Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Merdeka! am i?

Today was Malaysia 48 years of independent. I don't give much thought about it. Just normal & find it nothing special to celebrates except that i need to thank GOD for giving us peace in this country.
I was having a serious talk with my parents. They have given me the "independence" to decide what i want to do for my future. I am still struggling with my studies and I do find it difficult to dealt with. I must admit that i don't really like touching book & study but i was thinking that i really need a cert to survive. What my parents reply is that i better not waste time if i ain't got any results. I am thinking deeply about it & find it hard to accept that i have to let go my dream of being a teacher. It's so painful. Why cant i be a teacher? I have no idea. I am thinking that what my parents said today could be a calling from GOD that i will have to work in other field. I am still not so sure about my future. There are so many alternative that i can take. Is just that i really need to make a decision right now. What other will say about me? No cert? Then you better get lost & don't appear in my face. YOU GOT NO CERT. GOSH! Honestly, i don't really care what people will think. As long as u get a decent living, that will be good. But after all, i still need to prepare my heart.
I will think about it after my exam. Now i just keep my head up & lives the best!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


hi guys, i am confirm not entering into teacher training college. I am over the age limits set by the ministry of education. Now i am planning to go for KPLI (a program to study for 1 yr after graduates in degree 2 teach in secondary.) if i can, it would be nice! chao!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

back to norm

sorry guys...didn't update for some time. Been busy doing some stuff. CF day camp @ Ulu Yam jus over yesterday. Feel relax & great for the student who went there. Hope they learn something there. I lost my Jeans & a T-shirt there. Dunno where it gone . haih....I like the jeans a lot. It was a gift. MAN... Tired & exhausted, but i will have to forget all this & study. Exam start on 8 sept. Well, thats all. Take Care.

Friday, August 12, 2005

facts of d world

Unfairness always appear in society. It doesn' matter who, but anyones. I think it was time that we have to lower down our expectation towards things that we hope for. Not to dampen our sipirit , but to make our self more relax & not putting too much pressure on our self. Isn't it more better? Everything that has happen has a reason. I believed it. You have to learn from it. Nothing is easy. If you think a baby start to walk after he/she is born, no way it can be. So, with pain, we get a gain. Right?
We often ask: How come this man has big house, so relax & stuff? But do you know how suffer he is before he got this lives? You know how much effort he put in his work? With determination & a lot of effort only he has this day. friend, lazy will not earn u much. So, work hard, think hard..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

teacher, possible?

Useless educatioin ministry who try to spoil my teaching spirit. I just got to know from my collegue that the teacher training college will only accept people from age 17-21 only. USELESS...i am not qualify next year! SO now i have to think of alternative. Adios.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

JH rowling on top of the world

Taiko James HO big day was spend sight seeing on top of the world. So here is a snap shot of him who love seeing building....Happy Bday!

Thinking back on how long we have know each other,
I couldn't count on my own finger.
Perhaps i need to borrow some one hands.
The days will always be joy because i have you who:

Crack the jokes until my stomach pain!!!


{on the left r Taiko JHO, on the right r Henry!!}

*FYI, The picture before this has been taken away & being replaced by this Supermodel look. How you like it now? : ) *

A day has gone,

I finally sit down & do the things i like,

Feel like isolated,

for i am all alone.

GOD give me a reminder,

Don't rush my son,

Keep it cool,

i will provide the things you need,

Ask & ye will receive.

I will ask from HIM tonight.

SO, GOD had told me to wait yah.OK, i will wait until the time comes.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Time flies

As i am typing this out, i figure out that i am real old man d. haha... not old as in physical, but mentally. Well, there was this bunch of student who even called me uncle & orang tua.... It really making me feel that way.. : )

this few days i have been feed with gossip about men n woman. My collegue was all married woman besides one who had a bf n expected to marry soon. Another 1 r expected her first baby 'gurl' due november - december (i was her assistant.). The rest have kids & r studying now. As they were chatting about how bad & spoiled their husband are, i find that man are like a lot of weakness. Nevertheless, i also think back about woman. Aren't they too had weakness? Well, i suppose they have to think about them selves as well. Dun blame everything to MAN... MAN r not perfect, woman too... Well, thats why both have weakness. GOD created both man & woman to be different so that they can be balanced in their marriage. Thats what it means by 2 become ones. Love is something that they can hold on together. GOD 1st created man... but man was all alone, so god created woman to accompany him in his life. Thats how woman come from...hehe.. well, as i states here, i do NOT hold against any SEXES , OK? is just come from my mind?
Another point that i come to was to handle children... How to handle your own children? Dun let you yourself teach ya children. Let other do so you wont have high blood pressure...hahaha. I find it a bit hard especially when its ur own children. You might wana pamper them...but then, this is not the right way. The more you let them have their say, You will lose your stands. I think "FIRM" is d right way to hold against ur children. Discpline not really d way. Love & patient will work it out. But above all, all this have to start from pre-school stage. If you start too late, perhaps it will be more hard to control over them.
What? a teacher? Well, some may give good respone, some just say ok, some say not so good, no money.... Well, i think i have decided that i will be a teacher. But just that i will have to wait until aged 28 only i can graduate & work as a teacher. Teacher Training college require so many years to study. a bit bored & long for me. But i will have to stand against it as it was my interest. I have passion in it. I really don't wana let go this opportunity. I had finally found something that i like doing. The passion, interest, satisfaction... all are in teaching. WOW.. sounds good ya
Being a good teacher was more than what people might have seen in a teacher daily life which was to educates student. It was to educates them about lives, about how they can overcome it rather than facing the books only. BOOK ARE DEAD, HUMAN ARE ALIVE. I bring on this philosophy to the next generation.
All for now. wore out!