Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Friday, September 10, 2010

What does it means to be Malaysian?

Recently, DAP organised this forum and I got the ideas of being Malaysian flowing in my mind.

Why is Malaysia so unique that we like it so much here?

Its our differences that form the uniqueness of this nation.

I am born & raised here, having to know the different cultures, & feel very much comfortable in this country. Some people like to ask certain race to go back to certain country. Well, if you ask me, I will find it awkward to "go back to your country" as I do not KNOW where I belong since I am so used to this loving country.

I also hope to see one day that our unity values will be "copy" by certain country and this will certainly make a good name for Malaysia.

Not forgetting, the memories I had when I grow up with different cultures and food that makes it interesting.

Oh yes, living in this country also entitles you to GREAT FOOD.

Ayam/Daging Rendang (My Fav), Nasi Briyani , Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Pan Mee, Prawn Mee, Dim Sum, Setiawan Red Wine Mee Shua & many more!

Imagine a country with one culture and one type of food, don't you think its quite mundane and bored? :D Spark up our lives with interesting food. Sorry to those who are not food lover! hehe!

Don't you think its great to live here?

Talking about food, I am going to MAKAN MAKAN NOW!

Wishing every Muslims Selamat Hari Raya!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Race to get rid of "race"

Since when are we so concern of RACE?

Oh, that skin colour is just as irritating.

Why can't we have the same colour? Then it should be fine that every one is just the same.

NO, I disagree. Don't you think its pretty boring that every one is the same and there aren't any uniqueness of each others?

WOKAY, I agree a little.

But but..... We are different! How do we accept each others?

I FOUND SIMILARITY!!! Your blood and my blood is the same la..... hahaah! BINGO!

Aiyo... plz! A small kid don't even bother about race, why bother to look into it? Aren't we brother and sister on EARTH? More so, how many lives or years you have to waste on this matter? Why can't you be MUHIBAH a bit, understand each others culture... accept each other, love each other.....

Is it that Hard for you to open your PRECIOUS mouth to say HI to him or her that is not the same skin colour as yours?

Actually hor, if you notice, most of us are not buying into it lar....

Just certain INDIVIDUAL that falls for it. They prefer to waste energy on unnecessary stuff. To which, we smart fella better SMART UP. Don't fall for it.

Lastly, I would like to end my fairy tales (or rather rant) with this quote:

"The fact is that all races are filled with trustworthy and talented people. We must invest the time to know one another." Taken from here.

Have a fruitful year, Malaysians!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Owners - Check your QUIT RENT plz!

Some may not know that we are having TEMPORARY Quit Rent. Please check if your quit rent is not form 11A. For permanent quit rent cert, it is blue in colour for Selangor. I am not sure whether is it the same for other states. You need to pay RM 20 for it.

Recently, my father went to check with Land Office after we didn't receive the quit rent bill for months. We were told that they have sent to the old address that we filled in during the period when we purchased the house. (New housing areas don't have address then, you need a house address for them to send letters.) After 17 years of sending to the current address, suddenly without any notice they sent to the temporary address.

My question is: What is the common sense in doing so? We have no problem for the past 17 years! Now why do you need to revert it to the old address? It troubles my old folks and I cannot imagine how my neighbours going to wait for the quit rent to come. Perhaps they can say that the letter lost somewhere....

To those out there, kindly take note of it. You will be fine no matter how.... we were fined RM2!

The fines is not a major problem, but the changing of address is the main problem! BUCK UP!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jangan-jangan hilang HARAPAN! TBH Memorial Ceramah @ KLSCAH

YAB Lim Guan Eng: "If Najib is to marry Rosmah tomorrow, will he commit suicide?"

1 Malaysia is the most unreliable motto of the century!

Teoh Beng Hock's family really need our support. Seeing his sister asking for support almost put me in tears. The title JANGAN-JANGAN HILANG HARAPAN was said by YB Nurul Izzah. Yes, We should not forget what had happened to Teoh Beng Hock. We should press on the the end result to give TBH a justice. Malaysia needs to move forward.

For more news, kindly read Merdeka Review Mandarin Edition.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Wishing my former teachers a great year (may be a shout-full years) & continue to inspire the young ones.

I thank you for educating me (Sorry la, some times quite ignorant)
Thanks for the wonderful whacky period (And some dirty minded science period)
Thanks for the concern (or rather me curi-curi fall sick cause I want to sleep... lol )
Thanks for the endless hours of preparing the lesson.

(Taken from Google. Nice. )

One would not appreciate if we are not in your shoes.

Yes, I am a teacher my self and I know how much work I need to put in to prepare the lesson. It is indeed a big sacrifices and time spent to do the necessity.

May you continue to work in this profession and inspire more people to be a good leader of this country.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Law of Attraction: Think Zaid Ibrahim

We have another day to go before voters of Hulu Selangor make their decision. However, a gentle reminder for Malaysians to think of Zaid winning this seat; to apply LAW OF ATTRACTION in the last 48 hours.

What is LAW OF ATTRACTION? If you have not heard of this, you can visit this link.

We should do our best for Zaid to win this battle and KOREK more story for us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim: The fearless man

Zaid may be the man that many like and dislike for his straight forwardness. But he can be the man to watch when he is in Parliament. I sense that he can win this Hulu Selangor Parliament seat and kick some butts when he goes to Parliament. Of course, even when he was in BN, he stills complain and whack the BN. It is just the same as when he is in Pakatan. However, we have to see it from the positive point. He can be the person to spur Pakatan for a better route.

I read upon a blog on whether how can Hulu Selangor voters can select their candidates. I place the link here and if you are a voter from Hulu Selangor, read and reflect on it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



You must be wondering what BANGKIT is all about after all these days of mysterious messages. Well, we’re finally letting the cat out of the bag! This is BANGKIT in a nutshell.



If you’re under-30, BANGKIT is your chance to tell the whole nation what you think! What kind of country do you want? How do you feel about our country? What do you love about Malaysia? This is your country, you have the right to be heard, and we will provide you the platform.



Write a song and tell us what you feel about Malaysia. Do a simple recording (just you and your webcam or radio is good enough). Email your mp3 and the BANGKIT registration form to us. We’ll post it on this website. (We begin on 1 April. Closing date is 15 May.)


8 – VOTE!

Vote for the songs that best represents your aspirations. This is important because the highest-rated songs will represent the aspirations of Malaysian youths! We will be posting new song entries regularly on the BANGKIT website, so check back often to see what’s new!

Hey, Only 3??? Well, for the rest of the details, kindly check Bangkit's BLOG :D

You can also read it at Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia's (SABM) web page.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's son is out....and will shines in the family.

Teoh Beng Hock's son is born and both mother and child are safe. Weight at 2.9 KG, now at Batu Pahat Hospital. Family will give PC at 3PM.

Today is also the Ninth Day of Chinese New Year. It coincides with Hokkien's Thanksgiving day. Double Happiness and let us hope that TBH will get his justice. Here I wish the Teoh's family a wonderful days ahead with little Beng Hock.

Read here for more details.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why English is important even if you want to protest?

Recently, some group held a protest around KL and show these banners to the world. However, their English is not up to mark, it does make a laughing jokes. Below is the correction made by English Educated Malaysian who are concern of how these people can lead Malaysia to a brighter future.

Are they referring to their own country? Australian interfering with Australian Court? So sorry for you Aussie..

It is about time to send them back to Primary School. They are learning Spelling at the moment. :D

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Speechless Result for Perak

5 NIL... LIMA KOSONG! 5-0!

The Federal court is playing football?

How many own goal? How many Hattrick? How much money?

Zambry aka BN Won over Nizar is a BIG LOST for them In the next GE. I promise you. Or I should say, the RAKYAT promise to SINK BN & UMNO.

How can not even one person that STAND for Nizar?

Who is standing for truth?

What you mean by NIZAR is no longer the MB that liked by EVERYONE? Why don't you just dissolve and let the votes tell us?

I am sadden by this result. Democracy is dead in PERAK & Malaysia. Long LIVE BN.... till when final judgement comes.


I really wanna get some one to "ting tong" those judges. What is "ting tong"? Check here! :D
Have a good laugh.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Namewee did it again: Localize it ") Happy New Year!

Namewee criticize Chinese New Year songs that copied from CHINA. Why can't we incorporate our culture and create a new song?

I have tried my best to translate as accurate as possible. However, some Hokkien slang is difficult to translate.

Translation below:

Yellow words: The man in red
Red Words: Namewee

Title: Precious prosperity

Drum sound
New Spring comes, Hearts and flowers bloom
Fire crackers sound all over
Let us invite the God of Prosperity into our home

Malaysia's New Year Album, Every year translate here and there
Some people sing New Year songs and produced platinum album
They never change the style of singing, lyrics do not match the logic
And a group of superstars, wore like red armies
Even the young idols also got force into the sea
Made the whole festive atmosphere , This is called as sorrowful
Your image shouldn't be cool?
Why your company wanted you to pretend?
Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to sleep

Another spring of omen
Every families filled with joy
Today we bring in the new and give away the old
Every one meets and wish each other well

Wah lao yeh, your lyrics make me sick when I listen to it
What Winter and spring, you think i am insane?
Except rain, every day I am hot until cannot stand
You simply sing, I hear already SIBEH TL (Direct Translation=Northwest Bet Lazy- Meaning>Not happy, irritated )
Those incapable business sponsor only know that earning the money is fun
Your teacher never teach you that
Malaysia's four season are SUMMER
You are late for school and still pretend you don't know
There is a red string called Equatorial

Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to eat pudding

Let us come and celebrate new year
Every families come and reunite
The sound of fire crackers welcome the new year
Every year happy

Crack your balls
The lyrics got problem lah
My grandma also know, police will catch those who play with fire crackers
Maybe you are a rich person, can simply give angpow (Red packet)
But for lyrics, please write with logic
Walao, listen to those freaking singers simply sing
New year songs can also have our own culture
Whatever the CHINA bring over, you just sing along
YOUR XX live here for so long
Still don't know how to localize ah?

Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to play fire cracker

The new year is here,
Years of successive years
The sound of fire crackers let people....

Got something to tell you

AAAH LAH! XX(breaking chicken) Namewee lah!
Your Father (I) have been very patience with you lah!!!
Don't come and CRY all over with me!

ADS: Weather is HOT, drink more water. Must be careful when you Play with fire cracker. Wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

SABM heading to IPOH !



Venue : Hotel Excellsior - 2pm-7pm on saturday 6 Feb 2010

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) is playing its role to purvey to the general public about its concern how we should live as ONE in this plural society.

The man behind this initiative is a lawyer by profession and a man who has gone through untold problems to make SABM to be reckoned with is Mr.Haris Ibrahim.

23 January saw the first SABM roadshow in the Klang Valley and its second in the country. The initial one was in Penang and Ipoh is scheduled to be on sat 6 February 2010. For further details, please visit:
This is so encouraging, view these pictures...

The KL crowd was overwhelming and such crowd is the driving force that harnesses SABM's principles.

The understanding among the various races will definitely bring forth the cohesiveness for unity that is in the dire need.

The smiles brightened the day and could we ask for more?

Man, woman and child are the testimony for us to sail into uncharted waters.

SABM T-shirts for sale and chow aplenty for everyone to eat, drink and be merry.

Lawyer Jahaberdeen Mohd Yunoos

Pastor Sivin Kit

Lawyer/Columnist Art Harun

The drum beat was deafening. The vibration was enough to generate the effect for Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia to stand together as ONE true Malaysians!
Please forward to your friends and family. See you at Hotel Excellsior, Ipoh - 2pm, 6 Feb 2010!

Pictures taken from & Text by A Concern Citizen of Perak.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

SABM FORUM in the process, 9 students arrested for protesting against Compus Election Process, & Former Newscaster Robert Lam passed away

Sabm forum is currently in the process. It is so unfortunate that I cannot attend due to skin irritation. If you are free, head to Chinese Assembly Hall KL now and be a part of Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

9 students were arrested near Sogo. It is such a shameful thing that we cannot even voice out our frustration and concern in Malaysia. When ever we want to do what is right and just, there would be obstruction that forbid us from moving forward. Malaysia, you need to move forward!

Meanwhile, thestaronline reported that former newscaster Robert Lam passed away this morning due to skin cancer. Well, he is best remembered for his newscasting. Never hear him LIVE MC before.

More about late Robert Lam, click here. Picture of him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Forum: Anak Bangsa Malaysia- We Believe

Will you be coming? How to be a Anak Bangsa Malaysia?

Young people, time to come and show the others how you have been ignoring the race and unite as one.

Hope you will come and be inspire by this Road Show.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The darkest day of all : Second Edition

Up to date, these are the churches/school attacked by useless morons:

Metro Tabernacle KL
Church of Assumption PJ
Life Chapel PJ
Good Shepard Lutheran Church PJ
Agape Revival Church Pandan Indah
Chapel Of Our Lady Of Good Health’s
Mallacca Baptist Church
All Saints Church Taiping
St Louis Church Taiping
Convent High School Taiping
Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB) church in Negri Sembilan

Our tourism minister is sooooo worried about our country tourism due to the arson in Malaysia. Why can't you talk about peace within Malaysia but concerned on your position as Tourism Minister? If you tackle the main problem, tourist will come back again. What kind of leader are you? Sick to the bottom to have you!

"Keadaan adalah terkawal dan orang ramai tidak perlu khuatir ...." Hey, if its under control, it wont happen again! But it happened and now, how can I trust you?

When something happen, you guys are good at making a speedy approval and cover up the dark spot. Hey, stop pretending K! useless!

Najib, 500K to shut people up and gain popularity for your generosity? Hey, the only thing you know how to do is to give sweets & say nice fake words? Why no solution to this matter? What are you waiting for? Such a leader like you is not worth to be in Malaysia. A leader that does not follow the wish of his people is not a good leader.

Either step down or bubarkan parliament and let us vote again. I am sick of seeing you as our PM.

If this continues on, Malaysia is heading for destruction. Either you solve it fast or sink Malaysia fast!

Walk Hand In Hand

It has been a difficult journey for both Muslims and Christians in Malaysia. We felt sad for what that had happened & difficult to fall asleep. Almost 3am now and I am still thinking about it. I am a Christian and its Sunday now. Some of us worried that they may come and harm us when we are worshiping.

While standing on Muslims side, I can see the sadness in their FB's status. I can also feel their pain of being linked to the people who did stupid things to churches around Malaysia. I know you are not at fault. It's just certain people who are responsible for it. There is no point in blaming. Only GOD knows who had done all this immoral job.

My friends, if all of us can do one thing, that is to stretch our hand to either Muslims or Christians. We can take this opportunity to unite and understand each other. We can get rid of the awkward feeling of seeing each others face to face. After all, there is nothing impossible if we set our mind to do it.

Religion is a personal matters. Politicians, please focus on your job. Not to tell or yell to us of what we need to know. God gives each of us a brain, we can think with it.

Lastly, I just want to dedicate this song to Malaysians.

Andy Williams - Walk Hand In Hand

Walk hand in hand with me through all eternity
Have faith, believe in me, give me your hand
Love is a symphony of perfect harmony
When lovers such as we walk hand in hand

Be not afraid, for I am with you all the while
So lift your head up high and look toward the sky

Walk hand in hand with me, this is our destiny
No greater love could be, walk hand in hand
Walk with me

Be not afraid, for I am with you all the while
So lift your head up high and look up to the sky

Walk hand in hand with me, this is our destiny
No greater love could be, walk hand in hand
Walk with me

Peace be upon all mankind.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The darkest day of all

The darkest day of all

I received the sms below just a moment ago." Pls remove all religious articles n stickers from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles n stickers. Started in bangsar... Protest going on now in pj n shah alam. please forward urgently 2 all Christians. " I find that those who are responsible really need to think of what they have done. A peaceful country turned ugly with MALAYSIANS WHO have common sense will know that this is immoral. I am sad for both sides.

Malaysia is a wonderful country. But the Government needs to be replace AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The leader of the country aren't doing any thing to bring peace to the nation.

Pray for A better Malaysia.

POST NOTE: It could be rumours for car smashing around Bangsar & other area. No concrete proof yet. But torching the church is a fact.