Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Coll start!

College start today. Nothing special. Just that the lecture aren't held at lecture hall anymore. The student was around 40 ppl. 4 years ago, it was 130+ student for the course that i took.. sad! Well, get to know some friend. Thats good point! haha! Anyway, tired. God bless U! :)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My dream car

After i saw it on a local newspaper promoting it, i was attracted to it!!! It was superb nice! You can have a convertable roof that can open and close when ever you like. I always like this kind of car. At night, we can open the car roof to view the star & moon. We can get some fresh air driving along the highway at 3 am. ..haha! nice huh@!

Click on it to check it more!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Just watch "I not stupid too" few days back. I really like the adaption of it. It also inspire me to stress more towards the education part. The GOV didn't really do much to educates youth in their family life. A lot of school & teacher are facing problem with student that are rebellious. WTH! HM wont care much about it. They just brush it off.. I would made some changes in school if i were to teach again!
Perhaps right now, i got to put my focus on my education in order to reach my goal. I wil start my college this coming monday. Some of my friend already graduates and will work soon. Some already in work force. But i guess i am not going to bother much about it cause i believe one day i will also finish my diploma and work. The time will come soon. The journey i walk the past few years really enjoyable. From hating to take this course, going to teach at a secondary school, then kindergarten leads me to a clear direction of where i am heading in future. Without all the up & down, i wont even know where are my calling...
Education will be my main goal. Educating people in a better way will eventually change people. I am looking forward to it. On how it will become, i will not say much until i have done it. It will be my long term goal. I am looking for people who share the same passion as i am to come & look for me. Together we can help this generation of youths to become a better person.
Any one up for it?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

check it out!


guess whats use all this number are...not 4D,,,sorry..

i guess is a treasure hunt for those who are interested! U can find d answer in my page! but with some click lor...hehe!

Monday, May 08, 2006

thanks a million

My life is beautiful
Because i have you who comes across me
Again i mature D
Because you teach me the way
Life was not complete without You
Dear, is wondeful that you wake me up

Friday, May 05, 2006

SEX note!

HI yoo...

I am now on sexual education MODE!

check out this LINK to know HOW to WEAR a CONDOM properly !!! This is a must know lesson for those who DON't even see or touch a condom before.

And this LINK provide u to sexual education lesson that u need to know....

HIV, pre-marital sex and all sort of things that u need to know, check it teens for teens!

And , don't HAVE sex when u have not prepared for BABY! Don't throw away your babies! Else i knock ur head! Adios!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Youth Alpha Retreat was a nice one. GOD's presence was there to touched the heart of his children.

When i start dealing with this camp, i wonder will GOD come and open up their heart. I still worried that it could not work out well. FYI, Satan attacks a number of times. Many of the youth are unable to go due to sickness and all sort of reason. The committee was very down because the turn out was low. We deal with it until the very last day. We know it would be a HARD ones. We (The camp comm) pray hard everyday before the camp start as well as during the camp. Indeed, GOD hear us and answered our prayer.
On the first day, everything run quite well but not so smooth. With the people that come from all background regardless of age/sex/behaviour, we see all kind of stuff happen. We worried that some of the leader or members may not be going together well. GOD calm me down by sending some one to ask me to chill down. Oh well, i cool down n let god work again.
Second day, we start to see more positive or brighter side of this camp. Or i should say a light that shines thru the darkness. More than half of the camper go for altar call as pastor ask that anyone of them who want to commit their life to GOD n serve HIM n be fire UP for HIM. I was touched by GOD's presence and cried on the spot...I thank HIM for being so wonderful! Initially, it was not at that time we plan to have altar call, but i know that Holy Spirit was there to use pastor to reached out to His children. Thanks, Father in Heaven.
At night, we even have concert. everyone was jumping around. Talent nite was superb. The games was fun. Everyone bring a memory home. We did it thru GOD's strength. Thats the best part! No words can describe...tired but enjoyable!