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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Owners - Check your QUIT RENT plz!

Some may not know that we are having TEMPORARY Quit Rent. Please check if your quit rent is not form 11A. For permanent quit rent cert, it is blue in colour for Selangor. I am not sure whether is it the same for other states. You need to pay RM 20 for it.

Recently, my father went to check with Land Office after we didn't receive the quit rent bill for months. We were told that they have sent to the old address that we filled in during the period when we purchased the house. (New housing areas don't have address then, you need a house address for them to send letters.) After 17 years of sending to the current address, suddenly without any notice they sent to the temporary address.

My question is: What is the common sense in doing so? We have no problem for the past 17 years! Now why do you need to revert it to the old address? It troubles my old folks and I cannot imagine how my neighbours going to wait for the quit rent to come. Perhaps they can say that the letter lost somewhere....

To those out there, kindly take note of it. You will be fine no matter how.... we were fined RM2!

The fines is not a major problem, but the changing of address is the main problem! BUCK UP!

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