Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am Back 2 PJ and reloaded my mind with Vitamin I+S+A

I am back after traveling north to attend Paula's case. Her case has been extended to 28 January 2009. "Cepat, mesra, betul" ? Tak gitu Cepat. Tak Gitu Mesra. Tak Betul langsung. There is a lot to share. Not Now. I need some time to rest. Just a reminder to all:

Sunday X-ISA Vigil Still ON!
MBPJ, 8pm and show your self.

Take care!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Protecting Women and Children - Men have to be MORE responsible!!!

Worker claims trial to sex charge (TheStar online)


His counsel Simon Sabapathy applied for a low bail, saying that XXX was married and had to provide for five children aged between three and 19 years as well as his parents.


Why you give reason such as family to feed and etc...

I find it hard to digest when one person who have family commitment do such a thing. You know you have a family to sustain, to care, to love and you commit such a wrongful thing. Have you not thought of them?

Even then, have you not thought of the girl whom you rape? I am @##$%%38gong^%%$### angry! Women and children need your protection. You end up like a beast and now begged for sympathy! Who cares the heck of you if the initial point you think of others first?

Lesson to be learn: Think before you do anything! Think of others!

Click on the full report above if you want to read more.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Komen saya di laman web project Malaysia tentang Bahasa dan sistem pendidikan

Before you proceed to read my comment on the article, may be you can have a read on the original article.

Bahasa tidak gagal, yang gagal adalah sekolah-sekolah yang mana ianya tidak memberi cabaran kepada pelajar-pelajar. Saya masih ingat bila saya belajar di SRJK CINA, saya mempunyai banyak kerja rumah untuk dihabiskan. Malah, jika saya tidak menghabiskan, denda akan menunggu saya. Jikalau saya tidak silap, Sekolah Kebangsaan tidak mempunyai banyak kerja rumah dan sangat relaks bila belajar di SK.

Inilah keunikan SRJK yang membuat para-para ibubapa menghantar anak-anak mereka ke SRJK. Mereka mahu yang terbaik untuk anak mereka, bukan kerana bahasa malaysia yang menjadi halangan kepada anak mereka. (Saya bincang dari segi SRJK Cina, tidak termasuk Sekolah RJK Tamil kerana saya tidak pernah belajar di sana.)

Untuk mereka yang belajar dalam Bidang Pendidikan BAHASA, mereka pasti pernah dengar tentang bahawa bagi seseorang untuk menguasai sesuatu Bahasa, mereka harus mula dari usia yang muda. Jika mereka tidak mula, maka ia akan menjadi kesusahan bagi mereka dalam menguasai bahasa pada usia yang tua.

Tengoklah keadaan sekeliling kita. Anda memulakan hidup anda bersama keluarga anda. Anda bertutur dalam BM, saya bertutur dalam bahasa cina dengan keluarga saya. Permulaan saya atau kebiasaan saya ialah bertutur dalam bahasa ibunda. Adakah anda akan belajar bertutur Bahasa Cina dengan keluarga anda? Tidak, kecuali jika salah seseorang di kalangan keluarga anda tahu bahasa itu. Permulaan pada masa muda itu yang menjadi titik permulaan anda dalam menguasai sesuatu bahasa. Tetapi, seseorang itu masih boleh belajar menguasai bahasa yang dia hendak jika dia inginkan.

Ambil contoh wanita yang ditangkap imigresen itu. Dia hanya menghabiskan pendidikan rendah sahaja. Masa itu dia masih muda. Ia tidak akan terlintas dalam fikiran anak-anak muda yang BM adalah penting. Ibubapa memainkan peranan penting dalam pembinaan hidup seseorang anak. (Jika orang yang disebut itu adalah perkara yang berlaku baru-baru ini, wanita itu sebenarnya telah ditahan selama 11 bulan. Boleh baca di sini. )

Bahasa Malaysia tidak diabaikan di Uni-uni dan syarikat awam, BM yang diuji di tahap SPM telah digunakan untuk menentukan tahap kefasihan para-para pelajar di sekolah dan mereka dikehendaki memasuki kursus yang khususnya untuk mereka yang lemah di Uni.

Titik permulaan adalah penting. Namun, banyak yang boleh diperbaharui dan pendidikan boleh membawa setiap kaum bersatu di Malaysia.

Perubahan harus bermula dari hati.

Saya Sedang Mendidih !!!!!!! I AM boiling !!!

Good Morning!! (I hardly get up this early.)

The Cantonese have a phrase that they use when they are angry: FOH GUAN!

The direct translation mean Fire is burning!!! It is usually refer to cases like the water is over boil, or when some one is angry beyond the limit.

Just recent cases is enough to make me FOH GUAN!

Have you read that Anti ISA cannot have vigil, while those who support it can have their rally and walk around? Not only that, they have their supporter who gave a flying kick to a lady's car and police are not making any arrest. That really make me FOH GUAN!

Media Rakyat have the video.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What a wonderful day to start on Monday :D

The Kuala Lumpur High Court today acquitted migrant workers' activist Irene Fernandez, bringing an end to a 13-year court battle. Read here.

13 years is a long year for justice to be done. I wonder whether can I take it or not.

23 Anti ISA Malaysian who was detained last 2 weeks ago will not be charge. Thank You Police. Read more at Anil's blog.

So Do I

What she say IS also what I want to say.
So fast already take my script.. how lar?

SO DO I and the majority of Malaysian.
We will not quit politics!
Let us fights together!!!

But your agenda and ours are different ya...

23 Nov X-ISA PJ Vigil

^ Raining? No problem.

^ Rev. Anthony Loke, Methodist Church Pastor

^ Police: Told you not to break the rules yet you still break it ~ People: Oh well, just a T-shirt and candles all around... :D

Malaysian, you can have vigil in your own town. Just do it!

Sunday Vigil went smoothly and around 100 + people came. 7-10 first timer were there. Great to have you there. Get to meet up with Blogger friend , Steest :) Talked to Zorro.

When Tricia was speaking, I have this urge of going up and share. However, I did not make the move as there are so many people going up. May be the coming week? We'll see.

Pastor Sivin
and I agreed that we are old timer. Need to have more first timer to come and encourage one another. Visit steest's blog for more pictures.

Meanwhile, Ampang rally was not successful. Heavy rain and police cordon off the area. 7 people arrested. Read more at Malaysiakini English , BM , Mandarin (Hua Yi) Version.

TheStar have the story on Ampang Rally.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rafidah and Sharizat - Final Round!

What crossed my mind was that why Rafidah is so afraid of facing Sharizat? I read in Malaysiakini or some where that Rafidah was telling Sharizat that she should keep to her words and not fights against her. Come on, afraid of losing? Oh well. What ever the outcome, is non of my business. Furthermore, why am I promoting their tournament? Aiyo.. rugi la... Free Publicity some more! I hope they will not use any Mike Tyson's infamous bite on each other :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Actor sued Malaysia's Company - England Won Germany -

As I read on, this must be the most XIA XUEY (malu) news. Actor Bruce Willis sued Malaysia’s Petra Group and its chairman, Tunku Imran Ibni Tuanku Ja'afar, alleging that US$900,000 of the US$2 million he invested in a "green rubber'' venture wasn't returned to him. "faint!"

Read more at thestaronline.

Seized Mkini video tampered with

How can they handled the video taken in such a manner? If it was to be use for court case, then who is to responsible with it? Police cannot push away their responsibility as it was under their care. Who is responsible if the judge ask how come the video was lost? Police, I hope there is some rules or ethic in handling matter such as this. Else, it would be like no proper way of handling important matter and bring bad image to your department.

England won against Germany!!! Yey!

Young guns fire England football !!!

Read here for the news. They won 2-1. I am a hardcore fan of England Football team. :)

How to maintain Unesco standard?

As I read that former Penang Council had approved some building which has exceeded the standard set by the Unesco, may I ask that CM Lim Guan Eng have a chat with the developer. What he can do is to check with them whether do they want Penang to prosper or not. If they keen on just protecting the profit without thinking much, it would not be of good to them as well. With Unesco standard, their property will be worthy. If one day Penang lost the status, believe me, the price will surely drop.

So Developer that had the Penang land, please consider Penang future and also your property. I am sure you want to multiply your profit. Make some changes that will protect Penang heritage. Of course, it also benefit you :)

I love Penang! Maintain Penang UNESCO Heritage.

Read on Anil's point of view.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who is talking lies at this moment?

I would not want to elaborate more. Baginda razak claimed that Najib and his wife were not involved with the death of Altantuya. It is pretty hard to believed it. RPK first exposed this matter and I tend to believe in RPK more than BR. Fellow readers, what's your say? Are you on the same boat as I am?

Rumour will not spread if one was not involved.

Read in Malaysiakini for his statement.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YB Lim Kit Siang Wanna face2face with Syed Hamid-ref Malaysiakini

I just read that YB Kit Siang wanna have a debate with Syed Hamid.

What can I say? I hope he is not wasting too much time with Botak head. He is after all... sure lose!!
What I anticipate is how YB LIM would start shooting botak head with his no-nonsense speech that will leave Botak Head BLANK! I hope that there wont be a repeat of DSAI vs Strawberry where we see "Foam" on someones mouth. LoL!

Read YB Lim KS posting on this matter.
Read more in Malaysiakini.

of monies and politic

There are differences in between old and new notes When the newly printed notes was given to us, it smell fresh and nice. The paper or plastic is smooth and it can even injure your hand. That proved the dangerous of our money.

The monies that we used up to over several years (or 51 years??) or more at times stink and lost its freshness. How can money link with our government? Don't you think it stink when it was used for such a long time?

Get some fresh monies. Do not keep on using the old monies. Do not accept old monies. (That is what we always do right? We also rejected those that have burnt mark, koyak-ed, etc... )

Get something new :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to deal with it when we are not allowed to wear "NO to ISA" shirt?

We are not allow to wear any shirt that have the words "No to ISA" on our shirt. I just thought of something that all of us can do. Wear this.

Why just "NO"? Well, it is a reminder that we do not want it. Just say NO. Simple and easy. Free from slogan, yet the message is there. We do not want it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

PJ residents, Attention needed!

YB Tony Pua suggested a Petition to FREEZE all development around PJ. Below is a part of his blog post which I leave it for your reading.

I'm thinking to coming up with a people petition to the state government to implement a freeze on all new (and yet to be approved) high-rise development (anything above 4 stories?) in Petaling Jaya until such a time when:
  1. The updated and revised Rancang Tempatan Petaling Jaya (RTPJ) is approved by MBPJ and the state government after all necessary due process such as consultation with the people of Petaling Jaya, and

  2. An efficient public transportation system of high quality and frequency is set up to drastically reduce traffic within the city. While by and large, the state government has only bit roles in setting up public transportation services, it can insist that development project plans will only be approved if public transportation issues have been resolved (e.g., new high density projects can only be approved if there will be buses/trains plying the route etc.)
By "freezing" the approval of new development orders, as well as placing strict restrictions on density on those which have unfortunately been approved (but detailed plans yet to be submitted), it will also incentivise the developers to lobby and negotiate with public transport companies such as RapidKL to increase route coverage.

If you stay in Petaling Jaya and are willing to campaign for this movement and promote the petition (e.g., going house-to-house to get signatures for support), and even better, lead the project, please do not hesitate to contact me @ tonypua (at) yahoo (dot) com. I'll then be more than happy to play the role to lobby the state government with your petition.

Click on his name on top of the post for the full post in his blog.

I had sent him my email. I hope those who lived around PJ would do the same. We need to stop the development and improve on our traffic congestion. We must also be considerate to those residents living around the most busy highway, LDP. Not to forget the countless accidents and sharp corner of the highway. Be the change!

Be Strong and move on

When some one close to us in trouble,
its just hard to imagine.
Life wont be different.
We got to be strong.

Nothing is the same when there are obstacles and challenges. Its tough, yet we got to take it step by step.

Oh well, I am out of zest... Not that I am not bothering my beloved country. is just... I am bogged down with exam that I need to clear off before the Politic BOMB start to bombard me with saddening news. Has Malaysia really got better? If it is better, then I should not be worrying that much right? *confused+ sigh*

I have a story to tell. Better than our national writer who recently wrote to fame with his Cerpen. Hope you know who. It is still in draft... in my mind. Soon, i will share it with you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Penang Anti ISA Vigil - One was detained

Latest: she has been released from police station. Good. Glad that it is fast, PJ vigil detainee was detained for the whole night.
One of the Anti ISA who help organized Anti-ISA Vigil in Penang, blogger Masterwordsmith was detained. I have no idea what had happen. I just got to know from Masterwordsmith that she is now in Police station.

I am waiting for more details from other.

I am not sure whether are there chaos or any untoward things happen.

Below are the sms and call-:

8.51PM MWS Called: I am now in Police Van. Got to go. (Last for 8 seconds)

8.56PM Me: I asked her how many in the Van. (SMS)

9.05 PM MWS: me only 1 kena. in P station (SMS)

9.09PM ME: I asked whether was it disperse or after it finish? Any one hut? Is she the only one get caught? (SMS)

9.14PM MWS: Me only(SMS)

I have not heard from her since. She is my godsister!!

Updated: check Anil for update. He said that she is the only one detained.

Please pray for her release soon.

Why does Malaysiakini don't have the update on Penang Anti-ISA vigil?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep on Blogging! terus Berusaha!

When you have no inspiration,

Never Give Up. Try again the next time.

When there aren't many response,

Never look down on the silent voice.

When you are tired that no one really care of what you have done,

Do not stop for people may be ignorant, but one day they will realise.

I have been blogging since 2003. 5 years! Cannot imagine that it was that long. The initial purpose was to blog about things that concern me and my personal life. However, I have since switched to Socio-Political. It is still hard to get rid of this past time activities where I exercise my fingers on the keyboard. Hey, is a form of exercise!

Some friends of mine chose to stop blogging due to work commitment, no visitors, no one bother to read, no one cares to comment, no ideas what to write and that left their blog in idle and slowly stop blogging.

Well, in the initial years of blogging, I hardly have any visitors. I do not even have comments waiting for me to approve, I was like hoping to earn some money via blogging, but I really have no idea what to make people interested in my blog. After all, I am a very dull person who don't go into IT that much, who don't really play online or PC games. How to blog on this topic? May be one or 2 post, then I will plug my hair off and put in museum.

What I am trying to say here is, we shall not stop.

I remember reading a book that said about being grateful to those who make you suffer. It is not a good title at all! When I start to think about it, it came to me the theory which is actually helping us in various ways. When a person make us angry, we always want to revenge or find ways to return the "favour".

During this period, we may not know that we are actually growing silently inside our self. We may not realise that our anger had given us extra will power to do more than we can. Our intellectual also increase and we have acquired the ideas or initiatives to overcome it. Human have the mindset of wanting to win against a battle or a person. However, it can be very bad if one is too absorb with it. We can borrow the mindset to fight the battle. As in the battle against Botak head, Lah Lah, C4, MUMNO, the Forest Reserve Uncles etc...

Have you read that in the next General Election, more internet savvy young generation are going to vote. 2 Million? Cannot recall the figure. I call upon all the bloggers to start reaching out to them NOW that we are at the climax. Ops, climax as in there are so many jokes around Malaysia politic scene that we can put it into a book. Of course, those who have a conscious mind does not want it to be recorded in the book. We want something better than putting our lame jokes of Malaysia politics for our future generation. Cannot imagine what they will say or ask~! The "Malaysian Politician Say the Darnest Things" can publish another edition at this moment. I bet it must be 1-INCH thick!

Bloggers, Do not give up. Even when we sense there aren't many people that are supporting you, you ought to be strong~! Don't be intimidated by people who might directly or indirectly pulling you down. If you are down, think of what you are doing is for a better Malaysia.

The previous lesson I had was on our mind and memory. One phrase that I want to share is:

Turn your negative into positive energy!
(Mindset as well).
Change the way you think. See from different angle.

Change comes from your heart.

Delayed delayed Tangguh tagguh.. Sampai bila baru habis lah!!

Anwar case has been delayed , again.

I wonder how long that they intend to keep his case. For public interest, could you please sentence it? If he is wrong, go ahead. Else, get The fella who offer his butt.

Its very simple if we use programming language:

If Anwar has commited the offence,
Jail him up.

Else if no evidence,
Release Anwar

Else Saiful is the one who commited the sinful job, Make him suffer in the jail.

End If

Even the computer language is much simpler than our court who delayed countless time. Of course I know it is not that simple. Just hate the delay.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marathon Run for Hindraf Detainee- Go and support!

Those interested in participating in the run can contact Dr. Wong Aun Peng at 012-6644432. He will place you at points where more people will be needed. You may also let him know where your preferred area would be and how far you can run. There are some who are game to try going all the way i.e. from Klang to Kamunting.

The itinerary of the event is as below:
Saturday 15 Nov 08. (Selangor) 0800 - Flag off at DAP Pandamaran Service Centre (near the market). Route towards Bt Tinggi/Bayu Perdana traffic light (YB Charles Santiago Service Centre). Towards Jalan Kim Chuan and onwards to YB M. Manoharan's service centre (near Hin Hua school). Simpang Tujuh roundabout and towards Jalan Tengku Kelana (Indian Street).
0845 - Cross the Klang bridge and towards Gold Coast hotel, Pin Hua school. Pin Hua school to CIMB bank and Jalan Meru, pass High School to (YB Teng Chang Khim's service centre).
0900 - Jalan Kapar, batu 2 setengah. Straight to Kapar town.
1000 - Kapar town. Proceed to Jeram.
1200 - Kuala Selangor.
1330 - Tg Karang.
1430 - Sekinchan.
1630 - Sg Besar.
1800 - Sabak Bernam. Run stop for the night.

Sunday 16 Nov 08 (Perak) 0700 - Start run at Selangor/Perak border. Will be met by DAP Perak leaders and members.
0745 - Hutan Melintang.
0800 - Simpang Empat.
0900 - Teluk Intan.Run back to Kg Kok. Kg Kok junction to Sitiawan.
1200 - Sitiawan.
1400 - Pantai Remis.
1630 - Simpang.
1700 - Taiping.
1730 - Kamunting. NOTE : Timing is approximate.

By Dr. Wong Aun Peng

Taken from Malaysiatoday

Which area is possible for me to support them? The nearest possible from my place will be Kuala Selangor. So, I will go there and cheer for them! Hooray! People, go and cheer for them! If not, Join them!!!

Are we too used to our comfort life?

As I ponder on my comfort life, I am thinking of how I enjoy my life, how I would go and enjoy my mamak a.k.a. tea session with my friends, how I can be with my parents, how I could sleep comfortably in a nice comforted bed, and yet I still complained of the hot weather. (I cannot stand the heat! Itchy. )

Yes, is too comfortable isn’t it?

Some of us like to sit comfortably in front of the computer, chat with friends around the world, reading some news and occasionally shooting blank bullets toward those that are against our view.

Have you and I done something out of the comfortable of our life? Some thing that worth telling our grandchildren or our next generation people, that we have done something that will make them woooo waaaaa (in awe) over our accomplishment?

The political journey since 308 until November 9th taught me a big lesson in life. I am putting too much comfortability for my self. I used to say I want to do something and hide myself while waiting for others to do it. Not until I see that No Action Talk Only (NATO) will bring me or my beloved country TO NO WHERE. I realized that if we want to achieve something, we need to sacrifice certain things for the result we want.

Not that I do not know we need to sacrifice to gain, but rather I was being afraid. When I told some one I “cabut” (ran away) after seeing the chaos at the scene when the FRU marched against the people, some one said to me: Takut lah… Yes, I am VERY AFRAID. Afraid that I am not able to see my family, afraid that they will be worried dead since I am the only child, afraid that I may be ISA-ed for my bravery, afraid to have BLACK RECORD especially, and finally worried dead for my future after my release if I was caught.

However, YB LIM GUAN ENG has been my inspiration toward a better Malaysia! He fought for justice, for truth, and he held on to integrity. Remember how he was jailed for helping the young girl who was raped? Not to forget, YB Tian Chua famous picture of him sitting in front of the FRU truck. Recently, YB Teresa was innocently put into jail for doing nothing, but the authorities just want to get her in ISA. Not to leave out YB (Yang Benar) Tan Hoon Cheng to which she reported the truth of what she heard and get ISA-ed.

How about DSAI? Who was falsely accused of sodomising someone to which he did not do it? This has caused emotional and health damage to him.

Who are they? They are normal citizen who fought hard for transparency, who TRULY loved Malaysia, who held on to the TRUTH, and wanting to bring democracy to Malaysia. Malaysia has not reach democracy yet. To some, they would rate them and those who supported them as DEMO-is-CRAZY!

As I ponder, I asked myself how much that I have done for my beloved country? I have not put in my sweat, my blood, and my energy to the max. When we sing Negaraku, our national anthem, one of the lyrics related to this paragraph.


TANAH TUMPAHNYA DARAHKU!!! Whether you like it or not, ever since your mom gave birth to you, your blood had drop on this land! Even if you are not born here, your childhood will surely have falls and minor accidents which got you bleeding and thus, its still ‘tumpahnya darahmu’ in this LAND!

You and I are a part of this nation. We are a part of Malaysia. This is our country that we care. Do the right thing for your beloved country. I vow to give my best. I do not want to hide behind the bushes and look at others fighting for our freedom or justice. Stand for the right. Do not be intimidated. Do not be afraid, after all, you are fighting for the right cause. You want change? Then do not be a NATO! The change you want to see is within you.

Go for vigil. Tell the government that you do not support it with your presence. If you do not show your presence at the vigil or any event that support the abolishment, they will always rate you as the minority. BE THE MAJORITY VOICE!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kejutan Tun Mahathir- Ref Malaysiakini

Tun Mahathir said:

Semua orang tahu yang pemimpin Umno menggunakan wang untuk terpilih memegang jawatan parti. Bagaimanapun, katanya, bukan kesemua pemimpin Umno itu menggunakan wang untuk menang dalam pemilihan parti. Namun, tambah Dr Mahathir, majoriti daripada mereka berbuat demikian.
Semua orang pun tahu lah... Tetapi, Siapa yang memulakan kebiasaan ini? Ini adalah Soalan yang harus dijawab TUN sendiri kerana semenjak Tun menjadi PERDANA MENTERI, rasuah semakin meningkat. Janganlah kata Pak Lah... beliau hanya menjalankan tugasnya.
Tun also said that UMNO people should be the one that go to ISA. So, the question remain, why they have not been send to Kamunting? I am waiting for your answer...
Innocent people suffered in Kamunting. They are not even getting a fair trial. If this country talk about justice and democracy, they should have allow the people in ISA to go under the normal procedure for their wrong doing. Before the ISA detainee proceed to court, the Government should elect some one who is not related to any parties. This will gives trust to Malaysian for our judiciary system. Else, Malaysia will still be under dark cloud.
Read Tun view's on ISA and Rasuah in Umno.

Run for the FREEDOM of ISA detainee - ref Malaysiakini

I have no idea who came up with this program, but indeed it captured my attention.

350 KM? How are they going to run? 3 days marathon? For me, 20 KM already killed me when I ran for my high school marathon some years back.

Anyway, I think they have to do it in stages. From town to town would be feasible.

Good effort. Great motivation. Good Cause! For good health. Oh well, there is nothing bad about it. No cars allow ya!

I hope they will have permit to run. Else the Police or FRU will pick one by one on the road!

Read Malaysiakini for more information.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things that are threatening when you attend a Vigil



Shirt with "RPK" or "BERSIH" or "ISA" words on it

Singing NEGARAKU, our national anthem

If this is threatening the National Security, how about those who go rampage with Parang, knife, and Molotov cocktail? Moron is indeed moron. Paradise Storm will be back for ISA vigil after NOV 26. He will be snapping more evidence if they ever going to use violence against the people. He will not be intimidated by what that had happened on Sunday. He will not STOP!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hamid dunno anything oooh...saya tak tau sehingga pagi ni...

He lived in stone-age era. that is why he and those involved don’t know anything. they expect you to believed everything they said. Because they think you must believe…They are the ruler of this country!

But sadly, ever since Majority of Malaysian had taken the 308 pills, we became much smarter!

We are the Wiser ones and that the stupid ones would be…. :)

Read Malaysiakini English version on what he said.

Evidence of FRU stroming the people while they sing National anthem-by Malaysiakini Video

As I read in Masterwordsmith, she included a video that I produced below.
or you can open the link below in new window.

Copy and paste in your blog. Let others see how the Police act to the citizen who were having peaceful vigil.

CPO: Tindakan menyurai bukan sewaktu lagu Negaraku-ref Malaysiakini

What the heck!!!

Who said it was not during the singing of National anthem that YOU bugger stormed the people? There ARE proof and witnesses around that can SUE you for your untrustworthy words!!

It is better that you resign and get a new life.

read it at Malaysiakini. You can also read my thought on what that had happened last night in my previous post. I included photos and my experiences.

Dah Sampai Masa Raykat Malaysia tukar moron ni kepada orang yang otaknya lebih berfikiran waras.

PJ VIGIL - Video of FRU STORMED the gathering

Woman injured. Need stitches. Taken from Chin Huat's blog.

This clip is taken from Sivin Kit Blogs. He also blogged about the cruel, unimaginable vigil that was supposed to be Peaceful.

I cannot sleep well this morning. Even after I update my blog and went to bed, the FRU storming against the people reappear in my mind. I am terrified but not down spirit to fight for freedom and what that belong to Malaysia. Too much is just too much. I would forgive FRU if they were attacked by any of us. NO! Non of us do anything. We are just singing National anthem. They are the one that start the fire going. They go all over to disperse us. Enough with that. Then they start grabbing people, dragging people along the road, injured people and punched our beloved MP Lau Weng San. MP Tony Pua was harmed but not serious. This is the day Malaysian need to take back the real FREEDOM!

I start to wonder, when we have such a gathering, which is not any harm to any one, the FRU and Police efficiency is just... at its best. When it comes to Snatch thieves and robbery break in, they don't seems to be that efficient. I know, they are dangerous, you cannot apprehend them, right? Too Dangerous for THEM! *all the vulgar words that I had learned since young start popping out now!*

Friends, we need to CHANGE the Government totally!!!!!!! They are not relevant anymore. King, you have my highest respect if you could do something. Our country are not the 'right' country at the moment. When they turned peace into chaos, I know it is not the way it should be.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Updated with my thought - Anti ISA Vigil at PJ being intruded by FRU!

Malaysia is coming to an END! I Need to cool down first!

I attended the vigil which was suppose to be held at the field near Amcorp mall. As I drove to th destination, police barricade the whole area. From main entrance to the back lane entrance, all being block to prevent the CITIZEN who is HUNGER for JUSTICE to attend the vigil!

When I reached around 8.50pm, the place was not hype with people as it was suppose to be. As I approach the people surrounding, they told me that the police asked the people not to gather. (BM Version) have the report of what that had been going on before I reached.

As we retreat from Amcorp mall after singing Negaraku Song, we moved to Civic Hall and continue there. BERSIH organizer have a short sharing, then invite MP Ronnie Liu to speak. After Ronnie finish, he asked for BERSIH President, if I am not mistaken with the position, to share what BERSIH long to achieve. Then RPK surprise us by coming to the vigil. Initially, we did not expect him to be here. He and Marina showed up and greets people around. PJU MP TONY PUA spoke and later RPK take over. I did not listen to what he said as I am actually putting my focus on the FRU. I heard their whooo haaa warning sign for us to stop the meeting.

As RPK spoke half way, the FRU stormed the group of people and start chasing after those who wore NO HOLD BARRED / I AM WITH RPK / NO TO ISA/ BERSIH t-shirt. It is indeed a chaos that were created by the FRU. The people never throw anything or threaten anything against the FRU. Are we deem as threatening? The gathering without permit allow you to arrest people just like you are the POWER that behold Malaysia?

As I ran, I was on the phone with a friend. I turned back and look at the situation. There was this guy who wore Red RPK shirt who is trying to walk across the road was confronted from behind by FRU Officer. MAN! He was trying to walk away from causing trouble!! I do not know his fate.

There were younger children and youth who was there to give support for this movement. I salute them for their awareness. I also want to tell their parents that indeed you are farsighted to bring them there to see for them selves! This will bring an awareness in them about Malaysia politic. However, I do not know how they will react to this cruel incident. I do not know whether do they injured them selves when the FRU chase after those people who were there.

I remember this young girl who asked me whether her A & W French fries paper cup with candle looked weird or not, I replied by saying NO. I wanted to say that what ever you are doing now, it LOOKS GREAT from my EYES sight! I never have the chance to say it. If you or the parents of the young child who are reading this, do let me know you are doing fine. VIA COMMENT.

RPK last seen walking with his wife Marina and a group of people to the car park. I am not sure where they park their car. I walked as fast as I could and get home safe. Today is the day we see how worst the FRU could be. Indeed angered me to the MAX!

There was tears in my eyes but it would not want to flow out. It must have been the HARDDEST day for me to bring TEARS for my self! I am totally angry about it. I really want to do something about it. I will never let my anger down for the people I care!

FRU, you are nothing. You are just Forest Reserve UNCLES!

For more latest update, go to Anil blog.

masterwordsmith-unplugged mentioned what I tell you here. She also have some updates.

Pray for a better Malaysia!

Add on- Tony Pua Blogged from his mobile. He is fine. Staying overnight.

NZ Opposition WON election!

The wind of change struck New Zealand!

NZ Election news for your reading.

Have a good day.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

7-Eleven & Anti ISA vigil @ PJ

Remember, Tomorrow Anti ISA vigil will start at usual time, 8PM. But I read that the BERSIH group will join us to commemorate their 1 year Anniversary. They will start at 9pm. Expecting a lot of people to storm the place!

Ipoh will have their first vigil. Tomorrow as well, 8pm at Tamam D.R. Seenivasagam.

We will surely remember the Happy day when RPK was released. Thus came 7-Eleven for us to remember it clearly that the court still stand on good warrior side. May he has enough rest and start gunning soon. I will surely remember 7-Eleven!

See you tomorrow at PJ Vigil!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Seremban ISA Vigil have visitors! SB paid a visit

I heard from my friend who went there that SB is "taking care of the citizen" at the vigil. Is there a need?

3 lanes of Seremban road was filled with cars?
The road was jammed!
The area was flooded~~~~~~~~ with people!

I think they are expecting RPK to come is it? Well, I am not too sure whether RPK was there or not. (Updated: RPK was there!!!) He might be taking a good rest or reloading his weight and start gunning SOON! I love him to start shooting nicely plan words against "you know who and those that we cant send them to the Dark Place"!

He is our Shooting Star! The one that shot right at the SPOT! Talking truth and definitely NO HOLD BARRED! This week is indeed a great week!

This is the only picture I got from my friend. He dozed off after sending me one pic!

Latest: Check out steest for Seremban Vigil.

SB = Special Branch

Week of Change! Rpk freed!

Most of you would know at this hour that Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been freed this evening. Yes, the Shah Alam court ruled his detention illegal and Syed Hamid misuse his power.

I am witnessing a week of high intensity drama over US and Malaysia! First, it was the race for US Presidency. I long for Obama to win, and I must say it was really anxious to know the result! I must count my self fortunate to see the votes required to be President exceed the required vote in front of the PC. (I am at my University cyber cafe, hardly online during weekdays.) It was really hard for my joy to stuck inside my heart!!! I want to celebrate by shouting YES WE CAN loudly at that moment. But I cant...

Today, I see the light shines at RPK. He was freed with immediate effect! I must thank the Judge for being fair and not bias. Thanks all the lawyer who put in effort to bring him out. Come this Sunday, I will be going to the vigil to meet RPK and the rest of the bloggers. Same place at PJ Taman Jaya Open field, 9.30PM. Expect to have more people as we remember the Bersih movement.

I am extremely happy! Not that I am back to my comfort home, but RPK is back with the people! YES WE CAN!

Read Malaysiakini , thestar and NutGraph for RPK released news.

PS: I noticed that my readership had exceed 1k. Well, I put it few months back. It should have exceeded more than this amount since I started this blog in 2003. Have a nice day!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Malaysia for CHANGE! Yes We CAN!

Yes, Obama did it. He change the way American look at him. He moved the nation to hope for a change! The catchy slogan 'Yes We Can' had touched the heart of American and they chose him to be the next President. They do not mind what kind of background he had, but elect him based on his credibility. For the American had chosen to change, Malaysian want a change BADLY! After years of unfair, injustice and non-transparency towards our nation, we hunger for the change! March 8th is just the starting point of the change we hunger for. We need a total change that we can call it as a change for the better progress of this country. How long more do we need to wait for it? When I read the in-coming US President speech, I can sense that it comes from his heart. Nothing beat that.

I also salute McCain for his frankness that he had lost the battle. He called Obama to congratulate him for his victory on being selected by the nation as the 44th President of US. He accepted his failure with open heart and vow to do his best for his country that he loved. You can read his speech here.

Malaysian PM? When he lost, he only utter "Kalah Kalah lah..." (Lost lost lah...) What a big differences. How to tell our DPM who will be our PM soon that he should learn from the American? Oh dear... They will say why should we learn from them? Well, I only ask you to learn from the ethical values that they had showed. Don't even start on the way you put our country upside down! I haven't talk on that.

Back to US election , I have been reading it and commenting all over. I am also inspired that we can hope for a change. The yonger generation need to change to be more aware. For the better! The current people need to change, for a better Malaysia! I can imagine one day when all of us stand united and chant:
"Malaysia for CHANGE", "Yes WE CAN!"

How great would it be?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama speech after being declared President of US

With me here is the speech given by in coming President of United States. May his speech inspire you.

As the American chose to change, can we Malaysian too adopt the same spirit? Yes We Can.

It is just some certain people would not want change. They want to remain corrupted and lived in denial. But, we have to bear in mind, people speak via their votes. :) Have a good day!


Yes, Obama won! The vote is still counting, but he has exceeded the required amount of votes to be President!

Read here for confirmation. I know you want to read it with your own eyes :)

Now, I believed everyone around the world is having the celebration mood. How about you?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

US election current result - Obama won 2 town

Obama won 2 town!

We are 13 hours ahead of US. You can check on world clock.

Guide to election night. Keep this guide to US election night in hand to check what will be happening when and what to look out for. Click here.

RPK strike again! There is hope for Pakatan PM!

RPK wrote another stunning article which captured my heart. Read some part of his article below. Taken From MalaysiaToday.

Yes, I think it will happen. And it may not be too long away, probably even before Christmas. The 8th March 2008 revolution has not ended. It is still continuing. It continued into the Permatang Pauh by-election. It will continue into the Kulim by-election if they dare declare that seat vacant – which was why they dropped the case. And the revolution will only end once the Umno prime minister has been kicked out of office.

I know many are no longer holding their breath. Most Malaysians have given up hope for Pakatan Rakyat taking over the federal government. Well, it may be too early to give up hope. If by Christmas it has not happened then maybe it’s time to get worried. Until then keep hoping and plan for this year’s Christmas to be the best Christmas in 51 years since Merdeka.

Keep Hoping! That is what he asked us to do. Well, certainly I am still hoping. But in the mean time, I am also preparing for GE 13!

Dear Santa, I wish for a better country and the release of All ISA Detainee. Not only that, I wish for the Pakatan to take over the Banana Brainless moron. Thank you!

Looks like Kamunting Hotel staff treat RPK pretty well. He is at his best again.

Melbourne Cup & Tunku Abdul Rahman, Obama & McCain - Race of the Year!

Melbourne Cup will be up for grab today. My father told me about Tan Chin Nam good friend, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. Tan Chin Nam also have a memoir entitled Never Say I Assume! (2006). I am definitely going to purchase this book. I cannot recall since when I started to read memoir, now I am even more interested in the story telling of how a person fights for freedom or poverty to become a man/woman of worth.

On Tunku, Tan CN said in Malaymail interview :

My one regret was that Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, my racing partner in Malaysia and Singapore, had not had a leg of Think Big in order "to share the joy."

On sharing the joy

What is the point, after all, of drinking and playing alone? When two persons drink or own legs of a horse, you have more fun. When four persons drink or own legs of a horse, you get still more fun.

To read the complete interview, check it here.

How close could they be? Can Malaysian be back to the era where people are just as close as both of them? Well, its all up to the people to make a change in their life.

About house racing, I am quite interested after reading Seabiscuit novel. No, I haven't watch the movie. I managed to complete the novel last 2 months ago. It took me for quite a long time. I am interested not because of the bet on the horse, but the intense of the story where the horse and man race against all odd to win the greatest race.

Coincidentally, Nov 4th is also the day American votes for the President! McCain and Obama race against time to bring U.S. closer to a transformation! I am eagerly awaiting for the result. So do all the nation. Enjoy both race!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Is this YAB Lim Guan Eng blog's?

I came across this blog that put up all YAB Lim Guan Eng news. I wonder whether is it his blog or some one manage it for him. Nevertheless, it is worth to keep the update on him. After all, I am "concern" or more likely very busy body after Penang, which is now under his hand.

View it here.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

What if you Can vote for American President?

Yes, you did not read wrongly.

You can vote for it,


Go to this link and cast your vote. I, being a loyal citizen of the world have done my duty. Have You?

Whom that I have voted? The people used to say: Undi adalah sulit. (My vote are private and confidential.) Eh hem... hint. I like some change. Guess it? :)

SME in good shape? Malaysia's Economic

Khoo Kay Peng wrote this article which I would like to share it with you.

Below is part of what he wrote:

"Our government record on helping the SMEs is very poor. The government did not do much to help the 99.2% of all registered businesses in Malaysia which are SMEs but mainly focus on a handful of listed companies and GLCs. These businesses provide 56% of jobs to Malaysians."

See? Those who are in SME can wait to close your beloved business if you are not competitive enough. Its either you die or he/she die. With the current economic situation, its hard to help keep the business upward. Some may say change this, change your way, take the risk, etc... I say: You try it.

Its time to keep our purse or wallet tight. Meanwhile, its good to get some early sleep and save on electricity. I need to discipline my self on that!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Harga petrol, diesel turun 15 sen lagi-ref Malaysiakini

Yalah, Anda tak salah NAMPAK! Petrol Turun lagi... 15 sen.

Jadi, Apa yang menyebabkan PM kita turunkan harga minyak? Adakah kerana dia punya pangkat sudah turun jadi dia pun turun harga ?

Ataupun sekarang dia di rumah tiap tiap hari pun "TURUN"?

Pandai-Pandai fikir lah! hahaha!

Taken from Malaysiakini:

• Petrol RON97 dikurangkan daripada RM2.30 seliter kepada RM2.15 seliter;

• Petrol RON92 dikurangkan daripada RM2.20 seliter kepada RM2.05 seliter; dan

• Diesel dikurangkan daripada RM2.20 seliter kepada RM2.05 seliter.

The price drop will benefit us. At this time, we must also think of how to get alternatives energy if the petrol run out one day.

Friends, help save the environment.