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Saturday, November 18, 2006


Oh siao! So long didn't update my blog! I just transfer my old blog to the new BETA blogger. ANyway, got something to share...

  1. KIASU --------------------> TAK KIASU
  2. KIA-BOH -------------------> TAK KIA-BOH
  3. KIA CHENG-HU --------------> TAK KIA CHENG-HU
  4. KIASI ---------------------------> TAK KIASI
  5. -NO MOTTO- ------------------------------> MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Benggang! ~#~

What makes me mad was a young guy age 20 something act like a 3 yr old kids. Very frustrating! I was at the class listening to lecturer..out of no where... "Click, clak, click clak,click clak.." annoying sound of some "kids" playing PEN! OI ,people wana listen to lecture wan la! You keep on doing that banana sound... I feel so fired up & thought of throwing a paper at him. DUH! Was so mad when i can't concentrate with that banana sound!

But as the years go by, i also remember how i behave during that time...

1) Didn't pay much attention while lecturer teaching..
2) Keep on talking with friends because the lecture was too BORED..
3) Paying my "very best attention" to my account lecturer who is the most pretty lecturer i ever met in college. (Mind YOU! it was my first year in college, & i have been surrounded by old ah mah ah gong teacher back in my secondary school. oh ya btw, i saw my account lecturer this week. She don't look that "kow" like last anymore... [people change as they get older...])

there are more of it...but i wana keep it up for my self...

Ya, i won't be able to frequently updates my blog as i am pretty busy during weekdays. Weekend are filled as well. so, till i am free...

life has da go on! Gambate everyone!