Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Busy Link

Well, i was quite busy this few weeks. As the days occupied me, i find myself hard to arrange time for friends. Not easy! I am handling a Myf Events which were going 2 happen in JUNE. With the BIG Celebrations going together with it, I am in a bit of pressure to deliver. Was thinking what games we can play,,,haha...well, was thinking all sort of things. Think until my concious mind dunno fly where D. Friends, hope you can understand my situation. I need encouragement + your support. I dun need complement, All i need is your words that will keep me going. A friend does not put a friend down but support him. emmm...hope u can understand. Rejected a number of invitation coz i was far way too busy. Well, after all this, i can yam cha as usual. NEXT TIME if i were thinking of becoming Malaysian NEXT Idol, i will have to re-think. I want yam cha !!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunt want money......Or fame OR rubbish la... I am dreaming la.. ME? Malaysian Idol? wahahah..this is a big jokes.
XJ-yam cha wit fren important hor..... rather than staying alone at home! so sien!
My life was so sien. Why do i so gan jiong wana have a gf for what? emm. NO idea. Lonely? Perhaps. Why so hard to get one? emm, i yim JIM. Mom always jokes around askin me how many ppl at home when she know tat i am the only ones....why wana extra one ler? They never see me bring any gal home. haha...i go gal house got la...wahaah...BIGGEST secret appear. Well, hopefully can get by the time i reach my RIP age. SOme one dun like to the word..wahah so do i... fearing dlo wil take away my macho@! wahah..
My leg pain. Walk Chow Kit Road 2 hunt for photostat shop. Going again in the morning, now d morning. haha..well, i love the badge..haha..nice! k, chao@!

Friday, April 29, 2005


Something is not right. I sense it.
Well, i was not right. I am going overload a little bit worrying people surrounding me. GOSH...well, at least i know they still care for me. HAHA.. one thing i find out, being the only child is not easy task. This & that can't do. Is like breaching the LAW. But i don't follow the RULES> I haTE it. Life journey is still long way. I need to learn & pick things up. I am still a kids in d eyes of others. well, kids, Njoy it while u still can. For after a few months, u wil be old MAN.
YM, if u read upon this, i might acts crazy but i am without stupidity is no fun. Assume if The dayR comin, what can i do? My life is precious 4 it is a gift That GOD has given me. lifee.....haha... N joy la!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


any student want tuition? i am going to teach secondary level. For more info, plz check on d right bar. Thanks ! take care

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Walking alone,
Look above the sky,
Hoping for a great days,
But everything lies in my hands

Sometimes we cant denied
Is total disturb to me

Looking back
everything is in my hand
If things cant be done
Re-check to see what you missed

Love is every where
I got it all the way
If you Don't feel it,
Coz you never open up your heart
To love & be love

Nothing is possible
Coz we THINK it that way
Our mind works well
But our ego cover it up

Are just a person whom we will look for
Are just a book that wrote down our history
Will forever last in our mind till the last day

Life is just the way we direct a movies
If you want the best people
You choose the best Actor or Actress
If you want the best stories
You make it the best your self
Choices are in your hand

Everything you do can't be rewind
Regret is just a word if it wasn't apply
Nothing is impossible If you think positively.


wonder whats on with me...

jus finish my 3rd paper. Was tough & not much time. Now i will have to concentrate on my last paper. ADIS2.. well, i am going to b bz after the last paper. Not sure whether i will have time to post up or not. K, take care every1.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


chelsea WON ! Defeat BM yesterday makin the aggregate at 6-5. haha... yeah...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


haha...lame head topic...was bored. Jus use traditional massage to massage my father hand. Been pain for months. Mom was not around as usual. Leaving me no option. But bore... next paper was next monday. ppl study while i blog. haha.. what on earth am i doin? well, there was this fren that ask me about relationship. I feel stuck. I dunno how 2 answer. Haha... what teacher am i... oh well, i still cant get over it. I AM NO LONGER TEACHER. Who i think i am? siao siao... Well, being teacher was fun. Can talk & talk ....Talking to the student. Giving advice was great. haha... in the mean time, can also fool them.....aiyoh...feel bad ler... Well, of course i dun fool them until so crazy la... actually kinda miss teaching. But the DaRn GOV pay out very slow. UNTIL now i havent get my wages. BAKA! I think i shud consider it again.
Now a days student face a lot of unknow challenge. I once gone thru it. Well, i am thinkin... why la..
later UEFA match in between Bayern MUNICH & Chelsea. Hope The Blues WIN. haha..dislike BM. ter.... well, life have to continue... now a days been listening to ALABAMA & some oldies. Nice & lovely... SMooth & make me feel nice.
GOSH! why no ppl visits my blog? hehe.... feel like writing for some unknown ppl only...wahaha...anyway, is my blog & this is the place i express my self. Dun bother la... Take care every 1. GOD BLESS U.

Monday, April 11, 2005

W-IN-P & f d x

Examination was tough if u nvr study. That was true to the bottom of my heart. Well, i just had my first paper today. DAMS 1144->INTRO-CALCULUS ! The paper was siao & i have hard time dealing with it. MAN, luckily i do a few & miss some of it As insufficient time & not enough practices make me slow & cant finish it all. Above all, during exam, most people will look at their paper. WHile me, i just look around & continue my paper.....Then repeat a few times.!
There was this lady that attracted my attention & thus making me paying much of the attention to her. SHE was wearing a formal with PINK UPPER & long grey pants. She was the invigilator at the exam room. Her shape was slim & look gorgeous for me! WOW...she is sexy some more..I hope today wont rain la....if rain, everything GONE! haha....GOSH! i am just paying too much attention to her tat i keep on forcing my eyes to my own paper. AH...after finishing it, i just got a few look @ her & leave the place unsatisfies with my self for the paper. MIND U, she is not my gf. WHen i leave the room & go to the stair case, i saw another sexy lady which is my ex-lecturer. DARN, why today so many pretty lady want ah..makes me wana look for a sexy lady to chat. *having some ones in mind*

The most funny thing that i encounter today is: My calculator battery went DEAD! i only know about it when my "lou dao"(father) mention whether my calculator still workin or not. He was listing from A-Z whether does everything that i need has been taken. GOSH! lucky him..if not,,,haha..anyway, i borrow from ex-house mates & didn't use much of it as the paper didn't have much calculation. K, thats all & i am super COLD!

W-IN-P stands for Woman IN Pink.-
F d x - stand for first day exam

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Screw Up

I screwed up my life
I screwed up things surrounding me
I screwed up the road
I screwed up my time
I am gonna screwed up my examination

Everything seems screw up for me
There is nothing for me
There's a way up the sky
Rock on the way
I'm on my way to paradise

There is nothing i could do
To make my self
True to who i am

Let the love fly upon you
Let it burn up your hearts
Look for the perfect ones
Match em up for the best souls

Let me fly up the sky
Let me see the wonder
SO that my screw up lifes wont be wasted
oh yeah!

Note: i got nothing better to do & write up this weird rap. Sound lame & i get it on to kill my spaces, as well as my precious time.

Journal for the day:, oh sorry,yesterday was the correct ones. emm... i got my body up from bed at 11am, screw my teeth, screw my body, then drive to Puchong for Un-Official Control Feeder-bus. After that, fetch kids back to their sweet nest. Off to BK$ 2 pick stud for BK class. [luckily not pk class] Went along. GOD has been speaking to me along the way. During the period, i have been thinking of what i wana do. The book by Rick Warren [forget d title.] some how speak to me. shud have a try on it. Then told kim garry get one for me & pay him GOLD. hehe...gonna have a new beginning for me this year. GOD has been working on me & build me up to be a better person as i have been bugging HIM for that great change on myself. COunting the 20-ies that i left. NOT MUCH!!!! I am so old.... minus 30 ah now, not 20! ah, u wont get what i mean.
Checking out on the ppl that came for the Un-Off Control Feeder-bus. A gurl came consecutively for the second time. Suprise! Well, may be god has changed her. Yup, i have no power. Is very funny when there is a rumuor that say a society can change a person. How ? Well, was against this idea as it wont have any affect on people. MAy be a little got la.You ask me go join army so i will have the way army think la? BAKA 2tat fella! Only GOD can change a person. haiii...if i got power to change ah, why my father hasn't been change by me..ur mind got problem la! Friends that are reading this, please dun be bother by all this. Oh ya, i am a Christian & i am still improving my self. GOD is there! He was the ones that changed me. Why am i so cheer up everyday? Is bcoz i had lay down my burden upon HIS hand, he will take care of it all. He teach me to be happy. I wasn't this happy before i know HIM well. Since i get to know him more now a days, look at the smile paste on my face. THANK YOU GOD.
PS: There is a small camp i am making. This is to thank HIM, The one & only. 4 giving me this life.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

CHARM, I in L_ V_ ~~!!

OUCH... i m in L_V_ with someones that i dun really know & understand. How does l_v_ & marriage actually means? How to define that? How & how & how... the question keep on popping in my head. Who is she? how can she just lure me in the TRAP of l_v_. Why am i so blind ? Where is my sense of common sense in stuff? Life , where are thou to guide me? MAN, I sweat & hunger for a intimate relationship. What is going on? Who am i? I think i have lost my identity when i played along the DANGEROUS games of L_V_..... Continue, today was not the only day i find my self click with that situations. S-x--L Thought come across my mind & burst me up. OUCH ! How i fear for that to happen again. I am having sleepless night because of that. Fear has become true, Old fantasy has rules again. DEVIL! WHat a day u had make for me! I am going to storm U down! GOTTA get u out!
MORNING COMES: the clone will make some calls, regaining his CHARM, have a bath, put some oilment to look muscular, & out he goes to flirt. Outstanding Car, Outstanding Phone, Outstanding way of a bacholar. Now, it will up to him to make the girl moves her heart.. OK, looks like everything set. The guy has gain over the girl property. It costs: A Heart!
GIRL, if u read upon it. Just wana say: I miss you long time ago. The person that you know has long gone in the RIP graves. The ones that you see right now is not him, but a clone made by himself to regain his own reputation as a MAN. How does this fantasy going on? No ones KNOW. Is this story for real? Yes, it might be. Look across the name, it stated "NONSENSE"
PS: This story is an entertainment only. If anything that resembles your life, ignore it coz it doesn't really have a actual meaning in it. Just blasting it OUT!


Once, there was a girl
She was pretty & intelligent
She was a favourite among all the people
Inside her heart was unknown who will be her best choice

There was a guy
His name was not other than Prince Ugly
He was a emotional person & easy to fall in love
As usual, This guy fall for this pretty gal (ez to fall in love mah)
Well, He doesn't have the confidence to chase after the girl
Soon, time flies & he still lock in his own world thinking of the girl
His imagination of her run wild

They called this as love
How can the ugly man got a click of it
How can he understand when he is blinded by this love
Well, no body does

So "love is blind" is TRUE.
Do u have the same perception?

PS : i am taking a shot of writing some stuff... a friend ask to write some thing .. so i end up with this story of mine. Not really true la...just bluffing! haha...hope u njoy it. bye

Monday, April 04, 2005

10-12 June 2005 SMS

Looking forward to this date ! It will be very meaningful for me as it will be a major stuff that i am handling in church. Well, life has never been the same after camp as now i ma more motivated to do GOD's work. Life is interesting. Nothing is impossible if you keep on going for it. My examination is coming again. I wish to end it soon. I have been saying this for the past few months without putting effort in it. WHAT la! Well, i MUST stuck my self in front of books. Been CRAZY ah! Hopefully everything can get into my mind. GOTTA get it over & concentrate on SMS. WHATS SMS? u will know soon if u wait for another 2-3 weeks. I will be anouncing by the time it comes. May GOD bless this stuff i am doin. OK, hope everything goes well. Oh ya, my CUTE gal is back. AHAHAHAHAH...i m so happy. K...Now i am D/L old classic song. No idea why now a days i am into old songs. May be it gives te smooth. Unlike the current market hit song, All r either ROCK or R&B. NOt my cup of tea. CHIVAS,,hope to get some of it this week. WEl, sleep la...........Most of my friends has resigned from BLOG. I am one of d long lasting guys around the corner. BLASTING my self non stop. I dunno how long will i continue the journey of BLOG. Hoping it will release some stress..hahhahaahahhahhh
Take K

by jarod aka GTG