Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Earth Quake happen again in Sumatera. RC at 8.2 .Malaysia felt the shake in penang, JB, & PJ. Pray for the people & also pray that Tsunami wont happen again. Take care

Monday, March 28, 2005


Going for a interview in d afternoon. Hope I can get it. Been jobless for sometime. haha...hope 2 find some $$$$$ & spend my good time with some kids. Take care!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Hi everyone... Today is Good Friday. The day the Christian remember GOD sacrifice for our SIN. Yup, i was thinking to FAST. But can i do it? I cant stand hunger..Anyway, i wish u all a great day with GOD. I will be going to Puchong to have a time of fellowship with my ex student. Joining them & hope they could know GOD more. May All of you pray for this young heart. Take Care.

Good Friday

Hi everyone... Today is Good Friday. The day the Christian remember GOD sacrifice for our SIN. Yup, i was thinking to FAST. But can i do it? I cant stand hunger..Anyway, i wish u all a great day with GOD. I will be going to Puchong to have a time of fellowship with my ex student. Joining them & hope they could know GOD more. May All of you pray for this young heart. Take Care.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Big Case in US

This was a case that i find it very uncomfortable. People in US are tyring hard to make her,Terri Schiavo alive & also her husband who doesn't want to see her suffer want her leaving this world. Kind of sad... it make me think that they shud have set up a organisation which determine a person life by their own when they are still alive. If they encounter this situation after they have decide on their life, people can actually follow their 'Wills Of life'. Nothing has been done though. Hope she will survive...
Clicking on the link will direct you to her personal Biography.
Take Care

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MyF Camp 2005 @ PD 1st D

Back from camp. IT WAS EXTREMELY FUN! This year, the MYF Camp theme was Building Up-Reaching New -Height. ( BURN ) For the First day morning, we have our intro & ice breaking section in the church. (wat to do, PD ppl very hard 2 tolerate.) AFter lunch, we went straight away for PD. Traffic was smooth & the forward team reach b4 the bus. Total Amount of people who joined is 51+2 counselor. Everyones seems quiet becuase they are still new in the camp. Not many people can click together on the first day. But the night begins with much suprises waiting for us. Our speaker Ms. Annette Arulrajah was a tough woman. Well, she is 15 years old for the past 25 years. Get it? haha.. She is very great in planning activities as she has make us sweat for the night. Not many people left unsweat! Oh ya, sermon oh..she speak about identity! Who we are & what can we do about our self to glorify GOD. Some time we just chase after something without putting GOD first. She put in some games/workshop for us to go thru & later explain it to us. We had our own "FEAR FACTOR" going on in this camp as we going thru those obstacles that are CRAZY. It was like "just show your 2 hands up" OMG!...... OK, the games? We have to go thru 4 challenge like passing a guy over the string that are tied 1.5M high (with something that tied on all of us, it is not easy), then chewing bubble gums which are then pass to every one of our group members 2 chew (I got my shock ! But i still chew ON! Gals R freaking it out! :-} ), posing like a basketball net to let a members throw the news paper made basketball into our "net", & we have out face painted with white powder to paint on a black sugar paper. GOSH! MIND U, we have to carry a guy for all the stages eh. U think so easy @@! This was just the first day & we sweat like never before. PD is not COLD either. ok, finally we sit down & listen to what the speaker want us to understand. She refresh us with a talk that actually want us to think of our self. Are we doing the best to prove to the BOSS or what? Why are we not doing it for GOD.? Why so eager to show people what you have. Then later on, We have our Friday Night Fever which is like hunting for something. We have to get '1' cent coins & also rescue people plus beware of hunters. This was quite ok compare to the theme talk...... i am a bit miss off but i will regenerate my mind to complete the actual meaning for the theme talk. Still un-concious. I am just too tired. There are still 2 more days to be told. Wait till i recover my mind. Thats all for the first day! I miss CAMP, people around me, & much more. Perhaps the salty beach, & those fun-filled activities! yeah!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

life is useless~!

Busy life ahead of ME! I got a camp coming tomorrow in PD & will be away for 3 days. Much work to do as my examination is coming near to me. Working choice in doubt as dunno which to choose. Either i be a nanny or be a teacher! haha...well, why nanny pula? I was told that there was a job as a Teacher and helper in a Kindergarden. Mean while, i am waiting for a calls from Sri Bestari Private School for a INTERVIEW. I hope to get the later ones. Cause i am thinking that i am not good in handling the small kids.
Last sunday i stormed the cinema to watch "SEPET". Is a wonderful Malaysian movies as it reflect the true Malaysians. Needless to say, Malaysia has lost it's GLORY in Entertainment industry since P.Ramlee time. Well, i would recommend all of you that have free time, just go check it out in the cinema (NO pirated VCD please) . Its worthy with all the laughter & love story. NO spoiling here dun worry. Take Care!
PS: The title has it's deep meaning on me as i have read upon a BIBLE verse which state : Life IS USELESS. haha...

Monday, March 07, 2005


Perhaps much of you are wondering what am i doing now as i havent update my blog for some time. i am quite bZ & lazy to update it. It meant nothing to me if i didn't gain anything thru it. But somehow, i have got the vision that i can produce a book with all the information & source that i have written in this blog. What a suprise for my self when i get this thought... Anyway, my comp lacking of efficiency has lead me into crazy moment for the past 2 weeks. I am not able to online & thus making me plucking my hair! I find my hair less now a days!
Well, last saturday i went for Street Ministry at Petaling Street. Saw 2 old school mates + 2 friend of mine(one is my school mates, other one is my church friend) who were from different churches realizing that they are actually serving together. Thats Normal , but what suprise were both of them are COUSINS. How on earth they dun recognize each other at first ! only that they stay longer a little while did they realize... haha.... C & J will come after me soon...
Saturday was also a day i feel sad for my student who are not going to join me in PD->[port dickson, up coming MYF camp]. How i wish they can join me to have fun time with the LORD. Anyway, because of parent's objection, they can't make it even they would like to join me. Camp Day is coming real soon. 18-20 March, & i can feel the pressure is up running to let me perform better. I don't know what i can expect from my self there, but i will make sure i did my best.
Starting last week,on every friday i will make my self free & go back to my ex- school where i teach those bunch of lovely student. I will be helping with the Un-official CF which were started last 2 weeks ago. Last week program was SG (small group) which i lead the form 2 student. It was a beginning for them & thus it was slow in pace but i believe it will pick up soon. I see potential leader in this school's student & GOD is making his way up to this school as well. I hope to bring them to the understanding of this lifes so that they can appreciates it more. I even share with them my past in order that they will not make the same mistakes. All this years i have been looking for a guide but it was GOD that guided me thru thick & thin. I hope to guide this batch of student to a brighter futures. By GOD strength, anything is possible.
Time is running like a thunder flashing before me. My next examination will be on the month of April. I kind of lagging behind all of my subjects. After my camp, i shall be fully concentrated on it fully. I have said so many time that there isn't a time that i really put in my effort. : ) huhu.. PS: hoping to graduate by this year!

This year quite a number of friend going turn 21. I am one of it. Feel old...been called as uncle again by my student. HAI.. what can a old man do? I am planning it well to have a party. But still un-decided yet. NO $$$ + if i were to call all my friend, it would be like a huge party. Not a small ones like i would like to have. I have so many friends! I am fortunate... : ) Well, still havent reach the date yet. But just keepin in mind. Oh ya...what present i want....well, i am not object or money minded person. So, you can keep your wallet fat still. I prefer a memorable & meaningful stuff rather than expensive things..I am very emotional person. Just like those student had did for me when i left the school, they write autography which i treasure the MOST. OK, i am asking too much!

Thats all the update on me. Take Care every1!