Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami Aftermath

As i am typing this, it is raining out there. I am having high fever that have retreat a little bit. Feeling dizzy & weak + a little bit of sore throat, i just can't sleep well. May be i have slept too much. It's 1.45 AM now. Wondering how will i celebrate My New Year. This year isn't a good year for the world. With BOMBING continued in IRAQ, then come this TSUNAMI that struck the ASIA countries. MILLION lifes has lost, Thousand homes destroyed, with some town having totally GONE. My guess for the death toll is that it will surpass 100,000 peoples. This huge amount really shocked me. 1 human death has already making people sad. Imagining 100,000 over dead bodies. SRI LANKA case was worse. Those bodies spread all over the places. So do INDONESIA. Scarry scene is all over the place. Some people quote it as 'WAR ZONES'. It is more horrible than watching a horror movies. A friend of mine remind me of a movies. "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW" A little bit of the plot are same. HUGE WAVES slammed the countries all over the world. EXCEPT SNOWING.....i wonder when do MALAYSIA HAVE SNOW... talking about SNOW, MEXICO are facing FREEZING moment in their countries. This TSUNAMI also remind me of a movies entitled "DEEP IMPACT". HUGE WAVE stormed the country, but it was METEOR that started it.

Malaysian; from now onwards will have to be careful if our neighbouring country are having EARTH QUAKE. We gotta prepared to face it. PM has said it. We gotta equip our self.

AS we have know, Malaysia has started FUND RAISING for the TSUNAMI victims. ONE of the way was to write cheque, money donations in certain area. You can refer to current news paper. Of course not to be miss on Telecommunication part, you can do so via your mobile phone. But this option only open to CELCOM & DIGI users. EZ, type


then send it to 36677 . Your credit will be deducted for RM 4 . This money will be given to the TSUNAMI VICTIMS. Make sure u have enough money to transfer that.

something out of my mind:

As i see the scene in news,
I couldn't stand the pains that the people have to go thru.
Losing loves ones & homes to the unexpected TSUNAMI
Bodies are everywhere
The area are full of flies
Full of rooting corpse odour
People are in danger of sickness caused by the TSUNAMI
Missing people are no-where to be found
As if it was being washed away to the sea
We will have to wait for it to float in the surface
All this are in my memories
Death is like a normal routine as we see the amount increase
Life is full of obstacles
May the people Be Strong to face the future
My condolences goes to you

Be thankful that today you are still alive.
Have a nice comfort BED
Have clean water & cloths
Enough food to feed our hungry stomach
Look at the people who have suffer
Be a real human & put your humanities to good use

Let us do our part to help those in need.

26 DECEMBER 2004, i hope that this date will be reserve as a MEMORIAL DAY. I am not PM/KING, no rights on it. 26-12-2004, a day many of us will remember it like 9-11 till the next decades in HISTORY BOOK.

When tomorrow comes, i wish it will bring clear blue skies. The darken scene is too much to be bear. Life still has a long way to go ........

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

2004 has over...05 has a long way to go...

2004 - a memorable year... i believed that mostly of you will have a wonderful ones as well. Some of it is sweet, some are bitter..i recalled mine are just averaged ..may be more happy moments..ya,shud be.. K...let's 2005 begin & i wil re-capture 2004...right now, i could only think of is that i have grow maturely, pop more pimples.. have a lot of trip... work like MAD 'fish in half life' ... & also celebrated my buddy 21 years old in style. AH, next year JUNE, it will be my turn. haha..cant't wait for it..

The experience that i have this year was precious. Learn a lot of things, 'internal' Eyes {not physical} being widen... & much more. The most importantly is that i have know what i want to do in the future. ONIZUKA is just a drama, yet GLORY is coming soon in real life.{i am not bluffing & blowing $HIT over it. I am serious~!} GT (FYI, GT stands for Great Teacher) was what i aim to be. IS not for the name sake of being a famous teacher, but for the sake of the students education. I want to make a difference in Malaysian Education & gives a brand new education to the student. I hope that i can make it & it will also realise my dream to be able to help those in need. Without proper education & guidance, one can't be succeed in things they try to pursued. Education does not only contain lifeless books, but also life that we live. Some how, many people have gone astray at a young aged for not knowing their purpose in life. BLUFF YE NOT, WAIT TILL I SUCCEEDED. MAY be i will report to you guys... JUMPing out in Tall building, suicide case...we can see that they dun have understanding in their life. Whats wrong with making a difference? You & I can make a difference for others. BY GOD strength, eveything is POSSIBLE. right? AS goes by this sentence: We have a task, is Mission Impossible; but this Mission is always possible in every MI movies that we have seen. SO in SHORT, there are nothing such as MI.

21 years old ~! Just can't wait for it. May have a grand party to celebrate it. haha...anyway, NO $$$...A later & earn some la..well,When you read this, i might be 'dreaming' myself lying down in PD beach. Watching the STARS, see d MOON, feel d fresh AIR... haha..nice huh? BUTTtt, with the Tsunami that STORM Malaysia & other countries, it really makes us no mood for celebration. Prefer a better celebration spot this year other than my own home & KL. But since this Earth Quake & Tsunami came, i dunno whether is there a safe spot for us to be with our close ones?

Malaysia had it's first taste on Tsunami. I was wondering when can we have a taste on SNOW. haha... SNOW ball came trumbling on MALAYSIA. The next day news HEADLINES> WHITE MALAYSIA! haha..feel like the reporter who done all this. At this moment, i was thinking that why Malaysian wont make it the first countries to use blogging/singlish/Manglish to publish the small, simple news for the public that are not so English Educated? At least, they will understand a little more & improved from it. Government shud apply it. You want Malaysia to be top of the world? Here you are. SIMPLY amazing ...small as how small of d edition? well, let's jus make it half of A4..that would b nice. A book type of news that will surely make people laugh out their heads. haha..... Malaysia, like people always say: ROJAK, Anything also can & possible to do it. Malaysia Boleh~!

If Malaysia News ever think of it, look for me with contract. I will surely sign with a condition. I am the BOSS & Editor. (Politicians, Religion, Races, & Sexes will be out of our TOPICS. We are working as a FAIR critics.) No other people can involve in my TEAM. I choose my OWN TEAM that will work together for a better MALAYSIA NEWS CHANNEL. Looks IMPOSSIBLE to happen. Just in my dream..haha....
& thats called as VISION for future.

Well, i cant think of anything except on TSUNAMI VICTIMS. 60'000 people died in ASIA ALONE. How on earth this happen? GOD must be Cursed by THOUSAND people who have lost their close-ones. But GOD wasn't the one that created this Disaster. HUMAN did it. They never use their money for GOOD use. Buy equipment for the poor country to track down on This stuff. Instead, they build HIGH RISE tall building to be shaken by Earth Quake & let it fall on SOIL. Playing by the beach sides which is always at HIGH WAVES, & water is always a danger thing on EARTH. Dont play with water, KIDs.

Prevention ? Where was it? Now after the Tsunami gone, People start to blame on stuff that are useless. They blame until they died. Trust me. Some don't & that is good. WELL, is time human reflect on them selves. See what are their weakness. GO & change it. Don't wait too late. We still got a long way to go. I am born-ed with parent & relatives, friends, house, computer & much more valuable than anything ; Thats my LIFE. Tell me that i am not fortunate to have a rich background. I wont denied that. But i am happy than ever to have those sweet memories. Who cares next time if i am rich? I will still maintain my humble self being for i know that life is not too long for us. Seeing the Tsunami, It really make me appreciate life more. Life cannot b buy by $$$. Yeah, only in BLACK MARKET you can do it. Go buy your self HEALTH. Thats important. TO ensure you last longer (use DURACELL) & can have more fun with your close ones before you depart to anywhere. TERMINAL - Departing to choose your destination.....i choose a better life.

In d year of 2004 , i would like to say sorry to those that i have hurted. I don't mean it as i myself are not good in either way. Forgive me. Thanks to all my friends & family who have been with me thru those HIGH LOW atmosphere/ situation. Going thru all this year/months/weeks/days/minutes/seconds are just as precious as it is. Learning will never stop for me. Take care all of my blog readers.

Njoy it...


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami Attack in Malaysia ~!

In recent years, Tsunami has never happen in Malaysia before. Now that it has happen, it is not a good sign that Malaysia are safe as it is. It was being told in years of study by scientist that those country that are along the line of Khatulistiwa will not be having earth quake...but it was not right. Our country will be affected by those neighbouring country that are having the disaster... well, hope that we will be safe by end of this year..& no more second disaster..please! MAY GOD BLESS THOSE AFFECTED FAMILY MEMBERS. Continue to PRAY for them. There are many donations being set up. Please help them thru the funds. Take care.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Malaysia...full of nic3 stuff...

this link will help u much for whatever u wana know about truly great...from selangor to KL to IPOH...haha...check it out...worth it..


No one is useless to GOD...not a little child, not the tired, not the discouraged. God uses HIS children. You belong to GOD's eternal dream. Now you may not feel motivated, you may not feel you have a reason for living, but you must renew your mind with the immovable fact that you are a part of a commissioned people - you have a reason to be alive. There is an eternal purpose. There is a great river of GOD's purpose that is moving toward an eternal home with HIM. You can't stop GOD's purpose. GOD's purpose is greater than you are, and if you are GOD's child, nothing is going to slow down GOD's purpose for your life.

from The Inspirational Bible

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


once again, i will write on something that might be lifeless. But it happen all the while in our life. CHILDISH~! Who don't? that person must be crazy if he/she dun....well, life must not be so serious...Childish is because we gota have fun ... at least , we shud have fun at the right time...not saying that we must be have fun at the serious moment...When having fun time, GO ahead & have a childish moment of your life... Come ON, happy days dun last you much... Why must we be so serious (matured) all the day? Don't you feel a bit insane? wana stay in Tanjung Rambutan ah? Those people staying there are MORE HAPPY than you are. I am a bit admire them. haha...but sorry, i am still FINE here. I am sure that GOD created us to be happy. Of course mature at the time when u needed to be. . But if you GOT HAPPY HOUR , make sure you are childish....... so that you will enjoy it. Be TRUE to yourself. ONCE, i hate childish. BUT now i have a different perception. C how u behave OH...You will always be a child to your MOM & DAD. So be a kids again....B happY & CHildIsh @ the right moment...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

a soul mates

by glory
no matter what are the result, it is not important.
The most improtant thing is that when u have fails, You gota stand up & try again.
You gota finish what u have started.
This story are not copied from anywhere, it's my own work. If there are any similarity, it was just a co-incidence.

one day a man, drunk & driving a car... he drove a person that he once loved...he still love her without her knowing after a broke up some time a party, after the parties finish, he were driving the girl home. He was drunk and half awake......he is not stable for driving but keep on driving.....the girl are sleeping as she was drunk too... On the road, a car from the opposite SPEED real fast & overtaking the car in front of cross the lines of the road which this guys are driving on it's just a 100 meter away....the drunk guy awaken by the car & try to turn to other direction to avoid accident..... unfortunately...................................

There are a lot of sounded like someone crying.....the man slowly open up his eyes....the light was very bright for him as he had sleep for some time......he was trying to say something,,,..what happen? come i am here? i remember.....i was....driving home.....his parents were at his bed side..SON, you get your self into accident. The father spoke to him. ... in a slow voice, he replied: what? i was avoiding the front of me...

MOM: son, don't worry bout it now,,,just take some rest,,,,
NO....i wana know....what had the girl....sitting in my car..........
FATHER: SON, don't worry about it have to get some rest...As the father talk, the mom sob with loud voice...the crying are getting lounder as she run out from the room.


I see that you have recover totally..the father said to the son. WELL, yes. i am okay now. ..FATHER, can i ask you something. I have always wanted to know what had happen in the accident. But why you & mom keep it from me?. Now that i am fine, can you tell me what that had happen in the night of accident ? And how was SUNNY? i am curious..You know..i got to know...

Father: well , son, like mom & i have said. SUNNY was fine & she is now in NORTHEN states pursuing her studies. Your car was wreck so we decided to sold it to some old junk car store. SUNNY didn't injured her self as she was wearing seat belt that day. DOES this sound convincing?

As the question pop his mind, he just couldn't believe that SUNNY was still fine even he himself injured his head & shoulder. Add to that, he have protection from the wheel. HE remember that he rammed into a drained as wide as snoker table. How can she just FINE? nevertheles, he decided to hire some investigator to check whether his parent's word are true to him.

A week later....

RING RING ~~ RING RING~!....hellooo, GOOD MORNING, may i speak to MR. SEAN ? YA, speaking... Mr.SEAN, i am calling from ACTION INVESTIGATION CENTRE...regarding your request of finding SUNNY, we have found her. DO you want to have her detail on the lines or meet me personally to have the information?
MR.SEAN: Well, for now, Please let me know her location. The rest i will see you tonight for more information.
AIC: well sir, i am sorry to inform that she is now bedridden in General Hospital. It was cost by the accident that involved some 2 months ago. According to information that i have, she has broken some bones & couldn't walk for the moment. She are having therapy right now after a major operation ............
............OK...thanks for your info.....I will see you tonight.

WHAT is going on? why they dun tell me this.... why had i drink & drive on that day....

oh MAN, how could i face SUNNY ? Nothing will happen if i didn't drink.... i really LOVE SUNNY... even we have stated that we will become friends, but deep in my heart i still love her... i can't let her suffer for my wrong doing.... i must give her hapiness.. GOD know how much i love her ..truly in my heart, i only have her...even flirting with other woman, it was just a cover-up so that i can try to forget her... i tried hard enough ~! I just CANT stand it anymore. From now onwards, no matter how she & her family treat me, i will take care of her until my last breath. I will show them my sincerity that i love her & care for her. Until my last breath, i will be at her side.......... i cant hurt her anymore..................................................~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Time will tell of whether they will be reunited as a happy couple..........

SEAN decided to pay SUNNY a he reach GH, he look for SUNNY ward room. As he got the info, he walk near the door........outside the door, one can see inside the room thru a small glass.....SEAN saw SUNNY lying on the bed, watching the windows....her body lay straight on the bed...her right cheek was wrapped with medicine and cotton wool... she looks thinner than last time...... SEAN's heart broken as he felt sorry for SUNNY.....he decided to went back home as he can't stand the pains that SUNNY have to endure...

As time went by, SEAN didn't inform his parent's that he had know the whole truth from AIC. He just pretend to live his life normally assuming SUNNY has dissappear. Every night, he would cried for SUNNY. HE would PRAY truthfully that SUNNY would recover soon. Each day, he brought a flower for her with a message in it. It reads: Be brave & happy always. FROM: some one that care for you..... this has continued until SUNNY check out of GH. Until then, SUNNY family still have no idea who do all this touching work... it remains secret for the few months SUNNY stayed in the hospitals.... as SEAN undying love towards SUNNY never change, he kept being a shadow messenger & send lots of concern to SUNNY.....time goes, & SUNNY felt fed up & wanted to know who is behind all this work.... even with her face having a big scar on her right cheek, why would this person keep on concerning her?

thus she got an idea ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ------------- @}---}--

One day , SEAN was usual early in the morning trying to slip a letter into SUNNY house, he didn't realize that some one was standing behind him. As he was turning, he saw SUNNY. SUNNY cried & start to hit on SEAN shoulder & shout out loud with anger. WHY ? WHY you still disturb me? AREN'T enough that you have cost me? LOOK at MY SCAR. I am not pretty any more....... & i hate you so much ...........I hate YOU ~!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.

SEAN HAVE nothing to say. SO he just left her & went home. The next day, SEAN decided that enough is enough. He went straight to SUNNY house & wanted to tell out how he felt at this moment. As he reach SUNNY house, he press against the door bell. After a while, SUNNY mom came out of the double storey house they are staying.

SHE SHOUTED: HEY, Aren't enough of what you have done to my daughter? Why you still come back? You want me to call the police? huh?~!
NO. Please don't hit me away~! I just ask for one time of explanation to SUNNY. Please!
NO~! Sunny mom shouted.


Ever since those words come out from SEAN mouth, there has been no news from SUNNY...............

Dear reader, how would you want it to end? well, may b i will tell it romantically or perhaps........

There are nothing we can do after we have try our best. SUNNY, how ever, went to seek some advice. Checking on SEAN might be a good idea. She was touch by SEAN words. But she isn't sure of it. She want to know the facts of what SEAN had said. She ask from the surrounding friends..... most of them give positive answer about SEAN. SUNNY is happy & able to accept SEAN. Just as SUNNY has decided to Accept SEAN, there are a little problem. SEAN had thought that SUNNY might have hate him.

He flew to Australia to begin a new life as a Teacher teaching English Literature. As soon as the news reach SUNNY about SEAN where-about, SHE quickly flew to australia to search for HIM. May be a true LOVE will reunite long lost soul. This is what that bring them together. A ring, that kept in SEAN purse for some time meant for his other half is ready to be wore by SUNNY. A SOUL MATES. May be the way they meet are not interesting...but their tears are the precious. SYDNEY are not a big city. Opera House would nice to hold their wedding ceremony. Yes indeed, it was their meeting point that re-unites them.

Happiness is forever shown in their face......................

~ The End ~

As this story being written, i was actually having sore throat. Feeling not well. Start typing it out at 3-5am... The sad part is that on the process of writing it, i found my self RM 100++ broke... my phone bills arrive early again....i gonna pay for it my self. This month of christmas gotta eat bread. Anyway, bread is nice....the more you eat....the more vitamins you get...haha..i wish some ones can take this story & make it into a movies. But before you take this story, can you pay me some fees? My writing fees & phone fees....i would appreciate it....Thanks~!

Up coming Story in my mind: A English Teacher who sacrificed everything for his student. Touching on sensetive issues like education system, human behaviour. This story need you to think more than criticize.
Take care ~!

Monday, December 06, 2004

X'Mas come early...

well, looks like the month of December comes early ..i wonder why..It is coming to the end of year again...i find my self 'have to stuck' with books as my examination in january R in the speed of a flash...haha... hoping that i can finish it all... Christmas party, new year party, then Chinese New such a wonderful in a row...but time is running out...if i can have a week off, i would go to BEACH... & b a beach boy. life is just amazing....with 'flavour'...GOD bless U all

Saturday, December 04, 2004


some time, i find that life is darn frustrating & i would like to kill it off with some words..but unfortunately, i cant use it....some how on the way of life, i managed to come with two was CB. CB was not that bad after all....not 'F'... & u know what i mean if you R from chinese educational background & some influnce in English is just FUN with words....luckily i m not always using it...GOD FORGIVE ME,PLZ....well, i know ,,some how....i need to find something to express my self... i need music, i need a perhaps..haha..anyway, i just b my self....Xpresso!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Today is WORLD AIDS DAY. Protect yourself from un-protected sex. Learn more about it & guide the younger generation. Do your part in those activities that organize by certain organization.