Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Be there tomorrow!

Be there tomorrow to support a good cause.

Catch this link tomorrow! Live from KL

Please catch this blog for photo updates on kl situation. You can also visit for latest update. For a better Malaysia

Will you be there?

The next thing you know, Malaysian is very united in this day. United to fight off those wicked leader that do not serve the people. Tomorrow,we will show the leader how dissatisfied we are.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Battle of the year on August 1st

Come August 1st, we will see the battle in between the evil forces and the real mankind. We shall see who triumph over the Malaysia and shake the nation. No, there won't be any Tsunami. It will be a Tsunami of People who want justice.

Malaysiakini reported that PRO ISA will tag along kumpulan pesilat lincah (Martial art group)...

I am curious, what effect will they bring? Perform before the people and say ISA is good?? Crap.

Another insane quote: “Kita ikut GMI, nak tunjuk kita juga mempunyai sokongan,” katanya. (We follow GMI, want to show that we have support too.)

hahaha! GMI is just an organisazation that organize it, the people who support their cause is the main point. They just don't get it. Well, since you asked for it, we the people who want justice will show you how BIG we are! Wait for the day!!!



Comparison in between UMNO Ampang and Teoh's memorial gathering

They have more or less 60 people. Let's give them 100.

Teoh's memorial? 2 to 3K.

Dude, See where the people stand! You are standing on ice berg. Suka Hati you....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures from Stadium Kelana Jaya - 1 Black grieving Malaysia

The above photo shows Selangor Speaker YB Teng Chang Khim and Selangor MB YAB Khalid. YB Lim Kit Siang fired at MACC. Teng is still at his best, shooting the BN faults and compare their double standards.
Several Selangor Exco and Pakatan leaders waiting for their turn. YB Eli was spotted there giving support.
The crowd from the grand stand.

I was trying to capture a photo of the crowd when this man suddenly move forward to the little young girl. He was going to shake her hand. It is quite a touching photo for me.

Need I say more with the pictures? See and feel the unity!

Pakatan wants justice for Beng Hock! So do the people!!

No more cow stories! (That's what Selangor YAB Khalid wants.)


Live from kj - Macc is another tool!

Penang Yab just finished his speech. He said pakatan will set up a foundation for beng hock's child. He said we will fight till the end for beng hock's justice. Now,selangor Yab khalid is speaking. He said macc has been looking for him regarding his purchase of cow and car..

Live from std kj

Live from std kj YB lim kit siang finished his speeches and poke at Macc. Selangor speaker Teng chang khim wowed the people by saying that when najib in position, Malaysia faced so many death.. He also said we have death in police custody,macc,next one? It could be in JPJ. Now beng hock's pal is speaking. sharing their struggle to fight for a better malaysia. Penang YAB lim guan eng just arrive. He will be speaking now.

Live from Stadium Kelana jaya

Live from Stadium Kelana jaya

Tunku of dap's speaking now. He said beng hock is Malaysia's son! He just returned from melacca after paying his last respect to Beng hock. Crowd estimated around 2k. People kept coming even after a drizzle before event start.

My Parents hantam the killer !

Those who were responsible for Bro Teoh Beng Hock's death will have to pay for their wrong doing. Teoh Beng Hock's spirit will follow you for the rest of your life. You may end up like him, to fall from high rise building. You will regret and see your family suffer like Beng Hock's family.

Think of their family. Parents, sibling, and his close ones including his fiance and friends. How will they handle his dismiss? What if it happen to your own family?

Darn... Above is my parents words and more vulgar words could have spit out and I would have to cut it off!! Mom is burning real HOT inside her mind! She is angry and ran off my face after spitting all this! Dad was commenting all about this case and I told him I would type it all here and share with cyber friends. May be this is my parents first post! :) An anger post!

Folks, I will be heading to Stadium Kelana Jaya on Sunday. Meet you there at 4.30 PM.

Blue sentence = Father's phrase
Red sentence = Mom's phrase

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memorials and Vigils for Comrade Beng Hock

Dear All,

As you might already know, Beng Hock has finally arrived at his hometown in Alor Gajah, Melaka at 12:50am (Saturday 18th July 2009). It has been a long and sad journey for a man who had bravely served his community and unfailing in his principles for justice in our country.

Memorials and vigils are being organized to commemorate the solemn passing of Beng Hock, please kindly show our support and spread the word around.

More info are being made available at:


* 18/7 (Saturday, 7pm) - Memorial for TBH @ Dewan Serbaguna Seri Kembangan

* 18/7 (Saturday, 9pm) - Candlelight Vigil for TBH @ DAP MP for Bakri Service Centre, No.1, Taman Bintang, Jalan Sakeh, 84000 Muar, Johor

* 19/7 (Sunday, 430pm) - Vigil for TBH @ MBPJ Stadium Kelana Jaya, PJ.

* 20/7 (Monday, 11am) - TBH's Funeral @ Alor Gajah, Melaka

* 21/7 (Tuesday, 8pm) - Public Forum: Justice For Beng Hock, Reforming Malaysia @ Jln Utama, P.Pinang.

Thank you,
Justice for Comrade Beng Hock

Friday, July 17, 2009

In Memory of Bro Teo Beng Hock

MACC, What have you got to say?

Are you holding responsible for his death?

My friend was quite sad and had a sleepless night. He wrote a poem dedicated to him.


Arvind Ram Kumar: The news of Teoh Beng Hock' death yesterday saddened me even though I do not know him personally. I went totally speechless after hearing the tragic news, and understand why our fellow Malaysians were expressing their anger at this issue.

I do not know what else to write, but would like to contribute a poem which I wrote myself last night. My condolences to Teoh Beng Hock's family and friends, may he rest in peace.

Tree of Life

Wind blew gracefully into the forest of the unknown,
Where every man goes and never returns,
An ancient tree standing tall above all,
Sheltered two beings never seen by mankind,
They work day and night beneath the sacred tree,
Making sure the equilibrium continues,
As good and evil will always be equal……

The two beings never faced each other,
But their action will always remain a mystery,
As time was never present before them,
One creates a tapestry of life from the ancient tree,
Another shatters it on the stone of history,
One faceless being with a pleasant nature,
Another cursed with a horrifying manifestation….

Life and death are part of us,
One who is born will pass away someday,
As body may perish but never a soul,
The tree of life will be the final destination,
And the cycle continues as He looks over,
When someone celebrates the birth of a new life,
Another will grieve for the lost of loved ones……

Taken from Malaysiakini.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Translation is fun. No?

Taken from The Star Online.

One of the phrase my friend also use to tease each other is this:

Adakah anda percuma malam ini?

Some might misunderstand it for one night stand or dirty minded stuff. However, it is a direct translation which mean "Are you free tonight?".

Let us hope that the Government will see a clearer picture of language usage in our daily life.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Poor "Ink-Leash"!!!

Poor English a result of the system

I THINK the basic problem lies with the teachers. There is no sincere effort among them to master the language themselves in order to be able to teach with confidence.

In the 1970’s when teachers who were trained to teach in the English language had to revert to Bahasa Malaysia. I was one of them, and we took great efforts to do so. Other colleagues who could not master the language took the right step - they resigned.

As I drove to school, I would listen to “Learn a Word a Day” over the radio every day and ensured I used that word in my conversations that day. This helped me to add new words to my vocabulary.

I also requested to teach in a “weak class” (classes were streamed in those days) so that I could gain confidence in the language. I was never shy to ask my Malay colleagues for help. I improved so much that my headmistress allowed me to teach Geography and History in Bahasa Malaysia in Form 4.

Before I retired in the 1990s, I was asked to observe and report on English Language trainee teachers. Even then, I could see the deterioration in the standard from year to year.

I can only say one thing - the system is the cause for this deterioration.

Kuala Lumpur.

The above article taken from Thestar Online.


Puan Chella, Thank you for your effort to change and improve your self when our government makes changes. As I can see, some teacher could not cope with it and we lost wonderful teacher. That is why we have insufficient teacher. :(

Government, are you doing the right thing? Not only you killed your wonderful teacher, you will soon kill your future generation!!

As for the recent changes to revert to the old method of teaching S & M in BM, below is my opinions which I posted in a group:

I would prefer if the Government could allow us to choose the school we want for our future generation. Bring back English medium school, maintain National and Vernacular school (or as before the implementation of teaching S & M in English.). This would silent those who would like to see BM/BC/BT being maintain as the main language in S & M.

We may have international school, but still we should be given more option. Not to say when we have so many different types of school, we cannot achieve unity among us.

I suggest we must scrap the Pendidikan Moral subject. This subject is not a subject. It is a life lesson that must be taught at home. Many students complained they are not learning anything at all. Waste of time.

May be they should think of having year end camp for ALL form 4 & 5 students after their examination. (One month camp.) Get them to do community work, understanding each other cultures and beliefs. This would bring them closer among them. Scrap National service. This is better than moral eds. Practicality.

For A Better Malaysia

Post Note:
S & M = Science and Maths.
BM=Bahasa Malaysia
BC=Bahasa Cina
BT=Bahasa Tamil

Post Note 2: I would like to tell all my readers that from today onward, I will be focusing more on education rather than politics. Education has been my passion and I can't give it a miss. Thanks!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The untold stories of Anti ISA

Grandpa John is sitting on a rocking chair. He is looking out at the playground in front of his house. His neighbour son is beside him playing with puppies. A young lovely girl aged around 15 plus pass by his house and wave to him. That was Diana from Kampung Jaafar. He said to me. I am surprised of how he knew the girl. I asked him for more information. Oh boy, don't you know your grandpa is like a database who knows everything? I have not been with my grandpa for a year. I came back for good and try to know more about what that had happen in Malaysia. My parents sent me to New Zealand in the beginning year of 2005 to further my studies. Fast forward to the current day, I know I have missed out a lot due to hectic schedule and my ignorant attitude.

You know what? Malaysia Today is a totally different Malaysia than before. How you define that? I asked for his straight forwardness. Do you know who change the political scene? No. It was bloggers in the virtual world. How they managed to change? Easy. They blogged their heart out. They also loved their country to the highest level that they are willing to be arrested for speaking and standing firm on the truth that they believed in. Wow~! They are just like a steel men and women. They are not made of steel, but their heart is made of love. They are a group of lovely PEOPLE. A group? You mean there were a lot of peoples being arrested for standing firm for what they believed? Yes! Remember Diana who waved to me just now? I nodded my head. Her mom was detained during Anti-ISA Vigil in PJ. I have to take care of her as her mom was taken away for a night to record her statement. Diana father was oversea at that time.

Grandpa closed his eyes and when he re-opens, I saw his red eyes preparing him for some tears. Yet, he held on. That night, Diana asked me why her mom was detained by the police. I said that her mom was using her freedom of speech on what she believed in and she was not a criminal. But she does not believe. Diana mentioned that bad people always detained by the police. I said no. She is not bad. She is a loving mother and you must love your mother for what she had done for Malaysia. I can see a drop of tears dripping from his eyes. He dried it with his left hand. What touched me the most is when she met with her mom and ask how she is. Diana's mom replied: “I am fine, but Malaysia is not."

There was a silent moment. Grandpa John stood up and showed me his scars. A long scar of former stitches can be seen on his right leg. It happened during the vigil. I am considered fortunate for not being arrested. Previously, the majority of the citizens do not look highly upon jail bird or detainee. They always rate them as bad or unwanted citizen. Now? We look at their inner heart. We see why they get arrested. Look at YAB Lim Guan Eng who was trying to bring justice for a girl. End up in jail. Look at those who were detained in the Anti-ISA vigil. Look at those innocent people who were jailed up in Kamunting under ISA. What is this ISA that make people protest against it? I asked in anticipation. It stands for Internal Security Act. It was for those who threaten the country safety and being jail up without trial. However, I see no threat from them. Oh well, that is only my opinion. Not of those authority. They do not seem to have the same channel as I am.

Come inside. Let me show you some photos and videos. As he sit on the sofa and switch on his laptop, I asked him whether any of his friends got arrested. All those arrested were my friends. I used to be very quiet. Never go beyond my comfort zones. Previously, I do not know them. Now, they are my friends. They sacrifice themselves for a better Malaysia. Most of them were first timer. Clean record and the words `willing to die for Malaysia` hang in their head. He showed me several pictures of young and old Malaysians holding candles gathering around field and open spaces. They are the history maker! As I browse through the pictures, I saw many Malaysian of different ethic come together and support the cause. This is a picture of Anak Bangsa Malaysia! He exclaimed. Most of them have chosen the road not taken by many.

Those who fought for this cause will surely felt the pain in their heart if any of us get caught. We are like a big family sharing the same goal. We celebrate together when there were victorious moments; we shared the pain when one of us is down. Neither 5 nor 23, even one casualty we will be sad! It also gives us an urge to do more! Grandpa looked at a picture of a little girl and smile. Look, this is our youngest supporter of our cause. Her name arr... I forgot. Sorry, getting old and my memory fade pretty fast. She was wearing `I am with RPK` black colour mini T-SHIRT and looked at the person who took her photo. Grandpa said it had sent waves of warmth to those who see this picture. "It's a picture of Peace," he said.


This piece is written some time ago. I read some news and personal experience and decided to put it down into a story for our young generation. It may relates to some of you who had encounter the fight for a better Malaysia. I dedicate it to those who had been arrested and charge in court. I also dedicate it to those family members whom they have their love ones detained in Kamunting.