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Saturday, July 30, 2005

missing u

once in a blue moon, i will miss some ones

just wana dedicates this few verse to a fren:

Right in front of my computer
Looking at the list on MSN
I was looking for your usual nick to appear

When i see it, my heart is pumping real fast
nothin compare to knowing you are there
chatting away happily

sometimes, when i think about you
i feel so happy even i havent gotten my dinner
once in a blue moon,
i find my self remembering you
nothing compare to the smile that you gave me

smile, girl, for you cheer me up!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

SO near yet SO far

life was so challenging! I learn to appreciate it more thru events that will treasure in my heart for some time. I went to visit a centre @ Taman Megah for Down Syndrome people. It was really sad seeing those people there. Words can't really express it...

The picture above was taken inside the centre where this few kids lay down on the floor.

This people never really had a good day. Our visitation had give them joy. What a simple thing we do yet they are overjoyed to see us.

This kid had BIG head & small body. Guess what? He is just only 16 months old. Hydrocephalus is the sickness that caused him that way. It was water that stuck inside his head. Doctor also stated that he doesn't had brain. According to the worker there, they said that he had reaction towards people. MAN, how sad when i see this boy .... It really sadden me. Life has never been the same when i see them. I have everything that a normal human has. I am really fortunate for everything. Lives has never been the same....

Working with children really equip me with more knowledge in handling them. I also learn a lot about my self. Being a father like figure is not easy. The kids are taking you as their father in kindergarden & you really had to show good examples. Is never easy as i am not a good figure. I am taking it up step by step. GOD was good to me that he give me strength & wisdom to overcome all this obstacles. thank you!

oh ya, i got my self a digital camera. Canon s40 . Uncle gave it to me & i use it alot. haha.. YOU WILL SEE MORE picture in the future...

latest me?


bed d lor...sleepy liao!

Take care & god bless YOU!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

sensei is surely4me

MIA for some time...feel good sitting down & start my story telling. My uncle & aunt from Aussie came back. I was their driver for a few days & bring them to shop around PJ & KL. Beside them, my cousin also join them to have a holiday here. It was really good time to be with them. I was really tired & didn't have enough sleep for the past week. Always late for work & really feel that this isn't a good character of mine. I made the vows that i must leave home at certain time in order that i will reach working place in time. Well, breakfast might have to forgo it. I might have to sleep early man...
Well, teaching children is quite fun. But it didn't really satisfy my satisfaction in teaching them. I dun feel great... perhaps it's because of a one-way interaction in between us. NOT as in i am not happy. I feel happy teaching kids, just that the level isn't that suitable for me. But some how, looking at kids really enjoying for me as they r cute little boy & gal that laugh with joy without much thing bothering them.
Education link is surely for me.
If you wana be my student, is easy. If you ever call me a Teacher, You will always be my student.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Pic & wish list

This are some of the picture taken in MAY. I have nvr upload it & now i just wana share with u guys. It was a wedding that held in my church. Of course not my wedding, but my MYF counselor wedding.
Like Initial D too much but not jay CHOU.

Upclose of me >>

wish & to do list on my 21 years old?

hehe... here it goes:

  1. Sit aeroplane- Nvr sit b4. Like tarzan staying in jungle only.. :)
  2. Go Genting to chill out!
  3. Be a beach boy @ any island that have nice beaches & clear blue sea.
  4. Have a life partner? Well, for this ones, i will let GOD arrange it. I can't do anything with it. May be the time hasn't come yet? GOD knows.
  5. Create a "Youth Development" system to caters for future children.
  6. Complete my Diploma cert & continue my 1 year plan to enter Teaching Training college.
  7. Learn Drumming.. on the process.
  8. More handsome... not by make up, but natural beauty & good health.
  9. MOre will come as i think of it.....2 b continue.

Up NEXT> Fatherhood.

see ya..