Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was looking out my window and see that today aren't a good day. D sky are filled with "SNOW" that aren't cold at all. It also created a smell that i dun feel good at it. I sense that Malaysia always got this sickness! Oh dear... i was chatting with some one and say that the future teacher should really educates those people in future to love their country more. They should not be doing all this un-responsible thing to make the country in worst situation. Open burning of forest & field really make us sick! Then sun also been cover by thick smoke until it wasn't that bright anymore.

The movies screen in Hallmark channel are getting me into it. They have Just Cause, Missing, and a few that attracts me. Not forgeting other channel such as AEC (Mandarin channel) & AXN. My father doesn't subscribe Mandarin channel as we hardly have time for it. Astro now a days been cheap compare to when it started its service. Glad that we can enjoy it. But it wasn't good as well, I am glued to it this holiday. Watched till 3 am in d morning r making my lazy butt to wake up from bed in d morning. My mulan are urging me to back to norm. I know i can't sleep late, not good for me. I know all the cost of doing this will spoil my health. But i can't change it instantly. Too much good movies! haha!

Well, i love movie series. Now i am after 'Shine On You'. (weekdays,TV2,7pm) It talks about how a head master who is a financial planner before hand dealing with a school. Imagine that! A person without experience in education dealing in it! FUn! Of course you gotta open your mind that in a school it also require profit making that it will grow more bigger and comfortable for the student and teacher it self. You cant just loose profit.. You need to grow. The fact is that the CEO of the school had run out of poeple that he choose his most trusted financial planner to spark up this school. Great! They way the actor/actress express it out really spark me up! I really love it. I just love those movies that have a deep meaning and touching lives. How many movies that will touch one lives? Not many! RARE!Watch it if you have time...

Movies? I suggest u go for ROB B HOOD! i haven't got a time for it. But i will surely go for it. Baby + jackie chan + louis koo + Michael Hui = ONe WHOLE LOTS OF FUN! CHeck it out if u have time!