Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Riots-Another trend in Msia?

Recently, Malaysia is pretty 'HOT' as our country name are frequently heard oversea. I believed that it will boost Malaysia Tourism! Right? Thats what the Minister say mah..Visit 2007!

Malaysian Want to be heard! That is why people are willing to come out and stand for what they think is right. Why can't they (The GOV.) allowed peaceful hand over for the memorandum? The Bersih Campaign & the Hindraf.. why don't let them just pass the stuff to those authority, and everything will be solve? Why wana block their voice/intention? Perhaps the COPS/Rela/FRU are too free right? Aren't Malaysia practice democracy? Come on la... They are not killing people, they just want to pass something up !!!! They want their voice be heard! That will not go against the rule... OK, perhaps they don't have police permission... But just let them pass up a paper, will it be that hard?

I guess in future when a student want to pass up his/her homework, they might have to go through the police station to ask permission!

Ridiculous? Have some thought!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A war scene?

Noise are everywhere. It seems to me like a night market where people are yelling from far away. With the smell that linger in my nose, i hated it so much. But i gear up my self, walk up front to the man wearing blue uniform & enquired your whereabout. The environment is just like a war zones. Every human face has a tired look. They looked like just had a battle before i arrived...

I was at University Malaysia visiting a friend in ICU. Those description above reflect how i see it from my point of view...

Her name is Tay Suet Leng. She just undergo bone marrow transplant. Before the bone marrow being transfer from her sister who is her donor, she is quite good & chubby. Now, what i have seen is a no-reaction friend whom i can't talk or sms. I felt so helpless as i can't do anything. Looking at her lying on the bed, my heart ache. I also thought of how her parent would felt.

I begin to pray for her as i felt so helpless. Praying for her is the only thing that i could do for her. The nurse told me she is stable. For further information about her, the nurse asked me to refer to the doctor in charge of her. I rejected knowing that doctor is busy. No point i ask them how is her situation as i can see it for my self.

Friend, appreciate our lives as we remember these people who are fighting for their lives. I request that all of you, please pray for her. She is 20 years old, going 21 this December.

May God bless you & have a nice day!

Monday, November 05, 2007

That voice....

There seems to be a voice that linger in our mind. Be it good or bad. For me, it was a memorable ones. There is this voice that i find it interesting. I find it so energetic & cute. (Can't express it, so replaced it with cute.) A voice that are filled with expression kind of voice...that touch a person heart, my heart.


I officially hand over my resignation letter today. The reason: I am going to study!!!

I am taking up a foundation course in Unisel this coming December. The course that i am taking in the future are Bachelor Of Education (TESL). I have got to start in foundation as i only got my form 5 cert. It would bring me to become a teacher (Osensei Jarod) in the future. I love teaching. I can't seems to see my passion lost in teaching. I even convinced my dad of how important of being a teacher. I know that it would not involve me, but a bunch of student in the future. My father quote that the secondary school student are out of track & disrespectful of the elder. That is the reason i challenge my self to get a degree in education in order that i may go in & bring them to the right path. With that in mind, it will motivate me & i will never GIVE UP easily no matter how challenging are the road that lay ahead.

May GOD bless me & bring me forth to the future.