Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The world are turning upside down. YEah, is true. I went for a drink few hours ago. what i see is that girl are holding a putt of cigar n blowing out d smokes! remind me of SMOKE GETS INTO YOUR EYES! haha! Of course it didn't get into my eyes.

Today i really had a bad day. I was almost going to flee this land of gold that promise many lanky of $$$ n much much more. I was hunger for more freedom to express my self, yet it limits me to just a few chapter of calculations. yeah, i have da admit i live in d wrong side of d world. I should have gone to d art or u so called entertainment area to xpress my self. Anyway, its not d right time for me to go Hospital Bahagia yet. I am stil lively.

I went to KLPAC last week. Watched Broken Bridges by Douglas Lim & other cast. It was nice with D song they compose, Thanks to James Boyle, I love d music alot. It say alot bout Ipoh ppl growing up there & taking their choice of their choosen path in life. It does not end pretty well... I was wondering how about those ppl growing up in city? Are we gonna go to village to find our pot of GOLD that had long been burried there? Dear friend, i might do so provided that THERE r really any gold that i have spotted. As u can see, i grew up in PEE-JAY, eat n shit n sleep in this busy city. I am pretty sick n headache of the sound. The horn is not miss-able, the smell is not Temporal, the day is never PEace!

so, i guess i need to find my pot of GOLD in a small village huh?

Kampung! Wait for me! I'll be out in a few months time! Don't worry, i am currently not jail up in PUDU. Just jailed up in this CITY. My mind are having no direction at this point of Typing. May be the cause is that i am hungry right now. Adios!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hooray! I have cut down my internet usage! This month it has lower down to 36 Hours compare to last few months ago where it reach almost 50 hr. Oh well.. i am busy with studies & s0me certain stuff that discourage me from using it. Now a days also came back home quite late. So, i guess all this help me!
nothing much happen!

Ohya, jus wana tell all of u 2 b careful. Especially those studying at TAR. A friend of mine jus got snatched recently. The latest one that appear in news paper. So, take k yeah! BYE!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my day

My life is pretty happy and enjoyable now a days. Perhaps you can slowly guess it your way. I Just feel more motivated to do my work and always look forwards to the next day. SMS is all i need to buck up! hehe! Well, now a days i online less and you may be wondering how i cut my usage. Easy! Just don't online lor...occupy your self with tons of work or studies. YUP, study and some little things that i am engaging fill my time well. I also happy for it.
Plus i don't really like the idea of staying all alone at home. MAke me nuts! OK, i got to go. UNtil i have more inspiration, i wil let u read more of it.