Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Let the battle begins~

The battle ground is ready for both side. There were chaos over the street as the sky brighthen up. It doesn't look bright but grey-ish filled with dust.

Time 0557; no one was aware that it was early in the morning. As i stood up on top of my sofa hiding behind the curtain, i can see a blurred vision of 2 storeys high figure walking past my house. Some just measure a mere one-storey high. There were marching towards the battle ground.

Before-hand, i noticed that the power station next to my house was destroyed by the enemy. It engulted in flames and the neighbourhood was in darkness. I heard the cries of babies as they may be enduring the heat without electricities. I suppose even if i don't pay the bill nor will the Electric man bombared the power staion just for a small matter.

No, indeed the nation is in dangers. I wonder whether the National Defence Ministry are doing anything about it or else we might dig our own underground hideout.

As the wind blew away some of the dust, it soon clear to me of the figure that walk past my house. It was ULTRAMAN!

Never can i imagine that ULTRAMAN are here to save us. Now, without NDM, it is fine. But the greatest thing is, ULTRAMAN bring along all his friends and family to help us. Our enemy was Hollow-man. He has accidently eaten the pills to grow taller. Transperency as he is, now he is huge to fight off....

Transmission cut off......

The above stories was derived from my dream this morning. They may have been edited by me but the scenario is just the same as the dream.

nice huh? or a shock and a waste of time?
ANyway, i am done with my battle. The last day of exam wasn't really good at all. Not doing well if i compare among the other papers.

This few weeks of preparation for battle was full of up and down. 1st, it would be the passing away of my long-distance relative. She is 83 yrs old, great grand-daughter of former KL Kapitan, Yap Ah Loy.

Secondly, i am facing a challenge for my future. My parents are concern of how it will turn out to be. So do i. I am waiting for that moment to come. I am so desperate to get that cert in order that i may close this chapter and begin a new ones. But it seems wont close for me! I am so fed up! But i believe that GOD has a plan for each and everyone of us.

This few month also change me in alot of ways. I start to see things differently and act accordingly. I may not be chatty or straight to the point. I prefer to remain silent and continue with the situation. I realize we are not superman. We can't do everything. If i try to do it my way, i am assure it will failed. PEOPLE are not perfect at all. They made mistakes. Thats why its hard for me to rely 100% on people. For some people, i can rely on them as the relationship build up for some period and i will be able to know the flaws. Each of us are uniquely created by GOD. And so, it is flaws that i have to learn to accept. Even i have flaws OK?!

OK, now back to ugly facet of Malaysian! Since now is Visit Malaysia 2007, i would like to contribute some ugly facts about US!

Just few weeks back, i was sitting infront of a couple inside the LRT. As they talk & half way there, the girl are pinching the guys pimples! Oh suay! And she put those toxic pimples on the guy hand. EH, come on! DO u know whats called hygienic? PLease not in front of me! And its not once, but alot of time! O man! There goes our sweet image. Both of you should do it at home!

The other time involved a couple with a new born baby. yea, the baby was cute. And then, the baby cry...oohh...i guess its time to feed em some milk! yeap, guess what? The mother feed em on the SPOT! Oh suay! Why cant you just go down from the nearest station and feed your baby. That time was peak period and many people are going home. So many people are watching you feeding the baby.Is not that i object mother giving breast-milk to baby, but please do it in a private place.I just can't stand it. I hurried go to the other side of the train and face other side of the windows. As long as it wont reflect and let me see this, i am happy.

Now, if you are travelling along the Kelana Jaya Line (formerly known as Putra), as you stop at Central Market (Pasar Seni) Station, Do have a good look. You will see a wall that are full of painting. Facing the LRT, along the river bank. It had some peace messages, unwanted sign, skeleton and some icon. This is not a professional work, Its lame artist work. If ya wana draw, draw it nicely please. Before this, near the Kelana Jaya station also have this kind of painting. But after a few days, the authorities had it painted in white. GOOD JOB!

VM2007, whats so special? Well, all i can say its more flood, more heat, less water, more trouble, more accident, more toll, more rudeness, more people rushing to do last min-stuff. This is Malaysia! Oh by the way, i must not forget that malaysia food stalls are open 24hour (selected stores) or all day long till 2-3 am.

FYI, if you would like to visit KL, you can purchase a one day ticket from major outlet (Lrt station or bus station) that Carry "Rapid KL" name. It cost MYR 7 (~USD 2) for one whole day before 11.59pm that day itself. Usable only on busses and LRT that have the "rapidKL" tag/sticker.

The best transportation that connect all states in MALAYSIA for VM2007? AIR-ASIA! I must admit that i am a fans of AA CEO TONY FERNANDEZ & his no-frills airline AirAsia. Without doubt, he has show the world what he can do with limited resources. A humble beginning it was, now it was the talk of the town when ever anyone wants to fly like a bird. Malaysian being cheapskate as they are, AA was their best choice as other's airline wont be able to compete with AA.

I believed that he has use a great way to work out in AA system. It was the open system that he use to connect all level of people into the same level. No matter who you are, he accepts your opinion and work on it. HE managed to cut cost, bring the cost of flight cheaper and affortable all walks of life.

He is humble, willingly listen to people and take their advice. This has prompted AA to rub OFF their debt of few Million Ringgit. The most interesting facts is that he bought over AA for MYR 1 only!

He is expanding it now and soon we will be able to travel to further destination with a low cost carrier.

I can't remember when i start to noticed him. But as i hook to it, i just can't take it off me. I always anticipates news about him to appear in newspaper or any media. I have the thought of interviewing him and publish a book about him. But i can't say anything now...Malaysian who want to success in business may emulates the styles that he had lay out for AA. But of course, not all the people can do it.

So long as AA and Dato.Tony F'dez are still around, i will be on the look out for their information.


In the evening, i was looking for some stuff that my mom are asking for. I found out that i have lot's of so called "antic". YEa, memorable and fragile. Those A+ that i got for my ugly artwork, those 3 yr old kids writing. OWH! I am now all grown up! Being grown up is not easy. For me, i still have a long journey to go. More to learn.

Sometimes, i wonder what i should do that suits me the best. But i believe that GOD has a plan for me.

I still remember the poem "The road not taken". I really like this poem as i would like to be the person who choose the road not taken by many. Not easy and it would be tough. Once i choose it, i should not regret but enjoy it to the fullest.

Oh ya! Not to forget, CNY is around the corner. But before that, the "V" is coming soon. One of my friend darringly stating it as a 'syndrom'. :P Guys on earth who have a partner will surely be worrying what to do on that day to show their love to their loves one. I must admit that i too feel the presence of it. Well, GUYS, show your manhood!

Long enough to dried you up? After weeks of nerding the book/notes, i have to blast it out!!! :P