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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Christian, a good role model ?

YUP, from what some other people may see it, it was a good role model for them. But i don't think it tat way. A christian is still a human, right? so human still makes mistake, right? not all CHRISTIAN are good role model to the others..they might have try their best, but human still do wrong...i come to remember when 1 of my non-christian friend told me that his relative has been hurt by a christian fella..i remembering that he was saying hw bad tis fella was..saying that christian shouldn't be like that..haha..i wana say that it's not the problem with the Christianity , but the human it's can't say that all christian are good role model a lot of people claim that they are christian but their inner self are no religion. How about that? GOT sense? human still human, christian are not a christian if they don't live according to GOD's words. Take care bro & sis who read tis.

By glory @ JKWY


TIME:1.15 am
I jus finish stuff (supper, bath) & now sitting in fornt of my comp after a long day work. tired, sleepy, eyes are gettin smaller. I come to realize that next time when i go for REAL am i going to manage my time 4 entertainment? gosh, any idea?

BY glory @ JKWY

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

work like mad dog !! i know how a kuli work la, i d know it early.not ez..well, as life teaches me how it should be, i really hope that it was not this way...WORK : die freedom, no time 4 our self..i come to realize that i need to sacrifice a lot of things when i come to the working society..not easy! I need to sacrifice my internet which is my interest(or so called my expression place), how could i live like tis...not fair, dumb working 12 hours a day..all my time has been taken..i feel dejected..wish GOD has created the 8 day for us to sleep & do stuff we good was that..haha..but i come to think that we are the 1 that dunno how to manage our time ler,,so? idea hw yet...take care evi 1,,

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Double trip! 2CH & RA$

Reports from me at cemeron highlands:

SUPER COLD, windy, cloundy, syok, tea, green, no FAN needed, nice vegetable, tomatoes, & nice view.
Good for relaxation. No entertainment. WARning: dun eat b4 reaching Cameron. GOT 'ang mo kia' vomit.
I go there not 4 relaxation, but doing serious matters. Brain drainage during the week. Overall, is good to be there. Stay at HCC(Cameron Gospel Hall), Tanah Rata. I miss d night wind.

~Reports end~

Trip 2 CIV, Rawang:

Morning up ~ Chao 2 church. Go with d committee in van. B4 reaching CIV, saw an accident that takes a man lifes. Silent mode in van. Then deco d place after reaching CIV, not long after d all of the CAMPERS arrive. Then we start off our camp. Overall, it is fun. I can't tell u all d detail as it was too much. It takes 3days 3 night to tell it all...too much fun, too much games, too little swim, too little sleep, too NGAM sermon, too small space in DORM, too happy to know each other, too less time for interaction, too good for everything, too hungry at some time, too much squid talk, too creative idea of BENGKEL SUSAN, too good renewal of our FAITH, too much pains, too much SIMON, too too here, too too there, is good to be too toooooo...... to the camp again. REPLAY of CIV. Coming SOON!!!!!!!! who knows? hehe...

NOTE: IT could be good too & bad too. I don't wana desTROY too tooooooo... cause it was so fun 2 play with words. haha...why am i talking like kindergarden kids....BACK to the past....hehe : )

By Glory @ JKWY