Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I was a bit sien. Not many ppl online. A friend of mine was right. People write blog to express their sien-ness. Haha! Gotta agree with it. Read a friend blog which say about The One we waiting for. There are one for every soul in this world. Thats why we have to find it by our self. We might not know who. When 2 meets, it will become one. Oh well, can't wait for that moment to appear...
Eventually, i discover that i have pride in my attitude. It seems that the events that happen today open up my eyes. I have a lot more to learn for the Counselling part. I am not good enough. I still need to train my patience. the way i speak are rough. Man, being polite is hard. Haha! But nothing is impossible!
Thats all...oh well, who i hang out with now a days?
BC (finish exam d)
Slicker tak tau mana d !
A group of CF "LEG" from puchong...
N not forgetting the second oldest "DAN" among the group!
haha! [mention me the oldest in his blog, balas balik! grin!]
GOD bless Everyone!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


WOW! It was a busy week for me. Still, i managed to spend my time wisely. Was having a Music Workshop ON tuesday n wed. All went well and great. I think there are some missing part needed to be corrected. Will work on it soon! Friday was the Drama workshop. It's seems that i am KO in the bed for the whole morning and afternoon. I was having fever, cough, and flu. But, now i am getting better and still can't fall into sleep. Why the medicine wont work ?
The Praise and Worship went well. It was awesome! I should put them together as a band and get out of Puchong to reach out to the other's. I am considering for a BIG waves to happen in future thru music... Plus I love music!
Oh, how wonderful it will be. Somehow, all this must plan accordingly. Nothing much i can add. Brain block. Just that today the Drama Presentation by The Convenant Player stuck me a bit. "The quality that count!" Deep meaning !
The struggle that we walk will shape us into one great man or woman.
The other quote that remind me continuously were this sentence.
"You either Reject or Accept! If you reject, things come back to normal like what you use to be. If you Accept, Things will change 100% from what you are now." Reflect about it! GOD bless You!

Friday, November 18, 2005

News R not what it suppose2B

Let's flip to todays newspaper...
Description- 20 January 2020, 55 dead in KANA-sai Land which were attacks by suicide bomber. Many were injured and treated in a nearby WHITE HOUSE. The suspect is a banana man which anti - the banana country Leader.
Now tell me, is this what you wana see?
GOSH, i feel like useless reading all this nonsense. Now a days news paper seems like no educational purposes but just TON OF CRAP. They all report the same thing. Y don't they change it more educating. Like when the above incident happen, they can change it to:
The country has been HIT by suicide bomber. This act is really not a good ones.(of course!) It does not only spoiled so many family lifes, but also making people lifes miserable. Now, to those who have this way of thinking, please do considerate other people. Life is more important or your unselfish acts? [asking question make people think!]
OK, thats something i can think of... Please la, put something that remind people of their acts and not just report the Stupid crap. I really get bored of this. Sometimes their accuracy is being question by me. Some say this and some say that. Totally not true at all. I have not read much of the dailies dues to the "full of nonsense news"...If the media would change the way they report, it would be good. Now, of all i know, i do know 2 of Malaysia newspaper that has this style under them. The rest is CRAP. Useless..The media has the power to change people yet they wasted it just like that.
Imagine the media reports all this and it continue to influnce people to the bad sides, I don't know how the world would turn into.
MEDIA, start making a change in the way you report.
Else, i am going to screw u up!

Nose Tall Gear

If u can ever know what i am telling from my nick...

The air was clear and sound so quiet around me. I just look up the sky and it looks so dim. Today was my last day at KIDDY. Was having loads of fun. At the end of the day before the kids left the centre, everyones gives their teacher a hug. I was not left out as well. It was emotional for me. Wana sweat my eyes but couldn't. Some of them hug me more than 5 times. I just couldn't take so many in one short. All of them just running to me. My hand stretch as far as it could to hug them all. BOYs n GIRLS, sensei will miss you during this period. Oh man, hope i could get over it soon. I need to focus on my studies. Been giving so many reason to my self.
The kids are 4 years old. In 10 years time, they will be 14 and i wil be 31 OLD! Don't wana think about it. ahaha!
Take care, GOD blessing upon you who read.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I wonder Y n HOW

I went back to my college to have my resit paper registered. It was tiring for me as it's been sometimes i have not taken Public Transpot, namely Putra LRT. [Too much comfort under my CAR seat.] As i walk and see the people around me, something that struck my mind.
To be honest here, i haven't pass my resit paper since last 3 sem ago where i pass my Principle of Accounting 2. It was heartening to know the facts. SO, right now, i am actually thinking of my own future without a cert like DIP or DEG. It's not easy to survive without anything in hand. As my father had mention to me before; What ever useless a cert also has it's own usefulness. I find it true to the bottom of my heart. If i had a cert, i might be working and not worrying much now. XUEY la!
The media were analyzing the reason behind JOBLESS grads now a days. Imagine that GRADS had no job, How about me who HAD nothing? How to fight with them? PARANG? : ) [no la, i prefer to use LASER. SHoot from far away. No body will know! haha]
The people who had abilities and talents has been targeted by major company CEO. Only left over all this people who are not able to fit in the company. XIA XUEY! Y? Not good in language, no skills, bo bian lo...SORRY, we do not hire ppl who don't know this and that...Story end!
Along the way, i am thinking where should i belong? Education? I love it dearly. In the meantime, i am afraid of it too. Don't ask Y, it's just come to me like that!
And if you were asking how am i doing right now, all i can say is that i am still alive and well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bo bian, fUNNy~!

A friend was requesting me to check out a blog. It was . I tell another friend of mine that i had much much fun enough that i wont want much fun added to my life. weird ah! Anyway, u guys can check it out.
Perhaps everyone would like to be famous. What famous BLOG, what siao or GOOD u r...They r so many title that people would like. For me, jus ME! I am not going to change how my blog are right now... I too wont trade my NAKED PIC jus for the sake of famous.
I dont remember which day this bunch of CF ppl and DAN was KEK-sei-ing-ME. I draw a map which is for DAN viewing purpose and he was circulating like mad. To everyone that on9. I don;t get that! What's so BIG about it?
Current updates on me !
  • I am finishing my Kiddy work this friday.
  • Working on music workshop, next tues n wed. wana attend, mail me.
  • This sunday worship lead.(youth)
  • Study next month for january exam.

NO idea what i wana mention... alot of things. but no time for me...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shake The Planet

Planet Shaker Conference was a HIT! I was quite reluctant to go as i am quite tired after working full day. But as a bunch of student from BKS4 went there, i just go n be with them. It was such a coincidence that i met up with people from church as well. Later when i wana go home, saw friends from Wangsa Maju as well. Well, this tell me that, where ever i go, there will be people from my circle around there! GOD BLESSING UPON mE!

I didn't prepare much for this concert as i think it might be ordinary ones as well. I was blast until my heart pains, my leg pain, everywhere pain...GOD PRESENCE are among us! This concert too proved that i am too old for all this. But hey! I am young at heart! The speaker really Spark a fire in us! A youth that will arise and SAVE MALAYSIA! WOW! He too say that we will be able to build a BIG church IN our OWN country! WOW ! CAnt imagine that! This is what i really want to see as well.

The devil must have in PAIN! Cause we open up GOD's word and show them the LIGHT! We shout for GOD! YEAH! The song that we sung repeatedly really spark me up! We will stand up for GOD! We will stand up for this nations! CHINA too is our target when there are 2 billion children that need our help!


Friends. Christ is among us. It is HE who show me my life. He who had asked will be given. I asked for it and i get the life i want it. GOD is great!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

in n out

HI, i am back to the busy city. Just some thought on what happen when i gone back IPOH. It was still slow movement and busy inside restaurant. Nothing has changed much. I was bored to dead over there. Nothing that i do besides eat, sleep & pang sai. Which is really true for the first few days. Later on, i discover many things that i can do. (I discover alot of thing's.) Sometimes, the timing don't seems right for me. Alot of things don't go right at the time. Things that i desire so much don't come at the right time. May be is a test of patient!

I read "The Prayer of Jabez" when i was in Ipoh. I seen it before, now i have my hands on it. It was fulfilling for my sprtitual life. ON how a small prayer will changed so many people life. God has a way.
Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request." 1Cronicles 4:10
OH ya, for those who watched SEPET before, you will noticed there is this market where Jason sells VCD, & where Orked meet him... This market open only on SUNDAY. Its a flea market near Cathay cinema, close to Ex-Super kinta, in d middle of Ipoh Town. It open from 6 am until 12pm. It sell all kind of stuff from old junk stuf and new discoveries that you can't find it sold in KL. I went there once & i will be back again. This time i didn't visit it cause my vacation don't fall on sunday. I will make sure that during chinese new year it will fall on sunday. : )
I visited a few place in ipoh; namely gua tempurung (outside, haha), Sam Poh cave, and Perak Caves. I also go pass kampar when i come back. I wana try taking d old road. Not really challenging. Saw some old mining pond and building which interest me. Take some photo! Njoy!

The picture below is a pre-war building i took

in the town of Ipoh. Have u ever watched Kungfu

movies ? Shaolin movies? Look at the door..

Noticed something different?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Balik Kampung!!!

Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going ipoh today. Will be back this saturday. Happy holiday every one!
Happy Deeppavali & Happy Hari Raya
to everyone who are celebrating it.