Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, January 31, 2005

nice & easy

well, after my exam over..i am now cleaning up my house . start with my room & i really headache with those rubbish in my room. Well, for the past week my comp were down. Cant use Streamyx. Now is back to normal. Finding more Protector like firewall and stuff. CNY gonna go back IPOH. SHud be next tuesday morning. LEaving at 6am. k..thats all for today..

Friday, January 28, 2005


hahahahaaha..... finally my exammmmmmm ooooooverssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i think i will need to resit some paper again. What a paper that i have today..i have no idea what i am doin! when i enter the examination halls, my brain went DEAD immediately! SHoCked me & i really cant concentrate. I cant think of the damm formula & just couldn't figure it out! IN the end, almost half an hour before the timeline, i suddenly remember back some formula & start writing like a GENIUS@!..wahaahh.. . well, not genius, more like a dummies..haha.. :o) some day, i will find myself doing something better for you & for me?????? apa ni>? no idea. Well, i am going to plan what i shud do for this whole week. CHINESE NEW YEAR reaching soon. Cleaning is a must! I must admit that my room is in a mess. My surrounding is like jungle...WAT/HOW am i going to celebrate CNY? HU! Well, i think i will need more support to do all this stuff in 1 week. K, got 2 go...catch up more with u guys after i get home & format my comp. BYE!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

hey, read in separate days,,,dun make ur eyes sore

Die another day, live today! haha..was thinking about the movie made famous by James-bond superstar Pierce Brosnan. It was a good movies. I never doubt it. All jamesbond movies was my favourite. Anyway, just recently my friend celebrated his 21st bday. I was reading about how he celebrated it. Well, mine is coming soon too. JUNE! haha...still got 5 months to go. In the other hand, some of my student also invite me to their birthday in february. I was thinking... why does birthday means so much to each one of us? HAHA...i figure that it was our birth date, it was also the day the figure of our age jump, 1->2->3->...19->20->21 ...whooohooo... so fast forward with our life ! & perhaps a present ? What a naif!

I just finish watching a movies entitled "The Kids" featuring Bruce Willis. The synopsis is that it bring his childhood memory back to present time & thus also makes him realise what he had missed. It was a wonderful movies & remind us don't forget our childhood dream. Well, when we reach certain age, do we actually go for our dream? Asking one of us here might be giving the answer that you might have forget what you dream for. Or perhaps i don't have a dream? May be you do. But may be it is hard to pursue it. Well, it could also be that you are pursuing something that are not your dream but for the wealth. Let not say anything until you go find the dream that you had.

What i am going to do when i reach 21? What will happen then? A gf? haha..put it aside will do. Let us not forget that life still has a long way to go after 21. GOD BLESS the guy who have reach 21 just recently. Hope he will find the dream he once chase after.

Everyear is not the same year we use to be,
Today you are 21,
A year ahead than others in figure,
Let us not forget that you also grow in other factors.

Life is a game,
you will lose,
you will win.
But if you lose,
pick your self up & continue the game.
If you WIN, humble yourself & continue to improve yourself.
It never ends.
GAME OVER is just a small bumper.
The 'END' & 'credits to' are the 'DONE' part in your life.

WHOM do you credit your life to?

only u know............................

This was a long ones, i was actually currious on how i can be that imaginative & have a lot of things to tell. I use to be a quiet person. Nothing can be express. May be i have grow? haha...well, i don't see myself grow much. I and a close friend was changing ideas on certain stuff when we actually have the same thought on it. Then he was saying: Are we old? Why we don't think like a youngster do? I admit that i am KOLOT (old fashion) & don't think like a youth. I care too much about my future. Like a old MAN. Some one always called me "UNCLE,ah pek" in church, MSN, Email....haha...u name it.

Well, i also called a bunch of us that went to the previous camp stating that this table is for the old man. And i name it 'OLD CITIZEN ZONES'...HAAHAH...a AUNT of mine also say that i have a 30-something person mind. the time i reach 21, i shud be at the age of 40. Each year of my youth has to be plus 10 years for my thought(ageing thought). :) haha...darn, i am getting old. When i say i am old to those older than me, they gave me a strange look. haha...they must be muttering that i am crazy or some sort. emglish essay also wont reach this long. I have no idea what i am writing . my eyes are soar... it's 5.30 am. Still got one more day to go for my exam. Then i will be free from all the BOOKS that i hate. But i can't hate them. For this is the tool i am using to teach the student. But a educationist wont be using books all the time right? i suppose that i wont be using books. But using real life. Relating it to life would be much better. MOST people hate study. I hope to make studies a great way/fun to absorb knowledge. You study to get knowledge, not A's. Thats part of education. Without education, you wont go far. Like not knowing a simple words, how could you understand what some ones need? I come to understand it when i teach the student. Now that i have understand it, i felt regret that i myself had not understand it the years before in secondary period. May be i can change the way student think. I might be late, but not for them. As a educationist, i will try my best to help them understand. Educationist teach education in human life, not teaching people the deadly way.

There is a chinese verse stating: A day as a TEACHER, forever will be a TEACHER. I will do my best for you. I will not forsake you. This is my promise.

Talking about Teaching, some how i also think that i am not a good teacher. I am a lazy person, not systematic enough, & of course my attitude is like a jerk. haha...i am too honest to myself. k, this part censor! Is getting EARLY. i need some sleep. Take care & thanks blogger for seeing my blog. {U like it? I know you like it. I am sure you like it!} COPY from 8TV ads, now a days been close to 8TV. haha...especially THE PALACES. Da Chang Jin!


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dedicated to a friend

A friend, is always by your side,
Listen to your heart,
Bring comfort when we needed it,
Bring joy to each others life,
Where we share the moments,
Share the Love...

Don't you ever forget the way we lived our life,
Don't you ever forget the friendship we have build on,
Don't you ever forget the fun we had gone thru,
Don't you ever forget the dream you had (hold on).

I wish upon the star everyday hoping you'll be fine,
As the time flies across us,
I hope that there is a day,
you will bring along your dreamed home to see us.

I am happy to let go this friendship,
So that you can run after your dream,
And this is what a friend need to sacrifice,

All for you, It's your life [X 4]

This stuff is dedicated to a friend who will leave Malaysia to further studies in other country. It also reflect another friend's thought that his best friend will leave him for his futures. GOD BLESS YOU.
ps"> It was originally a song lyrics but later on, my friend take it as a POEM. i have no idea...haha

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Die extremely for today-paper...... programming, i am going to trash you when i get HOME. Darn structure structdef, Linked List, Queue..& all the darn kanasai! A laueh.... CHAO@home !

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Update for today

Is been some time i update my blog side bar. Well, today i had add some of the useful link that u might find it interesting. If you encounter any nice & interesting link, please let me know. Oh ya, my exam huh...well, i don't understand why the education department of TARC like to come out with question that i myself are not familiar & i think is also another 50%-50% paper...haha..hope that it will pass as i done almost all but may be it was false information/answer...haah...Next paper will be Data Structure & Algorithms. Below are the time table of my examinations for the next coming paper:

SATURDAY AM 1/22/2005

R(DCO2)- 5
Venue: H5( 16- 20)
Time:2 hrs

TUESDAY AM 1/25/2005

R(DCO2)- 7
Venue: V6( 55- 61)
Time :2 hrs

FRIDAY PM 1/28/2005

R(DCO2)- 17
Venue: M4( 89- 105)
Time: 2 hrs

AM start at 9am while PM start at 2pm.

well, chao...take care ya u guys. Curious how i can online? In college IT lab now. Cold & freezing. Gota go home now & study for nex paper. bye bloggie reader!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

what a lucky ME

Well, as busy as i am (tomorrow having exam).... i still managed to get a few happy moments today..first, i went to puchong to get some stuff...then, i thought that why not i go & visit my EX-school (the one i teach, not the one i study..) suprise as i am, i managed to meet a few students of mine. It was a lucky me as they are having practices after school..haha..well, it bring me back to memory of those months that i teach them. I feel like going back there to teach. Is there any spaces available? well, as time flies, let GOD arranged everything. Take care!
PS:- i am able to online cause i remember my OLD HD still can be used. haha...thats why it was a happy day for i can't use MSN. urr...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

XP kick me out of my broadband

hey all..well, due to unforseen problem, i am not able2online for the moment. Will resume when my stuff are done. Currently having exam & hope to finish it well. Today start the first paper. dont think is g00d enough. Will try harder for the next paper. tuesday & saturday ..then next tues & friday<> another 4 more 2 g()....goin crazy,,,didn't sleep last nite...err,,,k, take care

Saturday, January 15, 2005

bathroom song

I don't wana be in the JAIL OF LOVE
I wana be free from it
I wana fly freely
Love was never a jail of life
think of this verse while i take a bath this morning. haha...

am i discipline?

Today, i was curious at why i wasn't discipline at all for my tidiness. I ask my mom why she doesn't train me while i was toddled so i can be a person who would like tidy & cleanliness. Unfortunately, i was taken aback by what she reply. She told me that grandma had teach me to clean up stuff...but i forget those days teaching. She told me that a person at my age shud know discipline by itself. You doesn't need people to tell you to clean up your stuff untill someones tell you to do it. Common sense come to it. I shud have know it myself. If i want it to clean & tidy, why not i clean the place & stuff myself. If asking people to clean it for me, it will for sure have a lot of problem as other's will miss-placed your stuff. Is true! i got to clean up my room for my self so that i know where have i put all my things. Cleanning never seems ending. Tc!

Friday, January 14, 2005


As the years go by, i find my self living in a fast pace world. Everything went past me & i could n't figure how long i have left my school days. My secondary school was a great year but not as great as my college days as i learn more about this world. Well, while i go to bank to deal with some stuff today, i saw a guy . Let's call him --- MR. AU --- he was my classmates before & we hardly talk. The reason is that because he always like to called me with a bad nick name & i think he hates me as well-> (coz i was a prefect then.) I myself also hated him for calling me that way. But at least i have learn to forget it & try to forgive him. Anyway, when i saw that he is working now (he is wearing a shirt refering to a company), at least is much better than he deal with the dark world that involved in fight & all those stuff. Perhaps, i wish that one day we will bump into one another & have a nice talk. Minus those arguement & bad nick name. GOD BLESS HIM. May GOD also guide me, lead me into GOOD path & not into bad behaviour. Tc~!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


hahaha... finally i got STREAMY-X that will make me crazy the whole days.... been struggle to put it on for 3 days..even upgraded my PC ..haha..back to work!

Monday, January 10, 2005

jarod is changing to glory

hi all my my pen name has changed from JAROD 2 GLORY. Jarod was my english name...i feel that i shud not use it. Prefer glory better. ANyway, my exam will start on 18 of January. So now i am trying to finish it all in my brain as i have been lazying around for some time. Oh ya, i am waiting for my streamyX to be activated. Damm it...if it still got problem tomorrow, i will kill TELEKOM. Waste my time only. K, take care every1.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

day after day ...

Remembering the past was like going back to the days when i was still a child. I remember that i used to play a lot, sleep a lot, & laugh a lot. It was fun & i worried less. When i saw my Grandma {my mom's mother} this morning, it bring me back to those days of how she had taken care of me while i was still a kids. Those song like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... ABCDEFG... One Little Tiger Two little Indians...something like that..i cant remember much. She is sick but now getting better. She was diagnosed of having diabetis and some other sick. Going to further check-up tomorrow (today). Life is just full of sick. Well, hope she would be fine. Nite Bloggie!

Friday, January 07, 2005

sick oh sick that un-cure

Today aren't quite a day for me. Just got to know that my grandma got sick & need X-ray to further prove her sickness. She was coughing whole nite & couldn't sleep. For goodness sake, whats goin on? heard that she got real serious stuff of sick that need further check-up...darn. NO MOOD ~!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Ushering new year in great styled

  • Well, for most of you, it might be just a little celebration or prayer for the Tsunami victims. But not for me. I celebrated it in TOILETS. Having diar-rhea & it makes me weak like never before. No appetide for food & is really killing me. Well, luckily i am still able to walk. Not crawling out of the toilets. Have to storm the bowl for BIG BIZ up to 7 & 8 time in 2 days.....thats terrible~! Wondering how can i have a good rest. Well, life has to goes on.....

  • Checking on the total tally for the Tsunami Victims, I think they shud stop telling public how many had died in the incident. Just rescues those that survived & forget the amount. Saw a bodies, just burried it. Is getting worst each day with the bodies left on the road sides. Identity isn't improtant if you wana saves more peoples. I have no idea about it. Looking at the amount really making people feel insane. War isn't that bad as well. GOD BLESS THEM.