Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Teoh Beng Hock's son is out....and will shines in the family.

Teoh Beng Hock's son is born and both mother and child are safe. Weight at 2.9 KG, now at Batu Pahat Hospital. Family will give PC at 3PM.

Today is also the Ninth Day of Chinese New Year. It coincides with Hokkien's Thanksgiving day. Double Happiness and let us hope that TBH will get his justice. Here I wish the Teoh's family a wonderful days ahead with little Beng Hock.

Read here for more details.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why English is important even if you want to protest?

Recently, some group held a protest around KL and show these banners to the world. However, their English is not up to mark, it does make a laughing jokes. Below is the correction made by English Educated Malaysian who are concern of how these people can lead Malaysia to a brighter future.

Are they referring to their own country? Australian interfering with Australian Court? So sorry for you Aussie..

It is about time to send them back to Primary School. They are learning Spelling at the moment. :D

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Speechless Result for Perak

5 NIL... LIMA KOSONG! 5-0!

The Federal court is playing football?

How many own goal? How many Hattrick? How much money?

Zambry aka BN Won over Nizar is a BIG LOST for them In the next GE. I promise you. Or I should say, the RAKYAT promise to SINK BN & UMNO.

How can not even one person that STAND for Nizar?

Who is standing for truth?

What you mean by NIZAR is no longer the MB that liked by EVERYONE? Why don't you just dissolve and let the votes tell us?

I am sadden by this result. Democracy is dead in PERAK & Malaysia. Long LIVE BN.... till when final judgement comes.


I really wanna get some one to "ting tong" those judges. What is "ting tong"? Check here! :D
Have a good laugh.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Namewee did it again: Localize it ") Happy New Year!

Namewee criticize Chinese New Year songs that copied from CHINA. Why can't we incorporate our culture and create a new song?

I have tried my best to translate as accurate as possible. However, some Hokkien slang is difficult to translate.

Translation below:

Yellow words: The man in red
Red Words: Namewee

Title: Precious prosperity

Drum sound
New Spring comes, Hearts and flowers bloom
Fire crackers sound all over
Let us invite the God of Prosperity into our home

Malaysia's New Year Album, Every year translate here and there
Some people sing New Year songs and produced platinum album
They never change the style of singing, lyrics do not match the logic
And a group of superstars, wore like red armies
Even the young idols also got force into the sea
Made the whole festive atmosphere , This is called as sorrowful
Your image shouldn't be cool?
Why your company wanted you to pretend?
Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to sleep

Another spring of omen
Every families filled with joy
Today we bring in the new and give away the old
Every one meets and wish each other well

Wah lao yeh, your lyrics make me sick when I listen to it
What Winter and spring, you think i am insane?
Except rain, every day I am hot until cannot stand
You simply sing, I hear already SIBEH TL (Direct Translation=Northwest Bet Lazy- Meaning>Not happy, irritated )
Those incapable business sponsor only know that earning the money is fun
Your teacher never teach you that
Malaysia's four season are SUMMER
You are late for school and still pretend you don't know
There is a red string called Equatorial

Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to eat pudding

Let us come and celebrate new year
Every families come and reunite
The sound of fire crackers welcome the new year
Every year happy

Crack your balls
The lyrics got problem lah
My grandma also know, police will catch those who play with fire crackers
Maybe you are a rich person, can simply give angpow (Red packet)
But for lyrics, please write with logic
Walao, listen to those freaking singers simply sing
New year songs can also have our own culture
Whatever the CHINA bring over, you just sing along
YOUR XX live here for so long
Still don't know how to localize ah?

Wish you prosper
Wish you will prosper during the new year
Wish you will get the God of Prosperity
God of Prosperity will accompany you to play fire cracker

The new year is here,
Years of successive years
The sound of fire crackers let people....

Got something to tell you

AAAH LAH! XX(breaking chicken) Namewee lah!
Your Father (I) have been very patience with you lah!!!
Don't come and CRY all over with me!

ADS: Weather is HOT, drink more water. Must be careful when you Play with fire cracker. Wish everyone a Happy New Year!