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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cool parent, Are you in the category?

Recently, a friend of mine are talking about our parent. We were comparing each parents' behaviour will change the growth of a child. I seems to notice that cool parent will most likely be more closer to the child. Can i be a cool parent in the future?

We agree that it would be best to be cool with our kids. Let them boast that they have a great father or mother :) I believed that a family who had a cool parent will surely have their other half that are strict & firm. We can call them as the "Bad" parent. Not saying bad totally, but always strict from the child point of view, they are bad. Just like a movie, there are bad & good people. It's a balance. A family should have this in order that it will be more interesting. I do not say that all parent must be a bad parent when they discipline their child, just that everything MUST have in order that a child grow up to be a more better person in their lives.

A cool parent will surely make a child love their home more than anything else. This is because when ever they came home, they will be entertain by their great parents' who will never stop giving them joys. How awesome is it? :) With the cases of youth running away from home, parent should re-evaluate what is the reason behind all this. I am not a pro, i just point out what's in my mind. Some time, we can't blame the parent totally. Youth do play a role. They do need to talk with their parents what's in their mind. Don't keep it all inside your mind.

My parent? Oh well, they are cool parent. We can argue and the next day we are just fine. When i was young, i was really mad at them for all the silly or minor things that they may not have done it for me. I grow up to be more naughty & sometimes never head for their advices. As i grew older, i sense everything they said will benefit me in some ways. What to say: Old ginger has their values.

Our conversation may be short at times, but it is really interesting. At times, i just replied in a harsh way but i don't mean it in my heart. It is acceptable to them. I guess all this was our ways of conversation. I also knew a friend who talk to his/her mom loudly.

Well, each of us has our ways of communicating with our parent.

I would like to end by stating: Our parent are cool in some ways we may have not noticed!

Give them a chance to be cool! Notice their way of talking...
You will find the unique as this only happen to you :)
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

BB 07, Hi 2008

Hi folks..I have resigned from my job and further on with my studies. I have been accepted into UNISEL. (University Industry Selangor) The reason i enter university is because i would like to achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. I am currently taking Foundation in B.Edu.(TESL). After i complete my foundation, i will proceed with the Bachelor of Edu (Tesl).
I am in my 2nd week of studies. Assignment has been given to us and we will be expecting more classes for the third week. The first 2 week of studies is like holidays. A few holiday fall on Tuesday and Monday classes was being placed aside to make way for the holiday. I am expecting a hectic week when i start my class on Wednesday.

Some people were force to take up this course or otherwise no choice. This was being told by them when the lecturer had a Q & A session. I was quite sad to know that they are not here to be a teacher. This course was suppose to produce them to be a teacher. If you don't plan to be a teacher, why you choose TESL? Anyway, their choice is not up to me to judge.

A bunch of "rocket" & a couple went to Curve for eve's celebrate. We didn't go some where happening because most of us are tired of it. We sat at HEAVEN Cafe while listening to some song. It was also the first time that we sit down and listen to the sound of fire cracker burst its way up the skies. Interesting way to celebrate huh? :P

Today WE WENT TO curve again. This time is to sing K! It was fun & entertaining. It was also my first time singing with them. Oh syok! I love old song but they prefer new song.

As i am writing this, i am suppose to return to Batang Berjuntai. My class start at 8.30am tomorrow. DARN! So tiring...

I shall go after all my stuff is pack.
Have a blessed new YEAR!