Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oi, nothing to do ah!! Keep on Changing road name!

repeat again: Oi, nothing to do ah!! Keep on Changing road name!

I don't know what is in their mind. But I believed this have not come across their brain.

  • When one change a road name, the Map publisher have to update the name again. It was a big hassle for they need to reprint the map and wasted their money on the old ones. After all, no body want an old stuff. People want the latest! The next thing they would say: This is what business are, full of risk!

  • When a tourist buy a map, they would normally keep it for their next trip. They may come 1 or 2 years later, or perhaps 5-10 years later. If you change the name , they will have difficulty to find the exact place again. Let us take for example the Jalan Alor case. The western or European tourist may remember Jalan Alor for the delicious food. When they come to Malaysia after their previous visit which was 5 years ago, they try to look for the name. They will not be able to trace back where it was. Hey, don't tell me the building will not be repaint or renovated! They might have to ask the locals, in which they do not aware of the change of name. Come on lah! After 5 years, their fathers/mothers/uncles/aunties may not have share with them about it. How many will tell the children: Oh.. previously this lane is called as Jalan XXXX!

  • History book will be filled with "this place or road is formally known as XXXX". Is that what we are suppose to learn for our History?

  • Those who are in business field will be affected. They need to change the bill heading, they need to ask the programmer to change the settings, they need to inform all the clients of the changes, and so much hassle that will cause you to faint. Is there a need to make people suffer?

Come on. Why do you need to change name? For what sake? Why don't you use this money for better improvement? So many things that we can do and you chose to deal with this matter! Oi, wake up lah!

Why not change Ali to become Bali... JIB JIB to JIS JIS... LAH LAH to BAH BAH...KUKU to BUKU...YED YED to BED BED.....and the stories goes...

60 Years and keep going!

Dad officially reached 60 today!

Happy Birthday DAD!

PS: If you are those under the emotional categories, grab your self some tissues.

While my mom and I wish him a greater life ahead, I for one wish that he would carry his conscious mind to the future. I feared for the forgetful sickness of which every old people will have to go through. I cannot bear it. I've had some relatives that are in that situation.

For my father, it is indeed a milestone for him to see the world up to this age. Many have not even pass 50! During Election period, he told me that over his life, he have not encounter such a political tsunami. Oh yes, he witnessed it! My mom said that if my grandfather is still alive now, he would be the most happiest person in the world to see the opposition toppled over the ruling government. (Well, not yet, but denying it is already a major victory!)

My father is a kind man indeed. He help everyone that he could afford. I would rate him soft hearted. Just like me... Like father like son. Mom always complained he is not doing much for the family, but for others only. I can only laugh inside my heart.

Just want to share something that still touched my heart until today. When I was having dengue fever, my father boiled one big bowl of barley for me. It was difficult time for me to swallow. He insist on me drinking it. Day after day, his cares for me never stop. He never speak much during the week. When I almost recover, I decided to go back to college. I was renting a room that time. I am still weak and decided to sleep one evening. I was so tired that I did not pick up the call from my parents. The next day, I returned the call. Mom told me that he did not sleep the whole night. He was worried dead about my situation. Yes, he repeatedly telling me that dengue have no cure or medicine. While I was at the clinic to test my blood level, all he could do was to look helplessly at the brochure describing about dengue. He did not utter much.

There was once when I was having fever, I slept the whole day. When I woke up in the evening, he cooked porridge for me. After I ate one tablespoon, I fainted on the dining table. He shake me real hard to make me awake. I know he is there shaking me but I am too weak to do anything. There was shouting around in the house. I could hear that his voice is one of it. He carried me to the car and brought me to the nearest clinic. Doctor diagnosed me as over heated! Thus this is the cause for my faint! I slept too much.

Everyone's father will definitely leave an impact in our life. Mine is still around to crack jokes with. I will treasure it more.

Dad, May you have a wonderful life ahead! God bless!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Smoking ads by health minister...

Have you read the star? The health department want to put in scary picture to stop people from smoking.

I say it is impossible to stop. It is all in the person mind. If a person will power is strong, he or she will be able to make it.

To make it worst, do you know there are some people selling secretly in University Hostel? Do you know there are traders selling it by re-packing it to a smaller packet?

Do you know that there are so many students who smokes inside the university campus? I wonder whether this is an education institution or not~! To start educating, it should be starting from primary school. They really must have co-operation from various parties to make it a successful one. Ask the Uni authority to BAN the students from smoking inside the campus. Really BAN! Not just putting up the board of warning. I can do that too! Enforce it with stern warning. Make them suffer inside the campus that they will think of quiting it.

For the public place, BAN or Punish those who smokes near malls or places that are not suitable for smoking. Ask them to do charity work if get caught!

I am one who are not supporting people who smokes. Please do think of your health.

My grandfather passed away due to lung cancer. It was because he smokes during his younger days. I saw how he suffer during his last few years. That is why I always urge my friends not to smokes. Friend, quit while you still can! TC!

An institution unknown to Selangor folks like me

Am I ignorant?

How come I don't know that there is an institution for the youth? No, it is not vocational school.

It's a college that provide training for those who are not able to "face the book". It is a skills training college that prepare them for the future. Indeed I am ashamed that as It was being dumped aside without much help from the ruling Government. From my observation, it lacked of awareness from the education sector and need more exposure; the future generations need to know that there are places like this institution to help them for their future.

A reader commented on Teresa's blog on INPENS, I would like to share it with you:

“INPENS” is the acronym for INDUSTRI PENDIDIKAN NEGERI SELANGOR. It was originally under the administration of Yayasan Selangor before being placed under Shah Alam Property Holdings Berhad. Inpens College is the catalyst for the Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL). During the period of 1994 to 1997, Inpens was rated as one of the top colleges in Selangor, competing with institutions like INTI, Taylors, etc. However, with the change of State Administration from Tan Sri Muhammad Taib to Tan Sri Abu Hassan, the college’s focus changed from a multi-racial composition, both the management and students. .................. Read more in YB Teresa's blog.


Isn't it sad when you know the College can be on par with College like Inti and Taylor's, yet they are now not to be known by MANY! Please help to change Selangor to a better state~! I am glad we are now in GOOD HANDS!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RPK blogged again~!

RPK just blogged about social contract. I wonder how he managed to blog. But let us be reminded that his sacrifice is for the freedom of Malaysia!

Read his latest entry here.


I noticed something funny on PKNS

Guess what?

I just notice the funny title put up by Malaysiakini.

Lantik Low:
'Tidak pernah berlaku' dalam sejarah PKNS

Of course, March 8th have never happened before. So what makes the "I am still sleeping" fella think that it should not happen any time?

History is changing ,
but the fella is still sleeping.
Please bring the NOMAD century out for him.


X-ISA Vigil coming to Seremban

Seremban will have their first Vigil for ISA detainee.

Date: 31st Oct (Friday)
Time: 8PM
Venue: Dataran Seremban Park

Folks staying or living around Seremban, make your presence there and support the abolishment of ISA!

For more informations, please refer to Zorro's blog.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PKNS stories...

What does PKNS stand for?

Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS).

I read that certain people do not support the Chinese lady to lead PKNS, and they said it violated the Bumi rights to held the position. PKNS was founded to help the bumiputra only? So all the while the others living in Selangor was not important ?

Perbadanan Kemajuan mean what to you? Perbadanan means a corporation that is free from government control. (As written in dictionary.) But we have to remember that PKNS was set up to help improve Selangor citizen life. When I read the word Kemajuan, I don't think our PKNS are doing any Kemajuan at this point.

Look! If one was to improve, they have to really accept the MB choice of putting an experienced lady who knows really well of the in and out of Selangor. After all, she had been working with PKNS for 35 years! Aren't that a good choice? Can you give her a chance to show you how she can improve Selangor state? Read here on Teresa Kok's point of view.

I believed that she will be able to improve Selangor to a much better state and help all citizen who are in need. For once, can the staff of PKNS respect the MB choice which is also the peoples choice? The people voted the MB in and the Selangorian had voiced their choice of having a new government to rule over Selangor.

Be open minded. Let Selangor state prosper.


You can read more at Malaysiakini.

Additional post:
One of the paragraph in Malaysiakini gave me a fun time reading it over and over again.

"Sekiranya mereka (kerajaan Selangor) kurang pemimpin (untuk PKNS), boleh rujuk kepada kita dan kita boleh memberi nama yang bersesuaian," katanya. Abdul Syukur, yang juga ketua Pemuda Umno Selangor berkata, tindakan menteri besar tersebut dipercayai atas desakan pihak lain, kemungkinannya DAP "untuk menguasai kerajaan."

Oi, have you woke up? Must we refer to you? Not enough of destruction from your own party? GO buy Kee Thuan Chye's book March 8 The day Malaysia woke up. Read it when you have free time. Don't waste your useless time doing irrelevant stuff.

Next up: An unknown education institution in Selangor...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vigil at Taman Jaya tomorrow

As usual, the vigil for Isa Detainee continues.

Venue: Taman Jaya field opposite of Amcorp Mall
Time: 8pm

Please light a candle for me as well. I will be away. Sad that I cannot join. :(

Please encourage all your friends, neighbours, relatives and your children (if you have) and show the ruling government that we dislike ISA.

Have a good day!

Candle picture taken from Whisperer's blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

~Happy Deepavali~

Happy Deepavali to all my Friends!

May you have a great year ahead and healthy always! Those who are traveling back, drive carefully. Those taking bus, don't over sleep! :)

Have a nice weekend!

Those who are around city, precisely PJ, you can go to MPH warehouse sales. Sales until this coming Monday. Its near the Jalan Universiti. Almost directly in front of the mosque. Those who knows the former Handymart should know where it is. Opposite of it. If you come from Sin Chew building (Rothmans roundabout), Turn left at the corner lot of Colgate factory and go straight. You can park around there and walk. Parking is quite difficult. Be alert for spaces. :) Quite a cheap sales indeed. 9am or 10am until 7pm. Cant recall the time. For more details, you can google for it. Better google for it :) TC!

YB Josephine Vs Press Freedom

Before I went to the forum for the discussion on YBJ short story, I had a quick skim on the article which was translated in English. (You can read it at Teresa Kok's Blog) The ending part gave me an uneasy feeling. Read the post note on why I felt that way.

The forum discussed on our press freedom which violated our peaceful law of order. Speakers stated that every one have their freedom to speak, but be responsible for what they write. YB Lim KS added that what if some one use YBC4 or who ever that link to "You know who", how would it be? As for the article, Azmi , if I am not mistaken he said he would ask the Pakatan not to sue the Utusan if they only publish the front part without the assassination of YBJ. Yes, the front part is acceptable as it can be rated as fiction.

On the other hand, the topic on Ratu Anjing in which YB LIM KS mentioned, Haris Ibrahim added that he have 9 dogs at home. He knows the quality and cost for the dog food and point out that the food for detainee under ISA is teruk (I say compare in price lah). He also said that he is a muslim who loved dogs. Who says Muslim cannot have dog? "Eyes wide and everyone is laughing!"

They stated that even with freedom of writing and speech, one cannot place violence in your story that will influence the people. Imagine the younger generation who are reading it, what will be absorb in their mind? I wondered have they think of it?

YB LIM KS highlighted 10 resemblances in the article that linked to YB Teresa. The writer claimed to have not write with resembling to any one. Is it so?

In my opinion, Utusan had indirectly encourage violence in their media. When the people are trying to have peace, they are trying to inject the violence by putting in assassination in the short story that they had published. It's not the killing of the BAD GUYS or some corrupted people, but a mere representative of the people! This story is really not putting up any moral value at all. What is the writer trying to tell the readers? That those who are not fighting for the right cause will be punish? Then I as an irresponsible citizen or writer can also write who (fictionalizes) is to be send to "The land of DARKNESS" and publish it? Is this right?

One cannot link Politician and Violence(Assassination and etc). Never ever touch on that.


Anyway, The venue was small, the turnout was quite ok. The impact was KAO KAo on my mind. Met up with great people. Bought a book on YB LIM GUAN ENG entitled 'DARI PENJARA LIM GUAN ENG KE TAMPUK KUASA' that was written and compiled by Wan Hamidi, one of the speaker. (Got his signature :) Thanks sir!)

From left: Wan Hamidi Hamid, Azmi Sharom, Khalid Samad, Moderator, YB Lim KS, Haris Ibrahim, and YB Teresa Kok.

They end with handing over to the honourable speaker a BOIKOT UTUSAN banner.

You can read more on yesterday forum at Malaysiakini, and Malaysia Insider.
Another news stated that 19 organisations want the short story to be retracted. Its in Mandarin.

Post Note:
It was stated that YBJ is assassinated when she goes up to speak in the infamous short stories. It gave me the thought that YB Teresa life is going to end at the forum. My mind was in a mess thinking of what will happen at the forum. Thank GOD it went smoothly for YB Teresa. She also mentioned she need to take more precaution after the published of the YBJ story.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

“tidak guna solat kalau tidak bayar yuran”- ref Malaysiakini

I was shocked when I read the above statement by UPM staff. Come on. Why do you link $ with religion? It seems to me that the staff have no respect for religion.

Mana perginya moral value anda?

UPM was one of the top University around Malaysia. But look at their ethical values...In Hokkien I would say: Xia Xuey... means shameful or in B.Malayu MEMALUKAN!

The student could have financial difficulty and delay his/her payment. Unless those that purposely don't want to pay, that I can't protect them. One cannot base on majority who are able to pay expect the minority to be able to do it as well. Gone are the days when people are considerate.

Moreover, UPM recently is in hot soup for their unreasonable rejection of their students staying in Hostel. Pretty cool uni huh? I shall leave it to the higher education minister to deal with it.

Read m0re articles on UPM Here and here.
Taken From

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Public Forum: “Assassinating a YB” vs Press Freedom-From YB LIM KS

Public Forum: “Assassinating a YB” vs Press Freedom

Date: 23.10.08 (Thursday)
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Jalan Maharajalela, KL

1. Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader
2. Khalid Samad, Member of Parliament
3. Harris Ibrahim, Lawyer
4. Azmi Sharom, Academician
5. Wan Hamidi Hamid, Senior Journalist
6. Teresa Kok, Selangor Senior Exco

All Are Welcome!

taken from YB Lim Kit Siang's blog. Go and support. TC.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gov't stands firm on anti-politics stance for Uni-Malaysiakini

UUCA: Gov't stands firm on anti-politics stance
Rahmah Ghazali Oct 21, 08 3:44pm

The controversial Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) was in the spotlight again today when a deputy minister reinforced the government's stand that university students should not get involved with political parties.
Amid the amendments, Deputy Minister of Higher Education Idris Harun said Section 15 of the act, which states that students can join outside bodies but are still banned from joining political parties, was still relevant in preventing students from being influenced by any political party.
Politics in campus 'promote racial ideology'
Students can still study politics
Taken From Malaysiakini.
I totally disagree with what our Deputy Minister of Higher Education Idris Harun said. Come on. If you want the students to be aware of what is happening in politic, you should have given them the chance to experience it. Not to say they can still study in University. Experiencing and studying it is totally a different exposure.
Politic involved everything that we do or deal with. From Education, purchases of cars, houses, hiring people, business and so much more. What ever that we do will directly or indirectly involves politic. So, why is there a need to stop the students from garnering more information as well as improving our country?
No wonder why when others move forward, our education still goes backward. Without exposure, our university students will not be innovative, outspoken and think on behalf of our country. Cabinet, think ahead.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

X-ISA Vigil 19 Oct Tmn Jaya

  • Fantastic
  • Mini Concert
  • Double the crowds as compare to last Sunday
Went quite late. Stayed for around 20 minutes. Bought an orange colour NO HOLDS BARRED T! Marina gave her thanks and I chao. Some still stayed back to sing some songs. It rain quite heavy after I reached home. Few photo for memories. Cant go next 2 weeks. :(

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mimaland for sale!?

Is Mimaland up for sale? Priced at RM 20,600,000.00 , indeed not cheap for its size of 18 acre. It has been reported all over the local media about Mimaland. I have not been there. According to my mom, its a luxurious to be able to visit Mimaland those days. It has since been abandoned by the owner since the land slides happen some years ago. The area is prone to landslides. Here is a collection of photos by moslim and khairiah on Mimaland. Owned by Magnum Corp, they have no plan for this park. IF i HAVE MONEY, I would take over and renovate it. I always like to have my own resort. Why not? Nice and great to see the children run around. IF...

Aktivis Suaram ditahan bawah ISA-ref Malaysiakini

Another person is being detained under ISA. Read here. BM version.

It seems like our authority is busy playing cat and mouse. They detained those who stand for the right. I am wondering how many people can be place in Kamunting. Not enough with the big fish that they are now aiming for the smaller fish to bring a message over? Come on. Malaysian will not take that anymore. Detention without trial is injustice to the person who had or had not commit any wrong doing. Its like you smack a child without giving an explanations. Fair? Let Malaysian be the judge. If the most moron (don't include those mighty weighter supporters) person also say its fair, its better for some one to buy me a one way flight to Australia or any country that are willing to accept me.

The ISA detainees list goes on. 67 at the moment?

Come Sunday. Anti-Isa Vigil at Padang Timur, near to Taman Jaya. Next to A&W. In front of Amcorp Mall. Time 8pm until every one left with satisfaction knowing they had make a stand! See you there!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kepada Sabahan yang dikasihi

Setelah membaca surat yang ditulis oleh saudara/saudari yang berasal dari Sabah, ia menyentuh hati saya dengan orang-orang yang tinggal di Sabah. Saya pernah melawat Sabah pada tahun 2007. Destinasi-destinasi yang saya kunjungi ialah Gunung Kinabalu, Kota Kinabalu , Pulau Sapi + Malukan dan Kolam Air Panas Poring. Setiap tempat yang saya lawati memberi memori yang istimewa dan ia masih kekal dalam minda saya. Saya juga jatuh cinta dengan suasana di sana yang mana udara dan tempat yang saya kunjungi sangat bersih. Langsung tidak dapat dibandingkan dengan udara dan persekitaran yang teruk di Semenanjung Malaysia** terutamanya KOTA kita, Kuala Lumpur. Janganlah kata API* di KL ini rendah. Habuk tetap habuk. (*Unit yang digunakan untuk memeriksa tahap keselamatan udara.) (**kecuali Cameron Highland dan tempat yang terpencil.)

Saya telah menghantar surat yang ditulis saudara/ri ini kepada kawan-kawan saya. Salah seorang kawan saya berkata bahawa dia perlu berlajar dari orang-orang Sabahan. Ya, kita dah hidup dengan baik. Kita di Semenanjung Malaysia telah mengabaikan anda. Sangat Malulah saya untuk berdepan dengan kawan-kawan Sabah.

Pernah sekali kawan saya berkata bahawa orang Sabah tidak menjaga kebersihan. Masa itu, saya tidak bagi komen kerana saya masih tidak tahu akan keadaan yang sebenarnya. Namun, jika anda suruh saya bagi komen sekarang, saya boleh kata bahawa ia berlaku kerana kesusahan yang dialami mereka dalam keperluan harian. Dah menjadi kebiasaan bagi mereka untuk tidak membazirkan air. Tidak mendapat air yang mencukupi bukanlah sesuatu yang seronok bila ia berlaku pada kita. Saya masih ingat bahawa sepupu saya yang sangat suka dengan kebersihan diri, selalu mesti cuci tangan, muka selepas makan. Bayangkan dia di Sabah. Mana boleh tahan lama?

Sabahan juga mengalami kemiskinan yang sangat membimbangkan. Apabila anda membaca Sabahan Plights 2, anda mungkin akan merasa betapa untungnya kita ni yang masih boleh makan dan minum teh petang tanpa memikirkan banyak. Kerana kemiskinan, ia juga menjejaskan kesihatan rakyat di Sabah. Ubat-ubatan yang mahal tidak mampu dibeli oleh mereka. Malah, susu yang khas untuk bayi pun mereka tidak mampu. Ada yang pemikiran mereka masih kekal seperti orang dahulu. Mereka tidak mendapat didikan yang baik dan cara yang betul untuk menjaga diri serta anak-anak mereka.

Malaysia sangat maju! Maju di Semenanjung sahaja. Sabah? Sarawak? Adakah ia telah diabaikan oleh kerajaan yang hanya mahu jaga muka dengan membina KLCC, KL TOWER, Litar F1, membeli kereta berjenama, menjaga perut, dan apa lagi? Cyberjaya? Saya tahu! Kita perlu menjaga muka Malaysia bagi pelabur-pelabur yang akan membawa wang yang banyak ke negara kita ini. Setelah 45 tahun, baru "nama" Sabah dan Sarawak di pentingkan.

Bahkan saya tahu bahawa sekolah-sekolah di Sabah turut susah kerana kekurangan guru-guru yang tidak rela mengajar di sana. Eh, Sabah itu bukanlah jauh. Sekarang ada Air Asia ini! Semua orang pun BOLEH TERBANG! Saya pernah membaca di surat khabar yang menyiarkan masalah yang dihadapi oleh pelajar di sana. Mereka yang tinggal di pendalaman Sabah memerlukan masa yang panjang untuk sampai ke sekolah. Mereka terpaksa melalui sungai, jalan melalui hutan-hutan, dan jalan agak jauh jaraknya untuk sampai ke sekolah. Kalau hujan, tak payahlah pergi sekolah. Jalan yang mereka lalui akan banjir ataupun sekolah tidak ada guru kerana guru pun tidak dapat sampai.

Bila kerajaan cakap tentang Project Bakun dan project lain lain, tenaga elektrik yang dijana di sana akan di salurkan kepada Semenanjung Malaysia. Apa? Semenanjung lagi? Orang Sabah tak perlu ke? Takkan nak suruh mereka pakai minyak tanah ataupun lilin seumur hidup ini? Bagilah peluang untuk mereka menghayati hidup ini.
Peluang pekerjaan bagi Sabahan agak berkurangan kerana terdapat banyak pendatang tanpa izin yang datang ke Sabah. Mereka ini telah mengambil alih ekonomi ataupun wang gaji yang sepatutnya kepunyaan orang Sabah. Kenapalah ini boleh berlaku? Kerajaan harus menilai apakah masalah yang telah berlaku. (Kita tahulah, hanya mahu menyatakan sahaja.) Bila menang pilihan raya atas bantuan orang Sabahan dan Sarawak, barulah kerajaan bertidak menjaga keperluan mereka. Tolonglah, jangan layan mereka ini seperti orang yang bukan sebahagian dari Malaysia ini.
Kebelakangan ini, saya telah membaca sejarah tentang bagaimanakah Sabah telah menyatukan negeri itu dengan Malaysia. Pada masa itu, rakyat SABAH yang menentukan bahawa mereka ingin bersatu dengan Malaysia. Jikalau pada masa itu mereka memilih Filipina ataupun Indonesia, Malaysia LANGSUNG tidak mempunyai Sabah. Ingatlah bahawa rakyat Sabah yang berhasrat untuk bersatu dengan Semenajung Malaysia ini. Menteri Pelancongan yang sangat suka memaparkan nama Sabah, sila fikirkan cara-cara yang baik bagi menjaga Sabah yang penuh dengan kehidupan liar, pemandangan yang cantik, dan flora fauna yang istimewa. Janganlah hapuskan keunikan Sabah.

Sabahan yang melawat ke Semenanjung mendapati kita mempunyai adat yang berbeza. Sama juga dengan Raykat Semenanjung yang pergi ke sana. Macamlah dua negara yang berbeza. Banyak yang kita di Semenanjung Malaysia boleh berlajar dari mereka. Adat dan kemesraan mereka, kehidupan yang menarik serta makanan yang luar biasa.

Tidak menarik perhatian anda? Dah sampai masa kita bersatu, bukanlah bersatu pada masa 1963. Itu hanya dalam kertas, dalam hati saya rasa belum lagi. Saya suka dengan Sabah, bagaimana dengan anda? Dah sampai masa kita tolong menolong. Dah sampai masa untuk Sabah berubah demi masa depan yang cerah. Dah lah 45 tahun hidup tak menentu... Kawan-kawan di Sabah, saya menyeru anda membuat pilihan yang baik dalam hidup anda. Selain itu, kawan-kawan di Semenanjung ini tolonglah Sektor Pelancongan mereka. Banyak tempat yang boleh kita lawat. Tak perlulah susah susah nak tukar wang kita ini, terus pergi ke dunia yang berbeza di Sabah dan bila anda balik, memori yang terbaik memenuhi minda anda.

Semua gambar yang anda tengok ini dirakam di Sabah. Cantik? Menarik perhatian anda? Pergilah menikmati Sabah yang cantik ini! :)

Penjelasan Gambar:

1: Pemandangan di atas Gunung Kinabalu
2: Ikan-ikan di Pulau Sapi.
3: Pemandangan di atas Gunung Kinabalu
4: Pemandang Gunung Kinabalu dari bawah. Diambil dari Wikipedia.
5: Pemandangan di atas Gunung Kinabalu
6: Kota Kinabalu, pemandangan dari atas bukit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Air Con Blast - Classroom burned - Petrol decrease

My classroom air-con burst in flame and I have no proper classroom at the moment. We are pretty lucky for not being in the classroom at that time. Yup. It does not look good if we are there. We would have been C4-ed. Usually I sat behind the classroom. I am not those who like to sit in front. After this incident, I prefer to sit in front and listen to my dearest lecturer. :0

We actually suspect something was wrong when we smell something in the morning when we were having our lesson. Indeed it happen in such a short span of time when it blast around afternoon. Now the corridor smell like a fire burning over the plastic. Not to forget the scattered chairs and dust inside the classroom.

Yes, anything can happen. Phone blast, so do air-con. Wondering how effective is our QUALITY CONTROL.

I was not able to online for a day. Felt so isolated suddenly. Then this morning, I read that petrol was decreased for 15 cent (I am using Ron97). Its timely for that to happen. Nothing much to rant about. One thing I hated was that the decrease always happen after I pumped my petrol the day before it was announced. Anyway, it does not matter. Malaysian have to get use to it. Up or down also we have to bear with it for the moment. The most unbearable is the ISA and BN ruling government. They have not been using their brain lately. I suppose the almighty might have drained up their brain juice. Is time for change.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sabahan Plights 2

This article is taken from YB LIM KIT SIANG's blog. As previous article, I will bold sentence that had touched my heart. BOLD red means "double heartache".


The cries of Sabahans (2)

Don't neglect Sabah, please

by Another Doctor

I refer to the Malaysiakini article Kota Marudu needs more than wireless Internet.

I read Dr Hams letter and cannot help but agree with many of his observations. I worked in Sabah for over seven years as a house officer and medical officer.

After my housemanship, I was sent to Ranau to serve in the district hospital. What Dr Hams described in Kota Marudu is not something isolated to that district alone in Sabah. It is an often repeated story in the whole of Sabah.

My first introduction to the poverty in Sabah came during my first months there, when a sweet 70- year-old lady from Kota Marudu was sent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with deep jaundice. She lived alone in a small village off Kota Marudu and noticed the jaundice about a month before.

She had no money for the taxi fare and so waited a month to sell off her chickens to have enough money to pay RM50 for the transport to Kota Marudu Hospital. She had to walk two miles to get to the road to get to the taxi.

Having been born, bred and educated in Peninsular Malaysia, I was shocked. When she arrived, she was septic and had a gallstone lodged in her common bile duct. The stone was duly removed but she was found to have a heart problem that required a pacemaker.

We arranged for her to get a permanent pacemaker but she refused. When I pressed her for her reason, she told me that she couldn't afford to buy batteries for the pacemaker, having sold off her chickens. Once I explained to her that the batteries would last for years and we would provide them, she agreed to the pacemaker.

Ranau town itself has roads and is on the main highway between Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu. It developed primarily as a result of the Mamut Copper Mines in the district. However, highway in this context means a two lane road with frequent landslides and potholes, with a two-hour drive to Kota Kinabalu.

Outside Ranau, transportation becomes a problem as tarred roads disappear to become gravel or crudely marked logging trails.

Anyone who has worked in Sabah would have the same stories to tell, of extreme poverty and poor transportation. During my 2 years in Ranau, I've heard and seen it all, patients with cerebral malaria, a condition unheard of in Peninsular Malaysia, coming in after 48 hours to the hospital from places like Kaingaran and Karagasan, with relatives having to push the 'pirate taxi' through the mud, spending RM50 on fare during the monsoon season, the equivalent of 2 months income, this too when petrol was only around RM1.20 a litre in Ranau. Patients having to delay treatment for life threatening conditions because a bridge washed away along the trail (I won't even call it a road) to Tambunan.

Emergency surgery such as caesarean sections, appendectomies and even ectopic pregnancies had to be performed in our little district hospitals by Medical Officers with little more than 4 months housemanship experience. Medical emergencies such as myocardial infarctions, which in Peninsular Malaysia would be managed in a Coronary Care Unit setting, had to be managed in the district hospital level.

I'm grateful however, that my staff in that hospital were the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with and were dedicated enough to want to make a difference in their patients' lives. But poor transportation does not only affect the access to healthcare. Having no roads to be able to transport their agricultural produce for sale means that these people are stuck in a never ending cycle of poverty. At most, some of them get RM20 to RM50 by selling their produce to middlemen to be sold at the monthly tamu or market at prices that are perhaps only 10 percent of the value of the goods.

These innocent people are also preyed upon by traveling cloth merchants, mostly foreigners, who offer them 'easy payment schemes' to buy cloth for clothes, and when they cannot pay for the cloth and the interest accumulates, they end up having to marry their daughters to these men, who often have wives back home in Pakistan.

One of the cases I could never forget was of the family who came to Ranau Hospital just as I was leaving, a family who had failed crops, were hungry and unable to get food. The father collected some toad eggs and fed them to the whole family in a desperate attempt to stave off hunger. When they arrived at our little emergency room, one of the children were dead and two passed away within 10 minutes of arrival in our casualty unit due to poisoning.

Education is a problem in parts of Sabah outside major towns like Kota Kinabalu at the moment. Many children would be lucky to be able to get to a school or even afford to get to one. Most of my patients outside Ranau were lucky to even have a primary school education and a vast number of women marry in their teens.

I've had 14 year olds delivering babies in Ranau, most of them have never ever stepped foot in a school. The education level is so poor that many women feed their children condensed milk thinking that it's better than breast milk.But at the heart of it all, these mothers want the best for their children but are not empowered with the knowledge to help them.

Major towns in Sabah have electricity courtesy of the Sabah Electricity Board, but smaller villages have either diesel generators or rely on candles or lamps when night falls. How can children study in these conditions?

Like many doctors in the districts, I had to learn Dusun to communicate better with these patients who could speak little else. Forty five years after the formation of Malaysia, the promise of a better life for these poor Dusun, Murut and Rungus patients in the districts of Sabah is a pipe dream at best.

How can our politicians claim to have brought development to the state and have neglected these poor people, many of whom still wear the cheap t-shirts and caps given free by political parties from many elections ago. How can I claim to be proud of Putrajaya with it's beautiful bridges and lamp posts and the Petronas twin Towers when our fellow Malaysians in Sabah are so neglected?

The cycle of poverty and illiteracy one sees in the districts in Sabah brings despair to the heart. Eradication of poverty must tackle the real issues of education and transport and not just handouts to poor people.

By all means, declare Sept 16th a public holiday, but remember it in it's real context, where we made a promise to our brethren in Sabah and Sarawak to treat them as equals in Malaysia, and give them the development they've been long denied.


Readers, please share with me how you think after you read this 2 articles on Sabahan Plights.

I saw YB LIM KS @ PJ vigil

I attended PJ Anti-Isa Vigil. He came later when our vigil was almost finish. Everyone was looking around for friends or well known people to share their thoughts. Out of sudden, YB Lim Kit Siang just "pop up" without my" super sensitive antenna" realization.

He said a few words of encouragement to those present to give support. I got a video here of him speaking to those who were there. Thanks MTBoyJ for your effort.

As he is one of those that I admired for his guts and BOLD, I make my way to reach him and greet him as well. It is indeed a blessing to shake his hand and see him face to face. Yes, I was contracted with the euphoric YOUTHFUL feeling like a child who have just receive his boost from his father.

Nothing can be compare with this moment of joy to know that he is there with the people. Old yet furious with words that most of the MP feared to face.

I will have sleepless night thinking about this. :)

The usual face is there to lend their support. Not only that, I also saw some unexpected faces. I also asked one of my politic kaki to join the previous vigil and failed all the time. Tonight, he came and I am proud!

Not only that, I dragged along my parents. They have the same mind set of mine, which is to abolish the ISA for a better Malaysia. But the old conservative mind need some time to change. They were lamenting that the government will just ignore what we have done tonight. I chose to believed that we have pressed on the pressure button for the government to act appropriately.
I am proud of my parents.

Nevertheless, it was a great day. Hope that next Sunday more people will flood the field and send a bigger message over !

PS: PMR students, all the best to you! Just try your best! No worries!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Candle-light Vigil in PJ on this Sunday, 12th October


Candle-light Vigil in PJ on this Sunday, 12th October

Venue: Padang in front of Amcorp Mall, next to A&W Restaurant, Petaling Jaya (Google Map)

Time: 8pm

Date: Sunday, 12th October, 2008

Come one, come all. Please bring along your own candles (red & yellow) & wear your RPK t-shirts. T-shirts will be available for sale on-site subject to stock availability. Let's show our support to RPK & family, and all of the ISA detainees.

Supporters of RPK & Malaysia-Today
From MT!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sabahan plights-taken from YB Lim KS blog

Below is a letter send in by Sabahan staying in West Msia. I highlighted sentence that touched my heart.

As 916 (September the 16th) – the day where the change of Federal Government is rumoured could happen. I suddenly have the urge to say a few words for my beloved hometown and state – Sabah, the Land below the Wind.

I am not very good in writing, but I will try my best, to let our voices be heard throughout the world.

Many people assume that we Sabahans are a proud bunch of people, hence the name “Proud Sabahans”; I do admit, Sabahans generally do have a biased perceptions towards West Malaysians, me myself included. Although Sabah is the poorest state amongst all the 13 states in Malaysia, it’s not the fault of the peninsular people. (It’s the fault of the Federal Government), but the lack of understanding of West Malaysians towards us – East Malaysians, makes me feel ashamed of myself.

Because they - West Malaysians, they never really encountered what we as East Malaysians faced, nor do they understand the distresses we are in.

This is the story of one country, two different encounters, as fate would have it.

When I first arrived in West Malaysia, west Malaysians they asked me “Do you Sabahans really live on trees?”, while my sister was mistaken for a bumiputra although she is a Malaysian Chinese.

We are not rude; nor we still hunt; nor we still have tiger meat for food; neither do we sleep together with Orang Utans.

West Malaysians do not really quite know where do I come from, is it Sarawak? Is it Sabah? Hence they always refer us as originating from Sabah Sarawak, explanations after explanations, they still do not get it, and hence still, they assume, we are from Sabah Sarawak. But I do not refer those West Malaysians as coming from states like Kedah Kelantan; neither melakasembilan nor penangperlis.

I tried my best to introduce Sabah to my West Malaysian friends; over in Sabah we do have housing estates, markets, discos, jetties, and even Giant hypermarkets.

But in contradiction, although I live in a house with 4 walls and a roof, but we always have to face frequent blackouts, not to mention frequent water disruptions and rationing also, we do not even have a properly tarred road, compared to West Malaysia.

Once I was staying in West Malaysia, I was ticked off by my housemates for not flushing the toilet after urinating; he mentioned that it was very unhygienic of me.

When I heard of this, I was dumbfounded; do I need to flush every time after I finish using the toilet?

Then I realized, West Malaysia have endless water supply 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 60 minutes an hour, 60 seconds per minute.

Humph!!! Well, it’s my fault, my fault for bringing all the bad habits from Sabah to West Malaysia, in my hometown – Sandakan, Sabah, we have to put up with frequent water disruptions, my mother do not allow me to flush every time after I use the toilet !! We only have water supply twice a week, which is on Monday and Thursday; this is because my house is situated on top of a hill, for other low lying areas, they only got water supply at the most 3-4 times a week, this is the policy that is practiced way back in my hometown.

When I mentioned about my house toilet, you would be better prepared, it smells and stinks like there are no tomorrow, we only flush when the urine stench is really became unbearable, looking yellowish in colour, if we were to flush every time we finish using the toilet, then there will be no more water for us to bath.

Either you want to use the water to flush every time you finish using the toilet, or use the water to bath, you decide yourself. For those who bath and wash their hair twice a day, I really envy you guys, as we are only allowed to wash our hair on Monday and Thursday, the days when there are water supply coming in.

Talking about power supply in my hometown, on average in a month, we will be in total darkness for at least 72 hours; the highest record was no power supply for 8 hours a day for 1 whole week!! If there is no power disruption in Sabah, then it’s not Sabah, even the electricity company of Sabah, SESB confirms to this, where SESB stands for SABAH EVERYDAY SURE BLACKOUT. If there were no power supply for half an hour in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, tomorrow it will be the top news in the media, but for us Sabahans on the other side of Malaysia, being drenched in total darkness for few hours, causing traffics to go haywire, no one even bothered about us.

I still remember the first time I took my friends to visit my hometown, on the first night there was no power supply, so we sat in front of the house, gazing at the stars and the moon on the sky. If I were to say, standing outside my house, lifting up your finger and you may be able to touch the moon, where the moon is so bright that you can see your shadow, and you can even differentiate each and every sign of the zodiac, you have to believe me, because the air in my hometown is still unpolluted, pristine and fresh.

Anyway, with regards to the frequent disruption of water and electricity supply in Sabah, we have become acquainted with it, for more that 20 years that I have been living here, its still the same, things never changed for the better, we have learn not to resist and accept it as fate would have it.

This is us, Sabahans, always the simple, pure and innocent lot; we just grin and bear with it.

Hence the reasons why the Federal Government always likes to bully us Sabahans, they took away all our vast natural resources to develop Kuala Lumpur, sold away all our valuable timber logs, in exchange for high rise buildings in West Malaysia, sucked up Sabah’s petroleum, in order to built north-south expressways in West Malaysia.

Not to mention using Sabah’s orang utan in exchange with China’s panda, and have it keep in Zoo Negara in West Malaysia.

The Federal Government is so generous in donating monies to Sichuan, but aren’t capable of building better roads for Sabahans, it’s still the same after 45 years.

Sabah’s first flyover was recently completed, after being built for 8 years more, this make us Sabahans so happy and jumping with joy. That’s us, easily contented.

Sabah is a poor neglected state; she would weep if she were able to do so, each and every time, the government promised to solve the illegal immigrants issue plaguing the state, but the matter is still unsolved up until today, like the saying, to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

The illegal immigrants in Sabah has overwhelmed the local population at 1.7 million versus 1.5 million, and is increasing day by day, most of these illegal immigrants are from The Philippines and Indonesia, when last year it was briefly mentioned that The Philippines is interested in claming back Sabah, if a referendum were to be held, with the help of Filipinos residing in Sabah, we will be dead for sure, Philippines will be able to take Sabah back as theirs.

Needless to say, Sabah is not only without its frequent disruption of water and electricity supply, even job opportunities are hard to come by, causing all the youngsters to seek jobs in West Malaysia and other places.

Do you know that a bottle of yogurt that costs RM3.70 in West Malaysia cost Rm5.70 in Sabah, and all the magazines and newspapers in Sabah are more expensive if compared with West Malaysia? This is because all the goods have to be flown over from West Malaysia, where the courier charges will be included in the goods prices, therefore marking it up higher, the money that we earn are taxed by the Federal Government, these taxes that we pay are taken to develop Kuala Lumpur,

In Sabah there are still people that earn a meager RM200 per month, even worse off than those toilet cleaners in West Malaysia.

Everytime I am back in Sabah, wherever I looked went and looked around; I can only manage to find mostly schooling youngsters. There is nothing much these youngsters can do for those that prefer not to leave Sabah. Last year, a few of my friends decided that after graduation, they will stay in Sabah, no matter what happens, at that time I thought that they are very naïve, West Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur is such a nice place, what’s the reason to stay back in Sabah? They replied in jest, “If nobody is willing to stay in Sabah, how do we expect Sabah to stand up”, what they said make me realized my mistakes, but what to do, none of the jobs in Sabah are suitable for me; I have no choice but to continue working in West Malaysia.

Last month, my cousin quit his job and went back to Sabah, out of curiosity, I asked him the reason for doing so, since the wages in Sabah is so low, it’s not worth it, I told him. He retorted back, saying “West Malaysia is not my home, sooner or later I will be going back to Sabah, the place where I belong, and I surely believe there are companies willing to employ me.” I felt ashamed, as previously I planned to reside and have a family in West Malaysia, but what my cousin say woke me up, although I am now residing in West Malaysia, I should have given words of encouragement for my beloved state – Sabah.

If the land of Sabah was and is properly developed, surely it will be amongst the top states in Malaysia, but everything was trampled on, ruined and went the other way!!

Hence the reasons why those who stepped on the soil of Sabah will be given an immigration slip by the Customs department, only allowing non Sabahans to stay in Sabah for not more than 90 days.

If Sabah were not to protect herself, I dare not dread to think of the consequences that may befall us, it will be too ghastly to look at.

Up till today, for West Malaysians, Sabah is shrouded in secrecy and far away from their sight. No one is willing to come to Sabah, as if it’s a different world comprising of humans of uncivilized nature, for those youngsters who are going to be send to Sabah to undergo their National Service, they wept like there are no tomorrow, its like they are about to enter hell.

Is Sabah heaven or hell? Come and have a look for yourself, until today, only tourists from Western and other countries are willing to come to Sabah, a state once deemed to be more prosperous than Kuala Lumpur, in search of its glorious pasts.

In West Malaysians, there are only 3 major races; in Sabah, there are 32 ethnic tribes, most West Malaysians do not know of these facts.

East Malaysia is the place where all the different races and tribes, of different faiths and religions, live harmoniously; this, probably West Malaysians do not know either.

In Sabah, it’s a norm for Muslims to eat in non-Muslims eateries, to dine in Chinese seafood restaurants, without fear and prejudice of being served with non halal foods; this is the kind of respect and trusts we have for each other. I don’t think this can be seen in West Malaysia, besides Kelantan, I would say.

Recently Giant hypermarkets make their presence known in Sabah; they are trying to control the Sabah supermarket segment, indirectly trying to control Sabah’s economy, but were rejected by Sabahans.

We in Sabah have our own newspapers; our own supermarkets, we do not need others to come in and reap our fruits of labour, all to be channeled back to West Malaysia!!

The country neglected East Malaysia - Sabah and Sarawak so much so that even 16th September 1963 was not recognized as the day Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak merged to form Malaysia. And out of nothing Malaysia boasted that Mount Kinabalu is the pride of all Malaysians.

Mount Kinabalu is the pride of Sabahans; the biggest flower in the world – Rafflesia is the pride of Sabahans, orang utans are also the pride of Sabahans; but we are not proud to be Malaysians.

Last but no least, as a Sabahan, I sincerely hope and pray that after 916, Sabah can gain back what she has lost all this while, for a better tomorrow for all Sabahans.

Hopefully the coming 16th September can be declared as the day, we East Malaysia – Sabah, Sarawak tohether with Malaya formed Malaysia! Dear Federal Government, please be fair to us!!

All the best Sabah!! I wish to see you grow; in the future, in the time to come!!



Sabah friends, is time to make a change. I've been to Sabah. I know how it is. The Road is terrible, the places is under develop. Frankly, the unpolluted air is what i like the most. Is time to give chance to others to rule. You don't want any more mess for your future generation. BN is not a good ruler after all. Have you see it clearly? Give chance to other to rules~ You have the power to change! Change now!

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Isi Tempat Kosong - Kerja rumah raykat Malaysia

Sila isikan tempat kosong bagi soalan-soalan dibawah ini:

  1. ________ akan menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia bagi tahun 2009.
  2. ________ akan mendedahkan rahsia C4.
  3. ________ yang paling berkuasa dalam pilihanraya. (Anda HANYA boleh pilih Rakyat atau UMNO.)
Sila menjawab soalan-soalan ini selepas anda fikir dengan teliti.

Macam mana nak jawab? Letak di comment box lah.. :)

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Pak Lah: I hope Najib will be my successor-Ptui~!

Guess what appeared in M'siakini?

Wah liao... PM ah... please think ahead. If you would start a POLL asking who can or capable to be the next PM, I am sure NAJIB is not on the list.
Not with the rumour of him linking to murder case, not to some one who is not favour by the majority of Malaysian, and many more reason. People, I am sure you have your reason. Just too much to list it out.

Once and for all, No C4!

The people will not accept it.

The END of PAK LAH - New Dawn is on the way

PAK LAH is stepping down! SOON! He announced that he will not be contesting for the March 2009 UMNO election. So, this few months will be his last countable days before some one take over.


Can I ask Anwar to take over before any bodek head or any C4 come and BOLOT our money?

Its getting worst. M'siakini reported that a Perlis Mufti resigned due to political involvement. Even the Mufti also cannot take it? What's more with the people?

When the nation talk about change, some just chose to avoid it. It's time to change. We no longer live in stone age. When others talk about modernisation, some just think of maintaining. Not relevant at all.

Pak Lah, before you go, can you do us a favour? Just pass the baton to DSAI lah... Then I will regard you as the most honourable person! A PM FOR ALL.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oct 13 - When Parliament start

So, what can we expect from Parliament when it start on 13th of Oct?

It is also the beginning for PMR students to battle with their knowledge against the Blank Paper right before them. What else can we expect? Can we see DS Anwar do something on that day? Can we desire for the release of ISA detainee and RPK as well?

Heartache to see RPK on his first day of trial. Sad to know that the most respected man of Malaysia is being charged. How about others whose mouth is more smelly that the smelly yong tao fuu (beancurd)?

RPK trial will continue until this friday. Those who are without commitment, please go to PJ court to give your support.

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Macau Open Results- LCW Lost

Lee Chong Wei lost in Straight set to Taufik. I guess he haven't recover from Olympic Games. Or may be he has lost his form. Meanwhile, Koo-Tan combination won against the Taiwanese pair. Good one. Our woman single lost to Hong Kong player. (She is former China Player. bought over by HK.)

More details on results.

Keep it up will you? Malaysia CAN! :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Macau Open'08 Badminton-LCW,Julia,K&T Enter final

Tomorrow line up for Macau Open. Missed out Chong Wei's performance. He won in 37 minutes against Indonesian. He will fight against Taufik Hidayat. I hope he is still playing when I reach home tomorrow. Men Doubles will be playing against Chinese Taipeh (Taiwan). I watched the Taiwanese player played against Malaysian Double chew-chan, but their performance is just norm. If Koo-Tan are at their best (Fast and no hesitation!), they will be able to win against them. But beware, the Taiwanese is fast and furious. As for Chong wei, I have no comment because I have not watch his performance during Macau Open.


1.Starting at 2:00 PMXD
Yohan Hadikusumo WIRATAMA [1]HKG[HKG]

2.Followed byWS
MAS[MAS] Julia Pei Xian WONG [8]

3.Followed byMD
Kien Keat KOO [1]MAS[MAS]
Boon Heong TANMAS[MAS]
TPE[TPE] Chieh Min FANG [2]

4.Followed byWD


5.Followed byMS
Chong Wei LEE [1]MAS[MAS]

Match result and schedule taken from here.

Keep it up Chong Wei!

It sadden me when the youth goes wrong

It sadden me. Especially youths who are our hope for a better future. When Sammy wrote on her experiences with snatch thief, she included a not so good name calling and and bad remark. (She had deleted her posting.)

I mingle a lot with the youth. They are rebellious at time, tough, rough, and some would rate them immature. Some matured in an early age. They are struggling everyday in their lives. They need people to guide them. I know I am not in a position to say that. I have gone through their stages as well. Once, I too hunger for the people attention and at time took the wrong path. How I wish at that time there are people who really concern of me and advice me to take the right path or say the right thing. Some time, youths may not head for parents advices. They often would like to know their peer thought about certain things.

The younger generation need helps from all societies. Some did their best. I must salute befriender, the churches all over Malaysia, the NGO and so on. I have to say that they still NEED people to help. It is not sufficient. If you are willing, join them and help the youths. If you are doing your part, I salute you for I know its tiring and your commitment will be rewarded with a change in a YOUTH LIVES.

I know I cannot change a person alone. At least some of us can do a little changes.

Some may think that I am wasting my time saying about changing the youths. yada yada... Yes, I trusted change. Change for better or worst. I trust the better ones. I am not wasting time. I see changes before my eyes. That is why i'm still there to be with them. (Not to be like them.)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Congress Vs Senate

Thanks Bro HP for commenting on US bail. The US House of Parliament voted on monday, but it did not succeed. So, the senator made another round of votes and amend some criteria. For me, I am confuse as well. I decided to check on the differences and their function.

Which is more powerful?

" 'Is the House more powerful than the Senate' the answer is no. The Senate is more powerful than the House due to its powers of advise and consent over treaties and presidential nominations for the judiciary and executive branches."

Taken from this page.

You can refer to another link for more details.
On Senate, differences between both congress and senate, US Congress, and Malaysia Dewan Negara (Senate).

Congress practices bicameral system or more well known as "checks and balances". That's why they have 2 senator from each district. Malaysia link their bicameral systems to their federal political structure. Thus, it shows the weakness and allows the BIG decision to be made by the major holding power in Parliament.

Back to senator, in US, each senator is selected by their people. Malaysia Senate consists of 70 members, of which 26 are indirectly elected by the states, with two senators for every state in the Federation, and the other 44 being appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King). Read here.

US senate decision to bail out receives mixed response as some don't really agree with it. Either way, we will only know how it will end up in the future.

I learn a lot by reading US bail out. Good to know how we can deal with this. Malaysia have a lot to learn from others. Make sure we learn the better way, not the useless and going-no-where solution.

US $700B bail out APPROVED

Yes, the long awaited result for US $700Billion Bail out " Rescue 911 " for their financial system is announced. They will help the country economic. Obama mentioned that this is to bring US economic back to level and he did mention something like helping the people etc. in which I have forgotten. To read more, click here.

As they struggles with it, Malaysia struggle with the inflation rate. So, in-FLAT-ion mean we will be FLAT soon huh? Flat with the petrol price that had hiked previously and the prices of food hike according to the petrol price. Now that the petrol price reduced, will the prices of food be reduce?

No. The traders will not do that. They will say that gasoline is still rising. Electricity is still rising. Have you forgotten that our Budget promise to be a budget that are fair for all? (That's what PM promised us.) No, like what the TAK NAK campaign said. It's working!!

The people spirit's is going FLAT!
Our purse or wallet is going FLAT!
Our tummy will go FLAT!
I think its time to buy FLAT than bungalow.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rumour is speeding in the air

When we talk about rumour on something or someone, it can speed away quickly and someone will know about it faster than a lighting struck (trying to exaggerate as much as I can!). I was reflecting about secondary school days when I suddenly remember this incident.

I cannot recall her name but I remembered I admired her. I think I told someone and it was suddenly being circulated around our school freinds..then I don't know how the other high school (which is quite far away) friends know about it.

This really tells me one thing: Gossip travels fast! So, be equip with countering such incident.

It also reminded me of our politic. Some untrue facts was not check and it was spread out wildly. End up it cost a person sad and anger few parties. Therefore, rumour must be check. It was not a high school drama where its still mild for the people to take it. When it involves the majority of Malaysian or citizen, be mindful of our words.

So long...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wishing Malaysian Muslim Hari Raya AidilFitri

Wishing you Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!!

Have a blessed day and safe journey home!