Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Court has no balls to judge or what?

Nizar versus Zambry case still left hanging. Why push back to High court again? Aiyoh.... Go ahead la.. we know the outcome d. Sure the court will side with BN/UMNO. How do I know the outcome? Cause I have no faith in "your" court and judiciary system.
Sad isn't it?

Until we get rid of UMNO and BN, then may be I will see a brighter Malaysia.

Now, the world is concern of Swine Flu. It has caused over two hundred deaths and affected 16 countries. I do hope it will get better and not be like SARS and JE. Had had enough of it.

With economy as our primary concern, now we have this darn unknown flu storming the world and scare the 'balls' out of us. People, just be prepare. Worst is yet to come.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kita Nantikan 13 Mei dan 31 Mei

Hari mengundi DUN Penanti 31 Mei

Hari mengundi bagi kerusi DUN Penanti telah ditetapkan pada 31 Mei dan hari penamaan calon pula 23 Mei, demikian pengumuman Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR).

Adakah Najib akan turun padang dan membantu BN untuk menang kerusi ini?

Bagi pilihanraya ini, saya tidak begitu minat. Yang saya minat sekarang ni ialah Perak. Jika Perak tidak mempunyai mesyuarat di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) sebelum 13 Mei, maka DUN Perak harus dibubarkan dan kita akan mempunyai satu Pilihanraya di Perak. Ini yang dinantikan rakyat Perak dan semua rakyat yang inginkan demokrasi.

Kembalikan Hak Rakyat!

PS: Mau beli nombor? belilah 13 ke ataupun 31. Atau empat ekor 1331, 3113...hahahaaha! Nombor laku ni...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Zambry being childish...

Zambry tells Pakatan to behave at May 7 assembly sitting

Saturday, 25 April 2009 20:07

(The Malaysian Insider) - Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir has told his ousted archrival not to act childlishly and fight for the mentri besar’s chair in the state assembly sitting on May 7.

Zambry has also advised both the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat lawmakers to be on their best behaviour when the assembly convenes.

Saying that the assembly would go on as planned, Zambry said: “I hope none of us will resort to behaving like children during the assembly and let the public see this happening.

“There is no need to fight for seats — we (BN) never did that when Nizar was mentri besar,” he told reporters at the 33rd Perak Malay Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting here today.

Zambry, who has been dodging questions on BN’s plans for the assembly sitting, also said that there would be no move to table a motion of confidence in himself as the mentri besar.

“We already have the majority in the House so there is no need to move such a motion.”

He noted that although the BN and PR had an equal number of assemblymen, 28 each, the three Independents would swell BN’s support because of a pact signed with them.

Such a pact, he explained, was similar to the one which binds the three component parties in the PR together — DAP, PKR and PAS.

“It is enough to prove that we have the majority numbers with us – 31 assemblymen. They have to accept it.

“Similarly in the past, we accepted it although till today, PR is not even a registered coalition,” he said.

On whether BN plans to table a motion to remove Speaker V. Sivakumar, Zambry refused to comment.

He smiled and said: “Wait and see.”

It is believed that the much-anticipated assembly will only sit for two days and will have very few items on its agenda.

There will be no debate on Sultan Azlan Shah’s speech and there will also be no question and answer session as the PR has refused to submit questions to the BN government.

BN is also expected to attempt to remove the Speaker through a vote of no confidence.

However, it can be anticipated that the Speaker will reject such a motion.

Meanwhile, Nizar and some former state executive council members from PR have hinted that they plan to take their seats on the right side of the Speaker, which is where the government of the day sits in the House.


Who is being childish for asking others not to be childish? LoL..... what a laughing moron!!!

RPK asked Rakyat to flood IPOH and send a strong message that we want a By Election. I hope it will not fall into deaf ears. Zambry, you may get ready for the waves that are about to come!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perak govt to auction off Toyota Camrys- Siapa Mau?

Quoted from The Star

Perak govt to auction off Toyota Camrys

IPOH: The Perak state government will auction off the 16 units of Toyota Camry 2.4 which were used as official cars by executive councillors under the previous coalition government. According to a statement of an open tender sent to the advertising division of a Malay daily here Tuesday, the auction would be held from May 4 to 18.

The tender statement issued by the Perak State Secretariat said the auction would be carried out at the carpark of the Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan here from 9.30am until 4pm.

The statement said the vehicles could be purchased either in bulk or individually at a reserved price of RM148,000 each.

The cars, with the registration numbers AGS10, AFD11, AFD22, AFD33, AFD55, AFD66, AFD77, AFD88, AFD99, AFD333, AFD999, AFF33, AFF88, AFF99, AGS828 and AEU606, were all registered on Jan 9.

The statement also said that all the cars were bought new and used between one and two months with low mileage and under three-year warranty by the manufacturer. However, it is learnt that the car with the registration number AGS10 which was used by former mentri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin would not be auctioned off as he was said to have made a booking to buy the car.

Anyone intending to purchase the cars must submit their offer before noon on May 18. -- Bernama

Who would like to buy over and keep it for memorial? :D

I don't have money lah.. Else I would love to have one and pass it to my son/daughter as a present for them to remember Perak.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We love BYE ELECTION!!!!

'No Najib, the people love by-elections'

In fact, the people miss not having more three more by-elections in Perak - at Jelapang, Changkat Jering and Behrang. This would have caused an outbreak of spontaneous joy.'

On Najib: Not the time for another by-election
Najib is wrong to say that the people dislike by-elections. On the contrary, they love by-elections.

To read the complete comments, please visit Malaysiakini.


Well, we would love to have another few more bye-election in certain areas as to kick some arse. Yes, we hated those frogs that had betrayed us. So Najib, could you allow us to have bye election there? And may be, just may be you can just give us a walkover... :) How about that?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Terengganu in chaos

Malaysiakini - Sejumlah 18 daripada 24 ADUN Barisan Nasional (BN) Terengganu kini dipercayai menyokong kumpulan yang mendesak Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said supaya meletakkan jawatan.

So, how huh? He wanna resign or the rest of the MPs drop UMNO and be independent?

I would prefer the MP choose the latter one. why? This leader of yours no longer helpful and think for his own benefit. Why don't you quit and serve the people? The voters elected you to serve them. Remember the promises you made.

Read here for details.

Meanwhile, former PM Tun Mahathir asked current leader not to give up on Penanti. Najib said the bye election cost a bomb. Hmm... it is either his balls have 'KECUT' or his financial status is going low.

Najib, afraid d ah? :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bagaimanakah Makamah kita ni fungsi? Mana Kuasa Speaker?

Pertama, Gobind Singh di singkirkan dari Palimen oleh Speaker Palimen. YB Gobind tidak akan mendapat wang untuk berkhidmat bagi rakyat dan kawasan-kawasan di bawahnya.

Kemudian, kita dapat tahu bahawa Speaker Perak telah menyatakan bahawa Adun BN tidak boleh masuk ke persidangan Adun kerana terdapat kes terhadap mereka.

Makamah kita pula kata mereka boleh.

Jadi, apakah kuasa yang ada pada Speaker tu? Bila Speaker tu Speaker PR, dia tak de kuasa la.. Bila dia tu Speaker BN, kuasa banyak banyak...

Mana piginya Demokrasi kita ni? Adil? Adakah kita telah melanggari peraturan Perlembagaan Persekutuan? Kalau dah langgar peraturan, apakah hukumannya dan siapakah yang akan dihukum?

Saya hanya ada soalan. Jawapan ni... tahu-tahulah...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

To YB, from your Boss - ref Malaysian Insider

Dear Yang Berhormat,

You do not know me although I know about you, since you are such a famous person.

I am just one of the millions of voters in this country we call our home. I am one of those who have voted regularly and, through this process of voting, selected our representatives to form the government.

You are one of the representatives elected by the people , even though the votes are secret and you would not know how each and every one of us voted.

You won because majority of the people in your area voted for you, and your party won the majority of the seats in Parliament, which is the place where all the representatives elected by people like me meet to think how to govern this country on our behalf.

Although you owe your position, your trappings of power and your wealth to our votes, you do not need to be grateful to us.

We do not ask you to be grateful to us. We just want you to do the job – the one that you wanted and asked for, and that we have given you – well.

Just like in a company, if a CEO and his team can do a good job and earn good dividends for shareholders, the shareholders will be happy and reward the team with another extension of tenure.

But, when the management team is not functioning well, and the company prospects are affected, the shareholders have the right to choose another team to replace the team.

The situation is the same here. We voted you and your team to power so that you can carry out projects and policies that benefit all of us.

It is our right, as your ultimate boss, to have schools built, and hospitals that are well manned, and roads well paved, and drains that flow.

It is our right to have protection against harm provided by the security forces which are funded by us.

It is our right to earn a decent living by having licences given to us by the very people that we put in place in the first instance.

It is our right to have a well-run civil service, since the civil servants are our employees, so to speak.

So, as the ultimate boss, we expect development; we expect progress. These development and progress must be continuous and should not be on an ad hoc basis.

Projects paid for with money taxed from us should not be used by your team as gifts to buy our votes or withheld as blackmail during elections, by or general.

As the ultimate boss, it is our right to throw out of office any representative who is not heeding the wishes of the people, who is not functioning well, and who is on the take. This is our right as citizens.

And please do not say we are not grateful if we did not vote you, since to function well is part of your job description, and you have to fulfil your job description in order for us to vote you in again, and not through using projects to exchange for our votes.

If you are too busy to remember all that I have written, just remember one thing.

The people – and I am one of them – are the real Boss. Your Boss.

Thank you for your precious time.


(A boss)


This piece of article is written by Dr. Hsu and appeared in The Malaysian Insider. He is a member of Gerakan Party and he has been speaking his mind on several issues. I like this article as it is what I long to see in Malaysians and our representatives. We are the BOSS and the leader should instead listen to us and stop being ignorant. You can continue reading more of his articles here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LIVE: Nizar rock Chin Woo Hall in Ipoh

Around 1500-1800 people are attending the ceramah organised by DAP.

Nizar said he will sworn in to Parliament on 16 of June. People shout for Nizar! At the moment, Nga Kor Ming is commenting on "Muhee" for his remark on Chinese.

Updates: Crowd reach 2000++ as more people are standing outside the hall. No FRU sighted.

Updates 2: Lim Kit Siang is speaking now. He sent a letter to PM to get votes of confidence from MPs. LKS asked the crowd would they give their vote of confidence to Najib. All said "NO" loudly. Now Altantuya name is being mention. LKS said: How to have one Malaysia, when in Terengganu BN is now having unstable political situation?

LKS said that RAHMAN generation will end with Najib. Then PR takes over. The people clapped and cheer!

Information from my partner J who attended the forum. THANK YOU!

Terengganu and Raise A-Team

Rais tells bloggers: Legal action our last resort

Rais Yatim, the new minister who will oversee the cyberworld, began his new portfolio today by inviting bloggers to be partners in implementing government policy.

Law seminar for bloggers ????????

Above news taken from malaysiakini.

When I read this in Malaysiakini, I laugh my "butt" out!!

Law seminar for bloggers? Again? Mean you also need Tun Mahathir to attend? Ok, you can plan and go ahead with it. I will surely CONFIRM MY PRESENCE. Yes, like I am an infant who do not know anything at all and need to go for seminar. Hello, blogging is not like Moral Education. Blog is where we express our thought, we don't need you to tell us what to write. We speak our MIND! We don't hide it~

Now, I wanna speak something on Terengganu. Is there a possibility that the Adun quit UMNO/BN and be independent? I hope for it. Not attending the sitting is a bad start. Why do they do it?

The MB stingy? The MB force them to donate wang ehsan to his account? This is just a guess. I do not know the answer. I hope to get the answer from the Adun themselves. News reported that the Adun were threaten and their life is pretty unsafe at the moment. Well, politics can never assure a peaceful journey for politicians. It is always getting interesting by the day.

Poem for BN and Umno

They went forth to battle, but they always fell
Their eyes were fixed above the money symbol
Mightily they fought and lost tamely to the people
Float or sink, it will be known by votes

Photo taken from here.

March on PEOPLE!

Inspired by Angela Ashes author's Frank McCourt.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Politics is like a boat...

so unstable...

First, we get the news on Najib new cabinet. The next day, MIC threaten to pull out.

Then, Najib is expected to attend ASEAN meeting. But due to BANGKOK fiasco, he is "SAFE" from the "Goliath" of Thailand citizen.

Thailand is currently undergoing chaos and it certainly affect their Tourism. Perak is almost like Thailand. Split in between. No proper government. No proper meeting. Last heard, the Nizar versus Zambry case will be mention in the month of May.

Today? Former Labuan MP was charged for cheating. Read here.

Last week, I stopped blogging about politics and have peace of mind for a few days. Until I read about our Politicians again, there go my PEACE! Yes, some time they do need some poking. Else, they will be in dreamland.

Our job is to wake them up!!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dua Bukit kuat dan satu Batang lembik...

Batang Ai lost to BN.

But the most important thing is that Nizar is on the way to Parliament. HOORAY! Bukit Gantang voters never disappoint me. While waiting for official result, I would take the unofficial result that Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang have won.

No words can describe the lost of battle in Sarawak. I am sad that Sarawakians who long to have freedom from BN still stuck around with that old fox.


S Manikumar (PKR) 12,632
S Ganesan (MIC) 10,229
Majority 2,403


Mohd Jamaluddin Nizar (PAS) 21,860
Ismail Saffian (BN-Umno) 19,071
Kamarul Ramizu Idris (Ind) 62

Majority - 2,789 (In 2008, the majority was 1,566)

Victory for all. Meanwhile, I will take an "unpaid leave" from blogging until next week. That Gantang really take a toll on me. So many things I need to clear off. Take care!

Journey @ Bukit Gantang: Photos and description

Kindly enlarge the photos if you cannot see. ^ A police is guarding UMNO centre. Perlu ke? Police jaga Rakyat atau Umno?

The road to reach villagers. Anwar spoke at the village which was quite deep inside. Around 10 KM from the town.
See the mud? Rakyat do not care a heck. They storm the mud and stand there for hours listening to PAS and Pakatan speakers.

Our poor guide's car tyre. We tried to park near the area, but too muddy. The tyre was stuck in the mud and PAS people help us to push it out. Thanks!

They have a good time eating and listening at the same time. ^

This father did his duty as well as being a listener to Ceramah.
No LIVE ceramah? No problem. Rakyat surrounded the mini DVD player and listen to PAS leader previous ceramah.

I saw this on a van. Yes, we support NIZAR!

Pas balloon high on the sky.

See those Red truck? They park along the road and you can also see the tent belong to Police. Heard the land cost RM 10K for renting.

Police base. ^

Anwar spoke in the village.

I stopped a guy and asked for his permission to take his T-Shirt. "Kembalikan Hak Rakyat!~"

The journey is tiring but fruitful. I met a lot of voters there. They are for Nizar. Now, I just hope BN would not cheat. In another few more hours, 3 by election will determine Malaysia's future. Let us hope for the best.

Rakyat, undi adalah suci. Undilah yang terbaik.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Live-P59 - Anwar make an appearance

Live-P59 - Anwar make an appearance in Matang Gelugor. It is a village deep inside where we have to went through narrow village road to reach the area. I find it amazing as people chase after him. Anwar is a crowd puller and people see him as the person who can change Malaysia. Up till now, i have not got a sight of Nizar. Now,Anwar will move to other village to share with others. Tonight,he will speak at yesterday venue which can accomodate more people.

P59 suprise-PPP's selambau is history!

Traffic is going slow and causing jam around the area. YB Nga kor ming is speaking at the moment. Yb Jenice lee from teratai just arrived. Yb Jeff ooi sighted. I think a lot of Dap people is here to capture the people votes. YB Nga can really capture people attention with his word. People give him loud applause with his humour.

Latest news- PPP party at selambau is to be dissolve and their members is to join PKR.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Live P59-Crowd keep growing!

Crowd swell to around 2.5K. Mp kula just finished his speech. YB lee from pokok assam is speaking now. Tomorrow Anwar will be here to share. I expect it to be high turnout. At the moment, i have not got the big news of anwar. May be need to wait a little longer. Over here, old people come even with their stretches. Helicopter is flying around to intimidate people. What is there to worry? Now i really want to check BN ceramah to see their crowd. I doubt their attraction will be as great as pakatan.

Live-P59 simpang

Live-P59 simpang

People keep coming to listen Pas ceramah. heavy rain before it. Venue is at an open land. Muddy and wet. Response is very good. Some people said the conservative chinese is still with BN. Pas really need to reach out to them. Crowd estimation around 1k. Multi racial Malaysians is here to support! Pas for all!

Good morning Taiping and P59! Taiping

Good morning Taiping and P59!

Taiping is 5-8 km away from the happening areas for Bukit Gantang by election. Peaceful town of Taiping is brought to 'life' with siren sound when i woke up this morning. Cars seem to have multiply on the road. Anil has touch down in Taiping and you can expect more from him in the following days. I'm anticipating tonight's big news from Anwar.

Yesterday Najib said he will release some ISA detainee. I challenge him to release all.. Not just a few to show Rakyat that he really listen to people. There is not a need to show people of what you are trying to do. Release all without condition! I pity kak laila as her husband is not on the list. I think there will be more offer coming from Najib in order to win the by election. Hello.... Rakyat sudah bangun ni ! :)

Bukit Gantang- Photos for tonight 3/4/09

The first town I touch down. ^

FRU and Police presence were heavy. ^

To be continue tomorrow early morning. Watch out!

Live BG-Nga khor ming slam umno!

Nga khor ming slam umno with BM and mandarin language. Time has change. People no longer reject other people,but protect each other cause we are Malaysians!
I love Pakatan! Rakyat hidup!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Live-Bukit gantang: Ulama 4 truth

This ulama frm Perak tells of how Dap NGA KHOR MING try to share islam quran verse while being blasted by Umno. Umno has no islam teaching in them. I really admire this ulama who speak the truth in islam teaching. People storm the village from time to time!

Ground zero bukit gantang!

Ground zero bukit gantang - now i'm at changkat jering. By the road side. Folk surround the speaker. Nizar not sighted yet. :)

Pakai awek untuk tarik undi? haha! Kelakar!!

Lagi saya tengok, lagi muak!

Ya, ia tengah menguji minda penguji.. Adakah mereka akan jatuh ke perangkap BN/Umno? Dah lah, BN ni bukan nak bawa Malaysia ke arah kemajuan.. Ia ni hanya tau Entertainment aje.. Main main dan bukan serious dengan pengundi.. Saya rasa mungkin juga mereka tahu bahawa Bukit Gantang sudah kalah, sekarang baik main main dengan para-para penari? Aiya, tak pe lah. Wang pun BUKAN mereka punya.. Rakyat punya mah... jadi lebih main bila ade peluang..haha!

Oh ya, terlupa pula saya... Mereka tu yang pigi tengok, entah bini2 mereka tu ade ikut sama tak? Tak tahu ade scenario yang mane bini talik telinga suami tu? hehehe!

Baca berita selanjutnya di Malaysiakini.

Hari ini, dijangka Najib akan jadi Perdana Menteri.. Apakah Rahsia kejayaan Najib?

Saya pun nak cungkil sedikit bakat daripada dia.. Mr.Incoming PM, can share ah?

Satu soalan: Adakah Agung akan bagi peluang untuk Najib bagi menjadi PM yang keenam? Sebab Abdullah hanya jadi PM selama one and a half term. Its very ganjil right? Not that he is Sick, but just resign and allow Najib to be PM. Pun bukan AAB telah "touch wood".

Kenapa tidak tunggu sehingga Pilihan Raya ke - 13 dan jikalau UMNO menang, bagi Najib jadi PM lah. Kan macam ni lebih baik?

Duli Yang Maha Mulia, Sila pertimbangkan kedudukan Malaysia ini. Biarlah Dato Seri Abdullah habiskan term beliau dan bila sampai Pilihan Raya yang seterusnya baru tukar PM.

Begitu cepat tukar untuk apa? Takan nak tengok lebih wayang lagi? Ini yang ada dalam fikiran saya. Kita hidup di era yang ade banyak FREE SHOW!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

TOYOL aka BAPA ALASAN expedition to Disneyland?

At last, some one are willing to expose the bugger "good reputation" and let the people see clearly. This "BROOM MB" wasted rakyat monies and go for vacation. Banana! I have not even been there before.

Another REASON to KICK him out in the next election. Or better still, his constituency residents can move a motion to MOVE HIM OUT! That would be the better choice as compare to the next GE. Cannot wait any longer. See his face d wanna vomit!

His wife still maintain her innocent of closing down BALKIS. Now, see what you gonna say. Perhaps I shall record down her reason later on. King and Queen of all reasons! Or more fondly known as BAPA ALASAN!

Inspired from malaysiakini. Visit here for the news. BM version.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nizar visited Kiddy Centre and Teach Maths


  • 尼查當起數學老師,拿起粉筆在黑板寫上一道另有寓意的算術題目“18+7+6”,一旁的曾敏凱正教導孩子作答。(圖:光明日報)

(霹靂‧太平)武吉干當國會議席補選“開戰”期間,國陣民聯候選人皆大打親民牌。考取英國機械工程學位的民聯候選人拿督斯里莫哈末尼查近日走訪選區一間由華團創辦的幼稚園時,就搖身成數學老師,拿起粉筆在黑板出題:“18+7+6”,然後再舉起一名男童的手寫上答案“31”,接著語帶雙關地說了一句:“Pakatan Rakyat(民聯)”。







過後,他把小黑板擦乾淨,並寫上一道數學計算題目:“18+7+6”,結果難倒了站在他面前的孩童。由於不懂得作答的孩童面面相覷,於是,他握著孩童的右手在黑板寫上“31”,繼而解釋這項數字代表“P akatan Rakyat”。





Translation: Nizar visited a Kiddy centre. He wrote on the green board with the numbers "18+7+6". The kids stunned and NIZAR held the little boy's hand and wrote 31 on the board. Then Nizar said PAKATAN Rakyat. NOTE for 31 = 18 (Dap Adun), 7 for PKR Adun and 6 Pas Adun.

From Politician to Teacher to some one respected by many Malaysians.

Can he be the next PM?