Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Cutie Kids

We have our Kindergarden awards and graduation today(sunday)[Monday off!]. It was fun having all the kids surround me and see them dance. Their dance were superb and i really njoy it. As everything finished, i got a opportunity to talk to some of the parent's.
There was this twin brother that i teached, they were cute and lovely. It was really shocked of me when this twin boy's mom told me that every morning, her twin would only want ME to carry them down from her car. WHAT! Yea, perhaps they like me alot. I mixed alot with them.
I don't know in 1 or 2 year's, will i still be able to have energy or interest to mix with them(kids)? For now, it might seems that i love to be with them. Kids are cute. *I m emotional over here*

emm, seems like where ever i go, i wil have kaki that will follow me?

I wonder when i wasn't there next time, will they cry? WONT la! so BIG boy D.

Funny stuff that happen today:

  • I ask a parent: How old is Your smallest child? [haha! What a english. Say it out in a sudden! Shame on me! YOungest la!]
  • I ask how old is this parent child; HIS reply: erm, I ask my WIFE first!{You dunno your child age? MAN! crazy la}
  • We, the teacher take Chinese Tea, put some ice in, Then RAise the cup together and all say: YAmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNGGGGG !!!!!!!
  • Children formation run out of PHASED! and there were 2 performance that have the problem. Coincidentally, 2 group make a great dance.

What i gained today?

  1. Get to know new friends.
  2. Get close to some of the teacher.
  3. Know some teacher's children! (They come to help mah.)

OK, thats all from me. I wil be back next sunday. Journey there on tuesday 5am! BALIK KAMPUNG!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


On a bright shining day, you can listen to the bird's noice surround you. The sky are blue and the wind blow pass you. There is nothing on the streets outside the double storey house near puchong. I stand in the middle of the road, feel refreshing as it rain just before the sun rise. As i walk to the gate, open up the locker and walk slowly to the main door. I put down my bag and washed my face as i am very sleepy.

As i have finish, i go back to the front gates, taking a chair out of nowhere and sit there. I start to admire the wonderful art god had design for this earth. Is just so nice having bird flying around me. Is just so nice to have cold wind blow pass me. Everything seems so good.

The time shows 7.48am. The first children arrived with his mom. I get up and open the door for him. A morning greeting from me to him and vice versa. The cheerful look in this child tell me today is going to be a great day. I bring him in to have his shoe taken off. I ask how he was doin. His simple reply was "fine". Some may cry when i try to ask them to come out. I haven't got the skill to bring them out when they are crying. Perhaps i am too soft hearted.

Then there was this 4 school van that fetch the student stay surrounding here arrived. The voice of kids fill the parking area which were meant to have their shoes taken off. They were running like kids should do in their age. Can't blame that huh! As their voice taken over the whole places, a teacher seems unbearable and start shouting to make them quiet up. But of course not in anger, but fierce mode. Kids are cute and naughty as well. Don't be deceived by their cuteness. I got use to it now. Never let the kids rule over you.
It seems that there are nothing that the teacher can learn besides how to control over kids. Actually, there are more to learn. It just see how you view them. Parent's hold a big roles in their grow up. You can't neglect them totally. Is just same with your investment of money. The more you invest, the more you gain when you have profit. The time you spend with your kids is not much. Then how much you want to ask of? I don't understand why there are certain people who want kids but end up hitting their own beloved child? Aren't a child are born to be love by you? Think about it.
As question flow me by, is time for their class to start. I am a chinese subject assistant teacher cum computing teacher. I guide the children together with the subject teacher.
Today the lesson were on writing the chinese word "du" which stand for tummy. I find it easy as i have known how to write it. The children listen carefully to their teacher as she guide the children into writing the perfect chinese word. Mandarin were hard but once you learn it well, you will love it. The stroke were not easy and the small little ones having hard time to write nicely. Some are just too good! I can't say how we teach but there is a way for each person. Different people have different way of accepting the lesson. Is up to the teacher to be wise in teaching them. High blood pressure is always there for the teacher. (No wonder there is a legendary that said most of the mental illness people are teacher's.)
Later on the day, we have dancing practices. This was to prepare them to perform on their awards day. Later on, the time reach 11.17am and its time to go home. We have them sing a few song and say bye-bye to teacher. Off they go and wear their shoes while waiting for the van and their parents to fetch them. While waiting, i sense that this hour is their peak time as they talk non-stop. KIDS! I enjoy talking with them. I minggle with them and pulling their cheek. Some i just brush my hand over their head...for girl, i just tick my finger softly on their forehead or just smile :)

Little by little, kids start to go home. I bring the children to their parent car and hop them in. Close the car door and off they go again. The bye-bye waves seems so nice and peaceful. I just smile there. As the children all gone home, i stay inside to wait for the time to pass. As time struck 12.30pm, i too carry my big body out of this wonderful place. The day seems nice and bright for me. The cheerful look that i have.......
The simple smile that hang on my face tell it all........

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


why are people so stubborn huh? Don;t listen to advice...
I talk & tell for so many time until i am really fed up. Rather be quiet when things happen and let them learn the lesson. GOSH! feel so bad...

praying hard for healing on certain people. Never look into age. Sickness struck any one, any age. No matter young nor old. Njoy ya life fren. What a waste if you keep on wanted to end ur life while other's wanted to live their life longer! This is how funny people on earth "R? !

OK, wana sleep now! take K!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Darkness over Malaysian

I am sure that everyone know what happen today. It was sad and nothing can describe it. Malaysian has lost their loving first lady at 7.55 am this morning. It was really shocked when i first heard about it. She impacted Malaysian people with her loving personality. She is also a person that like artistic stuff. She bring alive BATIK which was lost for some time. Malaysia truly lucky to have her. Nothing can compare to this woman who battled breast cancer bravely. She did not wait for the days to pass but face it strongly. I really admire her fighting spirit. May god presence be with OUR Prime Minister as he go thru this difficult time.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Black Hole

Set in 5472 years, The universe seems to be in high tech world. No more car driving along the road using petroleum, But H20. (told u it was high tech when man can use water 2 drive their car.)
Nothing so special about this centuries. Most of you that are reading this should have gone to unknown planet or precisely known as GRAVE. It was more like star wars where you have seen in movies. But telling the truth that ROBOT will not conquere the universe. It's still human who
rule the country. After all, it was human who created computer. So, human can also make the ROBOT malfunction.
Little that you have known...

It was in d month of March, NASA(Nobody And Somebody Airspace) found out that the Black Holes are growing bigger than usual. Each day it increase for an inch according to the calculations done by PLumbing LEakage University Master, (PLUM). AFTER days of calculating the growing measure, they count out that the gravity is changing as well. It will eventually suck the whole earth in a few weeks time......Today date are March 17, the earth will end on April 1st. The people on earth still have 14 days left to survive.
TV news are spreading it like HOT items. However, there aren't anything that they can do. The news have to go on.

As it grow larger, it was beautiful beyond description. But, nevertheless, many life will be loss....
While it suck the earth, the earth its feeling its heat! Yesterday was 35 degree, today was 40 degree! Everyone are staying at home to have their last few moment with their family....Air con was a HOTItem for grabs as the heat rise everyday.

All country are in CurFew seems coming to an end.But amid all this, there are people that seek the last moment of LOVE. A lot of confession has been made. Nothing much that can defeat LOVE.

Some people are looking for peace....

There are nothing that can describe this fenomena...

Only this bunch of people will know how it felt..

Friday, October 14, 2005

*Sex Education*

yo! Whats up with now a days ppl with so many creation? HAH! Anyway, i come upon this sites! Its really cool and great. Good for the future ! Also for those bored couple who have out of ideas for their sexual life...take a look wont kill your desire for sex.
Oh man, did i just say the "word"? The most sensetive word that Typical Old Malaysian wont say? haha! Oh please, i would be more proud to talk to you more on it. And thats called : Sex Education. Malaysian really lack of it. Too GOOD, i am so open about it.
do ya know, for all the years, no body teach me anything. I learn all by my self. Books, net, and some open minded folks. Lucky that i am not old fashion. GOSH! The girl really cant talk openly about it. I only knew few who actually can be open about it. The rest just have boundaries. And those who are open, I give them credit for being that way it should be.

Talking about sex education, I once teach it to a bunch of student in the ex-school i work before. Its funny how i share with them. Weird but good info for them. Haahaa! Felt at crossroad on how to share with them since i usually talk about it openly with close friends. I need to be careful with what i said or else they would mistaken on the true facts of SEX.

Asian parents never talk about it. They don't know how to start it up. Mostly those who don't expose to sex education will be drifted away to the dark side of it. Without much understanding, how can the children understand it? Sex is actually being regarded as HOLY in bible. Eventually, bible did tell much about sex. Right now, some ppl take sex as something bad. DUH! SEX is actually bring 2 person together to become one. Thats what that make it perfect in human. As in physical & mentally, everything will become one. Human are so special hor?

I have lots to say for sex education. If you feel you wana know more, you can ask me more. Comment is much appreciated.
Old man......Who don't called that when he talk so much on this topic? : o

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a searching soul

I felt cheated by outlook. Not microsoft outlook, but human outlook. But nevetherless, it never hurt me much. Just a bit frustrated. Why do this person who look so innocent can be this terrible? Anyway. i am not good either. Just that when i think of this, it really make a fuss here.
Anyone can fall into this kind of innocent looking plus bad attitude person. GOSH@!
The other day i over heard my collegue chatting away bout where to get fresh vege. It gave me a feel like i am now at the olden days where mom will get into this kind of conversation. I get a lot of stolen info & it does benefit me. HAHA! Next time, work at a place where there are lot of mother & free time to hang out together. You will hear all of this....There was more, i couldn't list all...
Now a days mom is enough of 2 children. The expenses of raising kids are growing, NOT forgeting the DUMEX are increasing its publicity due to the faulty of DUREX of not protecing woman well. Olden days people use to have 6-10 children. Now, alot of things cant be compared. Is better you have your children at the young age. EASY PREGNANCY and good for all party. (why i say that? You wil know when u have children.)
Recently i have been trying my best to sleep early. But somehow, there are alot of things that flock my mind. Too many question. Where on earth will i go in future?
Sleep late, wake up early, turning my self like a zombie.

I have lost my track
I have lost my energy to go on
I need to hang on something
Some one gotta save me from the darkness
Nothing is just right for me
Nothing seems right
Where's my direction?
People always say i must believed
Now that i have nothing
where should i start
Who should i believe
GOD, Show me the path i should walk
Never let me drift away again!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

livin la life

Yesterday i went back to my old secondary school. The school changed a lot and certain places do bring back fond memories. I was there to check out the CF members. It was a small group compare to those days while i was still there. How ever, i believe that the spiritual part is more important than the amount of people that attend.

I was there around 1 pm. I go straight to the room we use to attend CF. I must say that i didn't attend much duing my secondary time. I was backslided then. I went in & saw no body. I am a bit worried that they have change the venue? So, i decided to see the EX- CF teacher in charge those days who is the school PK.HEM now. She just ask me to wait down stairs again. So i went back & wait.

As i am waiting, i reflect back on those time while i was studying. How much time i have wasted? For doing nonsense? Well, after 5 years & it was just the beginning of a new chapter. While in college, i was backslide as well. Not until second year when i joined the CF chinese COMM. That year i really learn a lot.

Now it seems that time do change a person. I was complaining to GOD. WHy this & why that certain things that happen & never happen. But then, i do believe there are reason behind it. I was reading a book entitled "In His Step" by charles m.sheldon. It was a christian novel that challenge our faith. A question post by the writer: [What Would Jesus Do?] What would jesus do in your situation that you are facing if it was HIM? Some time, we never put our self in HIS situation. We just couldn't because we are selfish human. All about money that we cares. Human that live beside us will be ignore. Is darn true! I don't know how much money you are going to look for. But if your concentrate is on money, you will forever stuck in the rat race looking for money until you doesn't know how to stop & live your lifes.

For me, i will have to be very careful not to fall into this trap. For i want to live this lifes.

As the time goes by & reach 1.40pm,i thought that there might not be any one that will come by. The PK.HEM had come before that & tell me little info about their current situation. Then she left to look for student that might have come early to school. As she left for a moment, this group of 4 student came in. I introduced my self & get to know them as well. All of them are in Form 1 this year. I told them that i graduated in 2001 & it shock them. Senior of so many years come by.WOW! They ask question & i tell them alot of stories. How this school has changed...& bla alot ! I too share with them my testimony. Why i come back to this school? Well, GOD called me to. I was so eager to come back. I would want to bring the current CF members closer to GOD. GOD might want to use this current batch of student to rebuild "their" school CF. (MIND YOU!I am no longer studying there, is just my ex-school. So it's theirs now.)

I share a lot about how i used to escape the current PKHEM. Is really funny when i think about it. Time changed a person, but all this will happen thru GOD. As you believe in HIM, Everything are possible. Time ups, & they have to go back to their class. It was quite late D. i TALK a lot & drag the time. haha..!

That night it self, i went to this Christian event that invited a lot of celebrities from HK, Malaysia & taiwan. It was great & touching. The part that touch me was the Gangster Head who surrender himself to JESUS. He Share about his lifes & how GOD changed him. I can't really get 100 % of what he said as his cantonese are totally different from ours. Well, i feel refresh & lucky that i am not a gangster. Else, my leg will be trippled like him.

Live your life like a good man should be
Never take the choice of un-wise
Know what you want & Never let it go

Friday, October 07, 2005


As i was teaching 4 yr old kids, what i find difficult was that they DON"T understand what the teacher are talking or they can't absorb it. Man! No matter how we scream or HIT or "squid" them up, they just don't get it. Is more harder than teaching those form 1 & 2 student. At least they know what i am talking about. No wonder the teacher feel down so easily. Somehow, i feel that teacher really need strength from GOD to overcome all this difficulty. I always ask for energy! haha! Really beh tahan ! But the cute face denied all the hardwork. One day, we will see the people we teach playing a big role for this country; And the teacher can proudly say: HEY, thats the boy/girl i have taught before. WOW!
This will really touch the teacher. Gambateh!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

new room, more work!

I have just settled down with my new room. I shifted from the current room to the room next to me. It's bigger & more spacious. I am trying to adapt to it. I found that i have so many BOOKS ! Unbelieveable as i am not a bookworm. Well, my sick are getting better. Hope i can finish packing up all my cupboard by this week. Adios!