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Friday, January 08, 2010

The darkest day of all

The darkest day of all

I received the sms below just a moment ago." Pls remove all religious articles n stickers from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles n stickers. Started in bangsar... Protest going on now in pj n shah alam. please forward urgently 2 all Christians. " I find that those who are responsible really need to think of what they have done. A peaceful country turned ugly with MALAYSIANS WHO have common sense will know that this is immoral. I am sad for both sides.

Malaysia is a wonderful country. But the Government needs to be replace AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The leader of the country aren't doing any thing to bring peace to the nation.

Pray for A better Malaysia.

POST NOTE: It could be rumours for car smashing around Bangsar & other area. No concrete proof yet. But torching the church is a fact.


Jong said...

Now the IGP Musa Hassan said they cannot ensure security for every churches. Utter nonsence!

Why aren't they acting fast to round up all those who fanned the fire of anger for weeks on? Everyone knew it would turn rowdy and against good advice from right-thinking politicians from both sides of the divide, concerned citizens and bloggers, the protest was allowed to continue.

But when it comes to Candlelight Vigilers, the Polis have no problems, were never slow and intolerant. They'd send in FRU aka Red Squad to bash up and arrest concerned citizens who did not agree with the Establishment, why?

Jarod said...

They r faking their efficiency...

Nah, just brush aside what he said. He is next to nothing.