Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

few more days left... : @

Looks like the day's are cathing up. I still have 7 days left to attend classes before the January exam. But of course there are some study leave for me to study. I am hoping for the best in this sem. I am not that nervous or feeling down. I just have the feeling of wanted to do my best and finish em up. Do pray for me. My exam start on 25th Jan and finish on 9th Feb. I have a lot of things to blast out. But i don't think i wana do now. Wana save my energy on my studies. For now, my blog will rest till my exam over. (I don't think i wil have time and mood for the blog.) Till then, take care everyone! God Bless!

Monday, January 01, 2007

HaPPy 7002~!

ho ho ho... Happy New Y-ear~~! YUPS, another year passed us by, i wonder what each of us has gone thru the year 2006. Do i really need to do some evaluation? I suppose not much that i wana say. Is just that i might add that there will be changes for me this new year. haha! Every year also got changes la...big or small..thats all...but my pimple face wont change much! hehe..

This year i spent with my family. Just not with fireworks, hot weather, and noisy place. I am not going for that. I know a few of my friend also choose to be quiet down and relax their BLAIN than choosing to be in microwave situation. Love not the atmosphere... When u reach home, it wore u out and u will be lying on the bed for the next 10 hours.

My mom choose to take a long sleep after sometimes she has not taken a good sleep due to cough. That would only happen if my dad wont wake her up tomorrow morning. haha! Oh well...

About me, i am waiting...for something to happen!

AND lastly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your year be bless by GOD and hope you will have a great year ahead!