Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

21, The KEY to unlock my self?

Well, now i am 21 years old. No longer the kids who run around daddy & mummy side but will have to fully dependent on my self. By GOD GRACE, i am 21 years old.

On Friday, i start off my nite with a movies. Watch Initial D the second time with a friend. It was a memorable nite for me.

On saturday, i woke up @ 1 pm. On9 for some time, clean up the house & my room. Then i took a bath & off i go to my friend house as promise.I was a bit nervous & scarry thinking of what they might have prepared for me. I was wearing short pants & a round-T. I nvr thought that they will celebrate much as they told me we will be going to Ming Tian. i suspect something is amiss when my friend keep on telling me to wear short pants. Well, i just thought that may be it would be such a normal events & they wont try to make things bigger than that. So , i just get my pants on & start my drive there. As i reached my friend house, i saw another friend of mine who will join us as they were wearing formal wear. MAN, what on earth ..... my goodness...only me who wear short pants & they wear formal wear. "fan guat chai" ...

well, thinking that they might bring me to some where high class {like high class hotel function room} freak me out. SHORT PANTS man...well, as we move out from my friend house, they told me in the car we are going to VICTORIA STATION near BANGSAR. *my goodness was my respone'caught on camera'* ..hahaah friend caught all my reaction in d camera. Camera usage are being fully utilize at d moment. Too bad not enough memory. Hehe.. As we were talking about what we gonna have there, it seems so delicious...then i ask that do they have wine to celebrate for me...They said neither of them think of that. hahaha..well, so we decided to GO metrojaya to get ones. It takes heck of a long time to choose ones as we dun have any experinces as well. We just simply look at the year it produced & the name & finally grab one code name "syrah" from french thinking that it might be great that if we combain it with our meal.

As my other friend was driving, he got lost in tot he wants 2 come to bangsar for my celebratioin..phew..luckily, when we reach the destination, it was further than bangsar. Out of those HIGH class places which i am not comfortable with short pants. ahaha...lucky for that. Well, it seems that we were in TTDI. very near to our place actually. Hehe..

As we get in & start ordering....i am feeling a little scarry thinking of what they might have prepared for me. They order those western dishes which i am not so good at holding those knife & fork & need some guide from my friend gf. shameful. When we have finish, i am almost full & cant get in anymore. As we chat for a while & my attention were not on them, i noticed they were giving hints for next action when i turn back my face on them. But i try to look away again. haha...I know that! NOT feeling good duh...ahahah... as i turn back on them again, suddenly there was this package of present under the table & i was shock to get it the way. Hhahaa....OK,,,now the games play....

they want me to guess whats inside. failed that , they want me to do the action that they requested. MAN, they want me to use my BUTT & show those MISSISIPPI characters out. DUDE...i wont do that in front of so many people. Its just too much. I ask for other challenge. Then Another friend was kind enough & say i have 3 chances to ask question regarding what's inside. I start off with wallet but then i disclose it as I think that it wont be that since the sound of it was rather a hard object. When i press it was quite soft. I should have guess it right if i didn't change my perception. last i was wrong & was penalise to sing a song {i make them change the penalty} to them. Man, sing song infront of so many people. Luckily i was smart to make way for the time so that i wont be embarass in front of so many people. One of my friend keep on saying That i am Next Year Malaysia Idol to the worker there. DUH...plz la, i know how bad my singing was. haha..well, i got a COLORIS "Royal Queen Polo Team" Leather Wallet from them. I need a new wallet and they grant my wish. haha..what a wonderful day.

as we finish here, we went back to my friend house & watch those clip that he had taken. MAN, we have a good laugh of watching me singing. Haha..later After that, another friend of mine came along as i have called him earlier to join us. They come to my house as my parents had bring back the cake which my aunt & uncle brought it for my birthday. Well, When i see the cake written 21, it really spark me up & said to me: I am OLD. ahhaha...

My friend sang me the famous birthday SONG & also perform a special song for me. A weird song lyrics for birthday boy.haha...Thanks a lot friend. We have a good time chatting & drinking some wines. GOSH, i din tell u that we didn't drink the wine we buy As they extra charge us for rm 20 jus for the wine we bring. Darn, so we decide to save it up & drink in my place. haha...we drink 2 bottle of wine & my father was taking out so many bottle of wine to show my friend & i think they had been scare off it. Well, we drink & watch football plus taking some memorable photo's for remembrance. GOta say that this is my happiest day. hehe...One of them really look dizzy & i really worried about him. & my other friend were pouring so much of wine to him that we wana have him stay over. But he resist. in d end , his gf have to drive his car. ;)

ON, sunday, i went to church like normal & seems like no body knows about it. haha..lucky me. Well, some friend of mine called it sad while i just reply that its normal la. Nothing much to spread about. Well, at night i have dinner with my parent,aunty & uncle from puchong to a dinner at a restaurant behind my house. It was fun time as we ate together. Later at nite, i spend my last hour of the BIG day with a friend & tell him about what i wana do for my 21st year old. Some sort of wish ....

MONDAY, again & i feel really tired. Feeling happy as well. During the break for the kids, i am chatting with asst. teacher Harjit & T.Yien about how we spend our weekends. ahha..then T. Yien ask her class student of 4 years old to sing me a birthday song. I was so touch by it as 20 over people sing it together. I thank them for the song. SOB many kids sing for me.

There are alot of wishes that pour in in many way. SMS, friendster, calls & by mouth. wHAHA.. I wana thank those who wish me from the bottom of my heart. You have brighthen up my days with your wish & greetings. I will never forget that. Whether is early, on that day or belated, i really appreciate it a lot.

There are more to come about. The next time, i will write more on my wish on my 21st yr as well as Father-hood. I am now working at the kindergarden & it really give me an idea of faherhood. Thats why i wana write about it. UNtil then, njoy the long post here.

PS: wana thanks Daron, Elaine, & Kevin for making my birthday special. I also wana thanks my dad & mom who were bringing out their best to raise me up. GOD as well, for giving me this life. Everyone who come across my life, thanks for being apart of it.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

7 days, what we can do?

Originally i was thinking of what we can do in 365 days. But i was without any ideas...anyway, 7 days is short, but can u do it all? Everyday, we can do it. But do we? :) ... & the reason of not doing it comes to your mind now...
  • Day 1: Say 'HI, how r u doin?' to a friend that u have not seen for ages. This will make them feel that they are still being concerned by their friends.
  • Day 2: Smile where ever you go to make people feel good for the day as it will brighthen up their days.
  • Day 3: Pat a person on the shoulder & say "You have done the best" for things he/she had done.
  • Day 4: 1 dollar might be a small amount to us but it was a huge sums to others who are poor. Give it to them & it will bring a smile on their face.
  • Day 5: Say thanks to people whom have help you so that people will know that their help is being appreciated.
  • Day 6: Say "Everything that has happen has a reason" to those who are sadden by the things that happen around their life. *This will let them learn that life is wonderful & they can learn from things that happen around them. Move forwards friend's. *Hard to understand? Think!
  • Day 7: Encouragement is a very powerful tools that keep a person keep on moving in their life. Call/Sms/Tell/Email/Send Greeting to a friend once a while to let them see that life is interesting because you have them as their friends.

life is interesting : )

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I was back to my college again. This time was to collect my development fees. I think i am getting older each days. The ear start to make me harder to listen, the eyes start to make my vision slower. "like d script from Initial D"..whahah... Well, watch I.D. on tuesday & i find it interesting. Minus Jay Chou as the main actor. Anyway, he is real good at pretending. I find something about HIM. He is like a back-hench [toh pui] fella. When he walk, it can't seems straight to me or may be the angle of the camera does the trick. Well, i would say that it contains a lot of funny scene & great drifting. But it was not what i had expected after following much of the anime series. Now i am collecting the stage 1 & 2 again as it is more interesting to know the beginning. Haha..
Well, what else do i do now a days? emmm... My big day is coming real soon. Find it hard 2 accept the facts that i am getting older. I was working temporary in a kindergarden. I find that kids really cute & had a lot of FUN compare to those working people out there. I had heck lots of FUN teaching Them & also had a lot of trouble making them listening to me. haha.. this is the learning point over here. anw, i also wana say that i am crazy this week. I got sore throat. How can sore throat be crazy? of course it doesn't seems crazy..The crazy part is how i got my self sore throat.
On Monday nite, i go mamak near my ex-secondary skol eat Tom Yam Sotong. Then on tuesday evening before the screening of I.D., i pula get hungry & go makan Prawn mee @ Special Of penang at 1U. After that, feeling not satisfied & hungry, me & my friend pula go try "Just Thai" @ 1U. haha...we try "Thick Tom Yam" ....... guess what? Thats how i got my sore throat la..he next day "beh tahan" then go buy a biji of coconut & drink it all. But still pain-la. I am over heated. DUH...
*Now a days i find my self full with inspiration to write something on. But when i sit infront of computer & wana start on it... it seems that the inspiration had fly away. hehe*

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just Praise~! Really Praise GOD

HEy..whats on in ya life?

Mine was pretty busy started last months. Now, i am abit busy working. I am a asst. Teacher in FunGates Kindergarden , Puchong. Well, everything seems smooth for me & i love those children alot. I didn't tell much about them . duno why ,may b i was too busy on living in my dream land.

Kids r not tat ez to handled. Love & patient is the most important thing u need in educating them. Well, I find it interesting about them. They r forever happy & nothing can stop them from laughing. I find that not many people like us can do it at the age above 12... we will be in sad mode or some kind of nerds.

Thats what i think ...

Just Praise Feat. Juwita Suwito was fun & hype .Yeah! I like the song that she sang. Its very meaningful. I bought her CD & got her autograph as well..yeah..another collection. hehe..

May god continue to use her to spread the gospel. well, what i think is that not many of the local singer has a good vocal like her. all the best to her..

i was inspired to write a song after listening to her song. It's all about life.......

I am now reading 2 books. "The purpose driven life" by Rick Warren & "My journey; an autobiography of Dr. Lula Baird".

My BIG day is coming real SOON.

bye all readers

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

smtg 2 share

Jika hari ini seorang Perdana Menteri berkuasa,
Jika hari ini seorang Raja menaiki takhta,
Jika hari ini seorang presiden sebuah Negara,
Jika hari ini seorang ulamak mulia,
Jika hari ini sesiapa menjadi dewasa,
Sejarahnya dimulakan oleh seorang guru biasa,
Dengan lembut sabarnya mangajar tulis baca dan kira.
by osman awang
Translated version:
If today a Prime Minister were to hold a country,
If today a KING were empowering the country,
bla bla bla..
If today any ones grow up,
The history was begin by a normal teacher,
With patients & softness they teach writing, reading & counting.
When i first heard this poem, i was touch by the way it protray the teacher's. Now a days, student don't appreciates much for teacher. They take them like nothing ... some how, teacher still choose to teach because they know they will make a differences in life. Not theirs, but other's.

Monday, June 13, 2005

GRIP has finally over

wow.... PCS [Post Camp Syndrome]..haha..i dun feel it at all...cause i dun have time to feel it. Started work today & cant find the time to think of it. I come back & have a long sleep as well.. later on , make a call & go pasar malam pula..

But i am GLAd tat GRIP* is over .. SMS @ GRIP* is being organised by me. I was so nervous that i really hang during the half way of dealing with it. But now that its over, i feel relax & happy with the comment. GOD has a way...yeah...

well, the handling of games really make me in pain. My body was so wore out & tired for 2 days. i gota run here & there was not easy. Counting the amount of people, it was small but nonetheless, it effects people lifes. thats what i want to see...

well, i might not be a good leader, but i wil try my best.
to U out there, just do something for others ..try doing it & u will feel the fun & satisfactiion.
OOh ya..wana said that there is a concert coming soon IN my church. JUST PRAISE featuring Juwita Suwito. Mslaysian Idol trainer as well as singer. She is good as her song had appear in HIts FM & some other radio before. WELL, entry fees r RM 3 only. Please let me know if u wana GO. I will have to get the tickets. Its this FRIDAY , start at 6.30pm with street party & the concert will start at 8pm. Take care

Below r the link to Just Praise Concert :

*GRIP are initial for Good Relationship In Progress
SMS r initial for Securing My SOUL

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


hi...what kind of updates u guys want?
clue less...

well, i have 2 more days to go for the camp i am dealing with.
i am now d middle of d nite some more

i have been thinking ...
My is a learning process everyday. Like today, i learn something. ASK & ye wil know...

i never ask people much...juz go W/O much thought. well, i learn that i must ask to know more...hehe... anyway, it was something i will remember.

Experience tell more of it.

21 year old is a number....

oh ya...ask U..
a) 2 + 1 in calculation is equal to what?
b) 2 + 1 in number is equal to what?

Think OF IT & tell me


this is my creation NO# 1


Friday, June 03, 2005

a day to remember?

Today was a day that I felt the world has given me a warning. That’s to enjoy life. Well, basically, I am enjoying what I have now. But it seems like life is really that short huh? I really dun give a damm about how long will I live my life. I wana enjoy the things I have now, the friends I have surround me, the day that r so bright. Haha.. what a wonderful world.
Mr. Chan or more well know by our gang MR.CHAN KEI passed away at the aged of 51+. He was a great teacher in our secondary school. I remember him teaching us meditation that will bring us cool down our mind. I am still using his method to cool down my self once a while.
While his death is just around the corner, it refreshes me back to my memory. The one I admire so much, My Grandfather. He was the one that teach me the life we ought to live. His smile was nice & he never stops working until his last breath. Well, he was also the reason that makes me realize that life is short. Therefore, I always ask people not to smoke. He died of lung cancer. That’s what I hate. Old people always never listen, they are stubborn. Some time when the younger ask them not to smoke, they just go on without much thought. Well, we had done our best.

Life will not be the same again without YOU.
Please make the right choice.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Updates on me

NOthing much to report .. jus may b i shall point out in POINT form what is happening in my life
  • The Events I am handling is coming soon. June 10-12 [getting nervous]
  • Daron is going to start his first taste of corporate world today.
  • Today is my cousin birthday. It's his 23 !
  • CX got a gf whose name is S.A. which also means Single & Available in SHORT.
  • This month is the months of my BIG day as well.
  • This month i will start teaching again. Start on june 13.
  • Now a days i am listening to oldies.
  • I am pretty busy this few weeks until i have no time for dinner.
  • I sleep after 3 am everyday last months & wake up after 2pm.
  • My fav quote: Life is interesting~!

Thats all->cant think of any. Take care friends.