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Saturday, July 31, 2004


Some people just enjoy atmosphere of raining,
some just dislike it,
Others just prefer to observe the rain drops from building.
Raining, It's a beautiful art of nature,
Our sweat on the shirt has been colour by the rains...
The sound of rain drops is like a time ticking all this while
Yet, we still don't realise it...

Observing the reaction of human being is amazing !
Most people would take a cover from the rain,
Others would walk cool thru the rains
It's amazing that our parent's never taught us to hide from rain,
yet we cover our selves with our hands or umbrella..
Sweet & lovely of the sound created by rain drops...
Droppings into building, bridge, road, and many objects...

BY "Writer observe from the building at Petaling Street, KL"

do u agree?

A Gentleman and a Perfect BF !
Guys should ALWAYS sent the girl home.. Most of all GF..
Guys should NEVER make a Girl WAIT...
Guys should NEVER make empty promises.. The girl will NEVER forget that u NEVER keep ur promise....
Guys should Learn to wear Jeans.. Its more presentable.. Dun go around town wearing "Bermudas".. Or watever u call it manz..
Guys should ALWAYS pay for the girl when out on a date.. EVEN when ya not the girl's BF.. Its onli the basic..
Guys should be MORE sensitive to a girl's feelings..
Guys should NEVER neglect their GF just becoz of their buddies..
Guys should ALWAYS BE THERE for their GF..
Guys should NEVER LIE.. coz the Girls r SMART these days..
Guys should ALWAYS be the BEST in everything.. So that the Girl can learn from u.. Yet DUn be TOoo Arrogant...

Guys should be MORE Patient and Understanding when its the "time of the MOnth" for the Girls.. They tend to haf MOOD SwIngs...
Guys should learn how to SHOW more AFFECTION to their Love ones..
Guys should ALWAYS take the FIRST STep..
Guys should MAKE DECISIONS... Not say " dunno lar.. or anithing larz.." Girls like guys who can make decisions.. whether is where to eat or go or do.. Bleahz~~
Guys should Try to send their GF home from sch or work if they haf the time despite the distance.. Besides KL isn't very big..

Guys should learn NOT to be toooo Messy... in the things they do..
Guys should learn to call and sms their GF ani time of the day/nite.. Basically give their GF the sense of SECURITY.. tts wat girls want most from their BF..
Guys should try to let their GF know where and wat their doing all the time.. SO should their Girl..
Guys should NEVER Flirt around too Much.. tis world is too small.. Everyone would know that ya a JErk.. Girls can gossip quite alot..

Guys should learn to be more Passionate..
Guys should be SMART, Quickwilled and STRONGWILLED..
Real Guys DO CRY.. they haf feelings too.. But dun CRY to Often.. Coz its NOT very manly.. Besides ya be known as a WIMP..

Guys should KNOW their GF likes and dislikes..
Guys should know their GF contact NumberSSsss by Heart...
Guys should never give excuses like - SOrry I fell asleep.. - Sorry I was caught in a jam.. - Sorry my hp went Low.. - Opps.. I didn't know that.. - Oh i forgot...
Guys should Never use phrases like - ya not angry r u? (when its OBVIOUSLY she is..) - I dun like it.. ( when u haven't even try ) - I dun like them ( when u haven't even met them )
Guys should always TRY new things and learn to adapt..

Guys should ALWAYS make a good impression on the Girl's Parents..
Guys should know how to make their GF happy..
Guys should NEVER be GAYS...
Guys should be DARING to meet ani of their GF's friends, relatives.. blah blah...
Guys should never make their GF to beg for them to do this or that..
Guy should Learn to behave themselves at times..

Guys should be Fun, Talkative, Outgoing.. etc..
Guys should Never force their GF to do anithing they dun want..
Guys should always FEEL like a girl when guys r wif their GF.. Girls like guys who can be their bestfriend too.. Understanding.. etc..
Guys should always talk to their GF about their made-decisions.. and ask how to feel about it..
Guys should NEVER always expect a GIRL to tell them WAT THEY DID WRONG.. when EVERYTHING was WRONG...

Guys should NEVER be Ignorant!
* GaLs ShLD NoT ExPeCT aLL Tis FrM e GuYs...Coz nO oNE IsH PeRFeCT.... one is perfect..i like it..i learn a new lesson from this passage, u?
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i add-ons..haha

Monday, July 26, 2004

u give it a read & think !

we live the days differently
each days was a new day to us
time is an object that bring us forward to the future
there is little time for us to realise the speed of time
but when we think back from the beginning,we were born by pain & by scream
it was the greatest love that has brought us here

how far can our journey go?
What in life that we are seeking after?
Money is part of it as it support our living
what else can we go after ?
Does life have a guarantee?
Does it has an expired date?
Will it never expired at the age of 18?
Will it maintain at the age where we enjoy the most of all

Love was the main subject in everyones mind
How can you not talk about love when you yourself require love to go on living your life
It was a factor that motivates us...
look at those people who don't get enough love..
they are flying without wing from the high rise building, hurting themselves,
going to palaces that offer the greatest enjoyment..

The fact of life is that it was never happy..
the sad is the only thing that you will face everyday.
you will be sad when you parted with your loves ones.
be it a short or long break..
it was not feeling good...
the moment...was a hard one..
let the experience tell's how it feels.

friends, whom have you know know their future is going to be what?
How can you know what you going to be in the future?
this are the question to be answer by time
hope that it will not be long until you find the answer of your life
seek it & it will come to you.

for the time being, i am still searching for the right path to walk..
i am still searching for what i am suppose to be...
i am still searching for my future...

~ Writer Unknow ~