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Monday, April 30, 2007


Been thinking what to do with my current life. Been thinking i am not good enough. Been thinking to..... yes, like the computer does, Upgrade!
I wana upgrade my self. Especially in language efficiency. I am a half pass boy who never cares of how other think of the way i pronounce. As long as i get the message clear to you, i am fine with it. But now a days i don't see it. When you speak more better, it would earn respect. Ya, english is widely used now a days. You can't live without it.
So, i should find my self a online/offline dictionary that have pronounciation sound for me to listen. I have to learn like kids does. Not a fun thing, but a serious ones. In near future, i won't know what type of people i will be encountering. SME boss, CEO, may be air asia CEO DATO TONY? :P
Well, now i really need to buck up. I think i also need to read more chinese news paper to learn more of the words. Some word that you have not use for a certain period; you will forget it. Our life is a lifelong learning process.

Public holiday are nearing. Hope that all of you will enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

SABAH VY superb!

This is my first time visiting sabah. I really have a lot to share with all of my friend. Let me state those things that i experience for the first time in sabah:

* Flying with air asia & taking my first flight of my life!
* See the aerial view from the plane.
* Climbing the MKK.
* SAW for the 1st time CRYSTAL CLEAR beach water!
* COLD until i shake my whole body at MKK.
* Live in Trekker Lodge with westerner.
* Trying out HOT SPRING!
* Tried the best BEEf RENDANG that will not be out of stock after passing one round to share with 10+ of people.
* SAW with my own eyes the blinking star that you can't get from West Msia.

Above are some of the experience that i gone thru. Is really enjoyable and i can't forget it. All your life, MKK is a place you must visit to enjoy the nature that will captivate your heart for the rest of your life. The name "The Land above the Wind" for sabah is not without it's worthiness. My entire life perspective change when i went to sabah.

It was totally different than what i have expected. Sabah people are not like west msia. Most of them are friendly and they smile alot. Of course there are some part which may not be nice, but overall, it is awesome.

When i first arrived, i thought of being in a foreign country like indonesia or other country. The people there have a dark skin and it does make me feel uncomfortable. As the time goes by, i don't feel that anymore. May be there are alot of Sumandak Palawa that attract me. :P

KK city is just a small town that have it's own uniqueness. I walk the whole town in a few days time. But what capture my heart was the trip to MKK. The trail was not easy. Compare with Gasing Hill, this is really tough. There are lots of stones, steps,& jungle trek. Not forgetting is the wind that blow towards us. It's cold wind. It's not suprising that some westerner take it easy for the trek to the peak.

I took 6 hour to reach Laban Rata, two third of the height of MKK. We overnight at the mini hut that just have a simple facilities. I am freezing cold at the hut! Can't sleep the whole night! Was with "SS" and 2 outsider in the hut. Around 11 pm, we woke up and try to warm our self. The electric was cut-off at the period.(It was later re-connected.)

What capture me is the moon! Is sooooooo BRIGHT! & ROUND! The star are all over the sky. It's like blinking to me saying HI! I can't count how many star are there! May be thousand over...And ya, i also saw meteor flying over the sky. Wishing star? May be? I dunno...

When i reach 7-8KM of the journey, what i see is really wordless. I can't describe the beauty of MKK. Only those who went up there and enjoy it would know how it felt. Awesome, superb, & fabulous!

I didn't reach till the peak. It was too chilling. But i made a promise i will go again in the future. MKK is really capturing my heart.

Not forgetting is the blue blue sky that are so bright. It is not normal blue and grey color, but a clear blue sky that capture my heart. What you see in KL city may be different than in Sabah. Sabah is a superb place & good for romantic occasion.

The best part for couple would be Poring Hot Spring. Good for honeymoon and relaxation. The park is nicely decorated, awesome and clean. I must say that i have to put my first choice of travelling to a romantic place around Malaysia on Poring Hot Spring. There are jungle trekking, Hot spring, Caves for explore, & other outdoor activities. I don't feel much mosquito there. The dorm are just nice, not too hot or cold.

Remembering that 8 of us were cramp in a dorm. It wasn't that bad after all. It was so nice! All of us really enjoy it! Although most of our leg are screaming in pain, but it leaves a good impression. :P

The first group leave on monday, the other were on island hopping. It was nice with the beach! I really enjoy it! Crystal clear beach and pure white sand. I really love it! My heart are falling in love with the beach!

Coming back to reality, i really miss sabah alot. So many things that capture me! (Or may be i am a kampung boy?) Perhaps city life are not for me? The wind! I can't feel it better than in sabah!

The other day i was chatting with a friend and i saw a moon. It wasn't that nice compare with Sabah while i was at MKK. MAN, miss it so dearly!

Perhaps i should name my self kampung boy. Falling in love with nature and thus should also find a partner who would enjoy nature as well. Sumandak palawa! (The only word i know in Kadazan language.)

Wordless...Making my heart popping while i type it out. At first i place Cameron Highland on top , Now it would be Sabah! The best place to visit! VMY 07-08 is still around, bring it on for your self!

NOTE: MKK means Mount Kota Kinabalu

Monday, April 09, 2007


Sabah Pic

The above link is d pic from my trip to sabah. Do enjoy the photo. I will update more when i get more picture from my friend. The post on sabah will be updated once i am free.