Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Law of Attraction: Think Zaid Ibrahim

We have another day to go before voters of Hulu Selangor make their decision. However, a gentle reminder for Malaysians to think of Zaid winning this seat; to apply LAW OF ATTRACTION in the last 48 hours.

What is LAW OF ATTRACTION? If you have not heard of this, you can visit this link.

We should do our best for Zaid to win this battle and KOREK more story for us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim: The fearless man

Zaid may be the man that many like and dislike for his straight forwardness. But he can be the man to watch when he is in Parliament. I sense that he can win this Hulu Selangor Parliament seat and kick some butts when he goes to Parliament. Of course, even when he was in BN, he stills complain and whack the BN. It is just the same as when he is in Pakatan. However, we have to see it from the positive point. He can be the person to spur Pakatan for a better route.

I read upon a blog on whether how can Hulu Selangor voters can select their candidates. I place the link here and if you are a voter from Hulu Selangor, read and reflect on it.