Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

a wonderful love : )

i have an opportunity to witness a mother love to a form 2 student. I was suprise that the mother of this student whom i gave tuition came to see him. She actually came along with the teacher to see how her son are doing. The teacher actually came by to take the student to a near by bank to open a bank account for loaning purpose. The mother was so caring about her son that she just say a lot of things to him. She is still slim like last time i saw her. I feel touch by the way she nurture her son. Hope that they could live a better life in the future.
Some of us really fortunate for we just need to concentrate on studies only. Others were not so lucky. They need to worry for survival too. I know one student who need to work after school everyday to earn a little income. They need it to survive on daily needs. Nearing exam, they too sacrifice their study time for the sake of earning the money. I was worried for their result. At least please finish your exam only continue working. But i think they really can't leave their work behind. Poor family they are, what can we do to help them? We too need money, what we can help them is to give them support & love.
Talking about love, some people that i have know don't get enough love from their parent's. Love is care, understanding, loving each other & etc. There are a lot of people who without parent's, father or mother...they either stay in a relative house, friends house, & those care houses. Some even encounter abuses, bad family, behaviour problem, & etc that i feel bad to mention it. LOVE is all they need & yet this world is so cruel. I am giving a part of my love, how about you? Think about it. How fortunate some of you are...with good family, good education, good life...think about those people i said above. You should appreciate what you have now & share your LOVE!

by glory @ jkwy

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

what motivates me to become a teacher?

for the past few days, i am thinking what that motivates me to become a sen sei.

  1. GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka : A japanese drama that tells a gangster who become a teacher in a secondary school. It was with one condition: He must have a resignation letter with him all the time if anything happen & he will have to responsible for any wrong thing that he had done.
  2. My MOTTO: making a difference in human lifes. i have apply this since i made a decision to "make an impact in human lifes". So this school life was one of the place to start my hunting for the people who need changes. All the student come from different background. i will have to understand them better to change them. The way they live their life also give me an advantage to understand more of them & their behaviour. Human behaviour is something i am interested. I like to see people behave in different ways.
  3. A sentence that touch my heart. I accept this offer of teaching in this secondary school is because of this sentence :

~ A hundred years from now, it will not matter how much money you had, the sort of house you lived in or the kind of car you drove; but the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child.~

~ You made the difference for me. Thank you! ~

the sentence above was send by a student to a teacher thru a card.

~ thank you for choosing this profession.~

this sentence also send by a student to a teacher. simple & touching.

~Teacher, i know we are naughty. We do many silly things. We get you into trouble all the time but you have loved us.~

~ Teacher, you did not just teach us English but most of all you taught us to be a good human beings. ~

the above sentence was a speech by a student who tell of how they feel towards a teacher who teach them ENGLISH. It was on this teacher birthday that they held for him & said it to him on the spot.

Student should learn how to appreciate their teacher effort. They doesn't need to spend 100++ to buy a present or what. A words of thank you will do. The teacher will understand it.

DO now to show your teacher that their effort was not throw into rubbish bin.

by glory @ jkwy

life is restless. journey continue's ...

sen sei, why you got so many pimples ah? ermmm.... i have been asking my self for more than a few years d. A lot of people do concern about me. Some ask me see doc, some just say why i never take initiative to take care of it. IS not that i don't take care of my face, but i taken too much care that recently i really feel fed up & want to stop it. I use more brand than you have imagine. I use more product than a normal person would use. My mom would always grumbles that i always eat all the rubbish until my face become like that. I even eat more curry ...hahaah...who cares? i just wana enjoy my self. If i wana stop eating this & that for the sake of my beauty, i would rather die. Don't ask me to do it, it's not me. I can eat a lot of food. Unlike some people who just can eat some particular food, i can eat all. So fortunate i am...
3rd day of tuition.

kind of a bit frustrated when one of them were a real slow learner. I am thinking whether is he don't understand or just a slow learner. But i manage to cool my self down & give more patient towards the student. It is very tired & i almost fall asleep while giving tuition to them. Well, after giving them a question to work on, i quickly wash my face. Kind of feeling too tired. A teacher work is just a half day work but i feel like working full day. The other student show improvement. He finish all the question i gave him the day before yesterday. When i mark his question, miraculously all his answer are correct. I feel happy for him...but yet, i can't show it in front of him. I have to be strict but i gave a well done to him. If he pass this paper, i will consider spend him a dinner. income d now wana spend pula. Any sponsor? hee hee..
by glory @ jkwy

Tuesday, September 28, 2004



by glory @ jkwy

u're just imperfect~!

ordinary people like me will get angry when things go wrong. But now a days i seems to have it controled. Well, i have IMPROVED . YEAH! Anyway, update on my student. FONG FEI KEI AGAIN...sad la me. ya, encounter some problem today. I start to think that i am really not fully equiped with a mature mind set. There are things that i never think of it & it just pop by me suddenly. But anyway, it was a challenge for me. I like challenge. May it be mentally or physically. It will improve me. i am preparing my self for the futures. Nothing is impossible. I believe that everyones has it's own talent. You gota screw it out by ya self. I have discover what talent's (or i shud say ability) i have. May i use it the right way.

well, my mouth tends to talk non-stop. I read upon a news that say a teacher teach non-stop for 71 hours. I am thinking...can i? haha..i must prepare to have a 10 gallon of mineral waters by my side. Teaching non-stop?NAH, PREACHING non-stop will do for me. Talk about what? life, futures, love, family, human behaviour, the fairness in this world (sensetive issues, immature people are discourage to join in d talks.) I think i am capable of talking all this topic if given a chance. HAHA...who wana be the first person? : )

by glory @ jkwy

Monday, September 27, 2004

2nd Day of tuition

today was the second day i gave tuition to my student. One of them told me they never do, while the other one manage to do a few question. I kinda feel a bit mad but calm my self down. I know is not easy to teach them. I try to be nice & treat them good by not scolding them. They have enough of scolding. I think they need love & a gentle people to guide them. I would say that this was the first time my patient were tested & i was so calm. I rejoiced for my self. I ask them to try it no matter it is wrong or correct. It will up to me to say whether you are wrong or right after you have finish your question with answer. They slow to understand, but still can do it. Thanks for the day. I hope they will improve!

by glory @ jkwy


love , there r 2 kind. One is i love you & i sacrifice to let you know that i love you. & i really hope to take care of u for the rest of my life. In it, it also having the mutual love in between us. Thats a real love.
Second one is i love you as a friends or family. Not further relationship. But a mere care of loves.
what i am talkin? LOL

Sunday, September 26, 2004


hatred, jealousy, mis-understanding, dislike, un-easiness...all this sum up to become a way to against a people who are innocent.

Friday, September 24, 2004

journey con't....

I think the student will understand why i have been trying so hard to teach them. Today both of them absent from school. I felt a bit dissapointed. After school finish, i went to the house where one of them who has been suspended stays. I was shock as he was not at home. SO i just ask their sister to call me up if he return. Then i return back to school to do some work & later on went to another student house in which i told you guys about his mom who working as a promoter. While on the way to the student house, i receive a call from the guy sister stating that he had return. Well, thank god that they gave me a chance to teach them. On the other hand, the poor boy are not at home. When i call back to the guy house, the other student was there. Well, so nice & lovely, i go & give them maths tuition for the sake of their education. Weak as they are, but they willing to learn. Thats the spirit i like to see. Hope they do well in their exam.

by glory @ jkwy

Thursday, September 23, 2004

a journey less people took~but i made an exception !

Date: 21 September 2004
Today was one of the day i will remember. The Reason: i gone insane with myself. I go beyond my limit to look for a person. In the end.....let me begin the journey..........................................
There was a teacher telling me about this student. His presence were not felt among the class. He had absent from school for about a week already. I hope to give him tuition so that he can sit for his exam in 2 weeks time. Anyway, i get his address from his form teacher. I also get his mom hand phone as to contact her before i go & look for them. But sometimes, i just can't call only. I have to show my intention in getting him back to school. (FYI, my phone no credits. so don't want to call. Some more the opposite is using Johor Bahru lines. NO $$$) Well, after school today, i fetch some of the student's back home as it was raining. Then i proceed with the plan of meeting the student & his mother. (the father has gone missing. Dun ask why, i forget d.)
As i drove along the highway in Puchong, i still can't locate this address. It was really making me frustrated along the way. I have gone thru some of the route few times in a row. I feel like i am getting no where. When i plan to give up locating this address, i just can't believe in my self. How can i just give up like that? I keep on searching until some places that i really don't know where i am. As i drive, i keep on asking people on the road. Many of them are very helpful & give me direction. I just couldn't believe it & keep on searching with the people helping me all the way. I remember i have ask 5 to 7 people along the way to reach the destination. The people who give direction just tell it without second thoughts as it is still raining when i ask them. I REALLY SALUTE THEM. ( Is there any column for the people to express their gratitude in the newspaper? )
As i follow the direction, i reach the place where this boy stays according to the address given. I go look for it & then saw the number plate of the house. I was over joy & nervous. So i knock on the door for few time...still no respone. I knock again...& also pressing the door bells. Well, still no people answer. Then i knock for the last time, i wait for a while, think that may be he is not at home for the moment. I decided to go home as it was useless. SUDDENLY, the door open when i was going to go down the stairs (the place is a flat.), i turn & saw a woman around my age. (may be older than i am.) Then i proceed to ask her is she the mother of this boy. She reply no & i quickly ask is this boy i am looking for at home. She reply no. Well, then she ask me who am i. (i forget to introduce myself first. i m too nervous.) I tell who i am & whats my intention here. We chat a while to understand what's going on & she make a few calls to tell me more clearly of their situation. She also told me that they have shifted from this house to some where near by. She had no idea of where the boy are right now.
The boy mom is working near by. (she has changed her job. Before this, she was a baby sitter. Thats why i thought she might be at home taking care of baby. ) Well, i give her my hp & my house phone number. I tell her to inform the boy mother so she can contact me to discuss further about this boy studies & future. Then i just say thanks to her & leave the place with a dejected heart. I hope that they will call me tonight to discuss it. I can't do anything. Just hope that miracles happen & the student will come back to school to finish until SPM in 3 years time.

May GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY & THE STUDENT that i teach. Keep on praying for them. GOD is there doing HIS work thru us.


Date: 22 September 2004

Today 22nd September, will be a day i will always remember how the woman suffer for us, the younger generation. I am touch by the way how the mother of the student that i told you all suffer. I and a teacher managed to find her at a supermarket working as a promoter. This job does not earn much & not a long term job. It pays only RM 5 per hour for her effort. Before this, she was a baby sitter & take care of baby at home. She was around 30-40 years old lady. Quite slim comparing to a normal woman. Almost saw her bone. Anyway, we say hello & tell her who we are. When she know about it, she humbly say thanks for coming & tell us that she really don't know that her son has not attend school for days. She only knew about it when her sister daughter told her that i went to her old house yesterday to ask information about the student.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
She was so angry that she woke up her sleeping son & cane him twice that night it self. When i heard about it, it really hurts my heart. She also told us that her son usually go to cyber cafe to play. It was joined by another friends of him that also taught him to skip school. Anyway, judging by how the mother had tell us, i know that the mother also want him to have a good education. The mother work from 7am until 10pm daily to earn money. Where do she had time to take care of him & the whole family?

To make it simple, every mother loves their children. They want them to be their best in everything. I almost cry when i heard about how this mother struggle to make an income yet the son didn't know it. I hope that one day the son will understand this & don't dissappoint his mother again. The mother was a humble person & even said she feel very bad that she can't serve us water when we went to visit her. She also keep on thanking both of us for taking care of her son. She ask us to guide her son to become a better person. I feel touch by this. To those out there, this is not a story created by me to entertain you. It was true & i can even bring you to them to see how they suffer. GOD bless them.

~ second visitation~
The second visitation followed by to a student house claim to be the close friends of the student that i mention above. The address was given by the mother and we just go there to check out how are their environment. When we reach there, it was a normal single storey houses. We ask for the student but he just only left the house. I have not meet this student but the teacher that go with me teach him before. So we talk to a man who claim to be his elder brother. We tell whats going on & the student brother say that he know his brother never go to school. This student go around the place by foot. He usually frequent places like cyber cafe & walk around the town until late at night. I am hoping that this student will understand that if he doesn't continue his studies, he will have difficulties finding a good job in the future. I told the brother that i had tuition for the other poor student's. I would like his brother to joined them to prepare for their exam. The elder brother of this student promiss that his brother will come to school tomorrow. We will counsel the student when he come back to school. I hope that everything goes as smooth as it would be & may GOD guide us thru all this difficulty.
Date: 23 September 2004
Today start the lesson for the 3 student's. They gave a good respone & a teacher who teach them even spread gospel to them. (She is a christian too.) Well, there was one student who had been suspended from school for a week starting tomorrow.(he had not attend school for almost a month. Must be broken hearted with the result. So decided to skip school since he think he can't study.) So i ask him to study at home & tomorrow i will go to his house to teach him what that he don't understand. I really like the feeling of teaching them. No idea... Then there was another form 1 student who join them (teman them.) . So i ask whether is he interested to have the tuition with us...he just say that he have phobia with tuition. I later learn that his mother use to force him to go tuition during primary school. It was hard to persuade him back to study as he don't feel like it after primary school tuition experience. Well, then i will fins a way for him to over come it....& thats all i could say. I am really dread tired. Last 2 days ago my internet connection already making me is back to normal. Thank GOD. If not, you will have to read this story in a week time. & i just can't wait to tell you.
**A person cannot be judge by his external behaviour only, they should understand him better by checking on his environment. Look beyond your eyes. Let us PRAY to GOD for guidance & strength each day as we can't GO against all this by our own strength. ~ CHRISTIAN WARRIOR, MARCH FORWARDS ! ~ ***

PS: Any feedback are welcome. Sorry for the long & full of words articles. I just can't stop telling how i feels.

by glory @ jkwy

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

bout my student !

to all my student who visits here, thanks for coming. Well, for my friends info, those class that i teach are FORM 1 B, 1 H, 2 A, 2 C, 2 H, & 2 K. I teach Kemahiran Hidup (K.H. a.k.a living skills). Is not easy but at least is still ok for me. I am teaching girls class as i am replacing the teacher who teach them in the beginning. There are some class that i afraid to go in as it will make me FAINTS. was not easy to handle them as i am a soft hearted man. i am not experience as well & easy to falls to their trap...haha.. to conclude, they are cute & active student who are going thru a maturity process. They ask a lot ! One famous question they will ask is my age. HAha...i am the youngest teacher in this school...Anyway, i am not a good teacher either. There are a lot of things that i still dunno how to teach them.But i am willing to learn.. hehe..failed to be a great teacher. I got one question. How will a teacher be a great teacher in a student heart's? Answer me by mail or by comment. Thanks
by glory @ jkwy

Monday, September 20, 2004

learning process...

well, i am learning things each day..everyday are just as challenged as it goes...hatred, enemies, misunderstanding of my good intention, anyway, all this is a learning point for me...wait one days where i can really show who i am..anyway, my close friends know how i am is need to tell the world...haha..just that sometimes i wish that there isn't any misunderstanding of peoples in me..what to do..people just see the external but never actually understand the internal me..haha..alias, i will try the best in what ever i do...THE GREAT TEACHER GLORY! name is useless if u are useless...prove IT! That's what i say to myself !

Friday, September 17, 2004

OI !

whats on today? everything seems going against me! luckily the BANK didn't ,,,,internet , people, my eh,.,,,

kanasai !

Thursday, September 16, 2004


after reading the newspaper today, i feel that Malaysian really need to check on them selves. What on earth you live in this world if you are useless to this world? Why you could just see other's being hurt & just stay there doing nothing? You know people are in danger's, but you just watch only. What kind of people are you? Afraid of what? You can't scream to make them away? You afraid they will throw bomb at your house ah ? USELESS ! You just freak out like chicken. Even a mother's chick will protect it's children. YOU DIDN"T EVEN MAKE A MOVE! gone with the wind is best for YOU , FREAKER!

by glory @ JKWY


make sure that today you have do something that tomorrow you cannot do.

yesterday was history, today is unexpected challenge, tomorrow is beyond expectations.

life is full of suprises. Life is full of enjoyment. life is a circles.

is this love?

when you say that love has got a hold of me,
i believe that it has been reside in me,
there is nothing that can stop me from loving,
all that i give out to you was from my deepest hearts.

believe it or not,
i did it out of love,
i was never this serious as before,
how can i explain to you my behaviour,
love has got a hold of me,
nothing has been changed in me.
i am what i am from the beginning you know me,
the love that i gave you is ever lasting,
If what ever that i have said have hurt your heart,
please remember that i did it because i care and love for you.
things in the past can't be renew,
please do not wait till last minutes,
don't do things that you will regret in the after life,
live your life to the fullest.

by glory @ jkwy

life goes on with determination to impact ppl

in the morning, i was sad because of my student were being punish for their wrong doing. In the afternoon, i was hurt because i encounter with students who had bad attitudes. I wonder how many peoples can stand being a teacher with so many challenges ahead with the students. Now i know why some people just can't be a teacher. I also know that it really reflected my past & my behaviour in the incidents that happen today. I wish that they understand what ever i said today is for their own good. I hope that 1 day when they turn older, they will remember my words of wisdom in life. I care for them & love them as a teacher. I will never give up changing life & impact the student for i have put in commitment to do it. I was not here by coincidence. I was chosen to be here to impact the peoples on earth. Life goes on ...
by glory @ jkwy

let me use the path less use by others ~!~

Things doesn't seems easy when we want it to be. Life is just the same. I was just asking for a extra classes for the student's. Well, it seems that it will never work out perfectly. I want to give my all but my spirit was being pull down. How can i make it perfect & without any problem? I am going to do it my ways. Some times we have to broke some rules to get things we want. But in truth, we need to consider a lot of things. Only GOD can help me thru all this. Plz Pray for me.
by glory @ jkwy

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

maturity progress!

i have something in mind but i havent got time to write about it. Jus putting the title so that i wont forget it. life is a circle, we grow from baby to young adulthood. Later on , we will be facing man most trouble = money. well, today i also learn something new. noisy + naughty = terrible & horrible...haah..from my observation of my students....think about the title tomorrow & give u the prefect words.

take care

by glory @ jkwy

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


when i talk to certain people, they will always say: "You are not qualified to say", "You don't understand"," You know what, i eat rice more than you eat salt". "you still young" & more of it.....well, i get fed up & frustrated when they recall that i am still small. HELLO! i am a grown up human. I have my own brain. CAN you LET me VOICE out my thought? For the sake of me, Please understand me! I can't keep quiet only. I have to say things that may have to hurt your hearts but is just to let you know that YOU are wrong. I don't like to argue. I HATE it. I respect peoples who really listen to what i think. They know that different people have different mind. They willing to share how they think & accept other's point of view. This is what i like. For those who just think that they have what it require to be perfect, think again.

by glory @ jkwy

Monday, September 13, 2004


Being a teacher is not easy. I wana request that the Education Ministry let the people who want to be a teacher to go for 2-3 months of trials for being a teacher. Then only they decide their paths. Being a teacher needs PATIENT's, LOVE, DEDICATIONS, & INTEREST.This will then sum up to being a good teacher. wana b a teacher? try first! then u will know! ha ah~!

by glory @ jkwy

Sunday, September 12, 2004

why is every one so good to me today?

i feel weird, crazy about how people reacts towards me. WHY? well, i am not a person worth to be noticed. I am a dull person. Not fun, interactive & insane person. But today everyones seems to be nice to me. I feel strange. I never felt that before. WELL, just to share with you all. JESUS LOVES YOU.

by glory @ jkwy (this is my trademark!)

Without language, what will happen?

i happen to watch on channel 9 about a old couples past. They suddenly said a phase which caught me suddenly. It let me think for a while. Well, it was easy to understand. Without language, how can we communicates? It was like lack of expressionism. How can we not learn to speak? If we cant speak, there must also a way to express our self. Thats what i think. Well, i am fortunate that i am a multi language person. Able to converse in any language but all are not 100 % efficient .haha..GOD bless U !

by glory @ JKWY

how close are our friendship?

Friendship need years to build up the trust,
It does not come in days as we have not know each other.
There could be gap in between us.
How can we understand the chemistry that has been in our friendship?
Language that we use, character that we have,
All this determine how close we are.

~ Friends are better than our own blood brother ~


WOW! The Malaysian 2004/05 budget looks like favouring the civil about those privates? darn! After the announcing of budget, business people gets shock that the cigarettes are incresing. Many flock to the nearest distributors to clear of the stocks. Why so hungry for the stock? well, it increased 40% to the current price.Add RM 1.10 per big pack of ciragette. While the medium increase 0.80 & small ones 0.60 per pack. Who don't want to gain profit from it? Just that we never know government will increase it to 40%. Usually it's just 10-20 % only. SMOKER, quit while u still can.
by glory @ jkwy

Saturday, September 11, 2004

sure pass!

At last, my last paper finish & i am all relax to concentrate on teaching now. I am assured that i will pass this paper as the format has changed. It has 4 question, with one question objectif which last time they don't offer it. Answer 10 question & you got 25 marks if all corrects. WOW, i am happy but nervous as i am late to exam halls. Reached at 2PM sharp & straight away begin without reading much regulations written in front. But after answering 4 question, i am thinking where do i have to write the answer? ok, i am getting nervous so i turn back to the front page which write all the regulations & i am DUMB. i have to circle the answer & pass the whole paper to examinations instructors. OH NO! so i raise my hand & ask the lecturer but she reply that i just circle it will do. MAN, next time don't be late for exam ! Else, you will miss something important. Luckily for me, everything went smoothly & i managed to answer 2 & half question before running off the halls after 1 & 1/2 hours..haha...

off 2 KL meets fren to have some chat till late at night & now i am back at home writing stuff for u you read. am i great? haha,,,just kidding!

ps: i have presentation tomorrow at my church, KL wesley methodist church. If you are interested, you can come & see me perform with my friends.

by glory

Friday, September 10, 2004


i feel that i don't have the appetide for studying now a days. No wonder i cant study & concentrate on books..but now i have made my mind to study for the sake of my students in the future. I know that this is ridiculous. But thats the motivation point that i could find in my self. Usually i got my motivation thru friends that give me support or a special girl friends that i liked..but now it seems won't work out..i was overjoyed when teaching first come to me. It was like a dream come true. But it just could satisfied the current me. How about future? i hope that the future me is doing his job out of his love & interest. Like what i am doing now for the student that i cares...GOD bless me!
by glory @ jkwy

ps: tomorrow exam , subject is accounting 2, time : 2-4pm

Thursday, September 09, 2004

mirror mirror on the wall, who is this person?

why are this student behaving like this? well, when i think back i was at their age, i also acted their ways. SO, whats the point? well, when we grow up & look back at those student, it's just like a mirror in front of us & we see our past. haha,,thats something i noticed today..a class full of knowledge. I teach them, they learn something, & i learn something too....what the heck when you dun learn something? GOSH, your eyes must be something wrong. ANyway, life is full of suprise...tomorrow suprise is yet to be known..can't wait for it..just like kids waiting for the best of all to come ! i also finally found that laugh is the best medicine. I laugh a lot & i enjoy pimples has gone less & i am very can u describe it? i have no idea but i would like to thanks this bunch of student to give me an opportunity to express my self ...i like them a lot even our time spend together are not long. GOD bless U my student!

by glory @ jkwy

what's the point if love was not 2 sided?

well, love is not a one sided involve love from both sides. If a person just give his love, but yet the others never return, thats not a love . REMEMBER that! both of the lovers must sacrifice for each other. DON"T just fall for a person who don't give a return...what a heck, u r human, u need love...
go look for other love if there r no respone for the love that u have pour in,,,

4th day!
4th day in school was FUN ! never imagine this bunch of student was so nice & naughty..wahaha...i just love being a teacher..considering to enter Teacher Training College !
but for now, enjoy my self. thinking of coming back to teach next year !

i just dont get enough of being a teacher, i want to have class everyday, everyhour, i just want to be with my student anytime, any minutes , i just dont hope for cuti sekolah...i was totally different than before. Now i like school because of the students.

i like being teacher! i like my student @ SMK BANDAR KINRARA SECTION 4

by glory @ jkwy

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

love don't cost a thing!

until you understand what's the meaning of love!

well, from the above title, i dunno how much of you will understand. But above all i just want to tell you some events that i have heard recently. There was a 'people'(regarding of the person sex, male nor female is also involved.) who give everything for the opposite sex without really understanding the true meaning of love. As i am concern, i am worried that the person may not understand the risk of it. You see, the friends that you like may changed his/her heart at any time. Therefore, you must first understand her/him well before proceding with your loves. I think now a days people goes love blindly(LOVE IS BLIND IS PROVE TO BE TRUE!) without understanding it. I understand it well enough as i have gone thru the pain staking moment..GOD was the one that show me the way to the right path. DON"T worry, your time will come when GOD will provide you a good wife/husband! haah,,lifes goes on..with a fairy tales!

ps: i am still single..waiting for the chosen wife...wahaha..

by glory @ jkwy

3rd Days at skol as GTG (great teacher glory)

life has been totally different if you really see whats has been prepared for you in your future. Today i almost got my self deep into sick.GET a sore throat after teaching non-stop with my fellow student. I felt hatred when i have to finish people's work. With the time consuming, i need to finish my syllabus in time to allow them to do their revision.Is important to have them do their revision to see how they fare in their exam. Well, kind of feeling stupid when i go to one of the classes & just tell them the answer without explaining much to them. KInda feel so sorry, i owe them an explanation this coming thursday. Well, is totally different when you teach and replacing a class. Replace a class, you can talk to them in whatever stuff. Teaching, you got stuck with the darn books which i don't like to use. Presentation is what i like...

well, there are few methods that a teacher can do to improve their skills to teach their student. (got a feedback from the student.haha!) TEACHER,HAVE YOUR EYES HERE! : have an interesting class, ask your student to wash their eyes if they are sleppy, don't use so much of cane ( for student info, teacher never like to use cane at all.), advising is the best, be polite to the student, talk to them like a friends, help the weaker student, never underestimates their ability, encourage them, use music to interest up their studies, never look down at them, use LCD if can, use your creativity to teach them, give them a lot of revision (sure ah,student?), be nice to them, do activities with them, and the last the teacher more money to teach you all lah...teacher got low salary pay AH!

so student, go be a education minister & increase my pay ah!

by glory @ jkwy

ps: i need feedback to know what do you want to see in my homepage? anything special tat u wish to see in my home page?> i am currently going to update my homepage again..but this will take a longer time as now i am approching to a professional page. No more chin chai page...thanks for your feedback.

2nd PS: need your prayer!

- my cousin (who has now turn to GOD after some years of struggling with lifes.) i feel sorry that i have not keeping in touch with him for some years. today he send an sms to me to tell of his faith.PRAISE GOD!

- my father (aren't a christian yet,pray that god will change him!)

- my student (pray that they will touch by my words & to be more encourage in studies, even thou i may not be long in this school.)

- the people over all the earth! FOR PEACE,UNITED, & ECONOMICAL STABLE.

Monday, September 06, 2004

2nd DAY At school !!

well , as usual, i am always sleepy. never sleep much this morning. I am thinking that my popularity in this school is getting higher! BUT, i am a bit worried. WOrry that the teacher who handle the class(i am just replacing her class!) will pengSAN when she return to teach her class. haah..all her student has been manja by me..huahaah..well,i feel like i am a lecturer,,,lecturing the student..even BEG them to write me an essay entitled:IF YOU WERE A TEACHER, HOW WILL YOU TEACH YOUR STUDENT? the respone is good but now i am going to check what they are writing...perhaps it will be an interesting ones...lifes goes on..with me smiling everyday in class & home! I LOVES BEING A TEACHER !


BY glory @ jkwy

Saturday, September 04, 2004

hi all who stop by here!

well, i have update my blog with a more covenient ways for u guys who want to send my articles to your friends..see the mail box little pic next to comment? click on it, erase my name & email, put yourz,& your fren email..& off u go..thanks for coming here,,byee

Friday, September 03, 2004


wow! what a nice experience to being a teacher in a secondary school. I must be dreaming a lot ! well, not really bad after all. I start of my day by replacing a teacher class which she didn't come due to attending some khusus. Her class are quite ok. I have no idea on what to say about them but i found it nice to be with those student. They are some ones special, talented, & nice. I know some people who were really good in certain subject & quite weak in others subject. But this is their talent.They have hidden talent. Some student just opt to concentrate on some subject as they have know what they want to pursue in the futures. What can i say is that the first day is fun. Having student to call me TEACHER {he was calling me from the second floor, i was in the ground floor walking back to office.} is something i cant forget. Having the student to stand up when i leave & arrived to call me "SIR" is something weird for me as those times, it was me who stand there & call my teacher. Even when i am typing this , i am smiling like never before. : ) : ) : ) Giving positive advise is what i do today. I really hope that they take me seriously with my words. Encouragement is something they needed to go on further with their lifes. Once again, there are no failure for the student in my dictionary. There are only success. For the student, i wish them all the best in what ever they do. THANK YOU STUDENT!

PS>thinking back to the term "sir", it refresh my memories back to a movie entitled 'TO SIR WITH LOVE'. i love the movie a lot. now i am the sir....hehe

Thursday, September 02, 2004

days R hard to pass!

well, today exam over with a failure mark in my hearts. i wonder when will i really try my best with the subject i am dealing with.kinda in HIGH & LOW mode..been thinking about my profession as a teacher.I am going to be a temporary teacher beginning next week if everything goes smoothly.MOre earlier will be tomorrow. Dunno yet, but all will be known by today noon. Been thinking for my future..what will i be doing? THis question i have been asking my self for a several i am feeling exciting for the moment(even i havent started) when i step into the class that i am teaching..well, i am going to teach KEMAHIRAN HIDUP,FORM 1&2 nearing the end & nothing much left for me to it will b much relax I guess,, however, i dun think i will relax much of the days as i still need to prepared for my next coming paper,,ACCOUNTING 2..another die lah, when can my college has an offer to buy any grades i like? i wil not buy for A's..but C's ok..but in this world of education, there is no such thing...more ever, what college i am studying? KAI WAN SIAO,,TAR COLLEGE...the most influencial , potential, cheapest,greatest,lousiest,kanasai college...haha..who will believe unless the person study in this college...yup, THE KERAJAAN did a good thing.brought a land in KAMPAR so that every1 of us can go there grow FAT.(IPOH,everything u will encounter is food.)SO, like i say, this is strategic.nothing u can imagine ler...haha..well, all of this information that i leak out should not be know by any1,,,if any ppl from TARC know about it, i am out of the courses i am now resiting..or may be go to ISA..oh well, at least is better than keep on resiting the darn paper..anyway, i am abusing the use of blogging..haha,,k, thats all the crap..i am out !