Malaysia requires more people to voice out and stand in the front line. No more hiding behind their comfort zone and wait for changes to come. We ought to do it NOW! Peace to all mankind.

Friday, February 29, 2008

From the star- another BULLSXXT

Chong Meng pulls out over disagreement on debate topics

THE highly anticipated debate between Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng and incumbent MP Fong Kui Lun of the DAP is off because the Bukit Bintang rivals cannot agree on the topic.

Lee, who had issued a challenge to Fong, for an open debate, has decided not to go ahead with the debate scheduled for the weekend.

Lee: Has decided not to go ahead with the debate.
He claimed that while he wanted to discuss matters concerning the constituency, Fong was more interested in discussing other topics.

“I have many other places that I need to go to and see my constituents. I do not want to waste my time debating with him (Fong) when he is not interested in discussing the matters concerning the constituency,” Lee said after visiting the Brickfields market yesterday.

Quoting a Chinese daily which reported that Fong would “jatuh standard” if he were to debate with Lee on local matters, Lee said: “How can he feel insulted discussing matters concerning the constituency since he is the MP?

“This is absurd. I think he does not know what he is doing,” he said, adding that he would arrange for a debate for Fong with the Prime Minister as the former was more interested in discussing other topics.

Fong: Accused of being more interested in discussing other topics.

Asked if he was afraid to have an open debate, Lee said he was not afraid of Fong but felt that he should not waste anymore time.

“Brickfields is a very tough place for us. We have specifically printed brochures and leaflets in Tamil for our Indian constituents,” he said, adding that MCA had produced 10,000 copies of video compact discs to be distributed in the area.

On Wednesday, Lee who was giving a public talk, said he was not greedy and all he wanted was just five years.

“I am not asking for a lot. Please give me a chance to prove that I am a competent and I can deliver,” he told a crowd of about 450 people.

Hello? Did i heard wrongly saying that you only need 5 years to prove your self? People give you chance previously, but your dirty mouth betrayed your own image. How will people still trust your dirty mouth? Don't say that it was the past. I think you have not grown up any better. May i suggest that you go back to your home town and relax. Politic is not for you because you are not qualified ! Simply say people bad! You lagi bad! GO home la!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making a change!

Hi ,

I was all gear up for this election. Are you? Please do consider it and made the right choice. Let me tell you what had happened for the last 4 years:

1. Sexist remark against female. Everyone has a mom who gave birth to us. The Mp who shout out LOUD BOCOR really make me sad! I can't believe that he is in the parliament. Do you think he should? Don't tell me its a joke. Can his mom take it? I can't even say this joke to my mom. Does he have some sense?

2. Against Disable people. (Towards Karpal Singh) I read in media about a MP who shout at Karpal Singh Disabilities when he return to work in Parliament. It was such an insult that are throw at him. I wonder will they treat the same to other OKU? This immoral people really need to be kick out of the PaRLIAMENT. (bxxxxxxxx came under fire disparaging karpa singh for being ridden because god had punished.) I felt so annoyed to have this person in our parliament.

3. I am sure all of you know that the Mansion that are built in Klang. Mr.Z was soooo "clever" that he had not gone through the proper procedure to built a house. SO, do you think this kind of people will be a good leader and show good example? More ever, where the heck did he get the money? OUR MONEY!

4. Chinese community really need more Primary school to accommodate the future generation. Why did the GOV did not do anything about it? Where is all the money? Towards the klang mansion? Please do think about it! Wake up! open ur eyes and mind!

5. One of the post that capture my heart is V. Ganabathirau. The way he sacrifice for people and later being Pull down by the BN. Read this post to understand more.

6. The BERSIH rally was to voice what we have bear for the past 4 years. Why aren't we given the change? I am not talking about the HINDRAF or Other, BUt jus a Rally and yet no permit GIVEN!

7. Have you come across a state where there are so many toll that connect us? Just take LDP. 3 toll entryin between LDP to reach damansara, puchong, and further on. Is there a need? More ever, when ask about the contract, they have never show to the public!!! Where is our right?

8. And ISA? What's the purpose of it? Do the gov need to have ISA to keep those people mouth shut? Where is our Democracy as promised?

Friend, i have said what i wanna say. Please open your mind. Don't think that what ever the GOV has given to you is really That GOOD. how about the majority? How many people want justice? GOV always do last minutes work to let U see. thats all. How about long term? I have not seen anything good from them. The choice is yours! ALL RACES, please place your vote! Don't bet for the worst!

Please forward to all your friend! Everyone need a chance to see what they have been supporting! Let's make our government clean!

Below is a CLIP from MalaysiaKINI showing PJU Candidate Mr.Tony Pua Speaking at SS2 Monday. Do enjoy!

Please note that on Friday (29th February) , he will be speaking at Damansara Jaya, behind KDU. Time 7.30pm. ON sat, he will be at Damansara Utama and on sunday at Tmn Paramount. For more info, you can visit his blog at

I was some how quite disappointed to know that the talk on Thursday was canceled. It was a huge let down for me as i rush home just for this speaker! Some how, i have met with him when i was walking around to checked out out whether the talk will be on or otherwise I'm here empty handed when i go home. (At that period, i haven't got the notice of the cancellation. It's only when i met him that i know about it.) He is quite a nice guy. As he gave me a leaflet, i ask for the venue of the talk, but was told it was canceled. He mention there will be a talk tomorrow. I was elated! i am gearing my MP3 player so i can record and upload it for the CYBER-Space community. I hope the penangite can do so as well for Jeff Ooi. i am closely watching this 2 person that will bring a change to Malaysia!

He continue to walk around the night market to give leaflet. This is the picture that i took while he is doing the rounding.

Thanks !

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Political, use ur BLAIN!

Extracted from

November 7, 2007 at 1:13 am
The truth is painful & some cannot even face the facts of life….

As long as the Malay’s mindset is fix that UMNO is their one & only saviour,
& UMNO playing on racial trump-card by shouting empty slogans, there can be no progess, It takes both hands to clapped & both will be losers.

By now they should know that this is a globalised world & M’sia needs foreign investment to keep up with the growing population, which needs more jobs. and these jobs require people with the right talent, skills,
knowledge & working ethics.

So are we going in this direction? Instead we’re going in the opposite
direction, we quarrel with the Western investors, we refuse to sign
free-trade agreements, pick fights with US & EU….even the Arabs
packed-up their bags & left Port Klang & yet the government is
doing NOTHING to address all these shortfalls.

Are the people in the government So Stupid & blind & so complacent,
& this KJ guy,supposedly educated in Oxford, I’ve not heard one single intelligent word from his mouth on how to improve the economy.

Is this the future leaders of M’sia, then the country is signing its own
death warrant, slowly commiting economic suicide. What I cannot understand is how MCA, MIC,Gerakan, can be so ’spineless’ as not to voice out their concern. Of course, which only just shows why they are there in the first place, being YES-man, another word for this, PUPPETs

The only hope is M’sian citizens, whoever you are, please think rationally
what good is to have your own ‘kind’ up there when you know he’s
ruining the country, it just don’t make sense. You are shooting yourself
in your foot….the problem is I feel your pain..


KJ lose!!!!! My bet is on Tony Pua! PLease support him by reading more intelligent post from him in the near future. His blog is :

Sunday, February 18, 2007
Enter the New DAP Economic Advisor

Joceline Tan from The Star spins about Tony Pua again.

So, we now have another Oxfordian in our Malaysian political arena.

MalaysiaKini reported that Tony Pua will be made the economic advisor to DAP. That must be a great catch by Lim Kit Siang. Now DAP can claimed they too had an Oxfordian to match UMNO.

DAP can put claim to the fact that Tony had been a proven economic master in the world of commerce and in the words of Joceline, Pua is a self-made multi-millionaire. He did not have the NEP's gravies and at 35-year-old, he has all the exuberance to be the new wonder boy matching the son-in-law Oxfordian.

Pua sold his shares in the company he built from scratch, Cyber Village Sdn Bhd and until then was their CEO. I remembered he said he started the company with RM50,000 and part of that was borrowed from his relatives. From RM50K he is now worth millions. He did not rise and become rich from political patronage and he doesn't have the NEP to give him that head start. What he had was sheer grit and knowledge. His knowledge and skills in the business he built was the core competence that propelled him to what he is today - multi-millionaire - and his entry into politics may give us Malaysians a hope to look forward to... to a better Malaysia.

I wish Tony all the best in his new endeavour and hopefully DAP would built a new system of political management around our new kid on the block - the new whiz kid made in Malaysia. Best of luck and Kong Hee Fatt Choy, Tony!

Extracted from


Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Presentation at Unisel

Song presentation- This song is written by me and the rhythm is being compose by the whole team. Thanks to Karen and Ezyan! Good JOB! The lyric is below the video.

The Light of my life

On a quiet night
As I gaze upon the sky
The moon is shinning bright

As I saw the moon,
I remember you in my heart
Let the moon bring our heart together

Let my movement be my word
Let my heart say it all

For the love you had for me

Deep inside my heart
I am waiting for you
For the tender care

For the comforts
For everything you sacrifice
I’ll remember it in my heart

For everything from your heart
I’ll treasure it forever
Let my movement be my word

Let my heart say it all
For the love you had for me

Everyday, I am waiting for the time
I can’t wait any longer
To express to you as it capture my heart

Let my movement be my word
Let my heart say it all
For the love you had for me

Tv Production-Sketch:
This is a sketch my group of friends did recently. Hope you enjoy!

Video 1! Continue with video 2 below.

Video 2 - TVP2

Friday, February 15, 2008

Passion ~ Scandal

A Passion lead you to where you are ~ I agree with it. Currently, I am pursuing what I am passionate for my lives. Although it would take a long time to accomplish this passion, but I am willing to stroll on for this challenging journey. Perhaps I have been undecided for my lives real purposes; but as I walk on, I see clearly of what I am living for. Education has never cross my mind when I was a child, but now it became for surreal for me as my heart long to educate people. Be it English Language or others possibility (Counseling?), I will still walk on. Without any proper education, not a person can succeed much further. Mind you, this generation isn’t like those days when you can earn much without having a proper education. Companies will surely look at your level of education before hiring you. I can’t deny that as I have gone thru that dark period where people constantly asked of my qualification. So, still think that education & educator aren’t important? Think twice! Who ever that want to be a teacher, go ahead! You have my full support. Please make sure you are passionate in it.

Scandal-ism~ what’s so HOT now a days? Get a news paper and scan thru it. In between Gillian Chung, Edison Chen, & Chua Soi Lek’s, who do you chose to support? The HK’s aren’t my favorite choice. I go for MANLY CHUA! Come on, don’t hide it! Damage is done, just be a human and admit your mistake. Don’t turn around the world and tell them you are so innocent. Yes, may be guys like innocent girls, but your innocent has tarnished your image. For sure, many porn directors are interested in your body as you proceed in your future career. You had walked the wrong step. Every step you walk is crucial for your own future. As you had made the first step, you can’t make a turning. Gill, hope you think about it. I know you won’t be seeing this post, BUT I just want to say: Malaysian BOLEH! HK’s not so BOLEH! I am proud to be a Malaysian!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

HAppy Day~

Here it comes again. People will be rushing back to their respective home town. So do i... Not my home town, but my father's. I kind of preferring ipoh atmosphere. It’s a beautiful place that is full of flora & fauna. {But my heart belongs to KL. I don’t have many friends in ipoh. MY BASE is in KL. This is where is grew up. Although I self confess I am a small town boy…} This time around, we are not going to use the highways. It's killing us. Previous year was a good example. The jam caused our journey to ipoh which normally take 2-3 hours become a 5 hour journey. For me, i just hope to have a safe journey.

Last weekend, there was a meet the HK Superstar session at a mall near my house. Darn, the daily jam already making our lives so terrifying. Weekend also need to bear? Look at the picture:

The queue is 1KM long. I just took a picture of this lane. There's another lane which lead to the tunnel. I was on my way to LDP main road and saw the queue goes until the main highways. Terrific! :p As the credit shall goes to the people who flock the mall. (Up until now, i have not visit the mall yet.) Not to forget, it rain quite heavily.

Election is coming soon. I will surely see a lot of interesting stories. I believed that I can give some thing to the society. I just wait and see what I can do, Will do it IF I have time! Most probably just another NATO*.

I shall leave this site alone, again. I have lots of assignment piling up. Till Then:

Happy Chinese New Year!

May you have a GOOD health


prosperous in everything!