Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, March 26, 2007

my mouth shut up!

I am thinking to really shut my mouth now! Sometimes i guess i talk too much that it causes confusing thought from people of what i am trying to express. I really scare of it. I guess silent would be a better way. But of course, i am not going to be silent to all the people.

Some how, i can't keep my nature of talketive. I will still remain that way. Just that there would be a limit of whom i am talking to.


Monday, March 19, 2007


Gone climbing in d morning. Feel refresh! But tiring.

Just 2 share something that come across my mind. I was sharing with my climbing partner of the incident that me & a friend saw a snake in the jungle. It was last seen crawling back down to it's own nest.

I believe that each of us also have our own fear. Some fear snake, some don't! For me, i am afraid of it. And thus, i believe that he created everyone evenly. You see; For those who fear, they wont go near the snake. For those who are NOT fear of the snake, they will go near them , catch them , or even kill them. This action will make the snake population getting less and thus it will soon be a extinct creatures.

God also want His creation to be fruitful. So as we live our life, he also make sure that others will not harm the creatures that he had created.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Honestly, i really don't know how 2 start with this post. But somehow, just got to start with it. I just got to know a student whom i know having a lung problem. Now a days youngster health are worst than ah pek ah mah! With the environment that they live in, i can't blame them. Thus now i urge everyone to really take in good & healthy food. Don't skip meal, must drink more water, must not over work your own body.

Now a days i am concern of my diet. It is a must; consider that i wanna live a healthy life to enjoy life. Live to the fullest mah!

I just came back from a Prayer Conference this week. It was held in penang{PG} and is been over 10 yrs i have not been in PG. It was awesome. God talk to me regarding all areas of my life. It will be time to buck up and live to the fullest. Too many things happen, dunno how 2 start.

When i came back To KL , i hate it so much! In PG was like a fantasy world, KL was like a reality of nightmares that haunt me. I have checked on my exam result. It was 360 degree of what i have expected. I decline to tell more as it is useless as well.

I know God will make a way. He mention it to me twice thru His people. For more info, i shall reveal it to you when everything is in set. Thats all for now. Take k!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'll be back!

I'll be back!

Sound familiar? Not T3, but me. I am looking forward to 2007 with an open eyes to see what lies ahead of me. Today saw a friend that i haven't seen for 7-8 years. Both of us were chatting about those missing days, the friend amongst us, the school we once study, the fun days we had...etc.

Perhaps GOD has a word with me recently. I am not sure or uncertain what will come my way. I felt like going to unknown land to continue my life. But i know i wouldn't be able to let go so many things in Malaysia. Doing the things that i would love to do ; this will enable me to fulfill part of the emptiness in my life. I feel satisfy to live in a not-so-busy life, Shaking my leg freely at home, playing some sport with friend, have a cup of tea and chat at the mamak, going out with my close ones, driving at full force with the road i am familiar without being given a summons, and the best is enjoy the food that are available in this country.

So, do you think i will enjoy to the fullest with what that i have mention above?

I use to tell my self not to compare with other people. Some how, it doesn't stop there. I feel so bad for myself when i see people are doing much better than me. How ever, i think back on what i am suppose to do for my life.

Impacting people lives.

One of my friend use to say that what i am doing is something not everyone will be able to do it. People will go after the worldly things, they will be blinded by whats life all about. Some of them are aware, and they are searching for it. Some may not know what they want.

Last sunday, i share with the Youth's why i kept on being a old man nagging over them. I know that i have a bad past that i don't what to see a repeat on them. Thats how i become their "Uncle". Same like a parent who want the best for their children.

I am currently writing something which i hope in future it will be able to be read by many. Well, i don't know how it will turn out. I just want to pour it all out from my heart.

Time is tickling, time is running faster than my aging hair that will be bald sooner or later. But i promise that i'll be back with another me!