Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swearing before the HOLY bible in any religion

Recently, Some irresponsible people is trying to use HOLY BIBLE (Be it Quran, Bible or any holy bible respective of its religion) to swear before their GOD to clarify that they are innocent and so on.

From my point of view, this is ridiculous as they do not put highly of GOD before their eyes. One can't play with FIRE; as like playing with GOD name, he/she is playing with fire. No fear? Go ahead. God will judge you for what you have done and said.

Some time, I do hear people say "OH my GOD". This really despise me as why must you simply use GOD name to express your self. Can't you find a replacement? Anything that involved GOD must be done in the right and respectable way.

Imagine you are shouting some ones name. When the person ask you what is the matter, you reply by saying: Oh, nothing much. Is just the way I express my self. Isn't it senseless? Enough said. Its all up to you to decide how you want to express your self.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few good men

Latest news stated that SAIFUL was not sodomized by anyone. It was reported by Malaysiakini on receiving a medical report from some party and the hospital claimed that the report was their property. It was not supposed to be leaked to the public until further clarification. What to clarify? Doctor already done their job.

I salute the Doctor who is firm with his decision not to change any thing in his medical report. We need such integrity people to clean up the mess of this country. It has been 51 years that we lived in such a dark system where we were suppose to follow blindly or forcefully to the higher authority. Is time to improve our country and see justice put upfront for those killer and bring down those who misuse the power entrusted to them.

We, the citizen had had enough. We want to change our self and the environment we live in now. Enough said. Can we make a change now? I am ready.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My personality?

A friend sent me this link and I mingled around with it. Look at the result.

Some of it is accurate and some isn't. I am not A very TIDY person!!!! haha! sad to say... I do not like to live alone!!!! very bored. I like to influence but not control! Come on, you can't control a person! They have their own rights to live their life!

"The flower signifies that you long for love." Who on earth don't?

"You love excitement!!" YES! I DO!!!! Not marry yet.. LOL!

Thanks Jdream! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I live in an unbelievable world

As the title said, I live in it now.

My father's CAR was stolen yesterday afternoon. Come on! My father old junk car also want? It was just younger than me by one year!!!


WORDLESS.Speechless! He was without leg now! lol...

Honestly, when I got to know, I am not angry. I smile (can't laugh, in public bus!)! Why? Cause I think about all the misery that had happened to us.

my oh my! House Broken into for so many time, I almost got robbed, my aunt got robbed in front of our house, my cousin also kena, Now, my father car go MIA.

So, that title sum it up! Now, I am without leg as well. GOnna let my parents use it for the moment.

Question after question popping up my mind. Oh yes, this car has served us for the last 23 years. Loyal and lovely.

I will miss her!

BTW, if any of you saw a WHITE TOYOTA LE, bearing the number plate BCG 814, please inform the police. The justice must be put upfront!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lim Guan Eng Documentary

Recently, Hong Kong Media made a documentary about Penang Chief Minister, Sir Lim Guan Eng. It was about his fights for democracy in Malaysia. It is in Cantonese and mandarin. Hope you would enjoy it.

Episode one

Episode Two

Episode Three

There are still a lot of 988 clip where you can search in youtube. These 2 is just the part where it is interesting.

Malaysia radio 988 interviewed CM Lim Guan Eng. EP1

Episode 2

I pass my exam. Not flying colour, but acceptable.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tech killing people!

Recently, some one close to me is pregnant and she went for a check on her unborn child. The doctor said the result wasn't that good. She cried for some time over it. Her surrounding people was sad and worried over it.

As she returned for the second check, another doctor said it was alright and perfect.

Can anyone tell me is it the doctor or the technology fault?

Technology does provide a better life. It also hurt us a lot when we know too much. At times, I wish that our technology are not that advance. Perhaps in our life, we always come across this phrase: The less you know the better it is. Lighten the hurts?

I remember I posted something on technology. Its getting people lazy now a days.

Automatic doors, internet, remote control, and etc.

All make people lazy! Some people put it as convenience, I don't see it happened that way.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random photo with stories

Mom took out my old shirt. I think I wore it when I was age 4-5? Happy! That was me when I was young. Love it so much when I look at it.

This shot was taken inside my Uni Apartment. The bird flew over making it beautiful. Considered that I just use my mobile camera, it looks great.

This chili is from Australia. Rare isn't it?

This is a DIY hand lace I made for my mom on MOMMY DAYS.

Korean Pastor Daniel Daughter Karate KICK! cute isn't it?

SUNSET at Kuala Selangor.

Hope you enjoy the photos. Been too much of words lately. Picture would do good to calm me down. LOL! TC.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Police Efficiency?

I don't see it. DS Anwar was arrested on Wednesday afternoon before his due time to report himself at Police HQ. It was unnecessary for the police to take action before the due time. If all the police officer was this fast in all the cases, I believed Malaysia will be more safer. Come on! Tell me is there a need for so many people to arrest some one 60 year old?

The security in our nation is at a threatening level with crime surging high after the increase of petrol. DO you need man in masked to arrest DSAI? Why don't you go on the road more frequent and do rounding around my housing area and suddenly appear to catch those culprit who had stole all my precious belongings? You piss me off with this BUTT action.

As I was FB over with a friend, I remember that GOD once use a person to break down the wall belonging to the darkness. Now What we must do is PRAY that GOD will do it and tear down the DARK WALL OF BN!

We need people of integrity, moral, honest, and loyal to the people. We don't need jerk who is brainless.

Looking back at the Debate, at the end of the it, I noticed DSAI went over to shake hand with Strawberry. Such a gentleman he is, even with Strawberry poking him with personal attack. Strawberry, you are out. Even if majority voted you as the clear winner, I doubt it. Your ego brought you down. If you do walk over half way and hand shake with DSAI, I will still give you some credit. Clearly, You does not deserve it. You are not worthy to be a minister.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


DSAI is much better than our current Information Minister. Langsung NO fight! If Sir Lim Kit Siang is up, Strawberry (Shaberry aka SC) sure shaking and pee coming out of his pant. After I listened, I see no point that Strawberry had given. We are talking about the rising of our petrol, Sc go bring up the old stories of DSAI. Oi, debate out of topic lah! Should call him as ULAR YANG TAK TAU JALAN!

We are looking after the citizen welfare. I wonder whether Strawberry ever thought of citizen. Brainless. His partner also don't know how to ask question. Why use an example such as a child father who had died? You can't use something better? Why must involved some one who had died? Can you be considerate? KNN!

You go compared it with Venezuela for what. We produced oil, we use la. Why export it? We should have got the cheaper price. We can't use the world market to compare. If we import anything, then we can't blame. That would have to follow the world market. Make me sick.

I don't know how to elaborate more. 5xmom has more details. Her blog can be found on my list of blogger.


I am currently working part time at Kumon branch near Sunway Pyramid. Twice a week. Is kind of weird that I wasn't nervous or felt different compared with the period when I was asked to work at Secondary school and Kindergarten. I am briefed on how it works at Kumon. Yeah, Japanese ways of managing really systematic. Or was I too messy? :)

Saw a few kids. Cute and lovely. Behind the cuteness? Don't ask about it.

There I go again. The "I will miss you so much" will come hard on me when I left the centre. (I will be working for a short period only.) Can't denied that I am a very emotional guy. Not as in little bit thing I will go cry out loud. But rather emo when these children left to go on their next phase of life or I was leaving for something. I am easily mix with people. Therefore, I need to learn to let go faster than usual. Up until now, I still can remember some of the Kiddie students that I have taught before. Was I destine to be with the pre-school children?

Early childhood is very important. I knew it when I observe them in my earlier teaching. Or may be I should say that I have discovered it before I go into it. I have not tell you what I did at Kumon right?

I mark homework that was passed up by the pupils. A lot! Now, I wonder how do I mark English essay in the future? LOL. Mathematic have answer on the spot. Essay require you to read it line by lines. So, make my eyes sore even before I begin my journey...

Teachers, I respect you. Those lazy ones can be excluded.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Mom was reading a newspaper when she cue me to go over and read an article.

It was a column where people sent in sms to voice on the topic discuss for the day. Today topic was on the rapist case, in which they discuss what punishment would be better for the rapist.

Mom asked me to read the 1st SMS reply. It Said: Firstly, those rapist should have their lil bro skin cut off. Secondly, they shall put in salt on the sliced skin as a punishment.

My initial reaction was having goose bump. BULU NAIK! My goodness! Skin sliced and have salt on top of the wound? That's really a bad punishment. (or GOOD?)

MAN, I am not being harsh/insulting/disrespect towards the male / female when I post this article. This is what that appeared in newspaper and I ought to share how I felt on this matter. Lets look at it from an open minded perspective.

I hated rapist. I believed their mindset is not right and some of them may be having too much of temptation. They were not taught to control themselves and behave in an inappropriate ways. I also sense that some organization (It can be religion, society and etc.) just don't put much effort in helping them to realize what they do is harming others who is innocent.

If I were to punish them, how would it be? I would send them to clinic to get their lil bro off. Be a EUNUCH. Come on man. If you don't behave your self in the initial phase of your life, there is no point for you to go on living. YOU are better off from this world!

Harsh? How about those people whom you have raped? That is not harsh? Else then I'll just sew up your ARSE hole and let not any dirt of you come out to this world. KNN!

Or may be let you be sodomized! :0

What ever punishment that the enforcer are giving you, may it be heavy so that you'll remember it till you enter your own grave~talk about goose bump, does this make you feel it? hahaha!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Petrol Rebate

I claimed my ReBATE already... RM 625.

Note: Bring YOUR IC along. Please get the number first before filling the form. You don't need anything except IC and your LEFT THUMB.

Attention: Please go only AFTER your road tax expired. If you had renew before it expire, they wont give you the rebate. Go after the expiry date.

My aunt renew 2 weeks earlier. But they don't allow her to get it. What the hex! They said loudly after you renew your road tax, you can claim it! KNN! That was not the case. They are BLUR.

Heard that they may change the rule of claiming it. I say Malaysia Government do not have the quality! When ever they implement anything, they can't stick to it. Never do any research and check on the pro and con. Just implement and say later it was not good and all kind of rubbish reason. We are sick of it. I am terribly sick of it.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Went to the Rally @ 3+ PM. Stayed there for Half an hour + ... Azmin was speaking when I arrived. Vibrant. This stadium had not been use to the fullest, not until 6th of July. The roars of sound can be heard when I walked toward the Stadium. The enthusiastic sound of people chanting slogan. The attention of the day belong to this place. Helicopter was flying on top of the stadium to make sure everything is alright. ... but BN spies is in there. I saw some people give the most famous finger to the Helicopter. Police presence was light. Phew. It was peaceful. The people colour the town red. Nice. One of my favourite colour.

The main focus. ^^

Went back after Azmin finished his message. At night after dinner, went with my parents to check on the progress. Was hoping to hear Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang Hantam the GOV. But we did not make it as they finished around 10.40-10.50pm. Walked around the place and old folk decided to do the below.

I joined in. Pain as ever. Discover there is a restaurant beside the pond. Might wanna ask some kaki to try it out. Just the nice scenery. HAHA!

Peaceful Rally. Is there a need for Soldier? Nah!

Friday, July 04, 2008

If Robert Kuok was my father...?

There was this incident that make me think twice and concluded that I should put the title above. Why I say so?

Recently, I was approached by a Chinese National. She was asking a favour from me. She said she is having difficulty and need some help. Before she continues, I replied her politely saying: I my self also having difficulty. Then her face change and move away from me. I saw the "this bugger no money, KNN ugly mad face" reaction on her face. (DECLARATIONS: I really have no money left as I just bought some stuff and left not a single penny in my wallet!)

This is not the first case. I have come upon them 2-3 times with the same method being use. Thus, this also explain why I wasn't in favour of Chinese National. Previous attempt also left them empty handed! What to do, you girls like me soooo much!!! (mostly girls, only once this couple approached me.) You are actually dealing with KIAM SIAP MAN!

I relate this to my mom. My mom said: Your face got money sign all over. That's why they always pick you as their target. (Both of us laughing like mad!)

EI, my father is not the famous SUGAR Manufacturer Dato Sri ROBERT KUOK!!!!

What If he was my father? Oh man, I may not enjoy that much as I do now. Got too much money will be headache for me. I may not even enjoy the fun with my family. The no restriction in my family is what I treasure most. Eat too much sugar also very jia lat. haha...

In other words, I love my current "POKAI ALSO NEVER MIND + EVERYDAY ALSO NOT ENOUGH MONEY + Everyday screw here and there + eat any where also okay" Family MEMBERS!

PS: To Robert Kuok, I admire you for your contributions toward Malaysia economy. Even I may not know you, but having the same pronunciation in Chinese Sur Name make me proud.

To Chinese National living/working in Malaysia, the example above is just a minority people that I stumble upon. It does not reflect you nor your friends.

To those who uses sympathy as the gateway to get rich, Darn YOU! You misuse the generosity Of fellow Malaysian.

FYI, My sur name is KOK. Not Kuok.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Why on my Bday! KNN

I was quite anger by DS Anwar "Liwat" case, in which the incident happened to be falling on my birthday!!! Why you spoil my day!!! KNN!

You got no better day to report the matter ah? Why the latest incident? Why not the old days when DSAI actually involves in it and you immediately report? Why wait? No evidence or you just want to have a taste of ISA?