a days. I am like fighting the books, my self and the forces of nature that come my way. I hope that i will not destruct my self and went into the "Happy Hopspital" like some nerds do. My way o my way...

I guess some of us don't really know who they are. They are seeking their identity. While for me, i have know who i am. I know that by saying this, some may object to what i say, but the facts is that I have FOUND WHO I AM! Am i being arrogant? ego-static?

Well, for some reason, some close friend of mine still seeking their identity even thou they are elder than i am. But true to the way we live, some do find their real usage in this world rather late than other does. Is a matter of time and experience that you encounter that you will know your self. It also include a way which you may try. However, if you think you could do it your self, go ahead and try. You can also ask help from a mentor.

If not, you may take an option to ask me for help. I don't want to be a person that help you and you don't appreciate and listen to what i may say... even i am young, but i have known the way to open up people mind to see the real YOU! Let me give you a warning! Facts HURT, BUT it's good for YOU! When you are willing to go extra mile, be prepare to be hurt to grow up!

I am fortunate that GOD has show me who am i when i ask for it quite some time ago. Now, all i need is just with the right timing, right people, i may even make an impact with it to help those people who need to see who they really are. This is all the stuff that had been crossing in my mind for some time. I really fed up with people who could not see beyond!

My dear friends, open up your mind and see what lies before you. Humble your self! No matter who they are, be they young, in-experience, or elder that are filled with experience, LISTEN to them! Because i believed that that the people amongst us, they are our LIves TEACHER! Go ahead and open your mind!

PS: i felt like i am speaking before a thousand crowds in a large hall like Bukit Jalil indoor stadium or any halls. Day dream is always a good satisfaction!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

foolish monkeys...

monkey is really a troublesome gang! I just blog about monkey for the previous it come today. While i was trying to concentrate on my homework, a younger monkey was infront of me, looking up at me and also my bag. I wonder what it want. So, i ignore her (i saw so many nipple!) i try to continue, i noticed that that fella actually wants my yellow badge on my bag! Darn it! thats my precioussssss....

As she try to grab it, i try to shoo her away with my pencil box...wah sai, after a few times she still there and not moving any step backwards! As many people are looking at me with the monkeys, i just stood up and try to shoo her away! YEt, she scream at ME! poi! U r the one that are disturbing me eh! I am sick U know! SO, i doesn't wana fight with them. I decided to go away. But before i go away, the elder big size monkey came. Darn, this one is big. And just to let u know, i am just a metre away from it. GOSH! Monkey are troublesome!

The next time i see them again, i will just grab my bag and cabut!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

3 monkeys play a fool...

How to test a girl whether they have gone thru the societies? easy! 3 monkeys tested a girl last week while going for a trip. They may tackle her for a while, then asking all the nonsense, and at last, asked for her name. Finally, they concluded that she is polite and a good good girl.

Before this, they went to ate at a fish monger village. They also saw a young lady there. As usual, they just bring out all the stuff and test her. YUP, they found the wrong fish. She has experience in handling "GOLDFISH UNCLE" with her words. Excellent! They praise her for that great feedback.

In this society, human beings really need to know how to handle people. If not, people on earth may as well fail to get past the barrier towards a challenging life ahead of them.

During the trip to Uncle Lim (only some may know) place, they stop by at an isolated place. When they reached, there are alot of cleaning up to do. "I figure it out that 3 male monkey are quite well in it." But overall, they lack of "womanities" to help them. Yea, woman indeed play a role in our life. Like our mom, she always use her warmness to cool us down, give us advice, spanking our backside when we are wrong, prepared dinner for us, & much more that they had contributed to us.

There is also a mandarin wisdom sentence that goes like this: Behind every succesful man lies a great woman who help him get back on the track. WOW! Agree?

life is indeed great! GUYS, treasure the woman behind U! :P