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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

sad cases

today was quite sad 4 me as i reunite with my fren.It was not that i had not meet him for long period of time, but is the news that he told me that is sad. My friend told me that a friend of us has passed away after drinking poison. It was unbelievable.heard it was a family problem. But nothing is impossible as this world is full of challenge. Feel sad for this person.

by glory @ jkwy

Monday, August 30, 2004

40 days & 40 nights! DAY 1

have u watch that movie?
if not, go get the synopsis..cause i am now playing the main characters....having this thought after i really beh tahan with my yesterday was my first day..things went quite well, but still got obstacles..haha..byee

by glory @ jkwy


As our nation celebrate it's 47 years of independence,i also have my own celebration 0r "independence" to go thru too..
FIRST: my home-it was our family 12 years bday..haha..
SECOND: my family run business 8 years bday...woo..
THIRD: what else?..cant remember..oh ya, i celebrated merdeka for 20 years ..haha

well, all i wana say is : MERDEKA!MERDEKA! MERDEKA! on midnight today!

but i will not shout it loud. i wil shout it in my hearts.

looking back, KL has been a great city. i was in d city early morning on sunday..taking my breakfast along the streets (Petaling Streets)or known as QI JIONG KAI..the porriage is nice, hot & fresh...well, the streets is full of people..different races..but still has it's dark sides...hate it when those guys sitting near me smokes..well, this is petaling streets..i cant blame it..but over the years, the smell has change,,now a days it smell more like mouse home..haha..last time just the smell of i say , KL...full of suprises..well, thats all bout KL...wana know more, u can look for me..


by glory @ jkwy

Saturday, August 28, 2004


some time ago
i knew a friend
who is care & a lovely person
interesting is apart of it
life has never been the same;
without this particular person
why ?

i wonder
how on earth i know this person
with the world so wide
i could have know other's
but fate brought us together in this world

the chemistry in between us is hard to understand
the conversation could last for days if we are allow
but life is full of challenge
we have to fight with our life everyday
there isn't much time for us

but there are time for us to care for each other
the encouragement
the touching moment
the care's that a particular person show
some times there are feeling's that you can't describe
is just fills up your life

love is in the air
i believe the bond has it's way towards our life
let the memories flow
let the history tell's it all
i believe in friendship
friend's who are reading this, thanks for playing a role in my life!
how big or small roles you hold, you will always play a BIG roles in my hearts!

Friday, August 27, 2004


wat a day has over,,,failed my first paper..then go to COM LAB to xpress my failure 2 d comp..haha...saw a woman writing a long long letter,,thinking back, how long have i not write a letter for some ones? a day has gone, tomorrow will come again..

BY glory @ jkwy

Thursday, August 26, 2004

i am stuck!~

mr brain wont work out
HE leave me alone in this world..
HE dun care for my exam...
HE just want to relax..
I am fear that i may face the music if i am still fail with the paper i am sitting now.
GOSH! why MR BRAIN wont cooperate with me to do well in my exam...
i wonder..

well, everyones MR BRAIN are just the same..
they dun like books..
they like PARADISE...

Monday, August 23, 2004

may the words tell U d title...

why you wana say sorry when things gone wrong?
why you never learn to behave your attitude...
why you never honest with our relationship...
why you never think before you act?
I don't wana hear you say sorry again...
NO excuse for the things you did...
Sorry will not cure the pain i go thru...
Learn to be perfect
Learn to love & be more loving...
The things that keep the relationship going strong is HONESTY.

by glory @ JKWY

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

RE> slicker articles on Tuesday, August 17, 2004

refering to slicker articles >

Many people have their different point of view.But this all depends on what they want to acheive for their future. Lets just say he wants to concentrate on his studies. It's a wise choice to split for the moment. I say that is because i have known friends that failed in their studies because of a relationship that are going on. They don't know how to manage/balance it perfectly. Well, sad to say that SHE might be sad coz of HIS decision. But what to do? You still want to continue? Let's see at this point of view. HE is busy studying.There are assignment, home work, activities, and what else? PROM NITE? ha ha.. well, out of all this u think he still has time to perform well in HIS study + relationship? One thing to remind > MAN can only do one thing at a time, WOMAN can do mutiple thing at a time. (i dunno where i get it, but when u think about it, ITS true.)

sad to say, let's make the best choice of our life in order not to regret in the future.


Monday, August 16, 2004


well, as expected, it was a great match that all of us has watch(if u did not watch it,u really "kanasai" cause it was the greatest match of all.) MU lose to CHE 1-O...CHE defence is strong that they used 3-4 defenders to mark on MU players.The speed of the games is fast & u wont feel the time flowing. I was actually quite tired & sleepy but when i watch the games I am totally awake from it. It was so tense & interesting.HAIL to CHE !

report by JKWY for Paradise storm!

ps> MALAYSIA hope for a GOLD Olympics medal on ALEX LIM KENG LIAT dash as he finish last for 100M beaststroke. sad..but good news for malaysian badminton single's player cause their biggest threat LIN DAN(china, world rank NO.1) has failed to advanced to second round. MAS has the advantaged to WIN gold medal.! GO MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Friday, August 13, 2004

双面(Double Face)







by 荣耀 @ JKWY

Please use chinese translator.(Chinese Star if available.)
No translation available.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


This was the first time i leave for other country than my own. IS a good experience that i feel is nice to be share by others who have never experience b4. Well, i feel that the people there are good & nice. I stay at RIVER INN hotels. It cost me around 400 baht per nite/room. (=rm40 after conversion) The place are clean but not the waters. IT makes my stomach feel dizzy for the few days i stay there. There are few interesting places to visit. It has "TIGER(aqua)SHOW", but i didn't go for it as it didn't suits my taste. It also has flea markets but i didn't go for it as there isn't much time for me. I go for the nite markets near the main town (ODEON) & there are plenty of foods that you can find. It is cheap & nice. One thing that are famous here is "AMOI". I am sure you dun need extra translation , right? Well, they speak their main dialect, thats thai language. Some of them speak mandarin,hokkien & english. well, thats all from me now. Alias, be careful if u have an opportunity to go thailand. Is not SAFE.hahaha..those are the words people say to me that i found it untrue. I have been there & safely back to my home unwrecked.


beyond description !

i long for your trust
but i know that what ever that i explain
you will not believe in what i said

by not creating any confusion
i hope that you will believe in me,
i don't know how to make lies,
all i know is that i am dumb
i am straight forwards with my words
how am i like this i have no answer

why do i have to explain so much to you,
i have no idea,
who am i to tell you all this,
GOD know the answer

just me be my self.

forgive me if i am lame
forgive me if i did not reach your expectation
to tell the truth
i am still a human being
mistake is unavoidable

i just let it be

ps:Sometimes honesty doesn't do good.

you better not know what it was to be known
when you knew it,
you feel trouble by it

well, life is full of challenge.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

YOU, ME & MY IMAGE ~ : )

some times, things were just not what we think.

IMAGE is something that you need to be carefully taken care. When you were in a situation that where no ones will believe in what you had said, you better not said it at all. Cause when you try to explain it again, they will not believe it. SO tell me why we want to be honest since no ones is going to believe in us ? I assume that honesty is not being consider when that kind of "things" happen in your life. GOD , I am trying to be honest! well, it end up that no one will believe in what you said.

my mouth are not sweeten mouth,
my brain are not a genius brain,
my behaviour change according to situation,
my honesty is being question,
my faith is lossen up,
my path is wrecking,
my life is full of challenge !

by glory @ JKWY

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