Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, June 15, 2009

No toll booth?

Read this suggestion.

I say: Abolish TOLL lah...

Why do we need to pay toll in between the same state? Not that we need to travel for long distance. Even a short distance from Kelana Jaya to Puchong will cost you RM 1.60!!!

I say you can forget about earning money from us. Start to think on our behalf. Not even staying near our vicinity. And Shaziman, you can go and dream more k... Don't even know the speed limit!!!

Our highway speed limit in between Klang Valley is 80-90 KPH!


Lastly, he compared in between “Countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia..."

Oh dear, you wanna kena JAB by Chedet? :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Politics be damned, it’s English - By Kee Thuan Chye (Must Read)

I read with awe on his article as he 'poked' certain people and decision made by our government. It is a must read for a better understanding on our current situation. Education or politics? Which one comes first?

Please read-Politics be damned, it’s English.

Mom had a conversation with me after reading this article. She said that there was this taxi man who spoke fluent "Ink-Girlish" than those sixth form students and University grads. Standard dropped or University grads lousy?

Passes in SPM is a must. But how can we help them to improve? I'd met with a friend who grew up in rural area. His result is good, but his command of English is weak. Without a good communication and understanding in English, its going to be a DAMN for the youngster. Read Dr.Hsu encounter with a part time nurse he hired.

Friends, time to think for our children. Not politics please.

Language is a form of communication and it is also a knowledge that will bring us further.

In conclusion, I would like to borrow my mom's conclusion: I am sad and pity for the children.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two historic letters - Separation of Singapore from Malaya

How Singapore separated from Malaysia? Its all started from these two letters. I believe that our secondary school history book may not have these letters for our young generation to read. They should know what causes it to happen.

These historical letters is taken from the book entitle "Who lives if Malaysia dies"*. Published by DAP in April 1969. Click the picture below to read.

I gave some thought to this matter. If Singapore was not separated from Malaysia, perhaps they could just be like us. However, the then Prime Minister of Malaya Tunku Abdul Rahman made a decision to end our ties seems to be the best decision for Singapore. Singapore is without resources and rely mostly on trading. Yet, they can survive and bring Singapore forward. Malaysia has plenty of resources yet we seem to be nowhere.

Of course, I do see Malaysia improves in certain areas. However, we need to make Malaysia a better country to live in.

Ok, I shall not compare Malaysia and Singapore. They are just a tiny red dot and we are like black ink stain on a white shirt. :D

Note: *The book is compiled by DAP and no longer in print. Can be stated as "Antique".

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fate of 1Black Malaysia Gathering: Left Hanging

Scene outside the Police Station:

DAP HQ Perak:

At Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Ipoh:

Waste of money and time, no result.
Efficiency? Or lack of it or don't know how to charge them? Its either a charge or forget about it. Its our freedom of expression yet you take it away from us. Rest in Peace, Perak!

Note: Above videos and photo is taken by a concerned Perakian. Thank you.

Real Policeman ID

A REAL policeman ID card is light yellow in color with Logo & the word "polis diraja malaysia " in front.

At the back, there will be a passport size photo, name & matriks number

Dear All ,
Another precaution and safety issues to take note.
Pls inform your friends and relatives and your loved ones for their safety.!!!!

Below is the real policeman ID:

Ladies, be alert
. It is happening in Penang !!!

I used to receive forwarded emails regarding incidents of being 'disturbed' by a fake policeman but I don't really believe that until i met one last saturday
It was 8.30am when I was driving at Jln Ayer Itam. I noticed a motorbike following me closely. Of course I didnt suspect anything bcos that is the main road to town. However, at the Mobil petrol station, b4 SRJK Shang Wu, I turned left to Tmn Lumba Kuda & he followed.

This time he was riding the motorbike on my right & took out his handcuff and kept saying "Saya polis". I ignored him. Then at the tmn lumba kuda housing area he overtook my car & stopped his motorbike infront on me..

I stopped & waited till he got down from his bike then I drove off again. Unfortunately, we met again at the tuff club traffic light. This time, he kept knocking at my window and asking me to co me out from my car. He also showed me a so called police ID card without photo or logo.

I'm very sure that he is not a genuine policeman. Even if he is a real one, and if I did break any traffic rules
, he can just send me a summon without needing me to get down from my car. So, I decided go drive to police station. He followed me till a few hundreds metre b4 I turned to the police station.

He is a medium size guy, abt 165-170cm height. Riding Modenas Kriss 100 , PGN 74.

p/s: A REAL policeman ID card is light yellow in color with Logo & the word "polis diraja malaysia " in front. At the back, there will be a passport size photo, name & matriks number


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bumbung Stadium KT Runtuh!

Bumbung Stadium KT Runtuh dan nasib baik tidak ada orang yang tertimbus di runtuhan stadium tu. Saya rasa dah cukup lah.. Dah 2 runtuhan dalam minggu ini. Seperti yang dijangkakan oleh saya selepas runtuhan Jaya Mall. Teruk.

Hari ini the star online menyatakan bahawa kerja perobohan Jaya Mall masih belum diluluskan. Jadi, sekarang kita blame contractor tu la...?

Berita selanjutnya tentang Stadium KT sila baca di Malaysiakini.