Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today my relatives held a reunion dinner to remember my grandfather. He passed away few years back. I can't remember the year. Before i had my dinner, i said a prayer that my family will be protected by GOD & that one day, i will be able to reunite with my grandfather. He was a kind man. He work until his last breath. Workaholic, thats suit him the best.

I still remember the time i was with him. There are bad & good time. But i really treasure the time i have with him. He teach me a lot of thing. In church there is a elder i know, He just reminded me of my grandfather. The face, the expression...

A part of me are just like him. Can't take it away. I am glad that i have his gene as well...

I am not sad. Just that i am a person who treasure old memory & sentimental stuff. Old stuff are hard 2 come by...

I still kept the sharpener that he buy for me while i was in kindergarten. Nice old blue BIG mechanical sharpener. Although i don't use it anymore, it will remain as my most precious stuff that he has given me. Gone is his presence, But the memory remain.

Thanks for being a part of my life.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Thank YOU

I wana thank GOD for the good weather, I meant The rain. For i am a lazy person, i hardly wash my car, he send rain & clean it up for me. Some time even the water drops on me, but i don't mind.

I wana Thank GOD, for he has cheer me up each day.
I am alive, this is also something i wana thank Him.
Everyday is beautiful, is all how we see the world.

Be positive!

Friday, July 27, 2007


What does my title stand for? Thank GOD Is FRiday!

Wohooo....finally my friday has arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time flew fast! Another friday has arrive! I really grow to love friday now a days. Saturday will have some rest in the morning. Then another long day in the afternoon. Sunday lagi no need to mention. Full day!

So friend, if you are working, Appreciate the friday after work - sunday that we have!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

dry up

A week plus after my last blog, i am starting to dry up. Tired, brain out of service & don't feel like doing anything. I find time hard to manage after i have started working. Is not that i work till wee hours, but it was because i am tired after work & lazy to do anything. Just wana take a nap on d sofa & let the time fly away. I have got to do something. But in other sense, is good that i am tired & wore out so i wont spend my time thinking or day dreaming.

Work is pretty easy. But the challenging part is managing the booking well. Somehow, i enjoy it. Like talking to the client who want to book our resort. Feel great when they are satisfied. Colleague are just nice. Very close to them after i work there for 3 weeks already.

Watched Transformer! Great movie! 2 hand & leg thumb up! Next movie? No idea yet~ See got time boh...

Yesterday my house almost got break in; again! Darn the banana 2 indian (No discrimination here, but the facts is that the witness who saw it happen mention to us who they were.) I really hate those people that disturb my peace. I wonder what they really think of my house. Our house is just a old junk house. Not attractive at all. What the "H" you think la....GOLD house meh!? Jewel also don't have! The last time already stole so many stuff! Kick ur balls until you can't have baby then you know!!!!

Sorry la, i really can't take it la! i wana curse them also cannot. GOD say we must love our enemy. I am learning on it.

GOD, if you are seeing this, Punish them on behalf of me. And in future, they will know You & repent of their doing. & bonus, pay us back what they have taken. But i am not hoping for the return. For sure, peace is not something they can give us back. Only GOD can give. GOD, grant us thy peace!

brain blocked! see ya until the next blog.

Monday, July 09, 2007

why i am not 23 ?

I sit in front of the computer screen trying to recall what i wanted to update here. I think for a while... here is it. But before that, i just want to say i feel like an old man keep on forgetting what i am supp0se to do.

I am aged 23 this yr. Jus few weeks back i was still in my double 2. Now, it seems hard to catch it back.

I am trying to figure it out, how to live like a 23 year old youth..... Or young adult?

I do not aged 23 mentally, may be let's reverse my age, 32 ? That would suit me . I am like an old man nagging people..Giving wisdom talk..Giving advices ... Is it the effect of my environment? Because i hang around more with my old folks that i behave in this way? I like to think. But don't worry, I am not at the stage of mentally ill. I am aware of what i am thinking.

Is just that i couldn't be more active or more energetic like the youth in my church. Or perhaps the responsibility that has an effect on me? I felt like a father who nurture a child when i join the youth. (Sound so old....) If there is anyone who has the key to be young and energetic like most of the 23 years old boy, do let me know.

I still remember i joined the youth in Planetshaker concert. I jump until certain stage that i just don't feel like jumping anymore. WHY? I could not take the speed & jumping like mad just like the way they do.... Physical down...hahaha.

BTW, i can pass as a 18 yr old boy (:P) I can wear a secondary school uniform & go to school without anyone suspecting. thats the best part.

Old man or uncle, you need to figure how 2 revive your self. :)

FYI, i just started working at Jln Gasing. Start @ 8.30-5.15pm. Work under Methodist . The whole Methodist are under us! hahaha! I am taking care of CheFoo as well. (Chefoo Is a resort centre in Cameron High.) So if there is anyone that would like to GO chefoo, ask me for info or anything.

Working is tiring. Reach home just can't do much. Just want to lie on the sofa & watch some drama series. I also took some nap. Really taking my body out to the max. Now i understand how my parent, my youth counselor & some working adult who serve in the church really felt in their daily lives. For me, Mon-Fri work, Sat teach tuition for the moment, Sunday whole day occupied with church friend. I don't get enough slee too. Now, i really need to dozz off. This morning already feel so sleepy while working.

Night friend. Will update when i have the urge or when i am free.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thailand Trip

The trip to thailand was an eye opening one. A Vacation with an unforgettable experience and sight. I guess i am hoping to gain something over there rather than just having my fun time. I went there all alone as my travel partner fall sick just a week before my departure. Geared with only 10 KG of my backpack, i went to penang & stay over at a friend house. The next day, another friend bring me around to get some true penang delicacy. Unfortunately, it was not up to my standard. Neverthelas, i will go again to penang to scout for some food. But one of the nice ones i have tried was the Indonesia Curry Prawn. SUperb! Finger licking good!

Later in the evening i am on board the flight that everyones can fly! (Sure you know what i meant!) Upon arrival at thailand, i was quite lost as i am not sure about the public transport that can bring me to the guest house i am targetting. The map of bangkok is not useful as it never mention what bus i can take. With the least info, i just have to ask the people surround me. People's are kind to me in many ways. Although the communication are tough as some of them are lack in english, finger is what we have. Thank GOD we can use all that we had!

According to the direction that i got from the internet, i can actually get a bus from airport that bring me directly to Bangkok city. But it will cost me MYR 15. So being "smart" (+ stingy) that i am, i begin to get to the shuttle bus. OH NO! It's not the bus that i am suppose to take! I am so nervous that i kept on asking the lady sitting behind me where they are taking me!!! The sweat just won't stop & my heart are pumping much faster. But lucky as i am, this bus is a free shuttle bus that bring passenger to the bus treminal. Luckily i am not being sold to the slaves company...They ask me to take a bus from the bus terminal & it will bring me to the city. PHEW!

As i arrived, i got to the bus stand that the lady mention. I find that their public transport are at least more convenient, more better than malaysia. Everywhere is easily reach & the rates are cheap as well. I chatted with local folks to pass time. I also noticed that there are quite a number of them are wearing yellow collar T-shirt with a temple symbol on their left side pocket. Being so busy body, i enquired about it. Their King Bday are coming soon, they must wear it every monday to respect their King. GOSH! so committed! BTW, when i reach the city, i am abit suprise with the city. Its full of the king picture. They hold a high respect for him.

Taking a bus numbered 556 that lead me to the Thanon Khao San, or called as Khao San road. It's a guest house/backpacker favourite area that many westerner are staying. I consider my self as one of the backpacker & willing to experience how the people stay. The guest house i stayed was quite nice, not really expensive. It cost me MYR 15 for a night. I believe in KL it will cost me RM 40-60 per night in this kind of places.

I took a nice meal and rest quite early. The next day, i woke up quite early. It was not the alarm clock that woke me up. Perhaps because i am at a foreign land that my body are not use to it. The weather is really hot!! Everyday went by with a cold bath. Some of the days i even took 3-4 shower. Is nice to walk around, but the thing that bother me is i didn't bring enough cash for the trip. GOSH! The first few days of my trip really makes me worries.

But thanks to my parent, i am able to cope with the financial difficulty. Please take note that you can bring along your VISA + Master Card + Visa eletron. There are plenty of ATM for you to cash out $.

I also want to thank GOD for keeping me safe. In a land that i am not familiar, i am really grateful that i am well & un-harm when i return home. For those who had sacrifice a time of concern & commit me to GOD, Thank YOU very much for your prayer!

Bangkok has a lot of activities going on. There are alot of market for people to visit. Personally i like chacutak market which open on saturday & sunday only. Nice & i can see alot of happenning things surround this place. There are cheap books, antique, drinks, foods, cloths, accessories, decorating material, arts, & so many stuff which you wont get in KL. I just love the food! Delicious & unique! Books are cheap but too messy that i am lazy to flip & hunt for it!

For books, i would prefer Chiang mai which has plenty of used book store around it. Cheap & good! There is also another used book store which serve food as well. Is nice with the settings. OH ya, i also get to know a few Thailand ladies who are friendly. Unfortunately, i don't get their contact as i am quite lazy to contact. They are pretty as well. :)

Chiang mai is much better than Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. More peaceful, more friendly. Perhaps because the speed is much slower than bangkok? No idea, but i would return to Chiang Mai if given a chance.

I got to know a girl who stay next door to me in bangkok guest house. She is from Switzerland. Same age, studying nursing & friendly. *wink* Speak quite good english. I also found out that they speak french. I thought they might have their own language. GOSh! I feel like a outdated young man!

Above all, GOD showed me lots of things. People here are friendly instead of being rude, but some of them are really poor. Their kind hearted affection really touch my heart.

What will i miss for this trip? Perhaps it was the food in Chiang Mai! Bangkok as well...hehe. Kao Soi, a northen special dish, more like our Curry Laksa, but not that spicy. The food stall that are on the road side: With 10 Baht, i can buy a pack of fried squid! The Omelette rice, which cost only 10 Baht in Bangkok. I went there twice & get the same dish twice.{FYI, 10 Baht = MYR 1} At chacutak market, the 3 baht ice cream. I ate quite alot! Never count~~

To get a good deal from shopping, you really need to walk around the places. I do a lot of walking & my leg was quite pain. There are like needle poking my leg. ouch! Compare prices in between the stalls, make sure you do remember where it was! It could be confusing if you don't remember it. Some market are like maze, but once you are there a few time, you will be used to it.

For my flight back to Penang, i took an early trip to Airport cause i can't wait for the bus in the wee hours. I was "stranded" in the airport for 9 hours. JK! Well, i spend my time at the cafe lounge. The cafe are mainly for the worker, pilot, stewardness, & public as well. I saw various airlines of stewardness in their uniform! Dream comes true! la, just so happy to be there! Strange but true, i didn't noticed any AirAsia stewardness having a meal there. sigh... :(
Was looking forward to take a picture with them.

During the time while i was at the public restaurant, God show me that the pace we live now are very fast. We didn't slow down & look up to GOD. In my heart i have to agree with it. We often rush to do things and put GOD aside. Even worshipping GOD also need to rush & end on time.

I remember Pastorpher was sharing on how the Korean churches pray everyday. They prayed with their heart, & they prayed all the day until they are enough. Some with commitment in work will leave early, but they do come for a prayer before work. These are the strong relationship that build over time that i have seen.

When we rush thing, we will miss a thing.

Recently i have a conversation with a friend that i have not seen for months. What struck me is that he mention a pastor said that the "Relationship with GOD is the most interesting thing in the life of a Christian." I have to agree. Not the earthly thing, not the soul mate, not the satisfaction of life,& definitely Not money. But a relationship with GOD!

Many sheep are lost,
How many can find their shepard?
Or how many can accept a loving shepard?

Happiness is the key. Without happiness, you got nothing. Peace is in front of you. It's either you take or denied. GOD always give choice for us. Sometimes, we are just so stubborn. Make a wise choice.

Life is like a boat. journey are unstable. Yet you need a light to shine for you. GOD is always there for you.GOD BLESS!

PS: I come back with a luggage that weight 22 KG