Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aussie & england

banana! The aussie play a nice game! The ref is real spoiler! wana knock their head! haih! the Spagetti team lost one of their player when he his red carded! This has given aussie an advantage to win over italy. But it didn't happen!
Well, like people say. Football is like an art! People acting in it & we the spectator just enjoy the game! what la! The most heart breaking game i ever saw! It was in the 93'mins that the banana kangaroo fell down accidently and the MEE TOMATO act like he was being accidently knock down! All he want was penalty & they got it! If i was the ref, i am going to give italy a RED one for their clumsy acting!
Anyway, my fav team are on the way to GLORY! Aussie is just another team i like along all the match! Fow now, Italy will be on my black list! Joining the black list are Argentina & brazil! The rest is OK! Spain, i let u go because u made no harm to my fav. team! If u were to go against England in what ever match, i am so sorry to say that u r my enemy!
SO far england performance are just so-so. They need to improve in terms of passing n SHOTs! Still not that good. But i believe in Sven that he is able to synchronize all the player & made it into a WORLD CUP TEAM! Owen is out, Walcott is still on the bench, Rooney getting better each games, BEckham show what he has during the eng vs Ecuador match, Steven G & the rest are in good form. This is what we need to win! Tomorrow Ghana will okay against Bra-JIL. I will be all out for GHANA to win over the Hottest or fav BRA. Lets wait for tomorrow.! K, thats all..sleepiness struck now...

Monday, June 26, 2006

My day

My day was wisely spend serving God in church yesterday. Feel good & hope it will last me for sometime until i am over aged for it. *grin* Thinking back, i am quite suprise that i am able to come this far. Thank GOD for giving me this life. To do what He wants me to do.

I am in my second phase of my plan. Or God's plan for me. Well, first step is to know. Second? Execute la! Wait on it! Can't wait to finish my studies! Please do pray for me. That i may be able to study my very best, understand it well & do well in September exam!
Next up, this year is quite a "haih" year after i buy a "Haih" during chinese new year! According to my granma, she say when a person buy "haih" during CNY, he/she will "haih"more! Looks like it did! waahaha! Anyway, dun expect me to trust more in it. Cause this yr lots of stuff going on. Don'r u expect me to @##$^%%^ meh? right?
Hmm, should i talk about my relationship?
may be i will share a little....
I once admire some one for 2 yr, & try to chase after her for another 2 year....but it end up in "lap sap tang!" I once like BBG, but end up nothing cause i am imature. But thank GOD, she is the one that open my mind about relationship. I once like LH, but end up tak jadi cause she has one! Well, she might be the one if she has not been taken ; as in every aspect, she is the one i am most comfortable talking to in many time... Another one popping up recently, hmmm....she is non other than a girl la! Time will tell, but i am not ready for it. But if any girl pop in & interested in me (Free Advertising), i wont hesitate to break the chain. For now, Relax la! Singlehood is much fun! But of course the pressure are getting higher now a days! See below!
Take k!
Wishing my self a blessed day! every one that come across me, thanks alot! U made a difference in my life!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I am a busy man. More busy than our Prime Minister. (Thats what my mom say) Now a days hardly have time to update about my self. Anyway, i am studying at TARC. resiting paper & hope to get it all done by next year FEB. The last few weeks i've been busy for youth activities & meeting. Tiring! GOD, how come when you say sunday is for rest & we don't have rest? Anyway, i know the answer. So, i am again asking stupid question.
The alpha retreat was a nice one. People still mention about it now a days. The carnival & concert? You wont believe it. Over 150+ attended it. I am so happy about it. And the sketch that i deal with? Awesome GOD did it great! Haha! Well, i am sick right now. Do pray for me. Thats all..ENGLAND vs Sweden today at 3am.
The previous match was a nice one. Especially when Steven G take a long shot! Nice one man! HAHA! OK, thats all! Adios!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Carnival Games & Concert @ Puchong!!!

Hi dear friends,

There will be a Carnival & concert at Puchong. It was organize by Puchong Preaching Point in conjuction of our Youth Official Launching! Ask all your friend to join in the fun! For more info, you can click on the below link.

For map, please click below:
Take Care!
From Jarod

There is a fever that are happening around the globe. Is not normal fever. It's pretty HIGH fever that hit the earth! Well, it will start next saturday & i am not able to watch it! Haih! But never mind, i will soon join in the fever on sunday! YES!
All school will be less student, all working place will have sleepy face & all the boss wont be showing happy face at all ! Such is the fever that has NO CURE! The only cure is to shout GOAL & see their fav. team play! No word can be describe!
The symtoms also include woman/girl being ignore by the man/boy that are beng hit by the fever. So bad that most woman are eager to throw they hubby/darling cloths out the house. But wait, SOME girl do join in the fever! How it will turn out to be?
I think the house will be messy, all male will have to do house chore.. Also have to cook dinner & have sleepless nights shouting goal while washing their toilet.
How about those pregnant lady that watch football? GOSH!
Married man will have to make food for her, serve her anything she ask. And if you are concern about her unborn child? No worries! Her baby will kick together in her stomach & become a future footballer like Zinedine Zidane!
Dear all, i remind you that please do not be HIT by this BUG! Thats all for now!