Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

i am coming back soon... tired after my exam this morning..tomolo last paper & i am gonna study hard & enjoy after thats...all d best to u guys too..happy chinese new year..ang pow mari..bye

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

back ipoh & exam....

tutup for 1 week. open back on 29 jan....bububye...

MemorY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oh my precious memory!

In IT world, memory was as an object that store information/data permanently or temporary.
In HUMAN BEING, MEMORY is called as precious arts. Imagination, thought, data, information, detail, rubbish, history, you name it that store in your memory. Our memory stored so many things. Imagine we have thousand of books in our memory. But yet we still normal. How heavy does a thousand of books weight? Why our brain can’t mal-function? We store so many ‘books’ in memory eh? It is possible cause it is made by GOD. Not Made In Malaysia!

Memory is a precious art. It reflects the past & the present. No matter who that has gone/left or leaving you behind, memory never leaves you. It let you remember the happy moments, the sad, & the precious ones. Friend will come & go. Building & certain location will change into a new environment. But atmosphere will not change. For you will always remember how those time you have go thru it. You will feel like it was just happening. Life is like a flashlight. Appreciates your life now. God loves you!

By glory @ JKWY

Baby so not cute liao

BuBuBah! BuBuBah! I still remember the sound of calling the little ones of my cousin. So sweet… I want to hug them so much. They are so cute & funny. They learn to dance, walk, & speak bit by bit. What’s more? It refresh my memory back to my first try in what so-called as baby-days time. You learn everything from the beginning. : ) ..Falling down to the floor while you try to walk, speaking baby language that only you can understand, crying as loud as you can to get attention, cause u dunno how to say you wanna “pang sai” while you still small, you cry , cry & cry to get something… I wish I am still small. Which I can get attention with ease, get love easily while I am lonely, cry & nag until I get something I want.

NOW, I am a man. How can this all be happen? I can’t cry when I want. I can’t nag for I am educated not to nag. I can’t speak while I can speak cause of certain reason. When I fall down, is hard for me to get up again. I sit down, thinking how am I going to face my life. Thinking back, I remember how I learn to walk. I try to stand up when I fall down. I keep on pushing myself until i walk again. This is how a MAN should be. This is called ‘A WALK TO REMEMBER’.

By glory @ JKWY

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year! A year has passed & this year let the Monkey usher you with more BANANA.....hahaah...take care! By glory @ JKWY
i~cute? i~cun? i~handsome? i~syok? i~HIT U! edited from JKWY air-conditional computer room. Best in my dreamLand.
I doesn't want a BCG, but the musquito give me ones. How to get rid it? "A child thought" about BCG while i was asleep. i was thinking about cs!!!zzZZZzzz bubye...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

life was never easy! life need an open minded to accept everything that appear in it. life is like a drama, with script, actor/actress, & other KLeFE in it. Would you like to write your own drama? How would it be? life was a perfect peice of art ..better than Titanic, LOTR, Matrix..perhaps you can compare your life with CastAway..humour,sad,lonely in an unknow place.. but life experience is far better than OSCAR,MTV AWARDS,,is the main object. Human live their life with money. Money was the boss, the director. You might hate the director cause he always shout CUT CUT CUT...cut this & that..he hates your movement...he will say do it again...but, all this is to get the perfect move or scene. All this is to make the scene perfect. How would u like to be a director? Seems fun..juz pin point finger.."GOLDEN FINGER"..appreciates life...keep an open minded characters to help your self...bubye...

By glory @ JKWY

Thursday, January 08, 2004

LIFE is not consist of education only, it depends on the experience of LIFE. It does not matter how high your education, but how you overcome your LIFE with your knowledge & experience that you have gone thru.

Saturday, January 03, 2004


Feeling of loneliness
Feeling of love
Feeling of desperate to be loved & be loved

Tell me what you want?
You want the feeling of love?
I will give you now.
May be it wasn’t a good idea.
But I will try to give you the feeling of love.
I will give you my body, soul, & mind.
Let everything be the one you desire.
Do you get what you want?
Everything of mine is yours…. Except the heart that belong to a special person!

Tell you something…
When you want everything thing from ME…take my heart before all.
For my HEART belong to all “MY EVERYTHING”
I believe in true love, eternal love………..

By glory @ JKWY


Let us celebrate in dream…
The way we got a hold.
Dreaming more & more!
Never let the atmosphere goes off.
See what you want in dream..
Let everything be what you desire it to be,
In your DREAM!

Could be the greatest places you want,
Everything just falls into the place,
Make you feel the best of you.
Let you have everything.

Dream now to have everything,
But before all,
Dream could destroy you in reality,
Dream is just an illusion to satisfied your desire,
Never let it get you till you lost the reality of lives,
For life is where you belong.

By glory @ JKWY

Drunken Master


Well, as I know, people who drink alcohol will get drunk when he drink too much or the alcohol has been mixed for greater challenge. Let me tell you the feeling of drunk…

As long as I have remembered, I have drunk once & the second time is almost going to drunk but I manage to hold myself. Anyway, the feeling is not HIGH or some other feeling that some people have told me. I will tell you the actual feeling. It was just dizziness that you will feel when you have over consume the alcohol. You know what you are saying, just that you can’t control your thought. You have lost control of it. In the end you will say what is in your mind. Remember, you already lost control of your mind. That’s why you can’t control it. You can keep everything in mind. But once you drunk, it is impossible to control yourself. If at that moment you were broken hearted, you might tell out your heart or say something about your lover. If you lose your job, you might say about your boss or curse him. Can’t imagine it? Try it & you will feel good.

GOD BLESSES YOU! Is a SIN! Don’t try it if you don’t have the experience to take it. It needs experience & good control to take it. Bible didn’t say that when you drink alcohol, you would sin. But it does say that when you spoil your own body, you are SINNING. Love your body, yourself, & everything that god has asks you to. Drink alcohol will spoil you. Listen to GOD advice. You can drink alcohol with good purpose like for good health only. Don’t misuse it. You will not like what it will done in your life. DON’T DRINK & DRIVE!

By glory @ JKWY