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Monday, December 10, 2007

The arts of Experiencing God

I am back! Back from YLDP @ KKB. This time around, it reminds me of Prayer Conference in Penang that are being held early this year. You may wonder how come... It's because of the holy spirit that worked in me.

Before i went to YLDP, i actually watched a video on youtube where a pastor pray for people to be fill with holy spirit. When the pastor start praying for the people, they were filled with holy spirit and are weak to stand on their feet. In a while, they fall & lie on the floor. As i watched it, my first impression is that it may be a bit of exaggerate by people who upload the video.

However, what i see may not compare to the experience that i had.

I have the privilege to witness the reality of what that is showed in the video. For the first 3 days of the camp, i have witness something that i had not seen/experience personally in my whole life.

For the first 2 night, pastor daniel singh prayed for the participants. We as helper were there to support him and i must say that we are short of hand when the holy spirit start working amongst us. I was stunned when he just put his hand a few cm before the participant forehead and followed by placing his hand on the stomach/hand. What he say was "CHANGE" for a few time and the holy spirit is like passing from his hand to the people who were being pray for. I was really amazed by this and the vision still clear in my mind. The end of the first night really shock me up and i find GOD so Close to us! I am sweating like never before!

The second night follow as how the first night was. I am more prepared for it. We also see more people coming forward to take up the challenge to get close to GOD.

The third night pastor requested to pray for the helper. In my mind, my thought is that i am a man, it wont be any easy for me to fall off/being control by the holy spirit from my own strength. There are many people who had pray for me, but none has done it before. How can it happen on that day? How can the holy spirit work that day? How wrong i am!!! I have this ego that i need to stripped it OFF! God has showed me that he is the greatest among all!

When pastor prayed for the rest of the people, i still doubt about it. When he stand in front and prayed for me, i lost my strength and GOD's Holy Spirit filled me!!!!!!! I am weak and GOD use His people to bring me down on the floor & reconnect with Him again. I felt that there is a heavy weight on me & i couldn't move both my hand! At last, i surrender all my life unto Him. I asked for His forgiveness. He showed me vision that are just too much to contain in my lives. This is a day that i will remember and i will not drift away from GOD. This is also a day i remember for His greatness!

Friends , God is in charge of everything. I am a man, BUT GOD IS GOD! His love is the greatest of all!

I hope that this testimonies will change your life.

I am going into Unisel this wednesday. Please pray for me that everything will be smooth. May the LORD bless you!