Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

English can be interesting...

As I was doing my home work, this particular sentence caught my attention.

Young man, your life can't be much fun if you never take risks.
You ought to try it.
You never know - you might enjoy it.

Shall we?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Meet me tomorrow at 1Utama

Folks, Meet me tomorrow at 1 Utama as I will there for the Movie Carnival.

Venue: 0val, 1 Utama (New Wing) Lower Ground Floor.

Time: 1pm Onward.

Who will be there? Starship Trooper,
Snowtrooper Commander and those Star Wars Characters will be there to entertain you. If you are a huge fans of Star Wars, come and join us.

We'll be there until Sunday. Come!
Freebies will be given away! Game and interesting character will be parading there. Come together with all your friends and family!

Interesting Abbreviation

Out of boredom, I was looking through my dictionary to know what does the Abbreviation that I usually read upon. Below are just few of it:

e.g. = exempli gratia (From Latin, means for example.)

etc = et cet·er·a (From Latin, means and others, and so on.) Pronounce as [et set-er-uh]

id est (From Latin, means that is, in other word.) [Origin: id est]

Taken from

However, I'm more interested in politics abbreviations. This has been flowing in my mind for a certain period.

BN-Boh Now=Means brainless in hokkien by 9pek9bo

There are more. But I can't think of it at this moment...Share with me. I love it. TC

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you love us?

I gave some thought on this love matter which involves all Malaysian. Does the Government still love us? I read a comment from a reader in which Haris replied from his blog and said "Come home. You are loved" .

Honestly, I'm touched by this statement.

Are we given love & care in this country? Does the Government put us first in their daily life? What is in their mind? Making more money from us? Filled their stomach with more precious food and refilling their purse with more cash?

Sorry, I don't FELT the LOVE you gave us!

If you do love us, you should have provided us with more benefits and concerns, and not allowing the corrupted people to continues making money out of the suffering peoples.

All I heard and see is how tall is our building, how awesome is this and that, how successful is this particular area etc etc...

How does the Malaysia"N" people think?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mourning for victims of Natural Disaster

I humble down to the nature,
For their Strength and might.

I cried for the pain the peoples endured,
YOU have to be strong to face tomorrow.

China citizen, May God be with YOU! Be strong to face tomorrow as life still a long way to GO!

Myanmar, May GOD be with You as you strive on for survival! The helps is on the way. Hang ON!

To the kids who had lost your parents('s), Be brave, Embrace for a better tomorrow!

To those teacher who had lost their lives while saving the students, I salute you for being selfless and brave!

To the people who had donated without hesitation, I salute you for being generous.

Finally, I just want to lit this candle to remember the victims. There are still light in the midst of darkness. Take care!

I'm damn KNN

Singapore gained the rights over Batu Puteh Island. Middle Rocks belongs to Malaysia. Check out Malaysiakini for more info.

What's my opinion? Perhaps, It is better for Singapore to manage that tiny island rather than giving it to Malaysia. I am still disappointed with the way our minister dealing with the current government. I don't see the point of having another Island if we can't manage a country well at the moment. Am I giving the Kiasu Singaporean a favor? Perhaps yes, I like Singapore. The way they run it is much better; even though there are some loopholes, but they are much better.


Another matter popped up. Dunno which Banana KNN Islamic group said that the current secondary school Malay's girl uniform are too sexy for our eyes sight!? What? Your eyes got problem or your imagination running wild after a tablet of Viagra? MIC* wan ah?

Please! For the education or for your own sake, you got nothing to criticize is it? That uniform cover all body and does not even showed Sexiness! I wonder how come I don't fantasy of them when they are wearing it. I see the girls wear it every day while I was in Secondary school. Yet I don't seems to be attracted to them... Sei lo...I got problem, Cause I Cannot STEAM when I see them! Cause I don't see the sexiness!!!! KNN!

Must they wear that Uniform to make me steam? KNN!

Unless if it is raining and they are soak with raining water, else I don't find any sexiness in it. (Rain water causes the uniform to stick to the skin, thus I believed that will cause some sexiness.) Bugger, cover every part eh!!!!!

This will lure man to rape them and also cause Pre-marital Sex!? WAh liao... Come on lah, we know its GUY/Men Fault. They lack self control. I'm a man, I know there are temptation. Aren't you suppose to have motivation talk to the GUY and TEACH them how to be aware and take preventive measure? Not to blame all on women on how they should behave them selves. KNN! I wonder do they think about this matter before bringing this out? Senseless without any support!

This reminds me of my visit to Thailand. The college girls uniform is sexy enough that I don't think Malaysian are able to take it. Black colour knee length skirt, and White colour cloth. Some girls wore it above knee length for the skirt. Mostly do. Man, that's what I call sexy to which I really Pay Attention while I walk around touring Thailand. At one point I was thinking: I don't wanna leave this land of Sexy Girls! hahaha...

Friends, Malaysia is like kids. Haven't grow up. Singapore are more modernize, with sexy girls around the corner. I think Singaporean is almost like Thailand. Girls know how to make up and be pretty on the streets. Thai girl dislike people who are messy. They like smart looking people. That's what I was told :)

GIRLS, Be yourself. Do some touch up but not too much. Malaysian men, Behave a bit lah...

*MIC-Made In China

Friday, May 16, 2008

Indonesian lost tamely to Korean

Thomas Cup 2008 updates.

Indonesia lost 3-0 to Korean in the other semi-final. Worst than Malaysia. Malaysia lost 3-2 to China. At least I still can put my head up high and say they had fight a good games. To Indon, may your noisy fans don't take it into heart. Is Just a game. Somehow, losing in front of home fans is much more heartache. Olympic is coming. Malaysia still got chance :)

Kek Sim la.....

Thomas Cup fly away d...

Malaysia lost to China. Disappointed, but it was a heart stomping match for the Second double who played in fast pace. The KKK & TBH partnership shall be scrap away instead and KKK should partner CTF. According to the media, KKK+CTF won in half an hour against the Japanese. So, Rexy should instead take that risky move and give China a run for their campaign. All this ideas cannot be realize and no matter how i comment, its still useless. There are so many Malaysian feeling down at this moment.

Malaysian single also need to buck up. Old folks, time to give way for new blood.

Revenge in Olympic!

KKK=Koo Kien Kiet
CTF=Choong Tan Fook
TBH=Tan Boon Heong

Ps: This is may 400th post. Enjoy!

Jgn Main Main dgn edukasi (Don't play play with education )

Janganlah main main dengan edukasi ( edukasi=Direct Translation-No such word in BM. It's pendidikan) Kerana ia amat penting bagi seseorang pelajar. Lihatlah, sekarang menteri menteri kita ni tengok banyak orang yang tak dapat ikut pelajaran yang diajar dalam bahasa ENGLISH {on purpose} , dia pula ingin nak tukar ia balik ke bahasa asal, iaitu Bahasa Melayu. Jgnlah buat macem tu! Dia orang baru belajar 1-2 tahun aje. Kau ingat senang ke nak menyesuaikan diri? LT!

Kau pun minum susu selama 3-4 tahun la..bagilah peluang! Lagipun, apa ia kena mengena dengan orang kaya dan miskin? Ape orang bandar lebih sokong kepada penggunaan Inggeris kerana dia orang lebih kaya? Pendidikan tidak kena mengena dengan orang yang kaya atau orang miskin!!!! Saya pernah tengok orang yang tinggal dekat bandar langsung tidak pandai dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Jadi, ape penjelasan anda?

Saya rasa ia adalah keazaman seseorang itu yang menjadi soalan. Adakah pelajar-pelajar itu menberi perhatian dalam pembelajaran? Atau mereka hanya tidak ingin belajar? Ataupun guru-guru itu sendiri yang tidak dapat menjelaskan mata-pelajaran itu dengan lebih mudah difahami oleh pelajar sehingga dia orang hilang minat? Aku tidak menyalahkan guru, tetapi hanya bertanyakan apakah masalah yang mungkin timbul. Aku seorang yang hormat kepada guru, kerana tanpa guru, apalah kita? Lagipun, aku akan menjadi seorang guru di masa hadapan. Aku sebagai seorang guru pun akan memberi yang terbaik bagi murid-murid yang diajar saya.

Menteri pendidikan, sila beri perhatian dan perancangan yang teliti demi masa depan pelajar-pelajar ni. Lain hari bila dia orang habis belajar kat sekolah menengah, pelajar itu harus memaksa sendiri untuk belajar mata pelajaran tertentu dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Jadi, kenapa tidak mula sekarang supaya bila ia sampai di tahap yang lebih tinggi, dia dapat menyesuaikan sendiri?

Fikirlah demi masa depan anak-anak kita!
Berjuanglah demi anak-anak generasi yang akan datang.

PS: Please support the teaching for maths and science in English!
Ps2:This is my first post in BM. Hope its not too bad. Any spelling error is intended, except grammar usage.

*LT=Bahasa Kasar, Jgn tanya saya!

MSN killing me

PLZ messenger...why have you betrayed me?

I have been a loyal user for years, yet your messenger let me down. I am totally irritated. More over, so many company clamped you down due to your popularity. I shall join the people who boycott you. So, if I boycott you, how do I communicate?

Well, I got to STICK to you for the moment while I experiment alternatives method of CHAT. Online watching movie~!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No rice, eat potato?

The MSM reported that the Minister asked us to replace Rice with Potato. I can't imagine the day without Rice as Rice was my daily requirement. Let us blast to the past where during war period, people have to sustain their life with Potato. So, in a desperation moves, we HAVE to if we are desperate to survive.

It is still not that expensive as we compared with other country. (This is what Malaysia Government always like to do, Compare with other country. COCONUT!) Well, we still have noodles, & we still have bread. Won't die at the moment. Just make your purse hole a lil bigger.

In conclusion, Eat while you still can afford. Else, Eat any edible food :p
Petrol also hike? Petrol selling at USD 126 Per barrel in US. So, why our petrol price haven't gone up? Simple! Government are consoling peoples heart and maintaining the price at the moment. They are afraid that people will not choose over the BANANA once they hike it. You can try :) !
Well, if there are insufficient petrol, you can use Palm Oil, else use YOUR NOSE OIL....muahahahah..... Have a joyful day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm excited!

Hey, the media stated that there could be few BN representative jumping SHIP to PA. I wonder when it will be. I'm awaiting for it to happen.

To those who is with the PA and not the BANANA Gov, we shall celebrate when this happen.

Friends, Please wait for the latest updates and we shall have peace soon.

Christian, Please Pray that GOD will move them over.

Politician, Please be patient and continue to SHOOT those bugger who have no brain.

My parents, thank you for giving birth to me that I am able to witness this historic GE 08 and the coming big waves.

Life is interesting, Don't you agree?

Where do you keep your Hand phone normally?

A friend send this article to my email. Just want to share it with you. It concerned me.
This morning I heard a true and sad story from a colleague of mine. She told me one of her friends is always having miscarriages. When the baby gets to be 2-3 months old she loses it. This happened several times over. The couple went to check with many doctors and at last one of the doctors examined the dead baby and found that the baby's body cells kept dying as the baby was growing in the womb until he/she could not survive. This was because her uterus was affected by HANDPHONE RADIATION. The doctor told her she now has no chance to give birth to a healthy baby because the radiationhas affected her uterus so that the major portion of the cells in her uterus have already died. This happened because she has been keeping her hand phone in her working jacket so that the phone rested against just the right s! pot for the uterus. She had been wearing it like this for a few years. Please beware of this and take note if you don't want what hashappened to this woman to happen to you.

Dearest family members,
Please do not ignore hand phone radiation which will damage our health or body organs. Please put away your hand phone when ever you don't need it much .

Guys,Please do not keep your hand phone near to the kidney position and pants pocket as this will damage your genital area and affect your ability to become a father.

The other doctor also advised another friend to keep her hand phone away from her new born baby to avoid radiation damage to the baby's brain cells. Do not let the baby or toddler play with the hand phone for a long time. This is because the small young baby or toddler is still very fragile and growing, so he/she is much more vulnerable to radiation damage.

Please remember not to sleep together with your handphone or put it next to your bed. Keep any other electronic goods (such as tvs) which also give off radiation away from your bedroom to reduce risk as we have to sleep a few hours every day in our bedroom at night. Further, do not imagine that if you switch off the TV there will be no radiation. Actually it is stillaround in your room. It is not advisable to have even a small digital alarm clock close to your head while sleeping.

Take Care of yourself and your loved ones.
Thank you

Post Note: I know how it felt of losing someone unborn. I'm suppose to have a bro/sis. Due to my mother body who is not strong enough, she can't give birth. I'm sad at that time and do argue about it. I had realize that it was not good to argue with her as I believed that she is also trying hard to get me a companion. I shared my story with my church member and giving my highest respect to all the mother. Dear Friends, Take good care of your self. BOYCOTT handphone in your pocket lah...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother Day!

This day is a great day for us to remember how much our mom has sacrifice for us. I wish all the mother around the world A Happy Mother Day!

For your effort
For your patience
For your LOVE
It is all written in your action

Thank you for everything!

Ps: I have the opportunity to share my thought on how my mother had work on our relationship during church service. Indeed, I did it again. My stories made mother cry. (Or i should say i can easily made a person cry by the way I talk, not scolding :o) gave mom a bottle of Korean Wine for good health and a hand lace.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogger a national toxic

Blogger had become so "useful" or "The next best thing on earth" that majority of the politicians own it. Before we were being rated as monkey, we were one unknown folks that happily typed what we felt on the the issues that concerned us. Since GE08, we have been rated as monkey and now a days I felt like I am blogging more sadly. Perhaps it also gave me a cause to blog about what is happening over Malaysia, my beloved country. Now, we were like birds being jail up, being watch by CCTV, being mark down for fear of bringing national threats. Blogger, shall we change our identity? Can we blog more happily? Or i shall just continue to be a 3 year old kid and be childish?

Reader, I am somewhat disappointed by what is happening around me. This morning i almost shed my tears for a clip that show the FRU harming the innocent citizen. Watch the video and tell me how you felt. Sad :(

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who am i? Politician or Activist?

After March 8th, I found my self more expressive about the development of my own country. I'm no longer curious about movies or drama series running on TV. I'm more curious on the Parliament proceedings and the outcome of it.

Which one you think I am after reading so many posting that I have posted up here?

Not only me. My parents are more concern on what is happening. People surrounding me are talking about how the Parliament has been going on. I used to HATE politic because I know its dirty. However, as I go deeper into it; I realized that politic happened because some people go into it to make him/her self fame or gain some benefit from it. While some people do it because he or she had had enough and want to voice out how the citizen felt in their heart. Dirty? I don't think its dirty anymore. Some part of it you can call it as cheating. Otherwise, name it as Strategy!

Do you know that The ENGLISH and The Chinese have a chess set that resembles a war? Well, Politic is just like the way it should be in a chess competition. Firstly, use/moves your soldier. Sacrifice it if it is necessary. (That's what they called as Kambing Hitam!) Then you may use your other warrior to fight the bigger army. (That's diperalatkan!) Of course, you must plan your game well. Set a trap and allows the enemy to set foot on your trap. BINGO!

Internet had played its role by providing huge base of information. People can read it once it was updated. Just like the RPK case, I've been following it quite close as it involves blogger. I am a blogger. I want to see how the judge deal with it.

As a citizen who loves this country very much, I want to see some improvement.

So, Who am I?

*Sorry taiko Jackie Chan, Borrowed your Movie title!*

Wives of "moving", i wanna teach you some English

Check on this photo! All this sentence prove that this is an english phrases as used by YB Lim Guan Eng! He does not insult the women in Gerakan! Did you know what he meant? I put together with this result in picture form so you can see how it was being used!

Come on, don't be like a child who argue when it involves small matter. In this case, it was not even a matter. That is why LGE does not want to have a meeting with you. Unless it involves a matter that need his urgent attention, I believed he will have a meeting with you. I believed he respect WOMEN! If not, he wont defend for the malay girl who was "innocently" rape by the then minister. (I don't know who is innocent at this point! You decide!) Shame on you. Keep quiet and understand the usage of ENGLISH! (I don't want to be a person who sounds like a hypocrite. Just to Blast you off! I am still learning English!) I believed his time in JAIL has make him improve his English. Mind you, learning English is not easy.

I'm a student learning English as well. I know how hard it is. (BTW, In response to andrew comment, I am currently pursuing TESL Foundation.) I also wonder how does an Oxford student does not know what senior LKS is talking about the matter concerning RPK. Hey, waste money in Oxford for what? Filming exotic moves ah?

So, Like what LKS said, Please prepare your self before going into Parliament! I am checking out when i should go to Parliament. As they say: A person who had not been to a PARLIAMENT proceeding does not know how a Malaysia Politic works. Sadly, my next term will start next week! Will see...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

1st LGE, Now RPK! wth

It was really a sad day for Malaysian as RPK was jailed for his article. He will be on trial in the month of October. Previously, YB Lim Guan Eng , who were trying to get justice for a malay girl was put into ISA. Now RPK was in jailed because he want to bring justice to the Mongolian girl who was murdered in 2006. Both fight for justice and denied it.

Now, the similarity is that both fight for justice, both fight for female and yet both of them will be remember well by the Malaysian for their great act. Where is the freedom of speech? RPK is just voicing out his concern and demanding an end to this matter.

Form what i can see, it's his pure unconditional love for the victim that he had acted upon this matter. He is frustrated, so do I! I too want the JUSTICE being done to the person who had killed the Mongolian girl. May the person who had done this cruel killings be sentence to death and the indirect people link to this matter be rotted in HELL.

It is not right for a Christian to condemn such a person. It is not my duty or rights to judge what the person had acted. However, I'm really frustrated and have no where to express my self. Ever since the March 8 election, I started to see some bright future for Malaysia. Now, I think we need to aim much more higher! That's for the PA to topple over the current BaNana who had been ruling in such a bad manner and controlling the whole thing. They too tried to cover so many things and claimed that it was a secret act or stated that its for the good of the public. What the heck!? You think Malaysian is 3 -4 yr old kids? WHO IS STILL SUCKING THE PACIFIER? Shame on U!

An Oxford that does not talk like an OXFORD does.(Talk more like OX!) A MP that does not think for the Public. I don't need all this people! People, its time to change everything! I don't want to wait till 2013! I want it NOW!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

M'sia Gov wake up lah

Warning-Article below is Rough and you have been warn! Read with your own responsibility and thou shall not sue me for inappropriate language usage!

I have arrived safely in Malaysia. Was in Singapore for a short trip to see for my self what is so great about this tiny red dot. Well, indeed they are great. I will elaborate more about it for my next post. Now i just wanna bombard the DAMM minister who restrict/imply rules for woman/girl to go out of Malaysia.

Hey, if you want to prevent or help, you should think of a way to HAMMER those culprit. Not women who are innocent at this point. Majority of them have done nothing wrong. Do they deserve to be treated in this way?

I wana smack you with DURIAN when i heard about it in Singapore news. I wonder how will they (Singaporean) think about us. I So damm Pai SEH! Hey, wake up la! Still with your immature brain ah! Can't you suggest something that are much more realistic and workable? No wonder Nothing works well in Malaysia is just because of your DARN ridiculous ideas.

Everything also worst than other country. The only thing you know is TALK! Talk nonsense and nothing ever comes out! NATO! I am waiting for the moment where the PA will take over the current Government. FED Up! My sleep is being disturb because you don't give a damm consideration. Really wanna throw you into SHIT POND behind my HOUSE! I MEANT IT!

Friday, May 02, 2008

E-NAFF lah & result

After giving a try to Nuffnang, I give up and instead opt for Advertlets. At least Advertlets is better as they got advs for me. Nuffnang never email me for Adv and I really disappointed with it. I still maintain it and see whether they gonna give me in the future or not.

I've got my result today for my last semester exam. The result came as a shock to me. I didn't expect it to be this good. PTL! Now, the next semester will begin in a weeks time. It reminded me of a song.... Life is like a boat by Rie Fu.

I am going to Singapore tomorrow. Will be back on Monday night. I want to see why Malaysian like to compares with Singapore. I will see with my own eyes and let you know when I reach HOME. Let me gear up with camera, note book and pen. See u!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

RTM boleh tutup kedai

Yesterday was our beloved country 12th Parliament 1st meeting. I'm following the LIVE from RTM and feel frustrated in the evening when the news caster announced that RTM/Media minister is considering to remove this LIVE Telecast. Why? You are ashame of what is happening is it?

I am totally disagree towards this matter! You shall not block freedom! People have their choice to listen what is going on in the Parliament. For what they are putting them in? They also want to know whether they are doing their job or not.

The MSM were stating that there were "fire scent" in the morning section. So what? We choose them to put some fire! At least they are not TAIWANESE who fights la....

Parliament still lack of freedom. SIEN! Come on la DS Anwar, get quick! Clean up those monkeys.