Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


While having a good sleep in the afternoon yesterday, i was being awaken by a sharp stuff crawling on top of my body. I was shocked & saw a black thing going pass my right shoulder. Oh man, why is it so sharp like needle?

I get up from my bed and saw THIS reptile !!!! Oh man! It was small but where does it comes from? It run towards my computer table and hide there. GOSH! I try to sweep it out but it run more faster. Crawling around my room and PISS some weird white juice..I suppose is their SHIT. Later on, it get out of my room when i try to get it into a bail. Oh, it GONE just like that. I have no ideas where it gone. So, i just forget about it and wait for my father to FIX em. I dun have touchlight at that time. So, can't do anything. haahaa!
Night came & me together with my father go SEARCH & DESTROYED over the whole house. It wasn't at the living room, not at guest room. It was under the small spaces of a cupboard along the corridor up stairs where my mom place those bags of un-use clothing material. arrh... My father use those clip meant for clipping charcoal & clip it. Oh..why it was so quiet & not moving much. We decided not to kill it. V just let it go near a river. MAN, what a wake up call for me! hhah! terrible!
Oh well, before this, my house was a rubber estate. Some snakes and this kind of reptile enter my house before. Can't remember when.. Some years ago. Cobra and this kind of reptile but bigger ones. This one consider a baby. :) Oh, hungry now! Take k! bye

Monday, March 27, 2006


Learn from mistakes. This is what i have been trying to tell my self when ever i screw up something accidently. Oh well, today yet another day of learning. I know i am "young" and still learning. I guess the elder too must learn. Not only me!
Today discussion was good. But i am learning to be more patient towards them. I know that our age are just a few years apart and they might not look at me as elder. Will try my best! I may not be a leader, but u are a leader that lend a hand to me by teaching me to love you more. Forgive me, may be i am too jiong hei! haha!
I am not too sure what i say are right, forgive me if i am wrong! DO Ya know that you might have been too hurtful by saying those word to us? Well, i just wana say that we are still learning. And you can't expect us to follow 100% to your commands. We are not robots. I understand your point of view where YOU have resposibility towards us & other people who directly/indirectly related to us. But i guess the way you have said could have actually been wrong. Try to explain to us rather than just screwing people after you saw what had happen. I too understand what i/he/she need to do. But sometimes, the youth too need some time for our self. I wonder why you just don't cool down and tell us. I feel like sometimes you are OK, sometimes you are not. I too believed that everyone of us have Double Face/Identity. Dealing with Youth are not easy from the beginning when i decided to help it out. Please do GUIDE us instead of using M-16/ Double Berreta/ AK -47/ Laser to poke us.
Konon-nya mau jadi kawan? (say wana b fren?) Wait until you have master the skill of loving & patients towards the youth !
Like every parent's does (hmm, i better get a baby SOON), i too feel want to give what is best for my own child (people under me). There are ways. Not in a funny ways. Well, i guess it is true with a chinese word saying: Huo dao lao, xue dao lao! You learn till you get OLD!
Never know is this long. Was planning to go into bed early. My 2 CF fella was right. I Always say tired but end up online. Haha! Thats me! Just wana express my self. ADIOS~!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

ah doi

Don't feel like writing anything for the last few days. Been signing in & out without typing anything. Today was d CF meeting in Puchong. It was great and nothing BIG happen! haha! Oh well, i am still jobless. Now looking for job and don't wana stay home any more. Getting my self lazy on the bed.
The GOV (Cheng Hu) has not been very good now a days. With the increase of fuel, i can see there are lots of thing gonna increase. As i think of what Malaysia has, i am wondering where has all the money gone. Oh btw, the "OLD GRANDPA" nick has it's price you know. I am trying to figure out how they use the money. There are times i see so many useless stuff build by GOV. Oh well, i am figuring it out whether should i pay TAX & those banana fees requested by the GOV. Who would want to pay the $ for the use of nonsense? COME ON man! Give me a break la!
Go and think of it! Malaysia is the country that has the MOST toll on a single states!(PJ & KL)You don't believe ah? Believe it la! Other country also don't have that much la...haha..i wish i can get a flying car so i can jump toll! whahaah! Been wanting to jump toll by using alternatives. But now with the increase of fuel, I have da be a good boy and use the TOLL instead for cutting the oil consumption. $^%$#!
Thats for now, until i found any unrealistic stuff, i will keep u entertain!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Today (Sunday) my church youth minstry have their first Youth Alpha started. It was nice and run smoothly. Being 1 of the group leader/helper, i was a bit slow to pick up. Oh well, thru out my life i have never been a leader before. Forgive me if i am not really good. Today's discussion was good. Although some answer really make me feel so sorry for the person. I believed GOD has His way for us. My answer: Everything that has happen has a reason.
I don't feel like saying more. Just wana rest my self. Thats all..Take k!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Rain falls smoothly
I am enjoying the sound of it
It remind me of my own cry
The cry for the needy
The cry for my own fault
The cry for the one i love
Nothing seems easy, but we got to go thru it.
We keep searching for the meaning of this life.
We found the reason to live, we found the special one to live for.
As we continue to grow, we seek for a better life ahead.
We found each other, relying on each other.

Time flew..I am old and young at the same time...Do enjoy those picture. Take Care!

Monday, March 13, 2006

How i feel ?

How i feel? This was being ask by my friend for serving at PPP youth ministry...

Tired, Interesting, Exciting, fulfill and satisfying. The beginning part of ISAIAH 49 tell how i feel actually. Well, i gota face da challenge and go ON. TAke k fren!

Friday, March 10, 2006

i m evil...

Was yam cha with my friends this evening (Thursday) at OUG. While V were having a chat, this old blind lady has her hand on a young girl shoulder was walking around asking for kindness donation. I show my hand saying no to it while another friend of mine gave her some money. I actually see that i am such a selfish person when it comes to money. Why cant i just give her even 1 bug? OK, i am actually saving it. For TOLL! But i am NOT using IT! I just see my TRUE Inner-self. Damm my self hardly.
As both of them continue to ask other for donations, I also ask why did the Malaysia Social Concern not coming out to help them. Sometimes, i guess we cant help so many people. We can just do our best! Well, i will try to make sure my self go generously next time when i see the same case again. HOPE i DO!

Monday, March 06, 2006

stupid rules

Nation Monday March 6, 2006
Man’s wish dies with him in fire

KOTA KINABALU: He was waiting to turn 60 so that he could qualify for a place at an old folks home.

Lee Ah Khiong, 59, never made it there as he died in a fire that broke out at the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sabah headquarters near here around 8am yesterday. He had been waiting for nearly a year to be sent to an old folks home by the state Welfare Department.
Sabah MRCS chairman Datuk William Chai said Lee, a Sarawakian, was supposed to be at the MRCS headquarters for only a week in March last year.

However, he ended up staying there for nearly a year while waiting for arrangements for him to move to the Sri Prichard senior citizens home. Firemen found his body in a storeroom.
The fire gutted the MRCS ground floor store where piles of donated clothing were kept and also damaged the society’s office upper floor of the two-storey building. The cause of the blaze is still unknown.

At the time of his application, he was not old enough to qualify for care in the senior citizens' home where the minimum admission age was 60 years.

DAMM rules that always appear to make people suffer..Now u see the news & tell me, IS this fair? I wonder why do they need to have all this rules ler....jus a year only! haih! wana knock the rules down la!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a reflect

Thank GOD that i am still alive right now & typing all this for your reading pleasure... I was being attacked by 2 robbers who want my waist bag. That time i was walking home near by my house. It was 10 PM at nite and they rode in motobike, came down, corner me and use a knife to ask for my bag. I resist it and trying to defend my self from being injured by their knife. One of my hand was on my bag & another one was trying to protect my self from the knife. As i struggle with the robber, he still cant get me to give him my bag. I didn't think of giving him money. Don't ask me why! I was scare and trying to get rid of this struggle. May be i was too aggresive and he cant control me, another guy came down to help. Sensing i may not be able to handle 2 guys, i step back to release my self. But i fell down and one of them have their knife slash on my left hand. Then they have da run off as one of da uncle from near by housing came out to shout at the robbers. As i gain my composure, i only see some small injuries. Thank GOD for that. I made some police report and calls.
My main point is not all the story telling above. But my LIFE. I realize that it could be my last breathe as my mom remind me they could have stab me to death when i fell down. Well, i am lucky or BIG LIFE as my mom say so. Well, at that moment, if i were to leave this world, I will not be leaving any business un-done. I have done what i should everyday. Begining with parents, friend, relatives and etc. Everyday is my last day that i would do what i must do. Life is Short And now i Really KNOW what it means by life is short. Friend, if you have anything that you wana do, GO ahead and do. Don't wait till what ever time. Say what you wana say to those people you love. Don't leave till the next day or so. Forgive the people that might have hurt you And vice versa. Think about it and reflect. The people surround you are the most precious among all.
At the moment, I do think of someones.. But, it was more important that from now onwards, I will do what i must do. Life is precious!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

something's on my mind

A crazy week word to describe it! Some how, i have to gather my thought on what should i do next after my result out. Not easy ..
I come to realize that no body will care too much of you even you have try your best to be a good friend. You will be ignore even with your good intention. I start to rely more on GOD than to people who are useless heck when you want them to fill in your loneliness. Yes, I admit I am desperate for a people to fill my life. Not partner, but some one that i can rely on, who will give support and stuff. Who don't need it? Everyone needs it! Now, talk about girl.. I guess at this century we men don't really need them? May be our main focus will just to have our own life like what one of my friend did...WTH with girl?? I have my life and ITS COOL! yeah, perhaps! I 'll wait and see how will you go on without one...
I have choose to be quiet now a days. Few incident remind my self whether i wana be in thy shoe to be the one whom i am "desire-ing". Understand? No also OK, thats for my remembrance! haha! well, its mean putting my self in other people shoes and found out that it cost HEADACHE if i were to be involve in it. :/ Start to re-consider now...
Thank GOD for letting me go thru all this pain..Grow up is like that wan la! Take k!