Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Greeting season!

Christmas Season IS around the corner! YUP, i am assure that it would be fun time again! This time around, my relatives from Sydney came back to join us! yEA! MISS both my niece. I watch them since their birth till now.

This year carolling was special. Not that last year wasn't. I usually don't blog about whats on in church. But i definitely wana blog about this one. Last sat N sun, we went carolling around KL & PJ. Around 30+ people join us and we had fun going houses to houses to sing carol. One special moment that i still remember is Derrick Wee remark; a 5 yr old kid who love to join the youth. As we were at the Nursing Home, we were praying for them after our caroller had finished singing. As when his father finished praying, he said loudly:
Daddy, you hit my ku-ku bird!

hahaha! Everyones who knows about it try to maintain their laugh~ actually while his father was putting him down, his hand accidently hit on the little bird. Kids are just so cute!

This christmas, i am going to make it special. I wana make up my time for those gang that i have not seen for ages. Those in KL wesley, after i went to PPP, i lost touch with them. I treasure my friend very much. Cause it's the roots of all relationship. They will open your eyes. Let you see the real world. GOD is indeed great for putting me with this bunch of people. Not forgetting the PPP youth, who use to tease and called me Uncle Jarod. Now before christmas, they gonna promote me: Grandpa Jarod~ haha! Also not forgetting my old pals that have been with me since our secondary school days. Kudos to you who had make this journey with me till now.

The Christmas season is not without the bad side. The weather are changing all the time. The media are blamming on thyphoon that blow to us. Well, what i wana say is: "STOP BLAMMING THE WEATHER! Why are you so un-responsible! Keep on burning forest, make GOD so un-happy with it!" Now with the SOUTHEN Malaysia is flooded, the other states got heavy rain every day. (I save on electricity when the days are chilling!) haha! Just pray that GOD will clear the day on the 25th.

Every year has a different stories. This year i was joined by a special person in my heart. Nevetherless, knowing that some one will accompany you is great! I just wana say that the room of my heart has been filled and there's only one place! And for the person who are reading this, I just wana say:

Love is patient and kind;
It is not jealous or conceited or proud;
Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable;
Love does not keep a record of wrongs;
Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up;
& its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Well, to all of you there, may this season be a great season for you. Christmas is a time to be with your family. A reunion, a celebration and also a birthday for our Savious, Jesus!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 15, 2006

fight club

The below conversation may NOT be applicable to anyone that i know. Is just an imagination conversation that i created! It may be anyone, because as human being, we are KIND HEARTED and good to our pals.

A:HEY, How are you?
ME: FINE! :P (honestly, i am not!)

A: How things going for you?
ME: So far so moderate.. .(I cant say good nor bad. SO in between this two, it must be moderate...)

A: How come?
ME: (by this period i start to mumbles.. You want to take over of me? Well, i certainly be happy if u wana take over my identity...) life got up and down lah ....

A: what happen....
ME: how can i ever explain the technical part?

A: You know how i worry about you?
ME: why u worry... (no nd to worry...)

A: I care for u know [like singaporean kiasu-ism way of telling]...
ME: yaya...(you better care for your self la...)


You know, this life is making me insane with the people that pour out question rather than solution that they could provide. Yet there are some who does so...question and question...but some how, there are people who provide me with solution. I thank them for their effort.

Its getting way out of my hand now a days. I am like fighting the books, my self and the forces of nature that come my way. I hope that i will not destruct my self and went into the "Happy Hopspital" like some nerds do. My way o my way...

I guess some of us don't really know who they are. They are seeking their identity. While for me, i have know who i am. I know that by saying this, some may object to what i say, but the facts is that I have FOUND WHO I AM! Am i being arrogant? ego-static?

Well, for some reason, some close friend of mine still seeking their identity even thou they are elder than i am. But true to the way we live, some do find their real usage in this world rather late than other does. Is a matter of time and experience that you encounter that you will know your self. It also include a way which you may try. However, if you think you could do it your self, go ahead and try. You can also ask help from a mentor.

If not, you may take an option to ask me for help. I don't want to be a person that help you and you don't appreciate and listen to what i may say... even i am young, but i have known the way to open up people mind to see the real YOU! Let me give you a warning! Facts HURT, BUT it's good for YOU! When you are willing to go extra mile, be prepare to be hurt to grow up!

I am fortunate that GOD has show me who am i when i ask for it quite some time ago. Now, all i need is just with the right timing, right people, i may even make an impact with it to help those people who need to see who they really are. This is all the stuff that had been crossing in my mind for some time. I really fed up with people who could not see beyond!

My dear friends, open up your mind and see what lies before you. Humble your self! No matter who they are, be they young, in-experience, or elder that are filled with experience, LISTEN to them! Because i believed that that the people amongst us, they are our LIves TEACHER! Go ahead and open your mind!

PS: i felt like i am speaking before a thousand crowds in a large hall like Bukit Jalil indoor stadium or any halls. Day dream is always a good satisfaction!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

foolish monkeys...

monkey is really a troublesome gang! I just blog about monkey for the previous it come today. While i was trying to concentrate on my homework, a younger monkey was infront of me, looking up at me and also my bag. I wonder what it want. So, i ignore her (i saw so many nipple!) i try to continue, i noticed that that fella actually wants my yellow badge on my bag! Darn it! thats my precioussssss....

As she try to grab it, i try to shoo her away with my pencil box...wah sai, after a few times she still there and not moving any step backwards! As many people are looking at me with the monkeys, i just stood up and try to shoo her away! YEt, she scream at ME! poi! U r the one that are disturbing me eh! I am sick U know! SO, i doesn't wana fight with them. I decided to go away. But before i go away, the elder big size monkey came. Darn, this one is big. And just to let u know, i am just a metre away from it. GOSH! Monkey are troublesome!

The next time i see them again, i will just grab my bag and cabut!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

3 monkeys play a fool...

How to test a girl whether they have gone thru the societies? easy! 3 monkeys tested a girl last week while going for a trip. They may tackle her for a while, then asking all the nonsense, and at last, asked for her name. Finally, they concluded that she is polite and a good good girl.

Before this, they went to ate at a fish monger village. They also saw a young lady there. As usual, they just bring out all the stuff and test her. YUP, they found the wrong fish. She has experience in handling "GOLDFISH UNCLE" with her words. Excellent! They praise her for that great feedback.

In this society, human beings really need to know how to handle people. If not, people on earth may as well fail to get past the barrier towards a challenging life ahead of them.

During the trip to Uncle Lim (only some may know) place, they stop by at an isolated place. When they reached, there are alot of cleaning up to do. "I figure it out that 3 male monkey are quite well in it." But overall, they lack of "womanities" to help them. Yea, woman indeed play a role in our life. Like our mom, she always use her warmness to cool us down, give us advice, spanking our backside when we are wrong, prepared dinner for us, & much more that they had contributed to us.

There is also a mandarin wisdom sentence that goes like this: Behind every succesful man lies a great woman who help him get back on the track. WOW! Agree?

life is indeed great! GUYS, treasure the woman behind U! :P

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Oh siao! So long didn't update my blog! I just transfer my old blog to the new BETA blogger. ANyway, got something to share...

  1. KIASU --------------------> TAK KIASU
  2. KIA-BOH -------------------> TAK KIA-BOH
  3. KIA CHENG-HU --------------> TAK KIA CHENG-HU
  4. KIASI ---------------------------> TAK KIASI
  5. -NO MOTTO- ------------------------------> MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Benggang! ~#~

What makes me mad was a young guy age 20 something act like a 3 yr old kids. Very frustrating! I was at the class listening to lecturer..out of no where... "Click, clak, click clak,click clak.." annoying sound of some "kids" playing PEN! OI ,people wana listen to lecture wan la! You keep on doing that banana sound... I feel so fired up & thought of throwing a paper at him. DUH! Was so mad when i can't concentrate with that banana sound!

But as the years go by, i also remember how i behave during that time...

1) Didn't pay much attention while lecturer teaching..
2) Keep on talking with friends because the lecture was too BORED..
3) Paying my "very best attention" to my account lecturer who is the most pretty lecturer i ever met in college. (Mind YOU! it was my first year in college, & i have been surrounded by old ah mah ah gong teacher back in my secondary school. oh ya btw, i saw my account lecturer this week. She don't look that "kow" like last anymore... [people change as they get older...])

there are more of it...but i wana keep it up for my self...

Ya, i won't be able to frequently updates my blog as i am pretty busy during weekdays. Weekend are filled as well. so, till i am free...

life has da go on! Gambate everyone!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was looking out my window and see that today aren't a good day. D sky are filled with "SNOW" that aren't cold at all. It also created a smell that i dun feel good at it. I sense that Malaysia always got this sickness! Oh dear... i was chatting with some one and say that the future teacher should really educates those people in future to love their country more. They should not be doing all this un-responsible thing to make the country in worst situation. Open burning of forest & field really make us sick! Then sun also been cover by thick smoke until it wasn't that bright anymore.

The movies screen in Hallmark channel are getting me into it. They have Just Cause, Missing, and a few that attracts me. Not forgeting other channel such as AEC (Mandarin channel) & AXN. My father doesn't subscribe Mandarin channel as we hardly have time for it. Astro now a days been cheap compare to when it started its service. Glad that we can enjoy it. But it wasn't good as well, I am glued to it this holiday. Watched till 3 am in d morning r making my lazy butt to wake up from bed in d morning. My mulan are urging me to back to norm. I know i can't sleep late, not good for me. I know all the cost of doing this will spoil my health. But i can't change it instantly. Too much good movies! haha!

Well, i love movie series. Now i am after 'Shine On You'. (weekdays,TV2,7pm) It talks about how a head master who is a financial planner before hand dealing with a school. Imagine that! A person without experience in education dealing in it! FUn! Of course you gotta open your mind that in a school it also require profit making that it will grow more bigger and comfortable for the student and teacher it self. You cant just loose profit.. You need to grow. The fact is that the CEO of the school had run out of poeple that he choose his most trusted financial planner to spark up this school. Great! They way the actor/actress express it out really spark me up! I really love it. I just love those movies that have a deep meaning and touching lives. How many movies that will touch one lives? Not many! RARE!Watch it if you have time...

Movies? I suggest u go for ROB B HOOD! i haven't got a time for it. But i will surely go for it. Baby + jackie chan + louis koo + Michael Hui = ONe WHOLE LOTS OF FUN! CHeck it out if u have time!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Up n Alive!

Phew! Finally my sem exam is over. I don't have a good feeling over it. I guess it would be my strategy that are not working very well. I am now looking forward to change it all in my next sem. I have set a target to finish it all by next year february. K, thats all about my education.

About my life...i should say that there are big changes in it. I am not all alone in this world! eheh! Well, is just pretty busy that i have neglected my blog now a days. I plan to use up the holiday for blogging up those un-told stories. But first of all, i would like to express hatred for those people who just simply raped people along their life. MAN, i was pretty angry when i heard about those cases that appear in news. It was so un-human and my thought was that if i ever got that guy, i will CUT away their "hotdog" for human sake'. Is just too much of them for not respecting other people's in this world. U also got 'mother', they also got 'lao bu eh'! @#$%*
Another stuff was those young people & fool's fella. (i have to use fool instead of stupid because bible don't use stupid) Have you heard of the latest news that a 15 year old mother solded her child? I am so so angry with it. You see, if you are not able to raise a child, please, i say again, PLEASE do not go & have SEX and make your self suffer. Another thing is for the man out there, Please control your self. You are not working and yet your lil bro are so itchy for what! Please! Go get your self a life first before you go for marriage and have a family. All this will have to done according to your financial planning. Do not have child if you can't even fill your own stomach.

LISTEN 2 my advice!

There is this such cases that the mother flush away her child in toilet! This even worst! You are killing your own fresh blood! Are you insane? Do you know in this world there are so many people who want a kids of their own dearly yet they can't have one? Do you know that you are so so fortunate? OK, let's minus not letting your parent know. You can arrange on it & give it away. (Make sure you give to a good parent who will take good care of your baby.) There are alot of solution. You can ask for solution. Don't just kill the innocent lives! PLease, I beg YOu to think about it!
Is pretty bad when i think of all this. Well, i can't hold it inside of me. I need to expose it out....

Previously i was quite disturbed with Putra LRT train. Is not the train having any big delay or what. But is the advertising! Mac'D advs was totally too MUCH! Before every station that it gonna stop, it would have song,words that describe their good and stuff, man, it was too much eh!!! I can't bear with it! For that month, there was this particular week that i sat on it a few time & i start to hate MD! I have never been to any MD since that day! Luckily now a days i don't see one. Else, MD would have less customer! haha!

Now a days RTM also come out with a "toilet" song. MAN! That song is totally terrible! I don't know who would think of such ideas. When ever i hear it again, i will change channel or MUTE it up! TOTALLY disgusting and not educating enough! Please man! Is totally crazy and not creative. Clean toilet sing until wana spoil the image only. If there exist the competition for WORST ADVERTISEMENT, Malaysia will surely claim the 1st Prize! CONGRATS! :p

Thats all for this post! Take care! Thanks for being my reader that read all my 'fire'!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I wana say that this week has been a sad week. First, it was the retirement of Tennis pro Andre Agassi. Then it was the passing away of Steve Irwin of Croc Hunter famed. Both of them made a remark in the World with their own trademark.
Steve Irwin was a natural environmentalist. You can see him in every episode that he is such a motivated soul towards the environment & the animals that he loved. The world has lost a great person who take notice of what that are gonna gone in a century time. He takes in effort for everything that he does to preserved the nature. Who can be compare to him? Nah, i don't see anyone. But i guess in this world, there are people who really care about nature & try their best to deal with it. But often all this fell into deaf ears. The awareness that Steve Irwin does make an impact to the children & the adult about the importance of protecting their nature. Kudos to Steve Irwin. May You rest in peace & let your legacy be continue...
Andre Agassi was one of the last senior that retired. Joining d great like Michael Chang, Pete Sam, & others who made an impact. I miss d last game he played. But after all, Tennis aren't my fav games. But still for a man who had gone thru up & down like him, it's amazing. So long andre... We will miss U!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The world are turning upside down. YEah, is true. I went for a drink few hours ago. what i see is that girl are holding a putt of cigar n blowing out d smokes! remind me of SMOKE GETS INTO YOUR EYES! haha! Of course it didn't get into my eyes.

Today i really had a bad day. I was almost going to flee this land of gold that promise many lanky of $$$ n much much more. I was hunger for more freedom to express my self, yet it limits me to just a few chapter of calculations. yeah, i have da admit i live in d wrong side of d world. I should have gone to d art or u so called entertainment area to xpress my self. Anyway, its not d right time for me to go Hospital Bahagia yet. I am stil lively.

I went to KLPAC last week. Watched Broken Bridges by Douglas Lim & other cast. It was nice with D song they compose, Thanks to James Boyle, I love d music alot. It say alot bout Ipoh ppl growing up there & taking their choice of their choosen path in life. It does not end pretty well... I was wondering how about those ppl growing up in city? Are we gonna go to village to find our pot of GOLD that had long been burried there? Dear friend, i might do so provided that THERE r really any gold that i have spotted. As u can see, i grew up in PEE-JAY, eat n shit n sleep in this busy city. I am pretty sick n headache of the sound. The horn is not miss-able, the smell is not Temporal, the day is never PEace!

so, i guess i need to find my pot of GOLD in a small village huh?

Kampung! Wait for me! I'll be out in a few months time! Don't worry, i am currently not jail up in PUDU. Just jailed up in this CITY. My mind are having no direction at this point of Typing. May be the cause is that i am hungry right now. Adios!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hooray! I have cut down my internet usage! This month it has lower down to 36 Hours compare to last few months ago where it reach almost 50 hr. Oh well.. i am busy with studies & s0me certain stuff that discourage me from using it. Now a days also came back home quite late. So, i guess all this help me!
nothing much happen!

Ohya, jus wana tell all of u 2 b careful. Especially those studying at TAR. A friend of mine jus got snatched recently. The latest one that appear in news paper. So, take k yeah! BYE!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my day

My life is pretty happy and enjoyable now a days. Perhaps you can slowly guess it your way. I Just feel more motivated to do my work and always look forwards to the next day. SMS is all i need to buck up! hehe! Well, now a days i online less and you may be wondering how i cut my usage. Easy! Just don't online lor...occupy your self with tons of work or studies. YUP, study and some little things that i am engaging fill my time well. I also happy for it.
Plus i don't really like the idea of staying all alone at home. MAke me nuts! OK, i got to go. UNtil i have more inspiration, i wil let u read more of it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lina Joy

I got to know about this lady who would want to change her religion from Muslim to Christian! What a GREAT day! Well, i was so heart broken when i read about her struggle to change her religion. It took her so long to do it, since 1990. Is more than 15 years D! Well, i really hope that GOD will make a remarkable come back to change all the ruling in Msia. GOD wil COME again to Impact the people. Believe me when i say that. Bible d say that the second coming will be anytime soon... For Lina case, i commit it all to GOD n let God Handle.
Dear My Beloved Country COURT JUDGE, I can tell u that GOD will make an impact even if u dun allow the change of religion. Bcoz now, We already impacting people thru this LADY! God is working among us!
For more info, u can check it out:
If u would like to know more about her, u can check it out on most of the search engines available. Take k!

Friday, July 28, 2006


There are certain feelings which you can't describe it. It stuck in between thankful & greatful. And then there is another feelings in between sad & happy. When all this come together, i can't seems to think of a WORD! To my fellow S.Mate, i just want to dedicate this song to you.
You are beautiful beyond description,
Too marvelous for words,
Too wonderful for comprehension,
Like nothing ever seen or heard.......

I just want to say that YOU are GOD's gift to me!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a good relationship form?

I always thought that a wind blow is the fastest speed on earth,
But unknow to me it was SUN SHINES that are the fastest.
Now, if you were to ask me about human relationship,
I really have no idea how can i describe it.

The speed of {any} relationship that i have experience for long was slow and build on for years to have a good and stable ones. Sometimes, it's just GOD plan for some one to have their past experience to have the next relationship build up more meaningfully, stable, and honorable in GOD eyes.

I am hoping for GOD to be right in front of my eyes now so that i can ask HIM more about this.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

oh dear~

Today Mood:OK! Fine weather that rain washed away the haze!

Woke up just now in a sleepy mode after an evening nap! Duno know Y but seems so tired today even i don't have much class. Have an entertaining class by one of the lecturer that smile a lot! This is one of the characteristics that every other lecturer must have! Enjoy it man!
+ point: Pretty lecturer that are aged below 30.(My guess!)
+ point: We talk about numbers! haha! 4 digit! but not 4D!
I was strolling along the corridor near my college H-block. Saw an article stating bout WILLS. My mind start slowing down & think about it. Will huh? Will i ever need it? HEck! I am still young! but come to think of it, i am falling to the Dangerous spesis category. "Lepas mati pucuk, I sure sad!" ~grin~
Well, i don't know wat to say for my will. If i ever KO, please burn me & throw my ashes at hawaii beach! wahaha! polluting d beaches! Well, ignore my nonsense! I really have no idea about will! I live a day at a time! Money tak de, ape pun tak de!
There is something i want to mention! But i have forgotten! leave it for sometime!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

something special

2 lovely soul who come together
Not knowing each other well inside and out
Just the thought of sharing it out
Not knowing we have so much in common
The endless conversation
The endless laughter
The flow that smoothen our heart
All this are beyond our description
It's feeling like someone whom we have know for period
But we were separated by time
GOD has a plan
And He made it worth while for the day we have come across...
When 2 heart are ready, they will be united as one.
a dedication to You!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

human, where r thou light?

Hi reader, sorry yo! Been some time i have not put my thought up here. Currently pretty busy with studies. Hope i wont flunk with the phobia-full exam. haha! GOSH! Today my lecturer broke the college rules by teaching the student in Mandarin! Haahah! I wont reveal who for the sake of my lecturer who having trouble teaching us. Well, at least they try their best! Unlike some, come into class with a bitter face. But sadly, today she having some sickness. "grin"

i am having mind block. Dunno what to write! Just that now a days i read news...i am very sad of this world. All the killing n death! Guess god gonna come one day. And for me, i got to fight for GOD! adios!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Aussie & england

banana! The aussie play a nice game! The ref is real spoiler! wana knock their head! haih! the Spagetti team lost one of their player when he his red carded! This has given aussie an advantage to win over italy. But it didn't happen!
Well, like people say. Football is like an art! People acting in it & we the spectator just enjoy the game! what la! The most heart breaking game i ever saw! It was in the 93'mins that the banana kangaroo fell down accidently and the MEE TOMATO act like he was being accidently knock down! All he want was penalty & they got it! If i was the ref, i am going to give italy a RED one for their clumsy acting!
Anyway, my fav team are on the way to GLORY! Aussie is just another team i like along all the match! Fow now, Italy will be on my black list! Joining the black list are Argentina & brazil! The rest is OK! Spain, i let u go because u made no harm to my fav. team! If u were to go against England in what ever match, i am so sorry to say that u r my enemy!
SO far england performance are just so-so. They need to improve in terms of passing n SHOTs! Still not that good. But i believe in Sven that he is able to synchronize all the player & made it into a WORLD CUP TEAM! Owen is out, Walcott is still on the bench, Rooney getting better each games, BEckham show what he has during the eng vs Ecuador match, Steven G & the rest are in good form. This is what we need to win! Tomorrow Ghana will okay against Bra-JIL. I will be all out for GHANA to win over the Hottest or fav BRA. Lets wait for tomorrow.! K, thats all..sleepiness struck now...

Monday, June 26, 2006

My day

My day was wisely spend serving God in church yesterday. Feel good & hope it will last me for sometime until i am over aged for it. *grin* Thinking back, i am quite suprise that i am able to come this far. Thank GOD for giving me this life. To do what He wants me to do.

I am in my second phase of my plan. Or God's plan for me. Well, first step is to know. Second? Execute la! Wait on it! Can't wait to finish my studies! Please do pray for me. That i may be able to study my very best, understand it well & do well in September exam!
Next up, this year is quite a "haih" year after i buy a "Haih" during chinese new year! According to my granma, she say when a person buy "haih" during CNY, he/she will "haih"more! Looks like it did! waahaha! Anyway, dun expect me to trust more in it. Cause this yr lots of stuff going on. Don'r u expect me to @##$^%%^ meh? right?
Hmm, should i talk about my relationship?
may be i will share a little....
I once admire some one for 2 yr, & try to chase after her for another 2 year....but it end up in "lap sap tang!" I once like BBG, but end up nothing cause i am imature. But thank GOD, she is the one that open my mind about relationship. I once like LH, but end up tak jadi cause she has one! Well, she might be the one if she has not been taken ; as in every aspect, she is the one i am most comfortable talking to in many time... Another one popping up recently, hmmm....she is non other than a girl la! Time will tell, but i am not ready for it. But if any girl pop in & interested in me (Free Advertising), i wont hesitate to break the chain. For now, Relax la! Singlehood is much fun! But of course the pressure are getting higher now a days! See below!
Take k!
Wishing my self a blessed day! every one that come across me, thanks alot! U made a difference in my life!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I am a busy man. More busy than our Prime Minister. (Thats what my mom say) Now a days hardly have time to update about my self. Anyway, i am studying at TARC. resiting paper & hope to get it all done by next year FEB. The last few weeks i've been busy for youth activities & meeting. Tiring! GOD, how come when you say sunday is for rest & we don't have rest? Anyway, i know the answer. So, i am again asking stupid question.
The alpha retreat was a nice one. People still mention about it now a days. The carnival & concert? You wont believe it. Over 150+ attended it. I am so happy about it. And the sketch that i deal with? Awesome GOD did it great! Haha! Well, i am sick right now. Do pray for me. Thats all..ENGLAND vs Sweden today at 3am.
The previous match was a nice one. Especially when Steven G take a long shot! Nice one man! HAHA! OK, thats all! Adios!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Carnival Games & Concert @ Puchong!!!

Hi dear friends,

There will be a Carnival & concert at Puchong. It was organize by Puchong Preaching Point in conjuction of our Youth Official Launching! Ask all your friend to join in the fun! For more info, you can click on the below link.

For map, please click below:
Take Care!
From Jarod

There is a fever that are happening around the globe. Is not normal fever. It's pretty HIGH fever that hit the earth! Well, it will start next saturday & i am not able to watch it! Haih! But never mind, i will soon join in the fever on sunday! YES!
All school will be less student, all working place will have sleepy face & all the boss wont be showing happy face at all ! Such is the fever that has NO CURE! The only cure is to shout GOAL & see their fav. team play! No word can be describe!
The symtoms also include woman/girl being ignore by the man/boy that are beng hit by the fever. So bad that most woman are eager to throw they hubby/darling cloths out the house. But wait, SOME girl do join in the fever! How it will turn out to be?
I think the house will be messy, all male will have to do house chore.. Also have to cook dinner & have sleepless nights shouting goal while washing their toilet.
How about those pregnant lady that watch football? GOSH!
Married man will have to make food for her, serve her anything she ask. And if you are concern about her unborn child? No worries! Her baby will kick together in her stomach & become a future footballer like Zinedine Zidane!
Dear all, i remind you that please do not be HIT by this BUG! Thats all for now!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Coll start!

College start today. Nothing special. Just that the lecture aren't held at lecture hall anymore. The student was around 40 ppl. 4 years ago, it was 130+ student for the course that i took.. sad! Well, get to know some friend. Thats good point! haha! Anyway, tired. God bless U! :)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

My dream car

After i saw it on a local newspaper promoting it, i was attracted to it!!! It was superb nice! You can have a convertable roof that can open and close when ever you like. I always like this kind of car. At night, we can open the car roof to view the star & moon. We can get some fresh air driving along the highway at 3 am. ..haha! nice huh@!

Click on it to check it more!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Just watch "I not stupid too" few days back. I really like the adaption of it. It also inspire me to stress more towards the education part. The GOV didn't really do much to educates youth in their family life. A lot of school & teacher are facing problem with student that are rebellious. WTH! HM wont care much about it. They just brush it off.. I would made some changes in school if i were to teach again!
Perhaps right now, i got to put my focus on my education in order to reach my goal. I wil start my college this coming monday. Some of my friend already graduates and will work soon. Some already in work force. But i guess i am not going to bother much about it cause i believe one day i will also finish my diploma and work. The time will come soon. The journey i walk the past few years really enjoyable. From hating to take this course, going to teach at a secondary school, then kindergarten leads me to a clear direction of where i am heading in future. Without all the up & down, i wont even know where are my calling...
Education will be my main goal. Educating people in a better way will eventually change people. I am looking forward to it. On how it will become, i will not say much until i have done it. It will be my long term goal. I am looking for people who share the same passion as i am to come & look for me. Together we can help this generation of youths to become a better person.
Any one up for it?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

check it out!


guess whats use all this number are...not 4D,,,sorry..

i guess is a treasure hunt for those who are interested! U can find d answer in my page! but with some click lor...hehe!

Monday, May 08, 2006

thanks a million

My life is beautiful
Because i have you who comes across me
Again i mature D
Because you teach me the way
Life was not complete without You
Dear, is wondeful that you wake me up

Friday, May 05, 2006

SEX note!

HI yoo...

I am now on sexual education MODE!

check out this LINK to know HOW to WEAR a CONDOM properly !!! This is a must know lesson for those who DON't even see or touch a condom before.

And this LINK provide u to sexual education lesson that u need to know....

HIV, pre-marital sex and all sort of things that u need to know, check it teens for teens!

And , don't HAVE sex when u have not prepared for BABY! Don't throw away your babies! Else i knock ur head! Adios!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Youth Alpha Retreat was a nice one. GOD's presence was there to touched the heart of his children.

When i start dealing with this camp, i wonder will GOD come and open up their heart. I still worried that it could not work out well. FYI, Satan attacks a number of times. Many of the youth are unable to go due to sickness and all sort of reason. The committee was very down because the turn out was low. We deal with it until the very last day. We know it would be a HARD ones. We (The camp comm) pray hard everyday before the camp start as well as during the camp. Indeed, GOD hear us and answered our prayer.
On the first day, everything run quite well but not so smooth. With the people that come from all background regardless of age/sex/behaviour, we see all kind of stuff happen. We worried that some of the leader or members may not be going together well. GOD calm me down by sending some one to ask me to chill down. Oh well, i cool down n let god work again.
Second day, we start to see more positive or brighter side of this camp. Or i should say a light that shines thru the darkness. More than half of the camper go for altar call as pastor ask that anyone of them who want to commit their life to GOD n serve HIM n be fire UP for HIM. I was touched by GOD's presence and cried on the spot...I thank HIM for being so wonderful! Initially, it was not at that time we plan to have altar call, but i know that Holy Spirit was there to use pastor to reached out to His children. Thanks, Father in Heaven.
At night, we even have concert. everyone was jumping around. Talent nite was superb. The games was fun. Everyone bring a memory home. We did it thru GOD's strength. Thats the best part! No words can describe...tired but enjoyable!

Friday, April 21, 2006

me, myself & I

Nothing much happen lately. Been less online and busy with some stuff. In the mean time, i too consider about my studies. Well, i've been gone thru up & down. I know that which ever way that i had taken, GOD has His reason behind it. It also sharpen the way i think & react towards certain area. I am glad that i go thru it. It make me a MAN! haha!
I think i am now under construction to be a nice building for GOD & for HIS people. Inspiration keep on coming in & i feel that its going to overflood later! haha! I wont leave it astray.The are more cips in my memory.. My friend use to tell that i am pretty active in activities. Looks like i can't denied it as i am really active in events. I should consider being in event management! :)
Now a days i gone back to the basic. Taking form 4 & 5 add maths tuition. If make me feel young actually. HAHA! Good lor... I need it. Been weak in add maths. I start to like it... better keep the flame going on!
I will be going for a camp on 29-30 April & 1 May 2006. It would be held @ fraser hill, Pahang. It's Alpha retreat cum Youth camp and I am CC for the camp it self. Everything necessary has done. Just left around 30% to be done. Next up will be the Official launching for Youth Ministry. It will be on JUNE 10, 3-10pm (Carnival & Concert). There will be lots of interesting games & prize. Best of all, There is a WAR related games. I can't tell much! But if you were interested, please mark JUNE 10 up and come for it. More details will be posted up on my blog soon!
Ok, thats all from me. Do take Care2!

Friday, April 14, 2006

In loving memory...

Miss Leong Bean Yeng
My father relative, i know her as well. She is a kind lady that smile daily. We will miss her. Her kindness touch the heart of many. She passed away on monday.
Miss Kok Hong Hee
She is my ah Koo. A lovely person that i remember always. She treat me very good. Always buy shirt & gifts for me. I am wordless for this person. She has helped alot in our family. Been some time she has gone to be with the LORD.
Mr. Lim Bee Loon
He is my grand father. (Mom side.) Bring me up while i am still baby. I know that he is a hard working person. I really treasure what he has done for the family.
Mr. Kok Fei
My grand father from my father side. I don't really know him much. All i heard from my father is that he is strict with his children & he is very hard working as he need to earn money for all his children. He work in mine field. Thats all that i know.
Mr. Ricky Lim Ann Seng
My uncle from my mom side. He is a good person. I can't say i know him well. He is good at drawing & playing guitar.
Die on the cross for all the people on earth. His sacrifice is for us to have eternal life.
Happy Good Friday!
It may seems to be so hard to go thru the days. I went to Cheras Cemetary yesterday and saw so many tomb. I felt nothing & i don't know why. Perhaps i have goten the peace from GOD that i will be in Heaven to be with HIM. There isn't a feel of afraid of anything that come across me. Thank GOD. Many people has touched my heart in many ways. It also has change the way i am.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

a letter to GOD

I wonder why you put me in this environment
I don't know why i have to face a lot of weird things
I too don't understand alot of things
But i do know that i can become a person
After going thru difficulty
Just like a pencil being sharpen by a sharpener
Perfect or not i don't know
But in your eyes
I am different & perfect in many ways
Thank You

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Learn how 2 save fuel

1 ) Pump up your tyresKeeping your tyres inflated is one of the easiest and most important thingsSaving petrol means saving money one can do to improve fuel economy. If arange is recommended by the manufacturer, the higher pressure should be usedto maximize fuel efficiency.Deflated tyres run hot and jeopardize safety. It will also cause the tyresto wear out prematurely, affect the vehicles adversely, and hurt the fueleconomy by increasing the rolling resistance. Tyres lose about 1 psipressure per month due to air loss caused by the tyre hitting holes, bumpsand kerbs. Therefore, the tyres should be checked at least once a month.Just 1 tyre deflated by 2 psi will result in a 1% increase in fuelconsumption.
2) Drive at moderate speedAvoiding high speeds on open roads results in safer driving and better fuelecon! omy. In highway driving, over 50% of the power produced by the engineis used to overcome aerodynamic drag. Drag and thus fuel consumptionincreases rapidly at speeds above 90km/h. On the average, a car uses about15% more fuel at 100km/h, and 25% more fuel at 110km/h compared to when itis doing only 90km/h. However, this should not lead one to conclude that thelower the speed, the better the fuel economy - because it is not. The fuelconsumption of an average car increases sharply at speeds below 50km/h.
3) Clean the air-filter regularlyClogged air filters increase fuel consumption by restricting airflow to theengine, and thus should be cleaned/replaced when necessary. Clogged airfilters can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%.
4) Use thinner tyresTyres with thick width will improve the handling of your car. However, itwill also increase your car's fuel consumption. Thicker tyres mean morerolling resistance! , and thus will consume more fuel.
5) Start up the car properlyWith today's cars, it is not necessary to prime the engine first by pumpingthe accelerator pedal repeatedly.Do not crank the engine excessively Thisonly wastes fuel.When starting the engine, idle it no more than 30 secondsto warm it up. An engine will warm up faster on the road. However, avoidsudden acceleration before the engine has warmed up sufficiently.
6) Drive in high gear (overdrive)The engine runs most efficiently between around 1,500 and 2,500 rpm. Tomaintain these low revs you should change up through the gears as soon aspractical and before the revs reach 2500 rpm. For automatic transmissioncars, you should always switch on your overdrive to help save fuel.Overdrive will allow your engine to change gears at lower revs. It also putsyour transmission into an "economy" mode and lets it engage the final"overdrive" gear when cruising to ! keep the rpms extra low, therebyincreasing fuel economy.
7) Travel lightAvoid carrying any unnecessary weight in your car. On the average, every50kg added load in your car will increase fuel consumption by 2%.
8) Anticipate traffic aheadA driver can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% by anticipating trafficconditions ahead and adjusting the speed accordingly, and avoidingtailgating and thus unnecessary braking and acceleration. Accelerations anddecelerations waste fuel. Braking and abrupt stops can be minimized by notfollowing too closely and slowing down gradually when approaching a redlight. It takes up to six times as much fuel to move a car from a dead stopthan it does for one moving at just a few km/h.
9) Avoid strong accelerationThe fuel consumption remains at a minimum during steady driving at amoderate speed of about 90km/h. Keep in mind that every time the acceleratoris hard pressed, t! he engine goes into a "fuel-enrichment" mode ofoperation that wastes fuel.The vehicle should always be gradually andsmoothly accelerated. Using cruise control on highways can help maintain aconstant speed and reduce fuel consumption.
10) Minimise aerodynamic dragAdditional parts on the exterior of a vehicle such as roof racks andspoilers, or having the window open, Roof racks are bad for fuel economyincreases air resistance and fuel consumption, in some cases by over 20%.
11) Don't let your engine idleMinimize fuel wasted in idling by stopping the engine whenever your car isstopped or held up for an extended period of time. Idling more than a minuteconsumes much more fuel than restarting the engine. By having the engineswitched off, you will save more fuel than is lost from the burst of fuelinvolved in restarting the engine. The net increased wear and tear from thispractice is negligible.
12) Use the air-con sparinglyAir conditioners can use about 10 per cent extra fuel when operating.However, at speeds of over 80 km/h, use of air conditioning is better forfuel economy than an open window

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I stand in between the road
Looking at which way i should be taking
At times it does look not fair on the left side
At times, it was the right sides that occur un-balanced

I doesn't know how to express
I see that life has pro & cons
But it sure has it's reason
Everything has a solution
Is a matter we need to solve

Time will groom us
Let us go towards it with brave

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


While having a good sleep in the afternoon yesterday, i was being awaken by a sharp stuff crawling on top of my body. I was shocked & saw a black thing going pass my right shoulder. Oh man, why is it so sharp like needle?

I get up from my bed and saw THIS reptile !!!! Oh man! It was small but where does it comes from? It run towards my computer table and hide there. GOSH! I try to sweep it out but it run more faster. Crawling around my room and PISS some weird white juice..I suppose is their SHIT. Later on, it get out of my room when i try to get it into a bail. Oh, it GONE just like that. I have no ideas where it gone. So, i just forget about it and wait for my father to FIX em. I dun have touchlight at that time. So, can't do anything. haahaa!
Night came & me together with my father go SEARCH & DESTROYED over the whole house. It wasn't at the living room, not at guest room. It was under the small spaces of a cupboard along the corridor up stairs where my mom place those bags of un-use clothing material. arrh... My father use those clip meant for clipping charcoal & clip it. Oh..why it was so quiet & not moving much. We decided not to kill it. V just let it go near a river. MAN, what a wake up call for me! hhah! terrible!
Oh well, before this, my house was a rubber estate. Some snakes and this kind of reptile enter my house before. Can't remember when.. Some years ago. Cobra and this kind of reptile but bigger ones. This one consider a baby. :) Oh, hungry now! Take k! bye

Monday, March 27, 2006


Learn from mistakes. This is what i have been trying to tell my self when ever i screw up something accidently. Oh well, today yet another day of learning. I know i am "young" and still learning. I guess the elder too must learn. Not only me!
Today discussion was good. But i am learning to be more patient towards them. I know that our age are just a few years apart and they might not look at me as elder. Will try my best! I may not be a leader, but u are a leader that lend a hand to me by teaching me to love you more. Forgive me, may be i am too jiong hei! haha!
I am not too sure what i say are right, forgive me if i am wrong! DO Ya know that you might have been too hurtful by saying those word to us? Well, i just wana say that we are still learning. And you can't expect us to follow 100% to your commands. We are not robots. I understand your point of view where YOU have resposibility towards us & other people who directly/indirectly related to us. But i guess the way you have said could have actually been wrong. Try to explain to us rather than just screwing people after you saw what had happen. I too understand what i/he/she need to do. But sometimes, the youth too need some time for our self. I wonder why you just don't cool down and tell us. I feel like sometimes you are OK, sometimes you are not. I too believed that everyone of us have Double Face/Identity. Dealing with Youth are not easy from the beginning when i decided to help it out. Please do GUIDE us instead of using M-16/ Double Berreta/ AK -47/ Laser to poke us.
Konon-nya mau jadi kawan? (say wana b fren?) Wait until you have master the skill of loving & patients towards the youth !
Like every parent's does (hmm, i better get a baby SOON), i too feel want to give what is best for my own child (people under me). There are ways. Not in a funny ways. Well, i guess it is true with a chinese word saying: Huo dao lao, xue dao lao! You learn till you get OLD!
Never know is this long. Was planning to go into bed early. My 2 CF fella was right. I Always say tired but end up online. Haha! Thats me! Just wana express my self. ADIOS~!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

ah doi

Don't feel like writing anything for the last few days. Been signing in & out without typing anything. Today was d CF meeting in Puchong. It was great and nothing BIG happen! haha! Oh well, i am still jobless. Now looking for job and don't wana stay home any more. Getting my self lazy on the bed.
The GOV (Cheng Hu) has not been very good now a days. With the increase of fuel, i can see there are lots of thing gonna increase. As i think of what Malaysia has, i am wondering where has all the money gone. Oh btw, the "OLD GRANDPA" nick has it's price you know. I am trying to figure out how they use the money. There are times i see so many useless stuff build by GOV. Oh well, i am figuring it out whether should i pay TAX & those banana fees requested by the GOV. Who would want to pay the $ for the use of nonsense? COME ON man! Give me a break la!
Go and think of it! Malaysia is the country that has the MOST toll on a single states!(PJ & KL)You don't believe ah? Believe it la! Other country also don't have that much la...haha..i wish i can get a flying car so i can jump toll! whahaah! Been wanting to jump toll by using alternatives. But now with the increase of fuel, I have da be a good boy and use the TOLL instead for cutting the oil consumption. $^%$#!
Thats for now, until i found any unrealistic stuff, i will keep u entertain!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Today (Sunday) my church youth minstry have their first Youth Alpha started. It was nice and run smoothly. Being 1 of the group leader/helper, i was a bit slow to pick up. Oh well, thru out my life i have never been a leader before. Forgive me if i am not really good. Today's discussion was good. Although some answer really make me feel so sorry for the person. I believed GOD has His way for us. My answer: Everything that has happen has a reason.
I don't feel like saying more. Just wana rest my self. Thats all..Take k!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Rain falls smoothly
I am enjoying the sound of it
It remind me of my own cry
The cry for the needy
The cry for my own fault
The cry for the one i love
Nothing seems easy, but we got to go thru it.
We keep searching for the meaning of this life.
We found the reason to live, we found the special one to live for.
As we continue to grow, we seek for a better life ahead.
We found each other, relying on each other.

Time flew..I am old and young at the same time...Do enjoy those picture. Take Care!

Monday, March 13, 2006

How i feel ?

How i feel? This was being ask by my friend for serving at PPP youth ministry...

Tired, Interesting, Exciting, fulfill and satisfying. The beginning part of ISAIAH 49 tell how i feel actually. Well, i gota face da challenge and go ON. TAke k fren!

Friday, March 10, 2006

i m evil...

Was yam cha with my friends this evening (Thursday) at OUG. While V were having a chat, this old blind lady has her hand on a young girl shoulder was walking around asking for kindness donation. I show my hand saying no to it while another friend of mine gave her some money. I actually see that i am such a selfish person when it comes to money. Why cant i just give her even 1 bug? OK, i am actually saving it. For TOLL! But i am NOT using IT! I just see my TRUE Inner-self. Damm my self hardly.
As both of them continue to ask other for donations, I also ask why did the Malaysia Social Concern not coming out to help them. Sometimes, i guess we cant help so many people. We can just do our best! Well, i will try to make sure my self go generously next time when i see the same case again. HOPE i DO!

Monday, March 06, 2006

stupid rules

Nation Monday March 6, 2006
Man’s wish dies with him in fire

KOTA KINABALU: He was waiting to turn 60 so that he could qualify for a place at an old folks home.

Lee Ah Khiong, 59, never made it there as he died in a fire that broke out at the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) Sabah headquarters near here around 8am yesterday. He had been waiting for nearly a year to be sent to an old folks home by the state Welfare Department.
Sabah MRCS chairman Datuk William Chai said Lee, a Sarawakian, was supposed to be at the MRCS headquarters for only a week in March last year.

However, he ended up staying there for nearly a year while waiting for arrangements for him to move to the Sri Prichard senior citizens home. Firemen found his body in a storeroom.
The fire gutted the MRCS ground floor store where piles of donated clothing were kept and also damaged the society’s office upper floor of the two-storey building. The cause of the blaze is still unknown.

At the time of his application, he was not old enough to qualify for care in the senior citizens' home where the minimum admission age was 60 years.

DAMM rules that always appear to make people suffer..Now u see the news & tell me, IS this fair? I wonder why do they need to have all this rules ler....jus a year only! haih! wana knock the rules down la!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

a reflect

Thank GOD that i am still alive right now & typing all this for your reading pleasure... I was being attacked by 2 robbers who want my waist bag. That time i was walking home near by my house. It was 10 PM at nite and they rode in motobike, came down, corner me and use a knife to ask for my bag. I resist it and trying to defend my self from being injured by their knife. One of my hand was on my bag & another one was trying to protect my self from the knife. As i struggle with the robber, he still cant get me to give him my bag. I didn't think of giving him money. Don't ask me why! I was scare and trying to get rid of this struggle. May be i was too aggresive and he cant control me, another guy came down to help. Sensing i may not be able to handle 2 guys, i step back to release my self. But i fell down and one of them have their knife slash on my left hand. Then they have da run off as one of da uncle from near by housing came out to shout at the robbers. As i gain my composure, i only see some small injuries. Thank GOD for that. I made some police report and calls.
My main point is not all the story telling above. But my LIFE. I realize that it could be my last breathe as my mom remind me they could have stab me to death when i fell down. Well, i am lucky or BIG LIFE as my mom say so. Well, at that moment, if i were to leave this world, I will not be leaving any business un-done. I have done what i should everyday. Begining with parents, friend, relatives and etc. Everyday is my last day that i would do what i must do. Life is Short And now i Really KNOW what it means by life is short. Friend, if you have anything that you wana do, GO ahead and do. Don't wait till what ever time. Say what you wana say to those people you love. Don't leave till the next day or so. Forgive the people that might have hurt you And vice versa. Think about it and reflect. The people surround you are the most precious among all.
At the moment, I do think of someones.. But, it was more important that from now onwards, I will do what i must do. Life is precious!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

something's on my mind

A crazy week word to describe it! Some how, i have to gather my thought on what should i do next after my result out. Not easy ..
I come to realize that no body will care too much of you even you have try your best to be a good friend. You will be ignore even with your good intention. I start to rely more on GOD than to people who are useless heck when you want them to fill in your loneliness. Yes, I admit I am desperate for a people to fill my life. Not partner, but some one that i can rely on, who will give support and stuff. Who don't need it? Everyone needs it! Now, talk about girl.. I guess at this century we men don't really need them? May be our main focus will just to have our own life like what one of my friend did...WTH with girl?? I have my life and ITS COOL! yeah, perhaps! I 'll wait and see how will you go on without one...
I have choose to be quiet now a days. Few incident remind my self whether i wana be in thy shoe to be the one whom i am "desire-ing". Understand? No also OK, thats for my remembrance! haha! well, its mean putting my self in other people shoes and found out that it cost HEADACHE if i were to be involve in it. :/ Start to re-consider now...
Thank GOD for letting me go thru all this pain..Grow up is like that wan la! Take k!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

yeap! finally...

I was hoping for an antic clock recently. And yes! I finally get one! Initially i was hoping for a smaller ones. NOT 7 Feet tall...but may b those 3 feet type. I got this from my uncle friend. He wana throw it away. What a waste! Well, i just sapu from him. haha! It was made in Germany ! Nice quality. The clock is just like the pic below. I haven't got time to take a shot of it. It was Black in color and not that heavy actually. The heavy part is the internal part that called as pendulum. My father & I went over my uncle place to get it. My father have to un-screw his car seat and slot it it. Too long for the car! Well, i will have a nice time with it! Take k!

Saturday, February 18, 2006


A word or sentence may not express how does a person felt inside His or Her heart,
Sometimes, it is better to feel than to know,
I may not know, but thy heart should know.

life is interesting!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

a paradise or what?


A beautiful place with a beautiful names. I am sure of it. There are no place better than this place, except there are a lot of bumper everywhere. Beautiful girls? Sure got! FOOD? Excellent! Scenario? plenty of it. I can see the whole KL over the hills. Why am i so deep in love with this place? Could it be the love that spark around? I am not too sure about it. Just no ideas why i fall in love with this city. I use to place Ipoh as a paradise in my life. Now, i am not too sure whether has this Puchong taken over ipoh...But i gotta bear in mind that PUCHONG r just city n ipoh for me are like village life. I love both anyways. Puchong has its specialty even with those old bored building like IOI, Tesco, and Qiant. I like the people there i guess... Or becoz i have a lot of MAH cHAI there? haha! no ideas.. Words can't describe how i feel about this wonderful place. Friends, may be one day you should come with me and explore the wonderful of Puchong!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Youth Alpha

Hi dear frens,

Puchong Preaching Point will start Youth Alpha course next months. I hope that all of you will consider it and take up the challenge. It is a great course for non-christian who wants to know more about christianity & also for new christians. For more information, please click on the link below to get more details about it. Take care!

In His Service,
Jarod Kok

PS: send this link to all your friends!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

another new year? : )

BACK! MIA for more than 1 weeks. Miss my fellow reader's. Or rather miss my own writing? Haha! This year chinese new year was rather different for me. Was in Ipoh for more than one weeks (thru out the years, this year's the longest period i stay in ipoh.) My relatives drink so much of alchohol, until i afraid of them d. I am more aware of my drinking habit. Not going to do the same stupid way again. Now, i drink to njoy the taste!
This period of time also make me question my future. Where i go after this? Communicating with GOD. Today i also share about communications with GOD at the CF. I sense that GOD are telling me to talk more with HIM. I have gone astray again. I discover that i have changed. I used to dislike money. Now, I feel like money is the power of everything. Fear not, i will not be deceive by it again. For if i can realize it, i am sure that i can deny it and moves towards where i shall go.
Ipoh was full of paradise! Not only food, but history and old precious stuff. Took some photo while i was patrolling D morning market's. CHeck out my MSN spaces Photo. Thats all for now. Tomorrow will be going to my ex-skol to check out the CF there. Now? Adios!

Friday, January 27, 2006


To all readers of my BLOG:

Christmas juz over........

and NOW?

HAppy Chinese NEw Year!!

May god bless you thru out the year and have a GOOD day receiving ang POW!

PS: Safe Journey to those travelling back to your own/parent's home town! For those driving like me as well, make sure YOU have enough sleep! tata!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Montessori was one of the Early education courses that i checked recently. I call and enquire about it and find the courses really suitable for me to further my knowledge on Education. They didn't offer Primary level for the moment. If they are offering it in future, i will take it. For the moment, may be i will go for Pre-primary level. cost around 12K, takes around 9-18 months to finish em up! Short term, on week ends, and for working adult. YEah! Suit me i guess...Not everyday study!!! AHAH!
But there are still lots more to consider. Will look more into all the courses that are available thru out the country. Don't wana miss a thing! adios!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

yup! u n i r special~

I realize that I am such a different person. I could get along well with so many people. That was part of my abilities. Just few days back I was reading Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It touched about talents, abilities, interest, and passion. It draws me to think about where all this point will lead me towards my future. Without doubt, I am assured that I can work among the people. As I reflect back on the people that I have spoken to, it was really great to know them and giving those advices on life. Certain people who have known me for some time will know my trademark. Oh well, everyone has one. That’s Unique! Some how, I do give people some bad impression last time. I have no ideas why. Right now, I understand that we human can’t satisfy all kind of people. Just get along with who we are. I am UNIQUE! :)

Friday, January 13, 2006


Phew!!!! What i can say is that i am lucky today. Or worst, I am OLD! Well, The CF-ers are having their usual meeting and also celebrating Kevin Bday which falls on tomorrow. I didn't expect this terrible mess that they goin to do....oh yeah, i used to enjoy it. But now i guess there are responsibility that disallowed me to do so. Oh yes, With Great Power Comes great Resposibility! Sorry la spiderman, Your word r just so right!
Nevertheless, i care much how people will think about US. Christian! Thats Y i m doing my best to be a testimonies to others. Hard yet i am determine. k, enough of today, Take K!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have a blessed day. i went out & came back around 5 something. The sky was quite dark. But it didn't show any sign of raining. After i park my car in, It start raining. Well, Just feel good about it. Thats all..I am not going to say more. Was not that busy but there are things that fill my mind now.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Start Jan 8, GO get it FREE!

I am sure you doesn't need me to tell you whats this. Well, the government are giving away free for AIDS campaign. [Of course not this brand, i am not sure what brand is it. But for Malaysia, DUREX are one of the top Brand that control the market.] Many people's don't seems to care about this anymore. Thailand and some Africa country are more aware of this problem that they now provide free condom widely. Don't ask why men are so into it. It's all begun thousand years ago. Bible also states about it. There are things that you better don't understand. If not, white hair will grow more on your lovely head....
Check out the latest news on school children. Heavy bag !!! I use to gone thru this situation. Most of the chinese school student need to carry more than 20 books to school. You can check out SK which are not that serious. I think next time they should just carry CD or thumb drive. This is all about health concern. Oh well, next time may be they need to wear specs? haha! adios!

Friday, January 06, 2006


GOD indeed bless me today. I almost lost my house key. Realize it when i reach Puchong. Got to take some step to avoids all this to happen again. Today also mark the start of SMK BKS4 CF. They start it nice. Will look upon future events! Take care everyones!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

good or bad?

The new year doesn't seems good. I check out CNN now a days and what i see and heard is death around the globe. Oh well..lets do some calculation over here. 365 days a year times 10 death a days! =? 365*10=3650 soul over the world. Oh please, how much does human need to face all this? I guess is just a circle of life. When you were born, you cry, people surround you smile. When you have your last sweet air on earth, you smile in Heaven, people surround you CRY. Life is circulating among us.
Now a days feel more uncertain about my future. Only GOD can bring me near to it. Teaching dreams seems hard to archieve. But no matter how, i would try my best. Who ask that Onizuka Sensei to Spur me up meh? Thats Y lor...haha! JK