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Friday, December 31, 2004

Tsunami Aftermath

As i am typing this, it is raining out there. I am having high fever that have retreat a little bit. Feeling dizzy & weak + a little bit of sore throat, i just can't sleep well. May be i have slept too much. It's 1.45 AM now. Wondering how will i celebrate My New Year. This year isn't a good year for the world. With BOMBING continued in IRAQ, then come this TSUNAMI that struck the ASIA countries. MILLION lifes has lost, Thousand homes destroyed, with some town having totally GONE. My guess for the death toll is that it will surpass 100,000 peoples. This huge amount really shocked me. 1 human death has already making people sad. Imagining 100,000 over dead bodies. SRI LANKA case was worse. Those bodies spread all over the places. So do INDONESIA. Scarry scene is all over the place. Some people quote it as 'WAR ZONES'. It is more horrible than watching a horror movies. A friend of mine remind me of a movies. "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW" A little bit of the plot are same. HUGE WAVES slammed the countries all over the world. EXCEPT SNOWING.....i wonder when do MALAYSIA HAVE SNOW... talking about SNOW, MEXICO are facing FREEZING moment in their countries. This TSUNAMI also remind me of a movies entitled "DEEP IMPACT". HUGE WAVE stormed the country, but it was METEOR that started it.

Malaysian; from now onwards will have to be careful if our neighbouring country are having EARTH QUAKE. We gotta prepared to face it. PM has said it. We gotta equip our self.

AS we have know, Malaysia has started FUND RAISING for the TSUNAMI victims. ONE of the way was to write cheque, money donations in certain area. You can refer to current news paper. Of course not to be miss on Telecommunication part, you can do so via your mobile phone. But this option only open to CELCOM & DIGI users. EZ, type


then send it to 36677 . Your credit will be deducted for RM 4 . This money will be given to the TSUNAMI VICTIMS. Make sure u have enough money to transfer that.

something out of my mind:

As i see the scene in news,
I couldn't stand the pains that the people have to go thru.
Losing loves ones & homes to the unexpected TSUNAMI
Bodies are everywhere
The area are full of flies
Full of rooting corpse odour
People are in danger of sickness caused by the TSUNAMI
Missing people are no-where to be found
As if it was being washed away to the sea
We will have to wait for it to float in the surface
All this are in my memories
Death is like a normal routine as we see the amount increase
Life is full of obstacles
May the people Be Strong to face the future
My condolences goes to you

Be thankful that today you are still alive.
Have a nice comfort BED
Have clean water & cloths
Enough food to feed our hungry stomach
Look at the people who have suffer
Be a real human & put your humanities to good use

Let us do our part to help those in need.

26 DECEMBER 2004, i hope that this date will be reserve as a MEMORIAL DAY. I am not PM/KING, no rights on it. 26-12-2004, a day many of us will remember it like 9-11 till the next decades in HISTORY BOOK.

When tomorrow comes, i wish it will bring clear blue skies. The darken scene is too much to be bear. Life still has a long way to go ........

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